PHOTONEWS: The Second Save Nigeria Group Public Lecture In Lagos

The discuss ignited by Professor Niyi Osundare at the first edition of the "State of the Nation" lectures organized by the Save Nigeria Group few months ago saw popular literary scholar, satirical writer,  columnist, Pius Adesanmi not only sustaining the spirit, but raising the bar higher at the second edition of the lectures in Lagos today.

"Reparation: What Nigeria Owes The Tortoise", was  delivered to the  excitement of the Lagos audience as Prof. Adesanmi aptly unwrapped the talk before finally revealing the substance.

Weaving  African fables of the tortoise part-by-part with lines of songs,  Adesanmi astutely reveals that corruption, a product of self-centeredness, was not unique to Nigerian rulers but that Nigerian rulers 'plagiarized' the mental attribute of the sly tortoise in those fables, making them indebted to the tortoise for reparations for the theft of his skills, which further plunders the resources of the Nigerian nation.


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Why are Yoruba people hoping they could help keep the continent as one Nation?
NO ONE IS HIGHLAND TO ITSELF, anybody who want to go should fight for it, go, i said go away, Almighty GOD that give SS oil will surely provide for others, it is now when oil appear you all now raise eyebrow.
Those that destroy what u fool call continent are IGBOs with their greedy and self centred, IGBOs that can use his brother for money.
Remember your brother, Mr President (with due respect)was installed by those Yoruba, if not who know him.


When the feudal north holds the nation to ransom during president yaraduas illness and says jona will not rule, it was d yorubas that challenged them thru groups like this save nigeria to prevent them from unconstitutional actions, so when I now read comments of some ibos on this forum tribalising d patriotic activities of save nigeria group, I say where were they b4 and after yaradua died and jona was been treated like shit by yaradua boys, now jona got into power and elevate corruption to d highest level in nigeria history, d onus again rest on this people to fight him to make life more meaningful to d masses.


Is Pastor Bakare free of the charges against other men of God? Was he not converting his influence on the puplit to a vote winning strategy for power? He who has no sin(s) should cast the first stone. This Mr Clean attitude sounds a bit hypocritical and worrisome.


What many are unawared of is the fact that corruption and rascality are culture to many people. In Nigeria religious leaders are bribed and sometimes they're engaged in political rascality campaigning for a paid candidate in the places of worship and on media in religious programmes. Religious groups are also created and funded to loudly and widely propagate religious sentiment in favour of their candidate.

@Oladipo Adegbenro The assumption.. make is that this is all they are doing and nothing else. Meanwhile, can you help us the middle class who can't help ourselves, tell us what to do?

President Obasanjo And Omisore: Who Killed Bola Ige?

With Buhari and pastor Bakare we stand plus Ribadu.

Ego Contest

100% waste of time.
Preaching to the Choir.
Appreciate the effort though.
The real audience should be in the Hamlets, the villages, the towns.
NOT 200 people wearing suit and taking photo.
The way Awolowo did it was to go into the deep deeep soul of the Yorubas.
To add insult to injury, while saving Nigeria, they are now singing happy birthday.
@ least they tried, Abi ?
Cant say that for the Middle Class who complain and do nothing. Save me CAKE ojare

So where are the points

It was a great idea to report such an event, but this article failed to mention any points presented by the participants. My appetite was wet with expectations to read two or three points of what would help save Nigeria, only to be disappointed. Corruption is not the only problem we have. Suppose none of the oil revenue is stolen, does anyone in government have a clue of what help build the Nigerian economy?

Overseers Overseeing the Poverty of their Flocks

This is the advice of the political fools to the 'overseers' in Abuja. Preach the message to your flock. The message of 'prosperity'. They have itching ears already. They are very poor. They will listen. They will believe you. Then, come to Abuja for merriment while the fools pray for their poverty to become 'abundant riches' Amen!

Yoruba & North are the PROBLEM of Continent Nigeria

Why are Yoruba people hoping they could help keep the continent as one Nation? Why are they scared of the continent breaking up into its component parts? ...You don't run a continent as though it is a country!

...what keeps the continent as 'a nation' is the South South oil which all the other poor countries of continent Nigeria hope to benefit and steal from. If the SS oil dries up today, I assure anyone, the Yoruba pple & their Northern slave masters will be the first nations to run away. Certainly, not the enterprising Ibo nations. interesting thing about this continent of ours is that we know the truths about ourselves, yet we like to lie to ourselves---We are not a nation, have never been and will never be.

Long live Jonathan,
Long live the peoples republic of the SS & SE

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