Jonathan Ban Yourself And The PDP First. Leave The Eagles Alone!

Folks: I have been telling myself confidentially that Nigeria's President, Goodluck Jonathan has absolutely no suspicion regarding what is required to turn things around in Nigeria. At best, he is functioning like a school principal.
He may have gotten involved in politics primarily for the influence and 'goodies' that comes along with it. I must be fair to him, 99.9999 percent of the rest exactly got involved for the same damn reason.

Since he assumed office, he has not shown any radical leadership qualities expected of a good leader in the swamp called Nigeria. He regularly shuts his ministers out of meetings when they are late and I know a few headmasters and secondary school principals who do the same. Big f’’’king deal?

Residing about 15 thousand miles away, I knew that the Eagles were not close to being ready for the world soccer cup fiesta. I was also well sensitive to the fact we had very little in terms of talent to work with.

Why is President Jonathan playing to the gallery by banning a team he had dinner with and 'instructed' to win the world cup? Is he angry that they did not listen to his orders or even respected the fact that 64 Senators and more than a third of the Governors went to cheer the team to massive failures in South Africa?

The gargantuan task of reviving Nigeria appears too daunting and beyond the body language and pronouncements that I have seen and/or heard from Jonathan. The mere fact that he contemplated attending the London jamboree now being chaired by Bukuola Saraki automatically qualifies him as comical.

Jonathan is uninspiring and if he wants to impress me, he should ban all the political parties, PDP first, convene a national constitutional conference and get the hell out of the way. If he truly wants to impress me, he should ‘fish out’ the killers of Chief Bola Ige and all others for that matter who were slaughtered in cold blood.

The Eagles’ performance as woeful as it was is still a better record compared to Jonathan’s and his late boss, UMYA. The Eagles managed to secure a tie with Korea in their last match. Jonathan’s success rate is still zero percent.

 I have a feeling with OBJ in his corner that this Jonathan is playing games with ALL of us.

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But what is GEJ doing, attending 60th birthday parties of a Governor who has nothing to show for the 8 years being in power in Oyo State, but a few incomplete roads, went to Canada with mind buggling number of entourage, parties here and there, S Africa dinner. How did this man even get to this number one seat. OBJ did more harm to democracy than good.

This is a well thought article, bitter pills are truthful and hard to swallow. In my assessment GEJ is just behaving like a lame duck and hobnobing with vagabond kingpins. He should take his cue from serious minded leaders who are statemen and state-builders, see President Obama, he has gone to visit the gulf almost 4 times since the BP spill, forced BP to set up a $20 billion restitution and clean up fund, you see him roll up his sleeves when the Health Care Reform ship was heading for a collision course of the republican Iceburg, he canvassed all around the country in town hall meetings day and night to gain support for the reform bill, cancelled meetings in Indonesian dedicating time to see through the bill, which successfully passed. (cont'd)

please mind how u talk to Mr President

The Hilary Okorokwo, I was not impressed with your choice of words and expecially the way you addressed our Nigeian President. I read through your article and concluded that you were very annoyed. Open the preparations, the vissible (Nigerian President) and 3 heart cheers the Eagle can disgrace us like that. See friend the child you like is the child you correct often. Nigerians disueion was to make the NFA wake up and do the right thing. Becos the president and his advisers are listening they also revised thier dusision so are you not insulting your self by so doing. I am a reguar reafer in this saharareporters. So from now watch your words an elder is elder not to talk of a God sent President.

It doesn´t take a genius to recognise, that Goodluck Jonathan (what a name for an African!) is not the Messiah! But there´s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG in shutting out irresponsible, overpaid, corrupt Ministers, who come late to meetings! Discipline is one those things,seriously lacking in Nigeria today!
As a matter of fact, I would FINE them! Penalise them. So, don´t ridicule that little bit that he got right!

What did GEJ really expect from the super eagles? When he was wasting public funds to host them to a lavish dinner only a few weeks ago, l felt like throwing up watching that clueless clown Mr Amaechi try to hoodwink us about supporting a team of geriatric egomaniacs. The news making the rounds was that UMYA put Amaechi in charge of the Presidential committee during the pre-qualification period because Amaechi had assured him that he knew how to reach certain people in Kenya who would in turn reach their key players to throw the final match. Afterall, Amaechi did bribe his way through the supreme court to become Governor without even contesting an election.Well, our disastrous outing proves that there is a limit to which you can bribe people to get your way.Mr President should stop playing to the gallery. Pls start by banning yourself, the PDP and the other crooks he hobnobs with and maybe Nigeria will make progress.

A country where impostors steal their way to power should not expect anything better! Did Nigerians elect the late UMYA, or G Jonathan as president? No, neither did Rivers people elect Ameachi of the Presidential task force PTF. How many of them went to S/A to waste public funds? Shame!

Now who is banning who? We like chasing shadows in that country! The super eagles, an unprepared, over pampered bunch cannot do better in a world-class competition where people who are better prepared and where government officials are accountable to its people. When the foundation is wrong everything else will collapse. Is it only football? What about Athletics?

Amazing; absolutelty amazing, the nigerian way in all its ramifications; perpetual and uncontrollable greed,corruption,nepotism,ineptitude,and all the negative societal ills you can ever think of.
the worse-off group are the nigerians afflicted with 'cultural diaspora'; they are mostly torn between the wide spectrum of the best and worst of two worlds;in terms of societal values and government;most of these people are dying to go 'home' but too uncomfortalble and too knowledgable to condone the nigerian societal ills; it is a sad situation to be in;the only hope is true revolution and cleansing ;one thing i'm sure of is that the current crops of crooks in government including GEJ are not the ones to clean up nigeria; they should be indicted and tried for crime against humanity; you need to be and live in nigeria to see the crimes been committed against the nigerian populace daily to understand.

We agree wholeheartedly with the Presidency that the era of leaving our football in the hands of mediocre people -whose only concern is about the financial windfall they get without recourse to the effects of its actions on a sport that has overtime become a rallying point for all Nigerian and indeed the world- is over. Now is the time to start attaching importance to this issue that bind us together albeit in a professional way with all sense of commitment, vision and direction. Finally, we appeal to Mr. President to please help the future of our footballers to adhere to superior reasons and discard this idea of imposing any ban on our football to avoid what General Sani Abacha did to our football which effects is still affecting us after over 12 years now!.

allow him to solve the much problems he can .Be optimistic for once give this man a chance.stop all this suspicion to possibly good intentions .at the end of his stewardship History will judge is too early.

Yes, eagles performance as woeful as it turned out is much better that PHCN, INEC, EFCC and others. CBN is busy dismantling the economy economy and that is not sufficient to attract GEJ's ban. He is bidding for time for us to, as usual, forget the Haliburton and Siemens scandal. You have banned yourself for 2 years, maybe FIFA will ban you for 4years, and this will automatically amount to 8 years outside world cup competitions. Whoever told you that you develop your football without playing major competitions is joking. You don't have to ban yourself to begin to encourage school competitions, you don't need any ban to prosecute corrupt officials, you didn't need an ban to stop 64 senators and ministers and other confusionists to go distract the boys in South Africa. Is this an attempt to distract us from demanding genuine electoral reforms and prosecution of Halliburton thieves? Nigerians, think.

it is true that baning the club for two years is not the solution to this problem. but is coming late to executve meetings the way to solve nigerians big problems. me think this man has taken some few laudable steps like the inec appointment among of the acute problem wth jonathan is his closeness to obasanjo. he will sure be ruined by this closeness. obj will tell him to contest 2011 and he will then rig the elections.