Fraud Perpetrated By Mobile Service Providers In Nigeria

By Ibrahim Akosile

This piece is aimed at alerting Nigerian to fraud being perpetrated by mobile service provider in Nigeria. I had subscribed to Airtel’s daily internet package which is expected to provide me access to the internet for a day on my mobile phone. After paying the sum of four hundred naira, the advertised cost of the service, no such service was provided. Several calls to customer service did not go through.

Having heard many people spoken in favour of Etisalat service, I subscribed to their weekly 50MB data pack at the cost of five hundred naira; I had hardly browsed for ten minutes when I discovered that the internet service was disconnected. I later found out, when I checked my balance that the credit had burnt out. I subscribed to another weekly 50MB data pack only to have similar experience. Call to customer service gets terminated once you request to speak with customer service representation.

Irritated and frustrated, I decided that I am not going to suffer in silence hence, crying out publicly through this medium to alert people.

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MTN is not exempte. The biggest thief

I've used Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, Visa, Startimes, Mobiltel, etc, but the biggest fraudster I've seen is MTN Nigeria. I bought an MTN Mifi for N22,000 and bought a Igb bundle that translated to 1.5gb only to discover that I exhausted my bundle in 2 days. I complained but nothing was done. However, I bought another 1gb for N3,500 that also translated to 1.5gb and decided not to do anything with it, and let me see the juju that will remove my data bundle, however, to my amazement, I got the information that my bundle was exhausted in 2 days. I sent an email to their customer care, they told me I actually used the data bundle.
Anyhow, on this same laptop, I also use my Visafone model, and it normally last me for a month. How come my credit don't disappear like that of MTN.

Etisalat is also a fraud

Etisalat unlimited data plan for 1500 naira is now 3gb! I knw it wouldn't last n im happy that my friends n i v droped etisalst line! The network is even fluctuating! This network etisalat is fraud

Etisalat unlimited data plan

Etisalat unlimited data plan for 1500 naira is now 3gb! I knw it wouldn't last n im happy that my friends n i v droped etisalst line! The network is even fluctuating! This network etisalat is fraud

Mobile fraud

I have been experiencing the same thing for a long time especially with etisalat and every attemt made to know the cause of this abysmal from the customercare has been fruitless. I have not been given any concrete reason why my credit keeps disapearing without using it.
Do we still have a government in Nigeria? What about the consumer right protection agencies? Human right activists nko? Please, must the blood of the poor man be used to increase wealth when his sweat has been drained.

Is a waste of money.

I registered with 3000 Naira to subscribe to Airtel internet but did not connect for one minute while on holiday in Nigeria in July , We can not continue this way , things must change or else we will come home and start destroying their market. we know how they deal with their customers abroad

Unlimited daily, weekly or monthly service is d solution

Unlimited daily, weekly or monthly service is d solution. Data or voice unlimited service is the solution. The NCC will them review monthly down time log of service providers and publish them on their website. Providers will be required to give credit for the down period. The best and easy way to measure services understandable to every one.

Nigeria is like a dumping

Nigeria is like a dumping refused site, in short, dust bin, where all manner of wasted products are being dumped without signal. We need to fight these people causing all these problems. Me I'm fully ready to charge.

9Ja is overdue for revolution

The state of the nation is a pure concoction of several callous headships that network to perpetrate more evil. Most disgustingly, the nation,s listening mechanism is deafer than a dumb sunk in the dead sea. corruption is becoming a constitutionalised issue. We now cry to GOD or call for a massive revolution.


I had similar experience with all d service providers but d most devastating one was when I subscribed for d Glo 30MB and after downloading a file of 4.52MB my data balance was drastically reduced to 2MB meaning 28MB was deducted....I pray God will punish dem all one day

Global Fiasco

I want to sensitise you all to the new madness going on now called Glo Bounce.They claim to give 30mb for every 200 bucks;forget it is a scam!
Yes they give,but try and use it,you would realise how they rob you off it.
I migrated to the plan on Monday.I was given '30mb' as they claim.The first thing i did was download 2face feat T pain,rainbow,which is 3.75mb.
After i finished,guess what?my remaining balance was 11mb.So do the math.

As much as there internet

As much as there internet problems I don't think you know the dynamics what is 50mb? You actually burn 1.5gb or 10gb in minutes and u expect 50mb to last for a life time please say something better thanks

RE: Fraud Perpetrated By Mobile Service Providers In Nigeria

The same thing happened to me with GLO purported 500MB daily plan. It fizzled out within 15 minutes of usage. I only tried to open yahoo mail!

Fraud Perpetrated By Mobile Service Providers In Nigeria

I want to join my voice to the fraud being perpetrated by the Mobile service providers in Nigeria. There is no proper regulation to most of these service providers in Nigeria. It seems like they all behave like there is no law or nobody can challenge them. All of them are guilty of the offence. My worst experience is with Etisalat.
I pray Nigeria will wake up to its responsibilities someday as all these nonesense will stop.

Who will rescue Nigeria

Nigeria is in trouble, who will rescue Nigeria

MTN Zone of Fraud

Another case of cheating is the MTN Zone product that turned to 419 after just days. It is 419 bc when the service started charging pple unusually, the just kept quiet.

MTN *888*

I really want to know how much does MTN charge it's customer when we recharge with*888* bcux I notice it's not d same charges, it runs so fast. Thank you

There are a million and one

There are a million and one persons out there going through this pain. It is high time NCC waded into this matter.

re-internet fraud

i will advise sahara reporters to always verify write ups sent tru there site. after asking the complainant to sendeven the numbers he claimed deductions were bn made i v bn following this page and no message was sent to me. some people are just out to destroy the names jealously guided by organisations. we need to change this attitude of sweet tongue n destruction of others valuable name, its not good and also remember nemesis will catch up with wateva we so obvious the sender is a BUNCH OF LIAR. EOD

Glo is the worst of these rogues

I bought a glo genius android phone for #17,600 after seeing the advertisement where they promised to give me a special number that i will be calling at 2 kobo per second and 260mb for six months.To my greatest surprise,it turned out that i'm been charged 10 kobo per second to that number.I've called the customer care severally only to be told stories of how River Niger 'discovered' Mungo Park.I don't blame them anyway,only if we have a serious regulator!This NCC,i believe,have been thoroughly compromised.They may seize this opportunity to correct the fraud,this is my number:08115896586

re-internet subcription

Starting with, AIRTEL doesnt have an #400 daily internet plan but #400 blackberry plan and its even A WEEK. Most of the time customers find their way round using the BBplan on other smart devices forgetting that blackberry compresses data while the Iphones and other devices dont. Hence reason for exhaustion of data so soon.
you can dial *141*1# to learn more about the blackberry service plans and also internet plans for smart phones.
Airtel has got unbeatable internet service and i can boast about this for sure.

airtel internet service

firstly, pls send me this 2lines of urs for assistance. The numbers u said do call u doesnt deduct a dime from ur account they r just promotional calls. i stand to be corrected about this. we should always tell people the truth always and every time, its key and important as ds will go a long way to protect the integrity of all. u can send the numbers to 7084443277 n ur issues shall b resolve ASAP

Your case may be a bit

Your case may be a bit different, I guess. U possibly might not have activated your data service after recharge and so the whole thing ran on call credit and emptied it immediately.

Dear Prince Allen, I doubt

Dear Prince Allen,

I doubt you live in Nigeria and use these TELCOs services, otherwise you will not insult the intelligence and integrity of Nigerians who do with your comments. i am forced to own phone lines from all of them because of some of their less than complimentary service. I am yet to be convinced any of them is above board. They are taking Nigerians for a ride.

Everybody cannot be wrong.

Conflict of Interest

Most of our legislators own shares in most of these Phone companies so they are all benefactors of this back door looting scheme and not in any rush to implement and enforce any laws to stop this fraudulent practices.

Fraud by Service Providers

The Service Providers generally are fraudulent. I 've stopped loading my Airtel for several months now. had cause to complain to NCC via their Complaints Column (online). Birds of the same plumage: no response. As soon as I load credits, calls would be generated from 07080604001 to 07080604010 (all 10 lines inclusive) at different times to claim back the credits if you care to pick the calls!
Daily one is being inundated with Airtel's 419 messages/adverts soliciting for invitation to subscribe to promotions, etc. Try it, you'll regret. Endless trips to their Offices awaits you.
MTN: Buy data bundle and experience service downtime for several days or hours. Staff , mostly casual, can only apologise to a client.

They are all fraudulent

I had a similar experience to yours. I registered an Etisalat SIM for blackberry service only and over N4,000 disappeared from my balance. All effort to get Etisalat customer service to reverse this fraudulent act only end in frustration. Several calls to Customer service, several visits to Etisalat shop in Lagos and Portharcourt. Anyway it is about a year one, no explaination, no refund. The solution to me is to load just N1500 for the bb service - no more, no less.

All the ISPs are fraudulent

Sir, your experience is not new but the truth. I suffer the same from Etisalat and Airtel networks. When i tried glo, it appear much more better, at least they remind me of my remaining data credits. For MTN, when u subscribe to 2 hours data plan, it is then the network would not work only to send you a message two hours later that your data plan has expired. All these are the fraudulent practices going on while NCC looks on helplessly.

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On monday 20th of May, i

On monday 20th of May, i recharged my mtn line with 200 via their so called sunshine wow bonus and i was given 200 bonus. after using the sunshine bonus of 200 and about 90 from the main balance, had abt 110 left hoping dt take me till close of the day.To my amzement abt 2 hours later i wanted to make call i found out dt my balance was no longer there. So i recharge with 100 i used 100 bonus and 20naiara fro the main bonus, again i was going to make call i found out dt the balance N80 was going. MTN this si not good enongh stop frustrating Nijias with ur so called frudulent wow sunine bonus.My friends also complained of similar experience the past 1 week. I fell like throwing my MTN sim into the Lagon. Its outright nonses stop ds ur sunshine bonus now i mean right away u re using it to obtained our cash stylisly. we nu bi mugus oh we no wetin de.u na nu sharp pass us make un beware.

Communicantion network

Yes what that youngman said is u believ that i subscrib of 1000 naira data frm etisalat to just check my email an 1 or 2 thins all the mb wit the extra 500 naira is gon.we cal atention of NCC to help mas about this issue.thank by mr nuhu lawal.