A Dead nation and Dead people?

Death is a stage where every thing suddenly comes to an end. A biological death indicates that all vital organs have stopped to function.
Now to put this matter into perspective, is Nigeria a dead state?
A dissection of all the organs points to the fact that a dead certificate must be procured and funeral directors invited for the final rites.
Likened to a biological organism, all the organs of our nation have stopped functioning. A look at our hospitals, schools, roads, power, security, economy and other basic infrastructures is an indicator for the state of this nation.

What if our nation is dead? It is possible for resurrection but that will happen if her people are alive with fully functioning organs. A living organism soon will develop adaptation to resist predation.
No doubt our nation is under severe predation by murderers, monstrous and corrupt leadership whose stronghold on our nation is unchallenged. No wonder the baton has been passed to their children to continue the oppression and suppression.
Are Nigerian people dead like their nation?

The late Reverend Martin Luther King once said “You are dead when you are silent about things that affect you”.

Are we a Dead nation and Dead people?

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Nigeria 'died' since 1967 and several attempts have been made to resurscitate it, all to no avail. Following that, about 98% of Nigerians have 'died'. They are no longer able to decipher good from bad, their capacity to comprehend right and wrong has diminished, they no longer can differentiate between friendship and enemity. The yoruba sees the ibo as his enemy, the Berom sees the Hausa as enemy, the ijaw sees the urhobo in the same light. Infrasture has collapsed, structures of governance has failed. By their actions, 98% see this as normal. That is death or what do you call this?

If Countries were run like corporations, many countries in
Africa, with Nigeria at the top of the list, would have been liquidated or taken over by one of these industrialized nations. African countries are very lucky.

Much of the characteristics of a dying nation have manifested in Nigeria. It is only the flow of oil in the Nigerdelta and the North's need for access to the sea that is still holding Nigeria together.

Yes I read the article , too. What do we do? This is a clarion call to all of us.

we are simply dead people if we cannot rise up and fight for our future and that of our children and children's children. i am disappointed as a Nigerian that we can only talk and not ready to stand up against these criminals ruling over us. i am ready and my email address is here anytime. Let us organize ourselves for protest against these fools,i mean every day, every week and every month protest NOT the kind of once in a blue moon protest that we have here.

Edwin, the nation may be dead but the majority of our people, over 98%, are very much alive. The Nigerians who are dead are those 'Honourables' and their ilk. As I have stated here before, Nigerian leaders do not have conscience and are psychopathic snakes in agbadas and suits. That is why EFCC's Waziri is openly advocating the death penalty for corrupt Nigerians. I am certain now being privy to the looting by our leaders and those in government she would wonder how the 'small' corruption she saw when she headed the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of The Nigeria Police grew to the outright stealing of our entire treasury that is the experience today. I maintain that the problem is the leadership. Can we foist Buhari as Nigeria's President come 2011? If he is not acceptable, then we should go for Nuhu Ribadu? If we foist a thief again as Nigeria's President I shall go ahead to take United States citizenship and forget adding to my hypertension. Thank you for your thought though.

An article I read on Huffingtonpost,today was on the list of countries that made it to the top 10 failed states.No surprise,Nigeria is number four on the list.The research was done by independent research group which was based on security, poverty,human right violation,economic implosion etc...No bias