A New Nigeria is Possible!

Sunday Ogidigbo

Sunday Ogidigbo is the national coordinator of Team Ribadu, the mass movement that is powering the Ribadu 2011 presidential campaign. He talks about Team Ribadu and why the youths are lining up behind Ribadu.

What is Team Ribadu?

Team Ribadu is a political movement, founded in recognition of the legitimate thirst of Nigerians for a new kind of leadership marked by integrity and competence. It seeks to harness and support the tidal wave of young people, who are eager to get involved in the electoral process, in order to create political and social change. Team Ribadu is a bunch of young Nigerians that believes in the ideology that the man Nuhu Ribadu stands for. But Team Ribadu is beyond Mallam Nuhu Ribadu. Like Nelson Mandela was the symbol of the end to apartheid in South Africa, Martin Luther King Jr. was the symbol of the civil rights movement in the US, and Gandhi was the symbol of the independence struggle in India, Ribadu happens to be the symbol of a new Nigeria for us as a movement. While he was chairman of the EFCC, he dared to bring corrupt people to justice and he was a fierce advocate of good governance. Now that he is venturing into politics, we in Team Ribadu believe that he can bring about the much needed change in Nigeria. 

What makes you think Nuhu Ribadu is the best man for the job, come 2011?  

Who else is there? Are we talking about Atiku Abubakar, a former customs officer and one-time vice president for eight years or are we talking about IBB who annulled the freest and fairest election in the history of Nigeria? Or the current president who is an offshoot of a system that has held sway for 10 years? I don’t know who else if not Nuhu RIbadu.

John Maxwell said, in looking for a leader, be guided by three things: Courage, Character, Competence – and compassion, if I may add a fourth one. Nuhu Ribadu embodies all of these. The problem of this country, as the renowned novelist, Chinua Achebe, has said, is not resources but leadership. We’ve not had any strong leader – we’ve had people that rule over us; people that lord over us but not people that lead by example. They steal money and preach integrity. They dip their hands into our common wealth. The current government inherited over 20 billion dollars in the excess crude account. As we speak, the CBN has made it public that the account is less that 400 million dollars. What has happened to that money? It has not translated to anything concrete. It has not repaired our roads or our hospitals. We all know the role that corruption play in the mess we have found ourselves and we believe that Nuhu Ribadu, if given the chance to lead this country, being someone who understands and was in the forefront of the war against corruption, will put an end to the waste that is currently going on. As pioneer chairman of the EFCC, he did not only recovered over $5billion and also rejected a $15 dollar bribe that was offered him by a former governor.  That is the kind of leader we need; a man of integrity and character; someone that, if given the chance, will not be carried away and consumed by the trappings of power. 

But people argue that he hasn’t got the necessary experience.

It depends on what you mean by experience. If you are talking about experience in looting, you are right; he has no experience there. But let’s look at his credentials. This man is a trained lawyer who went into the police. He worked in the economic and strategy team in this country and has consulted for various front-ranking international organizations. It is not hidden fact that the EFCC, which he built from the scratch, became a well-respected and internationally-recognized crime fighting institution in the world. He was in public service for 25 years as a policeman and prosecutor. What more experience do you want? His vast global experience, nourished by more recent experiences acquired via fellowships at the world’s best universities like Harvard and Oxford, and even the Centre for Global Development in the US, where he is currently rounding off his fellowship, no doubt makes him most suited for the position. 

But it is not enough to have all the degree. A true leader must also have the passion, courage, competence and character to do what is right. I think this experience thing is overrated and over flogged, so for those who want to talk about experience, please do a background check on all the presidential aspirants and let’s see how many of them have such a robust experience. And if you are talking about experience in politics, I will tell you that every right-thinking Nigerian is tired of the thieving politicians, they are yearning for true leadership. Recently, the World Bank said that six out of every 10 naira goes into the hands of politicians. Imagine the level of growth we would have recorded if our resources are channeled to the right use. Team Ribadu is poised to support Mallam Nuhu Ribadu - who for us is a symbol of integrity - by raising a great army of supporters who will vote him into power.

Okay, talk about the activities of Team Ribadu. You just ended a camp meeting. What was the idea behind it?

Camp Ribadu was a three-day camp meeting where we had over 400 volunteers from all across the country who were trained on how to raise volunteers who will bring about a change in the country. They were trained in the aspect of voters’ registration, voters’ rights and how to raise volunteers. We had resource persons from all walks of life who taught and inspired the volunteers to make the 2011 election a different one. As I speak, we have state coordinators in at least 32 states in the country, including the FCT, and you will agree with me that the outcome of the forthcoming election is going to be determined by the youth.

Why do you say so?

Statistics show that over 18million Nigerians attained the voting age since the last voter registration exercise. That is a huge block and in most elections, you don’t have up to 20 million people vote on election day. And we are also looking at those within age bracket of 22 and 35. It is our strategy at Team Ribadu to get these people, to let them see that the destiny of this country lies in their hands. That is the message we want to take to every university, to every college, to every home. We want to tell the youth that it is time for them to take the destiny of this nation into their hands; that the generation of our parents failed us but we cannot fail ourselves or the generations after us.

What chances do you really think you have at Team Ribadu, seeing that the moneybags are everywhere creating huge campaigns?

I quite understand where you are going. About time we talked about money. Well money has a role to play in politics but so does ideology. Where there is a strong ideology and philosophy, then you will see that there is a limit to how far money can go. Like the camp meeting I spoke of, people came because they believed in this man; no volunteer at Camp Ribadu came because they wanted to be given money and that is the truth.

So are you saying you did not pay your volunteers?

Of course not! We did not! World over, the concept of volunteerism is about giving your time, money, expertise for a cause you believe in. And that is where Team Ribadu differs from other campaign groups. Ours is not a money-driven campaign group but an ideological and a value-driven one.  We were with Nollywood stars last week. They came to hear Mallam Ribadu. Some of them promised their support publicly. No one was given money. When you have a good product, when you have a candidate with integrity, money play second fiddle in the campaign process. In Ribadu you have someone who thinks and knows that we are first Nigerians before anything else and everyone who follows this line of thinking will definitely camp with him. Team Ribadu has representation from every part of this country. And of course, those who came for Camp Ribadu make up a small percentage of the team. We have a chapter in the UK, another in the US and Canada. There are lots of Nigerians in the Diaspora, coming together so see how they can be a part of the group, to contribute their own quota to the group so we can bring about the change we want in Nigeria.

How do I join Team RIbadu?

Team Ribadu is a volunteer movement and everybody is welcome. Becoming a part of the team is very easy. You go to our facebook page (Team Ribadu on facebook www.facebook.com/teamribadu) and indicate your interest. You know, this particular election is going to be very different because it is a youth election.  Most of those in our target group are internet savvy, the tweeters, the facebookers, the educated, those who are in the know. That is not to say that we will not reach the people in the other demographic groups, but people in this group are our primary target. Those who are not on facebook can pick a form from one of our state coordinators. And contribution to the team does not have to be in cash. We have doctors, lawyers, who can give their expertise to help the group. Right now, we have lawyers who work pro bono for us; just in case any issue arises with any of our volunteers. And you know what this volunteer movement translates to: if and when Ribadu becomes president, his allegiance will be to the people. When you elect a government into power, you can have a say; an input in the conversation of the day. If you don’t they won’t care about you. So if Ribadu is brought into power by the people, then accountability will be key.

So how do you plan to raise funds to support your initiatives?

So far, we’ve had people who believe in what we stand for, individuals, friends of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu; they have been giving us money to finance most of our projects up to this point.

Do I have to be a card carrying member of the ACN, the party under which Mallam Ribadu is contesting to be part of Team Ribadu?

Of course not! I, speaking to you, am not a card carrying member of the ACN. Same goes for many other Nigerians, most of whom have been robbed of their legal right to vote. All we want is a change and Mallam Ribadu is the symbol of change. He is more of a public candidate than a party candidate. He has succeeded in bringing people together and there are people in other political parties who have adopted him, including DPP, APGA, Labour Party and even PDP. 

Okay, in rounding off, what is the critical message of this movement?

Our message is simple. A New Nigeria, it is possible. A vote for Nuhu Ribadu will make that possible.


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what is rule of law?

please explain what rule of law is whith andoaka and other criminals in the system,who do not want him to scale through

Let us Hail Ribadu, he is the only credible candidate!

I advise people to be guided by their words. If Tinubu is corrupt politician, does that means that Ribadu can not contest under ACN?
Tinubu is just a member of the group, and so far so good he has tried his best for the south west. I am not contesting the fact that he is not corrupt, he may have stolen some public funds while in power, but he is doing his best now to rescue yorubas from the hands of ill fated political commandos. Can you quantify billions of Naira Obasanjo stole, Atiku, David Mark, IBB, PDP Governors, Senators of FRN, Dimeji Bankole and his colleagues, even JEG, check his books, you will understand what I am saying.
Please let us rally round Nuhu Ribadu, He is the only credble candidate among all these thieves (excluding Buhari) the problem with Buhari is that he is very tribalistic, he would have been another good candidate who can reposition Nigeria for greatness. I believe in Nuhu Ribadu, I sure know that New Nigeria (NN) is possible through his leadership.
Atiku has nothing to offer than than to steal, kill and destroy.
Jonathan does not have mind of his own, so he can not perform to expectation!
IBB should go and bury his ambition, if he want to be President, he can set up a NGO and be the president of such after all "president na president". He is no more anybody to be reckoned with in the struggle for New Nigeria.
Bukola Saraki, Nigeria is not Ilorin let alone Kwara State, what they believed is possible in Ilorin can never be possible in Nigeria.

You Are Welcome To Join D Team Ribadu Coelition USA

Pls go to the wbsite at ribadufornigeria.org to register and write your support and tel. #. soneone would get in touch with you.

"Get a life!" "...To your tents...

I am "knocked out for six" by your inability to reign yourself in; evidenced by your continuous use of abusive and provocative words.

Moreso, having overly denunciated the possible good leadership of the like of Mallam Nuhu, you DID NOT proffer ANY reasonable solution to the very serious problem at hand!

My dear friend this ought not be so. Please let us all learn a bit of mutual respect as it will do us all good.

Ribadu the Man

The election of Ribadu to the highest position in Nigeria would most certainly be transformational. I hope it happens as Nigeria needs Ribadu or some one of similar inclination to lead Nigeria to the promise land. God bless Nigeria.

Symbol of Change

Thanks for this opportunity. I see Ribadu as a symbol of change. Nigeria is so complex that you need to be within the system to change it. Although I am not too happy with his association with TINUBU but to me, he is a symbol of change. I am over forty and successful and trying to do everything possible for a better Nigeria in a difficult situation. We all deserve better. GIve Ribadu a chance. We need fresh ideas and people. Keep up the good work. Nigeria will be great once again.

ribadu what? an hypocrite!

As pointed out in news reports: Ribadu submitted his indictment of Bode George to, please, wait for it, Obasanjo’s Federal Executive Council, FEC. Which court in the land bears that name? Is there any? When Ribadu wanted to arraign some of ...the former governors, did he go to FEC? When he wanted to arraign former Inspector General of Police Tafa Balogun, did he go to FEC? Why was it that he would arraign some persons in FEC and certain others in courts? This arraigning some persons in FEC “court” and others in Federal High Courts, should tell us something about Ribadu’s claims; that he was free-handed as he has so often claimed.
Ribadu was hand in gloves with those that appointed him. He played politics and now, he is claiming to be what he was not. He had a chance to be herioc but he chose the opposite direction. When did he (write) the celebrated indictment of Bode George? Was that where his job was supposed to end? What was he waiting for? “What kept him”? Thank God a court of competent jurisdiction found bode george guilty where ribadu found nothing against the man - ALL HAIL JUSTICE OYEWOLE - an example of people with integrity, the genuine future of a GREAT NIGERIA

Its ridiculous how our youths

Its ridiculous how our youths have fallen so hard to the ground in a pit dugged by the empty leaders past! ribadu is nothing but an epitome of failure, gangsterism, lawlessnes and corruption. This is a man with no known respect for the rule of law or anything that is lawful or could be called decorum. He had participated and benefitte from corruption most especially as a most willing tool for the actualisaion of the failed obj 3rd term bid. Its so disheartening how quickly some forget the very immediate past or shall i say they just feign forgetfulness. Its also surprising the likes of femi falana lining up behind ribadu, has he forget the antecedents and that all of these tracts are on record? In civilised environments, people like ribadu will surely be in jail most likely for life and confined to the past such as one will wish obj.

"Get a life!" "...To your tents...

@'proudly ele martn opaluwa fr nigeria' says:
"...[nigeria]...,its our God given nationhood else we wont be here..."

How silly and stupid! That's why there is no hope for Nigeria: stupid people being very "proud" to be stupid and being very proud of their stupidity.
Why not also accept the Corruption that you harp on as also "God-given"?
Why even look for a "Savior-leader" for your God-given Nigerian nationhood that has sunk to the bottom of the bottomless pit?

For your information, if you can understand that at all, it was the British that created Nigeria's "nationhood" and it is the British that still sustain it today and for the short duration left of its soon-to-eclipse life.

But, if you are seriously looking for "'God-given' stuff," then, try your GENES; which can only lead you back to your own Tribe, your own Ethnicity. That's what God gave you.

In your stupidity, you will of course forget the immediate above, because, since your name sounds Igbo, if you are indeed Igbo, you suffer from the same Igbo sycophancy, delusion and exaggerated efforts aimed at proving that you are really a Nigerian national, in a country called Nigeria where the rest refuse to accept you Igbo as members or as equal citizens.

Ribadu has failed. Tinubu has failed. Nigeria has failed. There will never be a new Nigeria, just recycling of same old dirt. These are realities: they are neither "pessimistic" nor optimistic. Those of you still clinging to the failed Nigeria, "proudly," and trying to use the name of God to boost your claim, are the ongoing problem called Nigeria today.

Those Igbo shouting one-Nigeria and trying to be more Nigerian than the other tribes who don't even try or care about one-Nigeria--except for what they can get out it for their own respective tribes--are despicable morons. To that, we say, "Get a life!"

To the rest: "...To your tents, Oh peoples struggling and suffocating in Nigeria." This is not about Ribadu, silly; it is about your own individual life and about you taking control of it. Stop supporting Ribadu for Nigeria's presidency, stupid: support your own liberation to be what God made you and how God made you. Living like an animal, and even lower, which is certainly what Nigeria has reduced you to, is not your "God-given" station or status in Life.

Wake up! Shae the scales off your eyes, peoples!

team ribadfools

Team ribafool cant fool us

TEAM RIBAFOOLS!! the same man

the same man that was vigorously againt tinuba as been corrupt is now willing to b in the same party and also be the presidential flag bearer of thieves!!!!

9 ja i dey hail oh ! we ar all one and the same .....and every politician are the same.

So how did ribadu fool us for so long ? and like wise have a a team of fools thinking he will be the next president ....ROFTFL

On Ribadu 4 President

I was all for Ribadu before he team up with Tinubu, He was very closed in exposing Tinubu corroptions in Lagos now eating at the same table from the same plate spending stolen money. What did Ribadu has to say? "I do not care about the intergrity of those sponsoring me". Unless he has another thing up his sleeve like to get closer to Tinubu then nab him otherwise he is not fit to be the president. He lost his credibility.

Team Ribadu is Applaudable

Its high time we gave the candidate with the most credible credential a chance. In truth, which of the other candidates possesses a better credential in all ramifications.

Jega is INEC Chairman today because we believe he has the ability to relive his achievements as ASUU Chairperson. Courage is a major ingredient in leaders that a poised to cause change and this is exemplified in Nuhu Ribadu.

We deserve to be true to ourselves for once.

mr man, i think you dont

mr man,
i think you dont understand the essence of this forum, yeah! we dont need pessimists like you bugging on whether nigeria should exist,its our God given nationhood else we wont be here.
like you ,many of us feel shortchanged by primordalistic leaders,psychophants,desperate to be godfathers like tinubu n co.
nuhu ribadu seems to be a honourable man but his alleigiance with ACN n tinubu who has informaly declared lagos his personal dormain does his credibility n ability to work as president if elected a serious dis-service.
food for thought,y didnt ribadu join a more noble people oriented party like the late Gani's NCP or simply register a new party that identifies with passion for a great NIGERIA?



to whomever runs for the

to whomever runs for the Presidential Election in NIGERIA and willing to spend some money in exchange for important information against one's politician's secret and weakness.


I AM USING THIS medium to inform all Deltians that we need to start from home by joining hands together and elect a leader, person OF BAR. OGHENE-AGA ORUGBO AS GOVERNOR COME 2011. A man who work tireless when he was UDU L.G.A CHAIRMAN 1999 A man who shun corruption when he was the commissioner of justice. LETS join hands together and make a change cos change is the only constant thing in life........


I AM USING THIS medium to inform all Deltians that we need to start from home by joining hands together and elect a leader, person OF BAR. OGHENE-AGA ORUGBO AS GOVERNOR COME 2011. A man who work tireless when he was UDU L.G.A CHAIRMAN 1999 A man who shun corruption when he was the commissioner of justice. LETS join hands together and make a change cos change is the only constant thing in life........

Ribadu the Option

Ribadu the Option !

RIBADU FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a full supporter of mallam nuhu ribadu because i think he has what it takes to take Nigeria to the next level. out of this great misery of corruption, poverty, underdevelopment to mention a few. and most of all we need someone from our own time and generation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIBADU FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a full supporter of mallam nuhu ribadu because i think he has what it takes to take Nigeria to the next level. out of this great misery of corruption, poverty, underdevelopment to mention a few. and most of all we need someone from our own time and generation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Age has got nothing to do with this!

@ David Odiri
I am not clamouring for the 'oldies' to continue to loot this country, but rather to state that the successful running of the country is not based on how old you are; but who you are.

The people you mentioned are young and have been involved in politics at higher level for upto 10 years before now. The system in Nigeria has not allowed this over the years and this is not the time to experiment with 'yuppies'. The truth is that you never know the greediness of someone until they occupy the position of authority.We've seen some young governors in Nigeria looting their state black! The buttom line is that the best person that can deliver should win.


If you have some conscience left for our dear country, it'll be clear to you that we truly need a fresh leadership in Nigeria. Senator Barack Obama became President of the United States at 48. The Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron, is 44. His deputy, Nick Clegg, is 43. The President of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, is 44. Nuhu Ribadu is 49!

ENOUGH OF: Ribadu is not OLD or EXPERIENCED enough to MISRULE Nigeria like IBB (69), Atiku (64), Obasanjo (73), Shagari (85), Buhari (68)...argument!

ENOUGH OF: Ribadu is not EXPERIENCED or CORRUPT enough in LOOTING Nigeria's treasury like IBB, Ibori, Atiku, Umaru Dikko, Joseph Wayas...argument!

Fellow young Nigerians, I urge you all NOT to allow our so called "leaders" to keep doing things the same old, tired, corrupt and incompetent ways this time and expect a fresh outcome next time.


i believe you have spoke my

i believe you have spoke my mind, the problem with us Nigerians is we criticize everything but when time for action come we melt like ice block. we are not just ready for any fundamental change. i believe in Ribadu and i promise to work for him for free, but have no contact with the members of the team Ribadu

Benson Switzerland has said it

Ribadu would never be allowed to be president. Even the masses aren't prepared for reform. Nigerians want to be led to the promised land, but don't want to get there themselves.
People are even confused politically.
The country is called a republic, but has more monarchs than United Kingdom & Saudi Arabia put together. No one sees the irony in this. People owe allegiance to traditional rulers before their state governors or president.
Then there's religion. A developed country needs technology, science, philosophical thinking. Not imported, home grown and indigenous. How is this possible when Nigerians have surrendered the use of their brains and worship pastors, imams, marabouts, babalawos, dibias and okija shrines?
How can anyone who wants to live with good roads, electricity and technical know how turn their backs on good education in favour of primitive thinking and barbaric occult practises?
To embrace the sort of change needed in Nigeria, Nigerians need the medicine that would be dispensed by Buhari and Ribadu. But that would involve individuals changing their indisciplined, immoral and corrupt thinking. So when Nigerians are ready for development, development will come. For now, Nigeria would remain barbaric, primitive and corrupt because this is how the ordinary people want it.

The same old nigeria

Ribadu, can not take us to the promise land, He is an instrument political perfection, used and dumpped, though it seems that he is eager to work but he is not. the old Nigerian politician had initiated him, opened his eye on corrupt practices. he was dumped becuase of disgrement with his political masters. sorry you dont represent the new Nigeria

The same old nigeria

Ribadu, can not take us to the promise land, He is an instrument political perfection, used and dumpped, though it seems that he is eager to work but he is not. the old Nigerian politician had initiated him, opened his eye on corrupt practices. he was dumped becuase of disgrement with his political masters. sorry you dont represent the new Nigeria

The same old nigeria

Ribadu, can not take us to the promise land, He is an instrument political perfection, used and dumpped, though it seems that he is eager to work but he is not. the old Nigerian politician had initiated him, opened his eye on corrupt practices. he was dumped becuase of disgrement with his political masters. sorry you dont represent the new Nigeria

Ribadu my man but,...

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu is my man anytime, anyday, and I am behind this his presidential race and will surely vote for him. But, you so called team Ribadu have not gathered for his success, but for your financial gains. The camp Ribadu that took place some days ago was filled with reports of financial recklessness, poor management, arrogant conducts of the boys that organised it. I really sympathise with Ribadu over this.

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