Odumakin Says State Creation, Local Government Autonomy, Others Are Cover Up For Tenure Elongation-GUARDIAN Newspaper

Yinka Odumakin
By Kamal Tayo Oropo

The Country Needs Entirely New Constitution

WHILE many appear on engrossed in what may largely translate into filial desires, former spokesperson of the pan-Yoruba social cultural and political group, Afenifere, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, wonders at the spate of how Nigerians are taken for a ride, easily forgetting that they have gone through the same “diversion” by those in government and wanting to remain in power at all cost.

Speaking on the National Assembly public hearing on Constitution Review, Odumakin declares: “It is depressing the National Assembly has embarked on yet another hollow ritual of constitutional review jamboree partly to expend money budgeted for the exercise but more importantly to execute some sinister agenda, which only those who have their ears close to the ground can pick at the moment. That even should not be too difficult to decode by an average student of political manipulation who was attentive enough in the days of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s third term gambit.

Again, whispers are all over that the current exercise is primed to achieve the tenure elongation agenda, which was the first agendum Mr. President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, put on the table upon his emergence in 2011”.

He said it is being alleged already that a single tenure of 7 years to start with the incumbent is being packaged for the President and other elected officials across board. “But like every smuggler of illicit drugs, the salesmen of tenure elongation who are pulling the emotional blackmail of wanting to avert American prediction of a break-up of Nigeria over elections in 2015; the dope is being packaged inside legitimate items like state creation, local government autonomy and devolution of powers, Odumakin said. Adding that the alacrity with which the Governors Forum opposed autonomy for Local Governments, which have become their cash cows lends credence to this.

“However, no matter the hidden agenda of the promoters of the current exercise we must not be bored of sounding the alarm that the country has virtually broken down under the present structure and without restructuring its just a matter of time before it broke up. Given that reality attested to by the burgeoning anarchy in the country, magnification of corruption, total collapse of infrastructure and disappearance of ethics and values, we need a national dialogue, which even a well-intentioned constitutional review exercise cannot handle.

In short we need a brand new constitution to avert the descent into abyss and give the country a fresh breath of air”.

Pressed to offer suggestion in most critical areas, Odumakin offered the following:

A Truly Federal Constitution

THE country, Nigeria, ceased to be a federation from the moment Major General JTU Aguiyi-Ironsi promulgated the unification decree. We have been a unitary country perjuring as a Federal Republic of Nigeria ever since.

The attendant consequences of running a multi-ethnic state along unitary lines contrary to the immutable counsel of proponents of federalism are the very issues rushing Nigeria to the untimely death today.

The country has too strong a centre without real and discernible federating units. The 36 states are arbitrary creations of the military government and they are too weak to function as building blocks of a federation .The centre has cornered all the resources that should give them stamina and it now doles out to them whatever fancies it.

The over-concentration of resources at the centre has led to a humongous corruption to the point that we now meter corruption at the centre in trillions of naira. Every affliction that ails the nation today flows from this malaise as most of the resources that should have been used to make life meaningful for the vast majority of the people have been quaffed by corruption.

The establishment of anti-graft agencies like the EFCC and ICPC has done nothing to corruption because the nationality question remains largely unresolved. The big thieves quickly resort to ethnic appeals when they are called to account for their deeds. That would have been difficult for the thieves with each region having its own anti-graft body in a proper federation. It would be well with us if the existing six geo-political zones are recognized as the federating units with each region being free to self-determine but all cooperating for agreed common services at the centre.

Each region should control the resources under its soil and pay appropriate taxes to the central government unlike what operates at the moment.

This will release the generality of the people from the allocation mentality, which has destroyed the culture of work, enterprise and creativity. The exclusive list should be minimal while the residual list should be enlarged to leave issues that are crucial to the people in the hands of people they can handle in their localities.
The various zones should then be left to address their form of government.

 Decentralisation of Police

IN line with the principles of Federalism, police should be decentralised so that states and local governments should have their own police. A central police system has failed the country and the nation cannot continue to pretend about it.

Apart from the corruption that has eaten up the centralised police, crime has its cultural dimensions and posting men randomly without cultural suitably removes half of the capacity to nip crimes in the bud by ‘stranger’ policemen.

Size of Government

THE country at the moment spends about 74 percent of its earnings on over-head. A restructured polity will ensure that we have a lean government with better outputs.

For instance, the old Western Region, which stretched from Lagos to Asaba and Chief Obafemi Awolowo ran with better deliveries based on 11 member-cabinet, is this day under 8 governors each with an average cabinet of 22 with very little to show for it in terms of governance.

The National Assembly has become casino chambers where paupers become overnight multi-millionaires and even billionaires. The presidency is about the most profligate in the modern world .A restructured polity will shed a lot of these burdensome weight and reduce a lot of parasites feeding fat on the system.

Immunity clause

THE Immunity clause must be expunged from the Constitution, as it is only an incentive for criminality in government and the system harbours so many criminals at the moment.

The presidential system is about the most powerful anywhere in the world and adding immunity to the office is making monarchs out of elected officials.

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You are right

Odumakin got it. Yes, Lagos was not part of Western Region. We cannot sustain the present system with 37 bureaucracies (38 incl. FCT) and spend over 73% on recurrent expenditure.
Let the present six geo-political zone be the federating units.
If the National Assembly is serious about constitutional amendment, they must jettison this presidential system for a parliamentary system.
To persist in the present is deceitful and smack of a hidden agenda as the writer has pointed out.

There was colony of Lagos she

There was colony of Lagos she had never been part of western region

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19 north 17 south

Odumakin Kpele.
Nigeria is not about 19 northern states or 17 southern states. Our common problem is corruption, corruption and corruption. Arrest these three items Nigeria will be one.

Who says we are different. All meet in Nicon to share the loots. All travel to new York, the carribeans, London and Dubai to vacate. All buy houses in the Washington. Las Vegas, Switzerland and south Africa. All send children to the uk, the us and the UAE for studies. All board to egypt, india, china and the us of a for medical chek ups. They leave us in our common pool. Poverty, diseases, hunger, ignorance, boko haram and kidnapping. All sing the song of democracy with rigging.

I leave u in peace.

Odukpe is kogites.

Without creating balancing states, south of Nigeria remain slave

But without having equal number of states between the north and south of Nigeria, south of Nigeria shall continue to remain pawns on the north's political chessboard. No political reforms in Nigeria can succeed unless north is assured it favours it financially and politically. In short, Nigeria's political process has been driven to the boiling point, no thanks to military dictators that created states to favour only the north.

I support this Proposal in totality, Thank you, Sir Yinka!

I support this Proposal in totality,
Thank you, Sir Yinka!
This patriot is telling Nigeria elite to adopt a pragmatic approach in the face of looming apocalypse due to inevitable national bankruptcy as a factor of our exponential corruption. Consequence = breakdown of what currently passes for "laws and order (Yes, we are beyond revolution).
Look, each zone could create fifty states if they choose to but obligingly would contribute 75% of their revenue to the Nigeria federation, for the next 20 years before resorting to 50%.
I love Nigeria and would not want to see us disintegrate for not listening to the voices of reason.

State creation was the beginning of the end of Nigeria.

When the Gowon Administration started the creation of states to defeat the Biafran secession, little did they realise that they were sowing the seed of future destruction of the country. Now, the country has been divided into 36 tiny units that jealously guide their new status.
How on earth will anyone ever convince them to come together again and loose their statehood in the name of larger federating units? Yet, these tiny units can't function effectively as individual federating units! There in lies the delima that will eventually lead to the demise of this nation. For we can't move forward as we are and yet can't change for the better!


GoodLuck Jonathan is a very intelligent president. The problem is that certain section of the country thinks his intelligence smothers it; such as in things like federal government sponsored Haji to Mecca. Nigeria certainly needs somebody who can plug all the leaking holes in Federal government purse; holes created by the past leaders the majority of which came from the desert neighbors. Goodluck needs another tenure. After that, may be Igbo Nigerian president, followed by another Yoruba Nigerian president, then another president from the Niger Delta. These section of Nigeria mentioned have intelligent people in abundance.

I said it before that

I said it before that constitution amendment will not be completed until this tenure expired in 2015 All the interest cannot be reconcile even in ten years. National assembly is just setting us back.


Mr Yinka, how I wish those thieving idiots will look into our situation, but we are preparing and waiting for them. We can't be fooled again, we will by God grace beat them with their game.


A riff-raff cum-dummy will never come to rule us again. This must go to him and anybody who think he has the power to impose him on us, that era has passed we have had enough of semi-human ruling us. In 2015 it is total change or revolution en mass.


I think the issue of the lopsided state configuration is an open sore,apart from the economic implications as regards revenue allocation,it does place the entire south under the political dictates of the north which was the sinister motive of the northern military Dictators who originated it.
If President Jonathan intends to use it as a stepping stone for tenure elongation,we cannot prove it, as at now it remains a fallacy,we just cannot keep making judgements based on a hypothetical analysis.
The decentralization of power,the state police and generally a true federal state of affairs is over-due if this country must move forward.
The usual obstacle is the north and soon they will come out opposing,as they do to every progressive idea.



same old boko haramic ideas

what else do u expect from this Chinese faced buhari agent-who could not raise his voice against his grand father-Obj when he was in power-May be because he was yoruba like him--some states have only 8 LGAs while the one under the control of buhari has more than 40 LGAs-Anioma state is a must-so that development can get to real deltans--then fiscal federalism--are all these because FGN wants to deceive Nigerians-the only thing they fear is separation--killing for buhari