Obama, Please Ban Olagunsoye Oyinlola From The USA

President Obama: PART I-Imposing visa-bans on corrupt African leaders and government officials engaged in the perpetual and unabated rip-off of untold billions of dollars from their nations annually is an excellent start to your revised African policy. And what do they do with the loot ? They park it in offshore accounts or in accounts and investments in the EU. USA, Dubai, South Africa ...
I trust that you will be guided by the fact that these characters are monsters and parasites. They and their families live in opulent luxury at home and abroad while the Nigerian populace is denied even the most basic level of health-care, education, law and order, justice, potable water, sanitation, roads, power ...

I am not suggesting that American policy is going to fix Africa. Far from it. Africans have to do it themselves and we will. However, the USA today has an opportunity to situate itself firmly on the right side of history.

President Obama. I urge you to act speedily and decisively against the vultures and psychopaths who have turned Africa into a wasteland. Please act to deny them safe-harbor and undeserved comforts in the USA and likewise other territories allied with the USA. Please act now to begin recovering all fraudulently obtained monies & assets in the possession of these psychopaths. And please act now to secure a renewed, vital and lasting bond between the USA and Africa .

PART II: There is perhaps no better example of the Nigerian ruling party's (PDP) contempt and disdain for the populace than Olagunsoye Oyinlola, current governor of Osun State. In seven years as governor, Oyinlola has taken Osun into total collapse. No one can account for how the states revenue is spent and in the last year or so he has introduced the extra-ordinary practice of paying state-workers and funding phantom projects out of massive high-interest loans secured from local banks in the name of Osun State.

Moreover, Oyinlola is widely acknowledged for his total lack of political tolerance. Members and supporters of the political opposition as well as ordinary citizens are routinely targeted for harassment and assassination. Scores of citizens have died at the hands of Oyinlola's death-squads and many more have had to flee the state for fear of their lives. Oyinlola's death squads and gestapo comprise violent operatives drawn from his political party, local police units (namely the notorious SARS & Eagle commands), and an assortment of criminals & bandits.

Mr President, to underscore the nature of the beast we have as governor in Osun, heres a quote from him that very accurately captures his disposition towards Osun's political opposition, pro-democracy and civil-society advocacy groups : “Ti ekolo ba n se bi ejo, ipa ejo na ni won ma npa” -– “Whenever a ground-worm behaves like a snake, it will be killed like its a snake”

Oyinlola is one of the primary beneficiaries of the 2003 and 2007 sham elections, both massively rigged under the supervision of then serving president Olusegun Obasanjo and his spectacularly fraudulent national electoral chairman Maurice Iwu. Oyinlola's record in Osun is best characterized by its unprecedented repressiveness and whole-scale devastation of all that is dear to the people of Osun. Hence its no surprise that the people of Osun yearn for nothing more than the day Oyinlola's reign-of-terror has come to an end so they can begin rebuilding their once vibrant communities.

However, it may or may not have come to your attention that Olagunsoye Oyinlola has been spending an increasing amount of time in the USA over the last few years. Having ravaged, looted and destroyed Osun State, it appears he no longer wants to live there. He has virtually abandoned his post in utter dereliction of his duties as state governor.

President Obama, there are four million people in Osun today who would like to know why Olagunsoye Oyinlola gets to freely visit and reside in the USA after having callously denied his own people the very same rights, freedoms and aspirations that are the foundation of your democracy.

Oye Obe


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When people talk of civilized society and they mention Kwara; I laugh my ass out. Is Kwara a civilized society in any way? they are so backward that they can afford to have just one family (Saraki) rule over them in a democracy and they cannot do anything to liberate themselves. I'm sure after Bukola, they'll have Gbemi, after Gbemi, they'll have Seun Saraka; after Seun Saraki, they will have Biola Saraka, etc. etc. They are so daft in that state (especially Ilorin) that they will lie on the floor for Olushola Saraka or Bukola Saraki to walk on top of them. No wonder we in the South West do not refer to them as Yorubas, we count them as Mallams. OPC once tried to liberate them, but they are so enslaved by their hausa captors that they cannot help themselves out of slavery. I hate them with a passion. As for Oyinlola, the man is a GOAT (Isi Ewu)!

I submit that the South Westerners requested for the daylight marauders that are presently ruling Ogun, Oyo & Osun States. Politics of main stream politics is nothing but a politics of chop-chop. There has always been a strength and value in opposition. Over the years we have been un-stoppable in terms of development When ou people stop collecting ankara, cup of rice, bread with inserted #500.00 and rather vote with their heads, we will get there.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!. I said it when this Army Ole ( army thief) in agbada took over some years now. Oyinlola is a devil bloody thief who enjoys cheats. I beg, Osun people, begin pray in your believes, Christians, Muslims, The Oshun Osogbo, The Onifas, The Onisangos, etc. that God should deal with him as he dealt with Abacha, when he deliberately, stubbornly enjoy loots. God help us. We need help in Oshun state!.

I am not suprise that oyinlola is beaving this way,i thought osun people would have leant from the way he ran Lagos state when he was the governor with no achievement.This man said there was no "kota"to maintain roads,but when marwa took over kota surfaced and raods were maintained.Oyinlola should be crucified and stoned to death.

...like i said ealier the South West(SW) did better under opposition Government than what we are seeing now with this PEOPLE DECEIVE PEOPLE (PDP) looters with no ideology, hope the people of the region are listening and are ready for the desired change..

Its a shame that this is happening in the south west states for if u look at Oyo, Osun,Ogun all ruled by PDP the story is thesame.
Ogun is most partetic as Otunba Gbenga Daniels (OGD) as he is fondly called has looted the state dry. As i speak to u all institutions are being owed salaries, pension funds are not remitted, all lands in the state has been sold to his Chinese cronies the list is endless. SW has done better with opposition Govermennt,check out Lagos.

Its a shame that this is happening in the south west states for if u look at Oyo, Osun,Ogun all ruled by PDP the story is thesame.
Ogun is most partetic as Otunba Gbenga Daniels (OGD) as he is fondly called has looted the state dry. As i speak to u all institutions are being owed salaries, pension funds are not remitted, all lands in the state has been sold to his Chinese cronies the list is endless. SW has done better with opposition Govermennt,check out Lagos.


All you need to do is to counter the dirt in your house. If Oyinlola is invisible in Ogun State, he cannot be hidden in USA. Setup a surveilance in Nigeria and the USA, Know his properties where he stays in USA, whenever he arrives in the States, your Special OPs will finish business.

As I am writing this comment(10.25am on 8th July 2010),Oyinlola is in the U.S again when Osogbo the Osun state capital has been ravaged by flood with many injured & some deaths recorded.What is Oyinlola doing again this time in the U.S order than to attend his child's graduation.Did he not establish a university in Osun state? Why didn't he send his child there instead of wasting the meagre income of Osun state on his children.

I read in the Nigerian newspapers this morning that no work has ever been done on the drainage system in Osogbo other than the one done by the past governor,Chief Bisi Akande.That shows the type of irresponsible person Oyinlola is.This man should be made to account for every Naira that has come to the covers of Osun state since he became the governor in 2003.

To add to the comments on the SARAKI'S FAMILLY. Let Bukola saraki come out and tell us how much he uses for the installation of cctv systems in ilorin. For those who know this area,they are: Installation of CCTV system from 'A' Divission through challenge to goverment house bukola said he spent half a billion for a project that supposed to cost N12.8Million..
Come to think of it, is CCTV important in kwara state? Absolutely NO. Cos the crime rate is very low and now they want to fix Gbemi by special grace of almighty ALLAH, they will not succeed, amin.
I kwara state, there are no ROADS, POOR FACILITY AT OUR HOSPITAL, POOR STATE OF CLASS ROOMS, POOR RENUMERATION PACKAGE FOR THE WORKERS IN THE STATE AND lots of other things but i have a message for BUKKY, you won't go free....:(>:(>:(

Pls include my state governor bukola saraki and family in the ban.
He devotes more time to being chairman of governors forum, always in abuja pokenosing into FGN affairs when his state is in comatose.
Each time i see him in aso rock, he swaggers haughtily as though he is actually the president and c-in-c.
Kwarans need to be liberated from the "satanic" clutches of the saraki family.

everytime one hears abt oshun and oyinlola,d heart stops beating. it's either abt extra judicial killin of opposition or criminal settin up of opposition.visit d state of oshun and see d level of human degredation. d roads re in d most deplorable states,d schools re not fit 4 pigs,d hospitals re assassins' abbartiors,govt has become harlotry,d governor is illegitimately hangin on to pwr.if dre is anything worth doin,ds xter shld nt b allowed to enter a civilized society like U.S.A..oyinlola stands for everthing repugnant to democratic norms.

It would be a great appropriate way of dealing severely with Nigerian public looters of our treasuries and election riggers in the largest bastion of corruption ridden elements-especially,PDP that would not cease from derailing democracy and transparency govetrnance judging by speaker Bankole and principal officsers in the house of reps-looters. Dr Pat kOlawole Awosan,Canada.

Can you tell the whole world what you want USA to do for Babangida? apart from Babangida what about Bukola Saraka of Kwara State who has done nothing to the development of entire Kwara State and his father is trying to impose Bukola's sister (gbemi)on the people of Kwara State. I was in Afon HQ of Asa Local Government there is nothing to show for it, bad roads, very dirty, no water, etc. Likewise in Offa, the township road very bad, dilapidated market, etc.

Leave Oyinlola and his godfather Babangida alone. Their time is not up yet. Those who the gods will obliterate.......

i think it is better you take sometime to gather evidence against the governor and forward same to EFCC instead of asking obama to do the impossible.