The Rot Inside The German Consulate In Lagos

One can simply say another Berlin wall has been built at the German Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria going by the way visa applications are being treated and appeals being answered.
The fact is that the regime of the new Consul General and his Consular Officer leaves a lot in the minds of visa applicants who are not so “lucky” to be seen as genuine business people of Nigeria. And as such, they do not deserve to have a visa to enter the territory of the Bundesrepublik of Germany.
If you are not so lucky to have the desired visa endorsed on Nigerian passport and you have to make an appeal to the Consular Officer for a reconsidered opinion about you and your business, you are in it for a long process of bureaucracy.
You will be pleasantly asked to send your appeal letter to the officer in charge but you won’t be told that you may have to pay the sum of between Naira 10,000 – 25,000.00 (between Ten Thousand and Twenty five thousand naira) to the cabal fronting for the German inside the consular department to get your appeal heard and delivered to you on time.
I have witnessed the activities of the front men at the German consulate in Lagos and have also paid them to confirm the reality of their promise of delivery.
It works this way: The front men are informed that your visa application has been rejected and they accost you at the gate (they are also engaged as the gatemen at the consulate) to tell you the procedure of making an appeal and how long it will take to get your appeal heard and how you should proceed to get the rejection nullified for a fresh visa.
At first I thought I will not be part of the people that are destroying the nation but I was told that the owners of the nation are doing their business and I am complaining. I had a rethink when I could not hear from the consulate 5 weeks after sending in my appeal letter.
To accept your appeal letter at the gate you must disclose the content to the gateman who will immediately reconfirm if you have done the “right” thing. If not, your appeal will be taken as one of those that must not cross the Berlin wall.
Realising that I have failed the test of being a good citizen, I made up my mind to contribute to the development of the people from the republic inside their republic in Nigeria. Pronto, I paid the development fee of some thousands of Naira based on negotiation not below the minimum and within 14 days I got the response to the appeal letter delivered to my office with an instruction of what next to do to obtain the entry visa.
You can imagine if 100 Nigerians are rejected their entry visas due to the following reasons according to my informants:
-          Signature irregular- which means that the signature of your business partner in Germany has not been recognized by the consulate’s signature expert who was sent to Nigeria because he has the knowledge of all the German citizens signature in his brain/database- imagine!
-          Your children birth certificates are not genuine because they were born in the year when Nigeria does not have the National Population Commission
-          Your marriage certificate is not genuine because you did not marry in an area where the German expert consider safe – for security reason!
-          You are too young to be called an entrepreneur or businessman at the age of 30 plus- when in Germany they celebrate young entrepreneur to the sky -!
-          Your bank statement of account cannot be confirmed, therefore, it is faked!
-          Why must you go to Germany to do your business when there are other companies in the world? Stupid question you may ever think! Ok. Go. Bring your money, cash to prove it
-          Your passport photograph is not as how you are looking the morning you’ve gone for the interview? May be you did not shave very well!
These are some foolish excuses they have to tell you and you cannot convince them with your answers because you were never told at the counter any way. But the interviewer has made up his or her mind to write his report about you and he knows that some thousands of Naira must be paid to get things changed.
Now, remember, if 100 Nigerians have to face this embarrassment in a week and pay an average of N15, 000.00 to get their appeals responded to, it will amount to 1.5 million Naira in 4 weeks it will 6 million Naira paid into the Berlin wall development account to repay the debt of the housing loans taken by the so called diplomats behind the wall.
The Nigeria embassy in Berlin should henceforth require the following documents from the real German citizens (not the Nigerians converted Germans, because those ones contribute immensely to the FDI of Nigeria) applying for the Nigeria visa;
-          Marriage or divorce certificate – original plus 2 photocopies
-          Children’s birth certificates- originals plus 2 photocopies
-          3 months bank statement of account – original, stamped by the issuing bank
-          Evidence of confirmed hotel booking in Nigeria
-          A confirmed return ticket
-          Physical appearance of visa applicants at the Embassy
-          And other requirements that are applicable
Julius Berger, Siemens, Lufthansa, Festo and other German companies should NOT be exempted from these requirements. They should also present their company’s bank statement of account when they want visas for their staff traveling to Nigeria.
Nigeria should not be blind to all these issues and pretend to be good friends when her citizens are suffering.
Dr. Johnson Agwu

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I have live in Germany for sometime and getting Deutschland visa is not difficult if you have geniue purpose for your traveling. Just provide all the documents. let me add this, usually you are expected to pay some amount for verification of your documents if you are staying for more than 90 days or your family is joining you. I want to tell you that the same Embassy waived the money for me on 2 occasions because of they are more than convince of my status and purpose of my traveling. Lastly, I am not saying ur complain is not true, but let the embassy know of this development, so that they can improve it. God bless Nigeria.

If your case is geniue, why not write directly to the information section of the Embassy. They do read the mails and act on complaints. I had complained in writing about the online booking ssytem before. i got a reply and the system improved. The embassy is not full proof against Nigerian corruption syndrome, but we must continue to work against such. If you send a mail to the Embassy in Lagos and they do not reply. Check for the webpage of the deutschland foregn office in Berlin and send the complain to them. It will be relay back to them in Nigeria. They are conscious of their image. But don't make any false claim. I am confident, you will get a replied to your mail.

Baba Eko, tell me, with the way we are, if you will love a Nigerian if you were yourself a German. Come on,would the embassy have treated a Botswana, a Korean or a Chinese citizen the same way? Julius Berger' been here since the 1967 and till date you will require them to do the least technical jobs on your roads to get them perfectly done. Ever traveled on Ibadan Ife Road made recently by a so-called Nigerian company with a royal affiliation? Why do you expect respect from others when you dont even respect yourself?

thank god i dont need their visa because am member of christ embassy so i have visa for all nation,period.

Common u guys lambasting the writer wake up men u speak like u just came into d wonder Nigrians will suffer not only on foreign soil but also on their own soil. Cos u people dont have any reason to travel for now doesnt mean u will not have one or two good reasons in the near future [medical, educational etc reasons] then that is when u will come out braying like donkeys abi? look i have seen where lecturers aoolication to attend conferences were turned down and they had all the requirements. One in not saying Nigerians are the holiest of people but there are some people out there with good reasons. even at that blive me guys it is in Nigeria i know that foreigners chance us on our own soil... u can never evr get that on arab or asian soil. but then what do we expect from my black brothers... squabbles between them [instaed of firstly u united front and then later we can chastisize ourselves] and those guys keep laughing and marveling at us.

my guy de doc,are you really mean to travel to Germo or you are trying to get your true storry by paying them such a money?i think you dont need to regret spending your money on them if that means a good job you did,and i think you are doing more advert to Germany consulant if you dont know,,can,t you go if they give you the visa eeh my DR ,JONALI ,VISA,FROM SWISS

The Consulate-General was made available the report by an e-mail from the "writer". Immediately he was (tried to be) contacted by reply mail in order to obtain further details, thus allowing investigations concerning his allegations.
Also a visa application of the "writer's" was searched for in the Consulate's-General files.
The "writer" - a journalist? - was offered an appointment to be informed in depth about general Schengen Visa procedures, common to all Schengen partners.
The "writer" himself should also know whether he filed a visa application in the first place and / or whether he reacted to the invitation, too.

This is not new to me.I have always had this believe that not until we start pay all this people back with the same coin which they pay us with things will not change.If a Nigerian is beaten abroad the same should be done to the country men of those who did.AN EYE FOR AN EYE. When British national are involved in any unlawful act abroad their country sent legal teams to their aid but when is ours we are not given any chance to defend ourself. Everyone calls us different names, but we are not the worse people in this world. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH......

Unbelievable ; i can believe some of you that lefts comment here could still criticize the writer , i believe those of u saying negative words can't even have the guts to write an article , anyway i happen to get a German visa some years back and they were really nice to me and time change , so i pray the consulate to look into this allegations and bring a better reputation to their organization ..

so what point are you making? you didn't have to prove anything. you have just joined the list of desperate nigerians who lack integrity and would do anything to get want they want.

so what point are you making? you didn't have to prove anything. you have just joined the list of desperate nigerians who lack integrity and would do anything to get want they want.

What point are you trying to make through this article bcos I don't see any. You have just added yourself to the list of corrupt Nigerians damaging our dignity. You have wasted space on Sahara just to advertise yourself as a bribe-giver. You didn't have to prove anything.

my brother i sympathise with you.its the desperation of other Nigerians who have been granted visas previously and have refused to return.I have been to germany several times and i have seen our boys suffering in germany because they are there illegally and also because Germans are naturally Racist anyway.Nigerians and other blacks living there legally,live as second class citizens.Thats why when i see these germans in julius berger acting as if they like us it sickens me to the stomach.

Impatient on yours and other Nigerian that are victims of this scam is the cause of this;and its affect every facet of our life.

Just curious did you eventually get the visa after settling them or you were merely given the reasons for your denial

Why did you pay Dr?if you are so geniune cant you buy a plane ticket for your so called business partner to come over from germany?and moreover must you travel to germany before your business could be done? you have phone,fax,email,DHL,fedex and what have you at your disposal in Nigeria?

Whatever you can get in germany you can as well get it in china even there in nigeria where you are and to drive home your point you should have protested there and then instead of paying bribe to a a guard and now running to saharareporters ...

Priest,pastors and imam talks and keep talking against giving or recieving bribe and you are there every sunday/friday to listen or pretending to listen yet you wake up to it on monday !!lets change ourselves then we will change Nigeria!!!

this is ridiculous.