Bayo Ohu was working on the Certificate Forgery story of CGS Abdullahi Dikko before his murder-CPJ interviews wife of slain Guardian editor

The killers of Nigerian Editor Bayo Ohu are still a mystery, three weeks after his murder. Now the family of the former Guardian newspaper journalist lives in fear. Ohu was shot dead early on Sunday morning, September 20, by a gang of five armed men and a woman in his apartment in Egbeda, a Lagos suburb in Nigeria. His killers made away with his laptop and cell phone, raising speculation that he was killed for his work as a journalist. Nigerian Police Commissioner Marvel Akpoyido told CPJ that investigations are ongoing.

According to local news reports, Ohu was working on a sensitive story about the use of forged educational certificates by a recently appointed customs official. This was confirmed by his widow, who told CPJ that this information had been passed on to her by senior journalists at The Guardian.

The 31-year-old mother of five girls, aged 10 months to 16 years old, described her slain husband as “loving, caring, and with a passion for journalism,” which convinced her to take up journalism as a profession herself. Blessing Bayo Ohu recently spoke to CPJ about her husband, her security concerns, and her future plans.

CPJ: How would you describe your life with your husband over the years of your marriage?

Ohu: We lived a very humble and comfortable life to the best of our ability. He was a contented, hard-working man who did not desire to have what was beyond his means. Above all, my husband was a very loving, understanding, and caring father.

CPJ: How would you describe his personality?

Ohu: He was an indoor person who did not make many friends and chose those he related to with care.

CPJ: Can you describe your last moments with your husband prior to his assassination?

Ohu: It was on a Sunday morning, so when I woke up, I told him I was going to church. Then I was called after 45 minutes by our neighbors and told about the incident.

CPJ: What did the neighbors tell you?

Ohu: To come home quickly, that something bad had happened. When I got home, I first saw a pool of blood at the house. The neighbors did not allow me to get inside the house. Nobody was telling me what had happened. I only saw a pool of blood from the outside but I was not seeing my husband. It never occurred to me that the pool of blood was his, and that he was already no more.

CPJ: How did you react to the news?

Ohu: It was unbelievable for such a thing to have happened to my husband. I never imagined that he could die that kind of death.

CPJ: How do you feel about your security and that of your children?

Ohu: I am worried that the same people who ordered my husband killed may come for us. They may think that there is more evidence left with us that may reveal their identities.

CPJ: Since the burial of your husband, have the police been in touch with you?

Ohu: Yes, about a week ago. One of the police in charge of the area came at about 9 p.m. to ask me about a particular cell phone and asked if it belonged to my husband. I looked at the phone and told him that it was not my husband’s phone and he left. Then after three days another set of policemen came, sent by the inspector general to come and console us. That is all I have had from the police.

CPJ: Do you think the police are doing enough to find your husband’s killer?

Ohu: I don’t think so.

CPJ: Did your husband hint to you about any risky story he was working on prior to his death? Any threats?

Ohu: No. Not at all.

CPJ: Do you know much about the circumstances surrounding his death?

Ohu: According to The Guardian, they said my husband was working on a corruption and certificate forgery story by some Nigerian custom officials. So I hope the newspaper will pick it up from there to find out how those people might have been involved in hiring my husband’s assassins.

CPJ: Have you been in touch with the management or editors of The Guardian?

Ohu: Yes. They have been in touch. I must say they are trying their best. But I would have liked more stories about my husband to be published.

CPJ: How would you describe his journalism career?

Ohu: My husband loved his job so much and had lots of passion for journalism. That is why I decided to join journalism, and he really encouraged me in my mass communication studies. Currently, I am doing a degree in mass communications in Ogu State University. But then, I was focusing on venturing into advertising not journalism, but because of what happened to him, I have now decided to go into full journalism to complete what he had started.

CPJ: I admire your resolve and courage, but aren’t you afraid you may encounter the same fate?

Ohu: No, not really. I am determined to find out who killed my husband and for what reason. The fact that he was killed by hired assassins was because he stood by the truth. This is my reason to go into journalism, to find our why he was killed and to continue reporting those things that his killers did not want reported.

Clifford Derrick is based in Johannesburg.
Culled from CPJ Blog

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Save d country!

Nigerians...fix d problem instead of fixin d blame.. Arise, Nigeria.!

Nigera is a barbaric country being rule by barbaric leaders who has no conscience. How many Nigerian Journalists will died before the nation wakes up to take power from these treasury looters? A nation where the Attorney General was killed and the killers were not found could not be called a nation. Dele Giwa was murdered by state agent under Babangida's rule and the people who killed him are still alife. Many of our so called leaders are having one or two skeletons in their cupboards. These people are ready and willing to kill to perpetuate themselves in power and will not allow whoever want to expose them to live. The bubble will soon burst for them very soon.

Another great Nigeria Jounalist has been murdered by powerful elites in Nigeria. A country where the Antoney General and Minister of Justice was killed and the killers are now in corridor of power is not a nation that worths emulation. Nigeria killer squads are ready to killed to maintain the status quo of their masters. For how long will Nigerians continue to be at the mercy of these irresponsible leaders remains to be seen. Our powerful leaders who control the nation like Colosus should remember Russia and Yugoslavia. A country where the blood is shed on daily basis through murder and ritual killings is not e developing nation using all the parameter of measuring the gretness of a nation. In my own candid opinion, Nigeria is backward nation and needs help to get itself out of the wood our leaders have put the nation. God bless Nigeria.

It has been a while nobody seems interested in the outcome of that Certificate forgery. If the Dikkoma is killing people to supress evidence, has must have alot of blood in his hands and based to the fact that he is linked
to the President's wife (Fisrt Lady) whom I learnt he is
married to her junior sister does not make him to above the Law. He may kill Nigerians in Nigeria but how about Ngerians and foreigners interested to see justice would he kill outside Nigeria the same way ? What if he is killed by his hired assasins ?We may never know

It is sad that some people will take a human life they did not create. They can never be at peace, because Ohu's blood will pursue them to their grave. Journalists are an endangered specie. because we have to spek the truth our lives are in danger. It is not the end, the truth will always triumph. Tose who killed Dele Giwa and all other deaths that has not been solved will surely speak one day. That is when their conscienec cannot take it any more. Even at the point of their own death they will vomit.

Am not really suprised what is happening in Nigeria today as it concerns killings. Why wount people kill when Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, Harry Marshal to mention but a few were killed and till date our security agencies were yet to name and bring the perpetratous to book.

Those killers are still in our country making laws,being honoured. Please SR help to uncover and expose these evil men as much as u can.

Thank u

@Ejikeme, You must be reading with your head upside down!! It seems you are d one being paid to read and misyarn like dis! Just look at the poor widow and kids left almost hopeless by your bloodsucking,farced out Dikko and gang! The nation is still like this bcos we have so many conscience-less souls like you, yaradua and dick-o!!

I have read most of the comments about the murder of Bayo Ohu. We should all stop the rattling, pointing fingers to ethnicity, and speculation about who did what and to whom. Instead, to serve this nation best, and to fight the monster that is killing us all, if you have the affidavit sworn by whomever, make it public or available here on Sahara Reporters or tell where to go and get.
What I am trying to say is that the investigation should not be left alone for the investigative journalist repoters or the police. We are the invinsible hands and we all should resolve and find the true nature of all these happenings in our great nation Nigeria. The sworn affidavit is the key to all these. Make the affidavit public if you have it and watch out, here comes the truth. I have not seen the affidavit, and if I should say anything about the alleged, it would be speculative.

Right now, it's so hard to take sahara reporters seriously especially when they post articles from South Africa. Clifford Derrick does not even sound like a trustworthy name. Yes Ohu's death is highly suspicious but the last thing we should do believe some story cooked up in South Africa. South Africans should mind their business and focus on building their country. I find news from West Africa about West African countries more reliable. Some South Africans reporters are xenophobic and tend to look down on other africans. If Guardian seniors said this then what are they waiting for? They should release the story to the public, afterall the evil men have done their worst. Don't let Ohu's death be in vain. Anyway I hope the murderers will be exposed in the near future. Leke Adelere, sorry for your loss. May his soul rest in peace

Thanks for the story ran on my cousin's assasination via nterview with the wife. We appreciate your efforts at repositioning our society to be a just, ideal and organized society.
However, I want to solicit your organization's assisstance to please link us with any scholarship awarding institutions for the educational training of the five daugthers my cousin left behind. We have been trying to explore every possible avenues to get assistance from any available scholarship organizations.

We shall appreciate your efforts at linking us up.

Thank you.

Leke Adelere
[Bayo Ohu's cousin]

the idea of lambasting the first lady is not good. am sure dikko did not tell her the whole truth.we celebrate our leaders.i know that the first lady,s problem is that she dosent hv the right people around her.our leaders dont like people with strong character.let us not juump into conclusion when an issue is under investigation.nigeria is in trouble

this incredible,this speculation is too dangerous 4 uor democracy.pls mr onovo ,u ar a super intelligent cop,pls swim wih ur head above the water.killing anywhere is killing everywhere

May God who answers by fire expose the killers of this fine journalist and may He fraustrate and bring to nothing all the manipulations against our country Nigeria by these wicked gang of blood suckers.

I think this should be a challenge to other journalist and the Shara Reporters that their colleague death will not be in vain. All those who are involved in the death of this man, they will cry over their own children.........

There is peace for the wicked. Whosoever made thes little children fathreless, MAY ALL HIS GENERATIONS BE FATHERLESS. One day Allah wiil fish out the killers

Fellow Nigerians, let start working towards 2011 and make sure that good people be at the helm of affair,let begin to plan how we can start an operation title RIG AND BE ROASTED inrespective of any party,let us be our own vigilante rather than relying on police to check mate the election rigging, from north to south, from states to local government area down to the wards level, let start mobilising for this operation.

You people dont know anything yet. They are playing out their script. They have taken over the military.admission for officer cadets is now given to those who did not buy forms.they play politics over everything.look at how they handled jos crises.yaradua sent emissaries to only muslims including the wife who cursed christians.the chief of army staff took arms to the mosque and susequently appointed 3 out of 5 principal officers from kano alone. turai yaradua is leading all this and forced the present comptroller general of customs on everyone.these monsters must be stopped


@Peters, your tribal diatribe does not help matters at all. You are just inflaming an already bad situation. Give the family of Mrs Ohu some help if you can and the rest will be taken care by our Alimighty God.

@Harry. Stop this tribal sheenanigans and find ways of helping the lady and her children and by God's grace, the killers will be shamed.If it is true that the customs guy killed her husband, just watch how the rest of his life will unfold. Trust me cos I know what i'm talking about.Our enemies can only kill our body, they will never kill our spirit.I have already put five thousand Dollars aside for madam and her children. Do the same Harry and we will shame her enemies.

very soon they will kill everybody who speaks the truth in this country, the only person who can challenge them is dead that is GANI FAWEHEMI

All we need is one God fearing man in the millitary to wake up one day and take all these people out in one day...we need a Samuel Doe for just one day. Look at the face of the children, they'll never see their dad again, never at least on this side of heaven...nigeria is a wicked place, it's only a matter of time before evil befall these people. AMEN

Did I hear somebody say nigerian police should use DNA for investigationns. Are u a Nigerian. What concerns Nigerian police and DNA. Will they abandon the business of collecting bribes and do proper investigations? DNA indeed.

Enough they say is enough. First it was Babangida killing Dele Giwa then Banbangida/Abacha/Abudusallam Killing Abiola now the Cert. Forger Dikko/Turai Killing another Yoruba Mr Ohu. We must warn that any tribe can also inflict terror. The Yoruba's have had enough and the Hausa's must watch it. For the sake of our own resources, these lazy Northerners are killing our people like dogs. Fellow Southerns and more especially Yoruba's be prepared for the worst

Mrs Blessing Ohu, accept our condolences. As a Mother your priority now should be to be healthy and available to your children. God will restore your fortunes. Live a low profile life. God will fight for you. Avoid digging for evil doers. Instead, use your time and energy to care for yourself and your children. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. The world has heard and good people are praying for you and your children. Our prayers will be answered. God's plans for you are for good.

ibrahim i donot support peters comment at all.but u must tell yourself the truth.your ILKS have being ruling 9ja for more than three decades and have only perpetuated the north to the detriment of others.
it is only in the north that we have religious crisis,campaign for implementation of sharia all over nigeria and campaign to wipe out more than 20million niger deltans fighting for their God given resources.
even northerners(col.umar,ribadu etc) are sick and tired of oppression from the north

Peter god Punsih U... Ur a dead guy.... U BlOODY BASTARD.. I felt u guyz wre stupid criminals only.. but i can see new traits of Foolishness,selfishness with adddition to ur stupidness.. U a big mumu..olodo.. pple are supposed to send greetings in tymm like diz.. not 2 show dere beef.. but i can c u dnt hav head.. u are dumbass igbo boy... get out U.. shame on u olodo.. wen u die expect da same.. i will stage and argument arena for u wen u die...By GOD's grace u are a big loser in this life.. OLODO... i challenge evry1 to go n search/look for peters comments on every article in sahara reporters it is all insults.. he insults northener @ large,instead of him 2 target d main pple.. diz peter of an animal is a useless boy.. Wen U die xpect same FOOL.. Nemesis will catch up wit u.......

Dis is so unfortunate.. young girls watched dere dad murdered in cold Blood... i reali feel sad.. and i dearly wish i could express my pro-found greetings and in anyway i could extend a hand i will 2 da best of my ability...
@peter u are a criminal,crook,bastard,and a stern hater u hav no pride amongst men.. u wage ur wars by writings and u shame 2 ur lost ethnic is ur generation dat is shameless n ur background dat are da smelly people after all dey r sharing d corridor of power 2geda... i challenge 2 see u face 2 face... and i will destroy U USELESS BASTARD.... i can c ur job is 2 insult northerners in all ur comments.....but u shall fail more coz i can see signs of failure in U..

Let us not put the cart before the horse in this sensless & gruesome murder of Mr Ohu by accusing the custom CGC MR Dikko. Nigeria is primarily a lawlessness & corrupt country. In a genuine society & government, Mr Dilkko would have since come out to deny the certificate forgery saga or resign his post. Rather he is staying put & waiting to be dragged to court by human right activist-what a shame. This is the more reason people are suspecting him as a murderer. Nigerian police can not investigate planned assisinations unless luck comes in. Forensic technics, expertise & technology plus financial resource are crucial in murder investigations & they do not have either.

How did the culprit whose story was being developed know that Ohu was writing an article about him.?

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