The Punch Interview: "I Told The Inspector General Of Police In Advance That Abuja Would Be Bombed," Says Boko Haram Leader

By Agency Reporter

Boko Haram Leader Speaks

What is Boko Haram about?

Our aim is to spread Islam all over Nigeria, that is our mission and I want people to understand that our correct name is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad. Those calling our group Boko Haram do so to discredit the group and its ideas. It was formed at three fundamental levels.

The first level from which our group emerged was from people in this country who, for selfish reasons, recruited young people and sometimes children and sent them overseas for education. In reality, these people are totally ignorant of the reasons why these big men take them abroad. In the name of education, these young men are taken to mostly Arab countries and turned into militants who respect only those who sponsored them abroad. Those big men who sponsor these youths don’t have any conscience and no love for this country. 

It all started in 2004 when the Government of Mauritania fell.

It is similar to what is happening in Libya now, though slightly different. When the government in Mauritania fell in 2004, some individuals from that country came into Nigeria to recruit some youths as mercenaries to join forces with them to overthrow the government in power.

The second level of our membership is made up of young men who were recruited by our late leader, Mohammed Yusuf. Yusuf was approached by some people from Mauritania to recruit more Nigerians to continue with the struggle in Mauritania. The grounds were that these young people were being recruited to further their Islamic studies. They were to serve as a support group to the Mauritanian army. But our leader Mohammed Yusuf rejected the plan. But a number of Nigerian big men who were involved in the Mauritania struggle were angry with Yusuf. This led to a disagreement which pitched the young men loyal to Yusuf against those backing the big men. Yusuf, however, insisted on genuine Islam whereas those opposing him were mercenaries who were willing to serve their master’s interest in Mauritania.

At what point did they leave perfect Islam and become violent? 

Whatever I am telling you now I have already made available to the SSS when they arrested me. There was a misunderstanding within the group and this disagreement was between those who received military training in Mauritania and those who were loyal to Yusuf. The SSS infiltrated our ranks and began to arrest many of those who were militants. However, as they were arrested some big men moved in to ensure that the court released them and they came back causing more problems within our group.

In 2009 the disagreement developed into a crisis in areas where our group was spreading Islamic ideals. I was in charge of our operations in Bauchi, Gombe and Plateau. The crisis was more in Bauchi State, in two locations and in Kano in one location. In Bauchi, a group began to lay claim to a mosque that was built by our group. This caused a major crisis again and a young girl was kidnapped in Bauchi and taken to Borno State. Our group was fingered but we told one intelligence officer, Bala, who was investigating the case that her relations took her to Borno and if the issue was not handled well it could cause a crisis. The SSS directed us to contact the Commissioner of Police in Borno State to secure the girl’s release. We were still in the process when the Bauchi State governor directed that members of our group should be driven away from the state. That was how our people started to resist the forced evacuation and the crisis with the government spread to Borno State. In fact, the crisis began in Bauchi and not Borno.

Anytime there is a bombing in Nigeria Boko Haram claims responsibility, for example, four times in Borno Police headquarters and the UN office in Abuja.

Yes, we bombed some of those places you mentioned. Remember I told you that some of our members were recalled from military training in Mauritania. Among them were three specialist in bomb making.

When this crisis began I made a move to the authorities advising that the arrest of Boko Haram members would not bring an end to the crisis. I suggested that the government should stop the arrest and release those already arrested. Let me repeat it today, government should rebuild houses, mosques and schools demolished in Bauchi and Borno states. Government should not interfere in the genuine worship of our group and ensure justice for all. If these are not in place, I predict that the Nigerian situation may become like what is happening in Somalia.

I give this warning because many of those young men who went to Mauritania are being attracted back home because of the violent situation brought by the present crisis.

When I gave my advice, the police chased and arrested me, and kept me in detention. Before I was detained, I gave the police the video recordings of how some of our members were being given military training, but the IGP ordered that I should be detained. I was left in detention for 10 months. 

But those things that I warned about are playing out today. While I was in detention, I was in contact with our people and I still gave forewarnings to the authorities about attacks. I even told them beforehand whenever an operation was to take place. The bombing of the police headquarters had been planned and on many occasions I had always told them in advance.

In fact, Bala had helped the police because each time I got in touch with him he worked to avert the attacks. If not, the police headquarters would have been bombed before now. Three days before the attack I warned the police that there would be an attack in Abuja that would embarrass the security authorities. Also, after the bombing of the police headquarters, I was summoned before the IGP and given a GSM phone. I called the person who planned and led the attack and we spoke right in front of the IGP. So, all these terror attacks are caused by the negligence of government.

Since I was released from detention, I have rejoined my group and some of us have warned our members to stick to the original ideals of our leader, Yusuf. He did not tell us to kill innocent people or to break into and steal from banks. If there is a conflict between the faithful and the authorities our opposition should be against the authorities and not the talakawas.

There are allegations that Boko Haram is being sponsored by some top level politicians, is it true?

The truth is that politicians are the root cause of this Boko Haram problem. For instance, in Borno State, the governor sponsors a group of armed youths known as ECOMOG. It is this ECOMOG that the governor formed and looks after, above the police, SSS and other security agencies. In Gombe State, the governor has the Kalari. I was once contacted by a governorship candidate to kill an opponent for a fee. The security agencies know what I am telling you.

In Bauchi there is the Tarafuka, an armed group sponsored by the government, and the government watches on, even when we have the SSS and police. That is why our new leader, Mallam Abubakar Shekau, is calling on the youths to disregard all government in the country – a call that has brought him and the group into conflict with the government. Some politicians are now taking the advantage of the conflict between the Boko Haram leadership and the authorities to execute their own agenda.

Did Boko Haram bomb the United Nations Office in Abuja?

I would not answer the question of whether Boko Haram bombed the UN building or not for some reasons.

Did Boko Haram bomb the Police headquarters in Abuja?

Yes, we bombed the police headquarters in Abuja. I told you earlier that when the bombing of the Police headquarters happened I called the person who led the attack, I was in front of the IGP. Yes, we bombed the police headquarters in Abuja. They asked me why we bombed the police headquarters and I told him (IGP) in his presence that it was because of his statement in Maiduguri that the days of Boko Haram were numbered.

Why does Boko Haram bomb army barracks and attack police and security operatives? What do they do to affect Islam or the work of Boko Haram?

It is because of the indiscriminate killing of our members and innocent people by the police without trial. They arrest innocent people harass and shoot them and the authorities do nothing about it. Why should we then leave the police?

Boko Haram is asking for Sharia in all the Northern states, and the states have Sharia, so what is the problem again?

I have been waiting for this question. I was in detention when it was said that Boko Haram had threatened to turn the entire North of the country into a Sharia state. Since I came out of detention have you heard that Boko Haram is threatening to turn the whole of Nigeria into an Islamic nation? The truth is that those spreading such information are just lying against us. What we are demanding is that those states that have independently declared their states Sharia states should implement it to the letter. Have you seen Sharia cut the hand of someone who steals a cow head, while someone who corruptly enriches himself is left to go free? They have chased away local prostitutes and brought in international red light prostitutes to replace them. They have also banned local alcoholic drinks, yet they drink imported spirits in their respective government houses. Is that Sharia? They are insincere, so they must be effective in the implementation of Sharia. Sharia is being abused. I pity this country. Mauritania does not have any wealth they exported Boko Haram into Nigeria. Now, Libya has money and wealth but have collapsed. Who says that these countries would not bring something worse than Boko Haram into Nigeria?

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Re:Islam future constitution

This may not be a bad idea provided it preaches peaceful coexistence,right to life and no prosecution without trial.

It is only ALLAH(GOD)

Your comment is the best among all i have read. We are created to different homes by GOD and we embraced the religion we met on ground. If we understand the two religions and others the supreme is still GOD. I advise we should educate ourselves to stop kiliing our brothers and sisters in the name of religions which i beleive do not preach violence. The time of religions violenece has gone , what is required now is to use our intellectual capacity and resouces to fight government for better standard of living! No doubt, many will call Prophet Muhammed(SAW) and Allah(GOD) will go to hell while many will call Christ and GOD will go to hell. WHat will need is quality & constructive education!

Jonathan is the problem!

If the IG could be given an award for overseeing the bombing of the UN and the Police hqs and many other killings of Nigerian by some never-do-well, then it means he is very happy at the situation. He is the problem and he is the solution!

Bokoharams or wot eva dey cal

Bokoharams or wot eva dey cal dem selfs Wot eva dere lik let dem do wat i no is dat God i sav neva forsake his pple. D children of israel lives in egypt 4 many yrs nd was mattreted badly by d egyptians but 1 day GOD remembered his pple nd brougt dem out of d land. nd does enemies was nd up in d red sea. likewise does dat sayed dat dis country wil no b in peace. ecept dey repents from all dis evil did. in killing d inocent souls. dey wil no eva C peace in dere lives.

Bokoharams or wot eva dey cal

Bokoharams or wot eva dey cal dem selfs Wot eva dere lik let dem do wat i no is dat God i sav neva forsake his pple. D children of israel lives in egypt 4 many yrs nd was mattreted badly by d egyptians but 1 day GOD remembered his pple nd brougt dem out of d land. nd does enemies was nd up in d red sea. likewise does dat sayed dat dis country wil no b in peace. ecept dey repents from all dis evil did. in killing d inocent souls. dey wil no eva C peace in dere lives.

DO you realy know the number

DO you realy know the number of people that were killed in Plateau during EDdil Fithir and Eddil Khabir you fool . but i will advice you to gp ahead your body will tell you.


This criminal should be put behind bars.GEJ and his cohorts know what they doing.Boko Haram is just a decoy.God will expose each and every one of them when the time comes.Am not sure this man talking has ever read one full chapter of the Koran.

yes brother i love ur comment

yes brother i love ur comment

U just a mere tout.Because

U just a mere tout.Because someone said something about your supreme leader you then have to use all such foul words? U surely not a true Islam but a mere rogue. Just pray to Prophet Mohammed for forgiveness.

Boko Haram

i want to beg or ask,...if this isuess of d northern states wit bokoharam is so complex dat there can be any urgent solution for it....they should please pity d innocent Nigerians who end their lives just like dat......I want the Boko Haram to deal seriously wit does on top..i.e those in power who make laws and cannot abide by them, instead of killings d poor and innocent onces in our society.

Boko Haram

i want to beg or ask,...if this isuess of d northern states wit bokoharam is so complex dat there can be any urgent solution for it....they should please pity d innocent Nigerians who end their lives just like dat......I want the Boko Haram to deal seriously wit does on top..i.e those in power who make laws and cannot abide by them, instead of killings d poor and innocent onces in our society.

thanks a lot for your

thanks a lot for your enlightenment TISHAU, you sound like a true leader and a truthful man. you have said a lot about your mission, they all good for every true muslim. NOTE: We are equally surfering menace of bad religious followers in the christianity, we hate prostitution whether local or international ones. We hate cheating, injustice, corruption, etc to name few.We don,t change all these through blood shedding, or violence. No man I repeat no man can successfully bring perfection on earth except GOD Almighty.
Please don,t try to force your religious Idea on people by force you were not on around when GOD created the World, and your are not the one that sent the prophects. Let GOD fight and defend Himself.Love peace and hate evil.

Violence will certainly not

Violence will certainly not achieve anything. Please embrace peace and let your nation move forward. This is certainly NOT ISLAM as ISLAM is a religion of peace. You know that what you are doing is politics and NOT ISLAM.

Re: All we are saying, Islam is a....

For that idiot and son of a beach to abused our Beloved Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), I am therefore strongly declare a Holy war on U. If u re bold enough show urself openly u wil test d bitter site of ur ugly statement. I don't care from any part of d country u re even if Pop of Roma utter such a ststmt wil never go scolt free. Beside, sooner or latter u wil defininately see wht wil happen to u. Animal in human skin, a son of fuckin beach and she goat. Who dear born u idiot. Whether d whole world like or not Islam wil one day become d only religion practice on dis earth and Holy Qur'an is d future world constitution.

Not all muslims are

Not all muslims are terrorists,but all terrorists are muslims!! Why?? I personally think that goes a long way to say alot about the religion.All you have to do is look at terrorists all over the world.They are bloody muslims! How on earth do they expect us-non muslims to believe that they are a religion of peace? How??

go and ask ur leaders where

go and ask ur leaders where they get the money they use 2 drill the oil u ar talking. About the almajiries, from where almajiries learn how to set a bomb, as u said they are illiterate. But remember the first bomb blast in nigeria was set by ur people (southerners). So what is d reaction of ur leaders at that time?

dnt be deceived

I am a christian and strongly believe that nobody hold d monopoly of violence. If we as a country can't leave 2geda then we can split just like Sudan. Some muslims are making cases for this terrorist group.I think they shld also bomb a mosque during a jumat service then we will believe that its nt a war btw xtians and muslim. To be warn is to be forearmed, pls dnt let dis generate to a religious bcos we r equal to d tasu


I support you and i agree with you completely and i would like to have contact with you. once again you have the same spirit like me. Thanks.

creating a legacy what matters

i think nothing in this world is better than creating a legacy what matters is what type of legacy are u creatin weda u kill pple or bomb pple we are all going to die someday but wen u die, wud u want to be remembered for d killings of thousans of pple, innocent pple even children i dont tink so weda muslim or christian there's always somtin bad about dese religion but still its our duty to uphold d glory of it. many have laboured for us to get to this point. lets begin to ask ourselves which positive tin have we done for this country since we are all not innocent and not God or allah NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE THE LIFE OF ITS FELLOW HUMAN

Islam the best religion


Islam the best religion


Islam the best religion


Ignorant of crhist

You are an ignorant of ur religion and selfish what do u call massob, niger deltans militant, OPC are they not terrorist or just bcs are christian? Umost very stupid. .

Islam,d best religion

4 an idiot to insult islam,maybe he is not part of dis world.when muslims were attack in jos on sallah day it is not terrorism,d president and those that matters kept quite,but now that a church is attack by d christians themselves d president spoke immediately.

Am furious @ dis dirty skunks called boko ha aram.

Time is up for dis boko haaram shit.......islam n muslims neva neva preach about religion.they are professional terrorist,they attack,wipe out innocent souls and destroy.muslims are develish n anti christ.but i know their problems,majority of them are stack illiterates if not why shld they kill since they know that man will die someday.muslims are bloody biggots.they neva plan good,they always hv corrupt minds.listen boko haarams,if Nigerians are cowards,we ijaw ethnics are brave to break ur ribs with bullets,just give give us two days we can wipe all those boko haaram states.boko haaram be warned,u useless faggots hv eaten more dan u can chew.

Re: Punch Interview

You are a bloody bastard, you dont even know the capital of your country. Shame on you. Abuja is not northern nigeria. You fool!!

Is the guy for real

Is this guy for real. Why give him space to air his vile views. As a member of a terrorist group, he should not be allowed to see the light of day.


To say dat Islam is a worst religion and Muslims are terrorists, I think u need a Divine Deliverance.Islam is a religion of peace & not violence. But if its adherents are acting against its teachings, u dont need to codemn it bcos of deviant followers. Just like deviant christians & Christianity.



please let us stop all this

please let us stop all this insult. the both religion admonise the followers to love thier neibour irrespecting of the religion.the prophet(SAW) SAID U MUST NOT SLEEP UNTIL U ARE SURE UR SORROUNDING NEIBOURS HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT, IT DIDNT MADE MENTION OF THE RELIGION OF THE NEIBOUR, and also the BIBLE SAYS U SHOULD LOVE UR NEIBOUR AS UR SELF, IT DIDNT TELL US THAT THE NEIBOUR MUST BE A CHRISTIAN, SO WHAT ARE WE SAYING. if truly we ar followers of these two religions then with our statements we are going to hell. Please lets all do good and adhere strictly to the teachings in our HOLY BOOKS.

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