PHOTONEWS: The Wale Babalakin Trial That Never Was

 A horde of lawyers, journalists,  the Lagos high court judge, Mr. Adeniyi Onigbanjo and court staff were disappointed as Mr. Wale Babalakin failed to show up for arraignment in court today.

Mr. Babalakin who is accused of laundering N4.7 billion for former Delta State governor, James Ibori, who is currently serving a prison term in the UK jail is still holed up inside  the Lagos University Teaching Hospital [LUTH].

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I thought the case involved

I thought the case involved Wale Babalakin and others why so much focus on Babalakin. What about the others

Sorry for monkey word Bros.

Sorry for the word Monkey, but i am so frustrated about the attitude of a lot of Africans who see nothing good or to be proud of as Black people. A few years ago a Kenyan Minister said that' Africans have no regard for anything that is of value to them'
Why? Kenya was organizing a CAF soccer tournament with most stadiums empty meanwhile Kenyans where seen in bars all over the country in front of giant screens watching the English premier leauge to the detriment of what is going on in their own country. In Nigeria people kill each other for same reasons and to the utter disregard for our own league. Jamb will require you to have credit in English instead of credit in any of our local languages to say the least. To see these learned men where this wig, got me so irritated. Sorry again for the word Monkey


I agree with you about the outdateness of the of this outft but to use the word monkey- I think you,ve gone to far. Which begs the Question who are you and what's your motive(s) racially?

Do you have to use the world

Do you have to use the world monkey?
What differentiate you from a racist.

Padi-Padi- arrangement!

The fight against corruption is still a long way off. While we can say that at least one more corrupt Nigerian has been put in dock, we cannot say for certain that justice will run its full course.
These questions bother me
1. Is it because Babalakin fell out with the government, that the EFCC suddenly got facts that he laundered money for Ibori?
2. Or they have the facts to nail him and were scared of inviting the man for questioning, but suddenly were embolden when they found out he is no more friend to Aso Villa?
3. Or that the government has a dossier of the big men once they fall out with them, they send in the 'attack dog' to humiliate you.
We as Nigerians we are fooling ourselves, those people who think the country will make progress are deceiving themselves.
The EFCC as presently constituted is nothing but a lame duck, lacking in vision, passion and will to fight corruption.
According to Fela, this is Padi-Padi arrangement (sorry Government!

Why are almost all Nigerian

Why are almost all Nigerian Lawyers wearing ugly looking Wigs on their heads? When you look at Asia, Middle East, USA and South America etc. one does not notice these wigs on their law men. Nigerians, when will you Monkeys wake up from Colonial mentality and be yourselves. It so out of place on your beautiful black skins

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