Rejoinder: Nigerian Citizens In Greece Allege Racist Attacks By Extremists

  The Editor
Sahara Reporters
The attention of Embassy of Nigerian in Athens, Greece was drawn to the News and Reports entitled “Nigerian Citizens in Greece Allege Racist Attacks by Extremists” credited to Sahara Reporters posted on 8th December, 2012. We would have provided the version of Embassy if consulted ahead of the publication.

2.     Hardly will any Nigerian resident in Greece allege indifference against the Mission towards issues concerning them because we have been devoting time and energy to address matters affecting them within the limits of law. The Mission had pursued the matter of Mr. Ikwe Chijioke with relevant host authorities. The Ambassador secured appointments and met (a) Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection (b) Minister of Finance, (c) The General/Head of the Hellenic Police Department in Athens and (d) the Hellenic Foreign Ministry over this unfortunate attack. The Nigerian Ambassador also raised the issues at the African Ambassadors Group for a collection approach (as African Ambassadors always do) to tackle the matter since other Africans, Pakistanis etc have also been victims of the attacks by the dreaded Golden Dawn Group. As such, the xenophobic attacks in Greece has been brought to the attention of host government. Specifically, after the meeting with Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, the Embassy forwarded an email, providing details on Mr. Chijioke and the circumstance leading to his attack as requested by the Minister. In the Minister’s response, through his Chief of Staff, he informed that Omonia Police Department is investigating the case and that the motive of the perpetrators was to rob the victim. He indicated that the Hellenic Police will do whatever is necessary in the framework of Greek legislation to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

Thereafter, the Head of Mission personally called Mr. Chijioke to empathise with him, explain the developments, and to assure him that the matter is being taken up with host authorities. During that conversation, the victim demanded that the Embassy should compel Greek Immigration authorities to issue his residence permit. We should add that Mr. Chijioke did not contact the Embassy when he was attacked. The Mission picked up after the information and contacted him through the Nigerian Union, asking him to submit a protest letter with supporting evidence, which led him to send the same pictures you published to the Embassy.

3.     The Ambassador met with officials of the Nigerian Community to convey the decision of the meeting of African Ambassadors to advise their nationals to avoid late night outings in view of the xenophobic sentiments in Greece. Mr. Chijioke was attacked while he was returning from a party between 12 midnight and 2:00 am. Omonia where the attack took place is the most dangerous neighbourhood of Athens, where hoodlums and other miscreants lurk in corners waiting for their prey.

4.     This response is to place the event in correct perspective, so that readers are not misled. President Goodluck Jonathan and Foreign Minister Olugbenga Ashiru empathetically directed Heads of Mission to make the welfare of Nigerians a priority, in view of their commitment towards the well being of Nigerians in the Diaspora. Full attention is being given to this primary concern of government.

Embassy of Nigeria
Athens, Greece
11th December, 2012

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I read the article that you

I read the article that you have given on the racist attack that the Nigerian had to face in Greece. This is a sad information that still the Nigerian people are still being affected with such issues, it is really a bad news to hear on.

Good to hear a Nigerian

Good to hear a Nigerian Embassy taking steps to protect its citizens. Ambassador Chris, keep it up.

Re-Attack on nigerians in greece.

Greece is one of the racist european countries at the moment, african residents in those countries have to be xtra careful while doing anything with their host communities. Is normal to migrate but honestly no place like home, we should stay in africa and help our continent to develop like eaurope.

Well Done Bro

Jonathan this, Jonathan that, but he is the same moron we all know.

I hope you people'd soon be headed to the greatest gathering of Nigerian in europe.

And not just bla bla bla sheep.


Thank you for the confidence.
The original script from the Embassy did not contain the errors in the publication.
Embassy of Nigeria

Rejoinder: Nigerian Citizens In Greece Allege Racist Attacks By

We all know how embassy staffs are.dont claim ignorance because most of you are indifferent to your fellow nigerians

What nonsense!

I can't believe this error laden wirte-up emanated from a country's foreign mission! Nigeria is a huge joke.

stop racist attacks

let me remind you that there are greeks in nigeria but is this the way they are treated,let's call a spade a spade,it's the indeference of both governments to see the end to this matter,i bet you if it were the nigerians that were gaining upper-hand they would have responded quickly and done something about the matter and they would have been branding the nigerians as un-patriotic nigerians,

move away

Should this be true, then brilliant, but nevertheless, i keep asking myself why Nigeria keeps a mission in Greece? Why, What for? Since we don´t eat Garlic, fete and olives in nigeria, i really don´t see why. And for nigerians in that country, trust me the grass is greener elsewhere (except of course in Nigeria,East europe and Arabia).

henhen...and the Greeks too?

The Greeks are like slaves in Switzerland and Germany. How can dare start to attack black people? If they cannot manage their country and their future, must they transfer aggression to Nigerians?

Thanks to the EU, most of them used to be asylum seekers in Switzerland and Germany. And in spite of being brought into the EU fold, they still cannot survive on their own. The Greeks are generally backward people.