TheNews Interview: It’s Near-impossible To Make Nigeria Work With The Current Set Of Selfish Leaders-Senator Ojudu

Senator Babafemi Ojudu

Senator Babafemi Ojudu tells AYORINDE OLUOKUN and DESMOND UTOMWEN about his frustration as a legislator and why Nigeria finds it difficult to make progress.

You’ve been at the National Assembly for over a year. What has been your experience, especially in terms of perception as a journalist and now as a lawmaker?

For me, it has been very interesting on one hand, very frustrating and traumatic on the other in the sense that I was motivated to come to be part of the needed change in Nigeria. But getting here, I saw that the problems we have are so entrenched that it will need 1001 Femi Ojudus to bring about any change. Our country is really in the grip of evil elements at all the levels of government and something has to give. You are out there, you see the problems, you perceive it and you think other people should also perceive the problems the way you have perceived it and that all our energy, resources and time should be devoted to trying to solve the problem. But what you see is that people don’t see the problems, they are very lackadaisical about it. They think that Nigeria will continue to roll on and nothing is going to unsettle it, therefore, there is no need for any emergency or the need to sit down in a very serious manner, think out solutions to these problems and save this country from perdition.  For me, in that sense, it has been very traumatic and frustrating. And when you express disgust at the things you see, they just think you are crazy. It is a very dangerous attitude for the ruling class to have, especially for the kind of resources we have as a country and also for the magnitude of our problems.

Is it not possible to build an alliance of a few people across the different levels of government to bring about the required change?
That was the challenge I gave myself when I came in. But again, attempting that has also been difficult. People are looking for one gain or the other, which are personal. People are still more concerned about the problems of survival, managing and increasing what they have. So, collaboration becomes so difficult. As I said earlier, the kind of journalistic urgency and deadline attitude that one brings to the job, I did not see it in other people and for me, that makes it much more frustrating. I think people’s psyche have been battered for too long to have that attitude of wanting to stand alone and be deprived of benefits and perks that are accruable to those who kowtow and massage the egos of those in power.

From the way you speak, it seems moving forward as a country will be difficult for us?
It’s near-impossible. If we want to move forward through the formal and normal process, it is going to take us another century. But if there is a rupture from below, that may just bring a quicker resolution to what is happening in Nigeria.

We’ve had regime changes on the basis of the fact that things were not working before and the situation even became worse …

We are not talking of administrations now. We are talking of change of order, changing the system for a more patriotic, more nationalistic and more result-oriented one. Look at our infrastructure: the road network, power, the problems in our educational, aviation and health sectors. This implies that all of us in leadership positions, whether legislative or executive, should not be sleeping! Obama came to power and within two years, he lost all the sheen that came with him to power. His hair has gone grey. Here, we are in government, everybody is getting fat and bloated. That means we are sleeping more than we should be sleeping and eating more than we should be eating. If we experience stress at all, it is in pursuit of personal gains. No nation can solve the magnitude of the problems that we have without leaders who will act and work as if they are at war. We are actually at war, not of bullets and bombs, but I am talking of the situation in which you have almost 80 per cent youth unemployment. When not up to 10 per cent of your road network is passable, you are at war. When your education is so bad that your children are now running to Ukraine, Ghana, Malaysia, even Sierra Leone for education, then, you are at war. When your leaders have to seek medical treatment for toothache or  common cold in Germany, Egypt, India or Dubai, then you are at war. These problems require that all of us should not have more than three or four hours sleep per day.  We should come together and say these problems must be solved whether you are a member of PDP, ACN; member of Celestial or Anglican Church, Muslim or Christian. I mean all kinds of bodies have been coming out with all kinds of things about Nigeria–the worst place to be born, for example. There are things they saw that made them pronounce that kind of verdict. Now, we have insurgents all over. Our soldiers were being deployed to go and fight a foreign war and on their way, right inside their country, people  shot at them and bombed them! Something must be wrong. A first class Emir was shot at in his own domain and many of his aides were killed. Yet, we are not doing serious thinking about how to solve those problems and declare a kind of emergency to bring about solutions.

But how do we move forward because it seems as if we are hemmed from all sides?
It is about leadership. I am not even talking of leadership of today, but I’m much more worried about the leadership of tomorrow. We are saying today is bad, but tomorrow is going to be worse. Where are we training the doctors, engineers, the economists, the philosophers of tomorrow? Is it the kind of training we are giving out at our polytechnics and universities, the kind of stuffs we are teaching them? So, if today is so bad, what will happen tomorrow? At least, we can say those who are in leadership today have some measure of good education in and outside Nigeria, but what happens to people we are training today? Students who went through universities, but the universities did not pass through them? That means we have greater danger ahead except we quickly think about the future of this country. But I have been here for over a year now and I have not seen any indication that we are actually thinking about the future of this country. How can you have the number of universities, polytechnics and colleges of education and nobody is thinking of how to give the products jobs? Less than two per cent of them are employed and the rest are just left to wander about it is either they kidnap, rob or engage in prostitution.

Looking at it across all levels of government, what percentage of our officials would you say are committed and thinking the way you are thinking now?
It’s negligible and that is what I have been saying. If they are substantial, then, we would be able to make a push, to change or educate those considered as the bad. And I don’t think these people are intrinsically bad. It is just that they did not even believe that Nigeria is worth dying for. It is about orientation–just take your own and leave the problems there; the problems will go away. But no problem solves itself. People solve problems. People must see that we are failing as leaders. But again, you just talk and nobody seems to realise there is a problem. Take for example, a media house went into a Police College to bring out the rot in the institution. The President watched it on television and felt concerned enough to go and see the place, but rather than asking who is responsible for this rot, whether money was voted for the college, he was asking why Channels Television was allowed to embarrass his government. He was blaming it on his enemies. That kind of attitude does not solve any problem. A patriotic, nationalistic, problem-solving president would first think about how to change the face of that place and then call Channels back six months after to come and see the effects his visit has had on the situation. It’s only in this country that our yesterday is always better than our today and our today is always better than our tomorrow. In other parts of the world, their today is always better than their yesterday and their tomorrow is always better than their today. If you go to the secondary school that you attended, you are unlikely to recognise the place. But if you schooled abroad and you go back to your university, it must have changed for the better.

Some people have said Nigeria may have to take the Rawlings option to put things right. Is this the kind of change we need?

I am not an advocate of violence. I wouldn’t advocate violence, but I just know that whatever way it will come, Nigeria needs a change and it is not just a cosmetic one.

So, we can’t solve the problems through motions, constitutional amendments–as being done by the National Assembly–which you are part of? What is the way out?
It is not about laws or about motions. You move a motion, the generality of the Senate debates the motion, they come to a resolution, you send the resolutions to Mr. President, but nothing is done. You bring a bill, the bill is debated, it is passed. Useful as that bill is, the President even refused to assent to it.  You probe, the report comes out, you send the outcome of the bill to the executive and nothing is done about it. So, how does that change anything?

Then, do you see the National Assembly in general as being hamstrung?
Not by anybody, but ourselves and that has to do with the fact that one party controls the executive and has overwhelming majority in the legislature. Maybe if it had been otherwise, things would have been better. Maybe we would have been able to sit down and check the executive and say if they fail to do things that are in the interest of Nigerians, we would do something about it. The minority, sometimes, does have its say and the majority will have its way. So, motions and constitution review are cosmetic. Left to me, we need to go back to the people and ask them how do we relate as a people, how do we want to be governed? And that brings us to the issue of national conference.

Still talking about the leadership problem, people contested elections, spending a lot of money and when they get elected, they are in a hurry to recoup their investments, so to say. Do you think that is where the problem is?
That is one of the discoveries I made when I got here and I also do not think it is just about recouping. I spent a lot of money to get to the Senate through the assistance of friends, family and all that and I am not even thinking of recouping. You are even thinking of how to do something so that people will not damage your image. You are expected to tar roads, provide water and transformer. As a lawmaker, you are expected to help roof the homes of the people in your constituency, finance the weddings of their wards and the burial of their parents, pay school fees and all that. These are not your roles. They put you under pressure.

“As a lawmaker, you are expected to help roof the homes of the people in your constituency, finance the weddings of their wards and the burial of their parents, pay school fees and all that. These are not your roles. They put you under pressure. That way oversight functions, committee work, drafting of bills and motions as well as making informed contributions in the chambers become secondary”

That way oversight functions, committee work, drafting of bills and motions as well as making informed contributions in the chambers become secondary. That’s because if you do all of that and you earned 100 per cent, you are a failure if you don’t help build the palace, help build the town hall and provide boreholes. If somebody comes to your house to ask for N50,000 and you give him N10,000, you have failed as a lawmaker. When I was coming in, I was outraged by the amount I was told that lawmakers do earn and I said I was going to fight and all of that. I got here and discovered that you have to go home every weekend and these are the expectations that people have of you. If I earn a million naira every day, there is no way I could meet all of that. If you decide that as a lawmaker, you are not going to take on those responsibilities expected of you, a time will come when you will not be able to go back to your constituency. When they see you, they will stone you.

Where does that now leave the lawmaker?
That is why people are nervous. They want to look for money to supplement what they earn so that they can provide services that are not part of the things listed as their roles under the constitution. I met a colleague who told me that he didn’t have N10,000 as he was speaking with me. I asked why. He said he bought two trailers of rice for Christmas, cows, rams, turkeys and cartons of wine that he distributed to members of his constituency in 10 local governments. And on Christmas day, people still rushed to his house to eat and drink and take transport fares when leaving. He said he is in Abuja now without enough for him to even eat. I understood what he was saying. You are invited to events every day, every weekend, this village day, that town day, you have to donate money. Not only donate. As you are leaving the event, people are shouting your name and you have to give everybody money. I hold this quarterly briefing in my constituency. It is the practice here that every budget year, you put forward a project in your constituency, domicile the project in a ministry and the ministry will then go and execute the project. You are not given money. So, the three  senators from Ekiti teamed up and then domiciled the project in the Ministry of Agriculture. We told the ministry to irrigate about 4000 hectares of land, using a dam so that the land could be parcelled out to young people to cultivate tomatoes. We planned to find an investor to come and put a tomato processing plant there. And when our colleagues heard it, they said this is innovative. When the UNDP heard about it, they were happy, they said they will even give us counterpart funding. So, I went home happy that I was going to tell my people something great. But when I began talking, they booed me.  One of the leaders said: ‘Senator, tell them you are going to buy okada’. I said I have always condemned this kind of thing. But when I said ladies and gentlemen, our leader has just said if I tell you I am going to buy okada, you will be happy and they said yes. They don’t want to do any work. If you buy them the okada, they will sell it and spend the money.  I was at a function organised by the National Directorate of Employment, NDE, in my state and when the woman in charge narrated her experience, we were shocked. She said the agency would take young people, train them for some months after which they will provide them with working equipment like sewing machines, machines for vulcanizing and other trades. The following day, those equipment would be taken to the market to be sold by the same people that you have trained. There is so much ignorance. The belief is that Ojudu is a Senator and he is earning so much money. Some are even saying Ojudu has gone to give our money to the Ministry of Agriculture to do irrigation, the money he should have brought for us to share. I set up an initiative and I called it Initiative of Babafemi Ojudu for Leadership Development, I-BOLD. Under that initiative, I called students of higher institutions to write essays on topical issues yearly and we collect the essays, rate them and writers of the best 20 essays get a laptop each and some money. When I advertised the first edition, some students of Ekiti State origin in  institutions of higher learning came to protest in front of my house, saying that I could give N5000 to each person in my constituency.  That’s why I said it has been so frustrating at the level of leadership, at the level of followership.
Since you became a Senator you have been a member of some probe panels that attracted national attention. The panels produced their reports, which were ignored by the executive, except the one that recommended the sack of the Director-General of the Bureau of Public Enterprises…

She was not even sacked on the basis of our report. I can tell you emphatically that she was sacked because her position later affected their interest.

But why do you think the executive arm has not done anything about the reports and their recommendations?
From the first day, I knew nothing would be done. But they said we should go ahead, believing that we would achieve something. So, the systems are too interwoven for any decisive thing to be done about what we need to do about Nigeria. The interests of those who sold those companies and those in power now are interwoven. How do you expect those who are in power now to fight them when they are drinking from the same pot? In the other one about pension, you have an Assistant Director who is shunning the Senate, shunning everybody just because he is a friend to Mr. President. He follows the President everywhere; goes to airport to welcome him and goes about in bullet-proof vehicles with 27 policemen guarding him. Yet, he is known to have pillaged the resources of the pension body and nobody is going to do anything about it.

There are fears that ACN in Ekiti State may be heading for crisis over the 2014 gubernatorial election ticket.  
All of us, minus one person, has endorsed the governor. If you know my history, I am not a praise singer. But I will invite you to go round Ado Ekiti. I was talking to some chiefs in my town and they said we have never had it this good and that if me, an Ado indigene, becomes governor, I wouldn’t do better than this. And that goes for all the areas of the state. In each of the local councils, the governor has tarred five kilometers of road. Indeed, virtually all the roads have been tarred. Streetlights are being provided. Schools are being renovated across the state and they are not cosmetic renovation. Go and look at the stadium, look at the hospitals. Go to Ikogosi–I was there last weekend and was amazed by what I saw. The local government structure is being reformed, ghost workers are being weeded out of the system and laptops are being provided for school children. So, it is the Americans who say you don’t fix what is not broken. Since he still has the right of first refusal, why should anybody now say this man who has done our state, party and generation proud should not be offered the ticket to go for a second term?  Is it just about personal ambition? I am not supporting him because I am in the same party with him. I am also eminently qualified to be governor of the state. I could have said ‘I want to challenge you’, but my life is not like that. It is not about the individual.

“All of us, minus one person, has endorsed the governor. If you know my history, I am not a praise singer. But I will invite you to go round Ado Ekiti. I was talking to some chiefs in my town and they said we have never had it this good and that if me, an Ado indigene, becomes governor, I wouldn’t do better than this. And that goes for all the areas of the state. In each of the local councils, the governor has tarred five kilometers of road. Indeed, virtually all the roads have been tarred. Streetlights are being provided. Schools are being renovated across the state and they are not cosmetic renovation. Go and look at the stadium, look at the hospitals. Go to Ikogosi–I was there last weekend and was amazed by what I saw. The local government structure is being reformed, ghost workers are being weeded out of the system and laptops are being provided for school children. So, it is the Americans who say you don’t fix what is not broken. Since he still has the right of first refusal, why should anybody now say this man who has done our state, party and generation proud should not be offered the ticket to go for a second term?”

This man, for God’s sake, has done well. He may not have put money in the pockets of individuals like us, but that should not be our major problem. It should be about how he has touched lives there. All these are happening in that state and one individual just gets up after having spent 12 years in government in Lagos and wants to do four years in the House of Representatives, making 16 years in public life, and he is not patient enough to see this individual complete his eight years before saying he wants to be governor. But one thing I am happy about is that all our leaders at the national, state and local levels have said it is not going to happen. At Christmas, you are expected to send gifts round your constituency, the same person sent gifts –rice, groundnut oil and all that to all the local councils. But as the gifts were arriving, they were all packed and dumped at his gate.

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Ethnicity : Bane of Nigeria Problem.

The senator's well said basic Nigeria problems was not fully analyzed,simply "cos he missed out one very important basic core of our problem "ethnicity" each tribe or region are so selfish to work on common platform (Nigeria) for her greatness.The most comments here showed the rotten on the very fabric of our existence and unity, by apportion blames on a particular regional leaders or tribes rather than the administration.Another evidence shows among Nigerians in diaspora, rather than claim Nigeria first they will stoop so low to mention their tribes first e.g i am a Yoruba ,Hausa,Igbo or Ijaw man rather than i am a Nigerian..If Hausas had misrule this country before,it wasn't through democracy but Late Tafa Balewa and Late Azikwe ruled well with fairness and equity as a democratic leader while OBJ & GEJ will be judged by history. Nigeria last long solution strongly depends on both leadership class and citizenry positive attitudinal behavior.



Babafemi, Tell Us the Truth!

Senator, you cannot come out here to deceive us and paint yourself as a saint. You know that as a senator you are overpaid, why not protest the scandalous salary that you are getting as a senator? How many bills have you brought to the house floor that would curb the ills of our governments? We all know that the problem with the system is the Hausa Fulani instituted culture of stealing, looting and reaping where they did not sow, it is the Hausa Fulani culture of laziness and preference for the status –quo. The problem was born in 1914 !!! We all know how to solve the problem: In an African country of over 160 million people, divide the country into independent manageable pieces.



Ekiti Boy

Hey Ekiti clown wake up and face the truth'


Distinguished Senator, thanks for your honest interview. I do and will always support your course for the right thing to do is ask ourselves if we actually want a future.If we do, we all start thinking like you. I Will gladly join you in your direction if given the chance.
Thank you, Sir.

Ojudu is sincere

Let us face the truth, I see Ojudu as being truly sincere with himself and his readers.Saving Nigeria is a near-impossible mission. This country stinks from top to bottom. Everyone is concerned about economic survival. No one puts Nigeria first.But there has to be a Nigeria before we can survive economically in it. One thing I know is that we cannot continue like this. The present order cannot be changed so easily. A serious problem needs a serious solution.


Oya naw... U will be the president of the new contry abi




Ojodu is blunt & truthful in this interview. I pray that you don't depart from this path of honor despite the frustrations. The problem is systemic & cuts across every sector in this country. The people are suffering from poverty of the mind & this confirms the truth in the saying of Karl Marx that, a man's social consciousness is determined by his economic well-being. I think Ojodu should start conscientizing & mobilizing Nigerians towards embracing the change we need. This task must be started by him cos as a former media man who is now in the Senate, he has the clout & resources to commence this arduous assignment. He can form a forum of like minds & we start the journey to redeeming our nation from the path of destruction. The first action of such group should be to insist that our LAWS MUST become FUNCTIONAL. This is the struggle of great Nigerians like Ojukwu who was an apostle of egalitarianism. Great countries like the USA are great cos they uphold this principle!

Re: Time 4 SS&SE spring is NOW!..

Why didnt you include your full identities and contact details so that those who want to join your crusade can contact you? Go now, go.
You can even go as far as somali if you can. Who send you? Arrant nonsense.

Were you born during the last civil war at all? If you werent, I would want you to ask your parents or village head about the unfortunate experience. I hope that you'd wake up from your sleep soon to know you have been dreaming all this while.

UNIPORT.4: The World Must Not Forget

Dear Senator OJUDU:
You have spoken well on a number of never-before problems that the continental nations of Nigeria have been stupidily dragged into by visionless leaders. Your black cap reminds me of Chief Obafemi Awolowo. I am not sure if you are trying to toe AWO's lines of leadership. But please ask yourself what AWO would have done had he being alive today?

One issue that I reminds you is the one that the whole world should not forget: Those innocent students of the University of Port-Harcourt that were stipped naked, beaten, burnt....all in broad daylight. Please find some way to stand out from the useless murderous collection of legislooters in the national assembly of uselessness-nothingness!

Senator Ojudu admitted he

Senator Ojudu admitted he spent a lot to get into the senate and is not even thinking of re-couping. Can we know how much he spent and on what. My contention is that he knew what he was getting into.Being a journalist,he probably knows a lot more about the rot in the system,than the rest of us. I agree with him though that it is near inpossible to make Nigeria work.So my dear respected senator,enough of the crocodile tears. I can not ask you to resign,because those friends who gave you money,will at least want their money back on the face value,if not returns on investment.I have argued elsewhere also that corrupt followership is also part of our problem. Jonathan and his fellow bad leaders destroying our nation every minute, all represent our collective punishment from the One True God. Goodnews: He will send a savior soon

Revolution, Here I Come

People knew this long before, and many Nigerians have been well aware of the Senator's candid remarks. The past 100 years of the nation were a waste! Sadly the waste continues in these hard times....

JONATHAN and his LANDFILL DOGS are silly
JOKERS-blind, dumb, crippled....

The day is at hand, when GEJ and his ilks would find themselves naked, running helter-skelter, and there's be no place for them to hide.
Pity the fat bloated barawos.......

Re: dishonest & dishonourable Senator ojudu

Akpos1, there is nothing in your post above that shows you to be an intelligent person and that you really understand what the senator is talking about. With people like you it will take more than 2,000 years for this country to make progress. Why is it that people like you cannot make an honest contribution to issues without playing the ethnic card? it is a shame

Reasoning out of their anus!

If only the ranting brain damaged igbo monkeys and their oil drunk inept aboriginal neighbours know how to go about achieving their dream “forever after”, we all would be saved from all these lowly comments on SR. These fools simply lack the ability to reason. A politician (probably corrupt himself….I really don’t care) has just given a fairly sensible interview without singling anyone or tribe out for criticism and all the aborigines could come up with is “our oil” “yoruba” “hausa-fulani”!! Well, I hope for their sake they achieve their animal kingdom before the present invalid in aso rock is finally chased back to otuoke, for anything short of this will have severe consequences for these animals!…….just watch this space! Bloody monkeys!!

Igbo man! Go and leave Lagos

Igbo man! Go and leave Lagos and Abuja alone. When you go to your Biafra, half of Nigeria's problems are solved immediately. Go!

Hmmmnn DEEP!

Thanks a lot for your insights and honesty. You've spoken the mind of a lot of young Nigerians and we understand your frustration & raw anger. I personally wrote off the Senate a long time ago but i never knew that somebody like you is still in there even though you are in the minority.

Nigeria's problems are almost insurmountable but we can't give up just because of that. The first step to fixing Nigeria is to have a representative govt. Hopefully, with the new opposition alliance, we'll get something that has a semblance of that. Please work hard and contribute your quota to make the alliance work. We really need to get rid of the evil PDP & its adherents. Let's just persevere until 2015 & hopefully by then, our ray of light will eventually become visible. we do not have a choice but to fix our today and our children's tomorrow.



99% of those you see in govt are vipers! Where are the good Nigerians? Tell me how a good man can even get party nomination? No way! Its only open to occultic dirty men and women who have traded their souls for lucre. You said Ekiti is working? I don't know but I want Ekiti guys in this forum to confirm it. If it's true, let the governor go and contest for Presidency! I doubt, no state is really working. It's all about money and bowing to get more. Please let all handle this as a problem and get us a solution-How can good men and women win election in Nigeria even councillor or chairman? That's a major issue!

Time 4 SS&SE spring is NOW!..Time 2 control our resources is NOW

Research Based on Official Census figures
Republic of the S.South(Niger Delta)
S/N State Population
1 Rivers = 5.1m
2 Delta = 4.1m
3 A.Ibom = 3.9m
4 Edo = 3.2m
5 CRivers= 2.8m
6 Bayelsa= 1.7m
Total = 21.03m
Rep of Biafra
1 Anambra =4.7m
2 Imo =3.9m
3 Enugu =3.3m
4 Abia =2.8m
5 Ebonyi =2.1m

Some other countries of world..
S/N Country Population
1 Chile =17m
2 Holland =16m
3 Belgium =10.8m
4 Sweden =9.3m
5 Austria =8.3m
6 Swizland=7.7m
7 Israel =7.6m
8 Denmark =5.5m
10 Norway =4.8m
11 Kuwait =3.1m

My dear SS peoples, it's time 2 begin d SS&SE spring & control our resources. We have more than d populatn to do it. Just see, Norway is only 4m & Holland only 16m & Austria is 8m. But we're 21m pple & wit the East, we are 38m. Lets protect our future NOW. Long live the United SS&SE

Behold the Redemption.

The problem is the executive. They and only they can change the situation. One day I believe the lord we answer the prayer of the masses and put the leader that can change people. If you have corrupt executive, nothing works. They have the military, the money, the judges in their palm. This government will go either they like it or not. Let vote for credible executive next election.

Time for us to say good bye

If your own people cannot understand and appreciate your efforts in the south west-is it the president that the thieving elite in the fuel subsidy scam would help-some of these senators are pretenders--hypocrites to the core-Awo gave them free education-up to university level--but today look at the states they govern-ruled via newspapers adverts and the internet-daily weaving a web of lies! The senator has not said anything new-the leadership problem he is talking about-started long b4 jonathan became president-which man or woman in the pension fund goes to the airport to welcome the president after stealing us blind? Only Jehovah God knows how people like this got into the Senate-9jas cannot continue to depend on the rresources of the SS for survival-let us sit and split the country-period--instead we have dem play the blame game--yoruba vrs Ibo-Fulani ati yoruba--

our problem

Its only a fool that will know his problems, have the resources to solve the problems but will prefer to allow it deteriorate.
On Sundays will go to church, or mosques on Fridays but yet we have Notting to show for it. Our leaders even abuse God by taking the oath of office with either the quran or the bible. Surprisingly, the idle worshippers adhere strickly to their oaths compare to the socall belivers. It is time to say may God punish those who do not want the country to progress.


In the light of what the Senator has said, where is the redemption for Nigeria going to come from ?????

Does anyone know ??


Thank you Sen. Ojudu. Like i have always said, it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than to reform that hell hole called Niegeria! Let us go to the pple and ask them if they want to continue together? but no the ole southern polilooters and fearful oil money northerners keep shouting "one niegeria". Let us break that country down to smaller manageable units! The present system and constitution only favours a particular region(yes, the north) and a clique of conmen(women)

It can only take a thinker,

It can only take a thinker, wise man to understand what you explain here.Nigeria is not working at all level. So many times i have asked my self this questions, what is really wrong with nigeria. Is nigeria been hijacked or been taken hostage? Nigeria is decimated by corruptions, corruptions has eaten deep inside nigeria even to a child of six year of age, you cannot send him an errand without demanding something from you. Why is it so because nothing is functioning, all institutions has collapsed. Every body is worshipen money, no body believe any more that he can die tomorrow without taking the money with him down to the grave. It is also appaulin that few good individuals will not get chance to make a change because others are there to pull him down.

Solving our problems

After reading Senator Ojudu's replies to questions by these reporters. I was touched that there are people in Nigeria law making body that still thinks and believes that we should be thinking about our future. I applaud this senator and hope, that he doesn't give up his fight and believe for the next generation.

Dishonest & Dishonourable Senator Ojudu

...I agree with you that it will certainly take continent Nigeria up to a 1,001yrs to get things right. But if u were truly honest, why did't u resign in protest. Bcos of my sweet oil ofcourse. Idiot!...for as long as we run a country as a continent, in the eyes of those who benefit from the gross anomaly including the USA & UK, it will be better to manage & hope for the better. But certainly not so for the people of the SS&SE whose hard work, dedication & wealth keeps the continent of about 200m people going.

..The North & West contribute nothing to the wealth of the continent. Yet, they cause all the blunders & have been in power for over 98% of the life of the continent. This MUST be corrected...and the time for SS&SE to charge of its resources is NOW at any cost.Long live MEND,Long live Biafra, Long live United Rep of SS&SE


To some Nigerians corruption exists only if a person from other ethnic and religious groups rules the country. But if their kinsman is looting and devastating the country all they do is to call for his continuity or call for dividing the country to any extent legitimizing the evil acts by saying it is oil money stolen and the oil is the piss of their forefathers.

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