Truly, Jonathan Should Resign By Taopheeq Bamidele Rabiu

By Taopheeq Bamidele Rabiu

Although I am a regular follower of news and events in and about Nigeria on many fora including online social media, I seldom found any subject that warrant my comment as most issues and comments in recent times are all and about the same, even though they come in different fashions and from different and sometimes apparently conflicting avenues. Most events, news and comments/commentaries indicate that Nigeria is rapidly becoming (if indeed it has not!) a failed state with directionless and incompetent leadership.

However I am constrained to make these comments in the light of recent events in Nigeria and other parts of the world. After reading your report of today (January 24, 2013) on Sheikh Gumi's sermon titled "Repent And Resign, Gumi Tells ‘Evil’ Jonathan;Says IBB, Obasanjo, Buhari, Atiku, Must Be Banned To Cleanse Nigerian Politics", I cannot but agree with the cleric on his assessment of Mr President. Perhaps, for the first time, I sincerely align with his views about the president.

Misleading a nation is a serious crime against the nation and calls for the highest reprimand.It is obvious that Mr President knowingly misled us on the October 1, 2010 bombing at Eagle Square, Abuja if not on any other occasion (although there are so many examples!). All commentators have hailed the South African judiciary on the conviction of Henry Okah for the 2010 Abuja bombings without remembering that he was convicted not only as himself but as the leader of MEND (clearly stated by the judge; see video at This is the same group that Mr President had exonerated from the act by a presidential pronouncement hours after the attacks (see videos at and Whatever was/were Mr President's motive(s) is/are irrelevant.

I, and I believe many Nigerians, followed the recent and on-going process of nominating the next US Secretary of State with keen interests as we do for most issues about the world's greatest model of (?)democracy. President Barack Obama had to drop Susan Rice as his preferred nominee following allegations by congress that she misled the nation about the Benghazi attacks that claimed the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans. What was her crime? She, allegedly acting on talking points prepared by the intelligence communities, stated at the UN that the attacks were carried out by people protesting the anti-Islamic videos. Later findings have largely pointed out that the attacks were coordinated and carried out by terrorist groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda.

I passionately watched American congressmen and women as they also grilled Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton on the issue yesterday. It was clear that the offence of misleading the country, whether it was intentional or not, is certainly a crime of the highest order in a nation where the elected representatives of the people are up to their callings. Where are the members of our national assembly? No where!!!

Given the status of Mr President and the intelligence reports that would have been provided at that highest level (including the fact that the government and its intelligence apparati were allegedly warned of the planned bombings {see again}), one is left without any other option than to conclude that Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,Ph.D, GCFR, knowingly misled the nation on the issue of the October 1, 2010 bombings. The President need to tell us, as has been done in the US, what his sources of intelligence information on that issue were. Also the intelligence Chiefs, who are being paid to guarantee our safety, the DG-SSS, IGP, NSA, CDS, COAS, CAS and the CNS, all need to give information about what they know before, during and after the events. Such information need to be de-classified (in case they are said to be classified; they should take a cue from the praises heaped on Mrs Clinton yesterday for her openness regarding the questions asked at the US congress).

The Okah case (unless our national assembly plans to appeal against the judgement of the South African court!) is enough ground to impeach the president in the event that he fails to willingly resign from office and restore the dignity of the exalted position. God save our country.

Taopheeq Bamidele Rabiu
Leiden, The Netherlands
January 24, 2013

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Is Rabiu being facetious?

How did such infantile analysis make it on to Sahara Reporters?

1. Which court convicted GEJ? Where is evidence? Alas, there is none. Yet Rabiu expects GEJ to resign based on the judgment of a foreign court.

2. Even if a president is guilty, resignations are very rare in presidential systems of government. Take Rabiu's beloved example, the U.S. How many U.S. presidents have resigned? Only one: Nixon. So Rabiu's call for GEJ's resignation is an exercise in pubescent delusion.

3. Rabiu's comparison is flawed. Apparently, our ‘copycat’ democracy is not like the real deal (U.S’). Rabiu needs a lesson in political economy.Political power cannot be divorced from economic power. In the U.S., one can live outside politics. In Nigeria, however, the state is the dominant actor in a monolithic economy. If the president resigns, what does he do?

I plead with Sahara Reporters to prevent jejune analysts like Rabiu from speaking when ‘elders’ are in the intellectual living room.


In a sane society,Mr.Jonathan will NOT have ever been a president. He is not qualified in all ramitification,his phd is a suspect, experience acquired in public service,spanning over 14yrs... from dep gov to president has NOT being of immense value to his policies or the so called rudderless transformation agenda.

As typical of Nigerian politician, he wont resign and of course he will be humilated and hounded in the nearest future.

jonathan should resign

when your brother obasanjo ruled you never called for his resignation but now jonathan is ruling you are calling for his resignation , that is the attitude with you yoruba doubke standard people

This guy u are bastard moroon

Guy dat blood sucker and drunkerd jonathan should resign, cos hes confussed and self centered bastard. And for u, u are just an uneducated cow like him.

Mr Rawa, What is there to

Mr Rawa, What is there to contribute to? Your Boko Haran broda say make Jonathan resign abi na me talk so? Believe me no use any standards that was not used in the past now in the present. I reiterate na turn by turn. Hausa do, Yoruba do, Ijaw too must do.

Proper YorubaMan

ANODA Yoruba owambe dance

(ANPP) has asked the party leadership to rethink its participation in the ongoing merger talks with other opposition parties.The leader of the group, Mallam Isah Bala, in a written petition to the National Chairman of ANPP alleged that the proposed All Progressives Congress (APC) is a sole project of the national leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Ahmed Bola Tinubu. Bala alleged that Tinubu had previously registered a political party, Action Peoples Congress (APC) with its address at plot 779 Ona Crescent, Off Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, under the Prof. Maurice Iwu-led(INEC). "We the members of the ANPP concerned stakeholders have discovered that APC is a sole pet project of Ahmed Bola Tinubu. On January 26, 2006, Tinubu registered a political party Action Peoples Congress (APC) with its address at plot 779 Ona Crescent, Off Lake Chad Crescent, Maitama, Abuja, under the Prof. Maurice Iwu-led INEC, " he said

Jonah 4 2nd term

Proper yorubaman or wetin u call urself. u need to conduct ursellf as a sensible and reasonable person. Must u insult others b/4 contributing on any issue.Let contribute meaningfully for the Development of our father Land and stop insulting ourselves. Your contribution on how to move Naija forward is required. This is 21st Century

Sometimes, I admire your

Sometimes, I admire your passion but above all, what I admire most is your consistency. Your boundless energy to defend the indefensible. To bend and twist the truth so bad that the truth cannot even recognize itself. I wonder why Jona recruited Doyin. You can outdo ur self, not to talk of Doyin. You will totally eclipse him.

But guess what, when you want to be dumb, you eclipse even the dumbest of them all - President dumbo himself. I dey laff o

Mrs. Jonathan will be the downfall of her say nothing husband

Jonathan, restrain your wife; govern your home:
This is the most selfish, greedy and outright daring woman. Remember when she insisted on sitting in Abuja, and taking a permanent secretary position in the south south? No one said anything. The president allowed it. Remember when she bought mercedes benz cars, a huge number of them for first ladies visiting for just a few days? Now, she is trying to force the hand of the nation to swindle us of N4 billion naira.

Remember when she slapped a state governor? If this illiterate woman's wings and excesses are not clipped, we will wake up one day to find out that she has fired the vice president to make herself one, or that she had taken over the job of the speaker of the senate. There is a fire burning in this woman and it is not a passion to do anyone, man woman or child any good, but to do herself the greatest good, no matter what it cost Nigeria to do it.

Officials should be

Officials should be demonstrating relevant knowledge essays on how they could define a justifiable judgement.

Jona for 2nd term

Mr Taofiki or Boko Haram, Of course Jonathan must resign and Gumi can be the new President. see your mouth na so dem they resign. You call yourself a Yoruba man when the Mallams dem dey do all their rubbish where was your Yeye Alfa. I beg go sit down and leave Jona to do him own. Na turn by turn. Uncle Sege do am twice make Jonathan do am again. FYI I be proper Yoruba man no need to mistake me for DERI. I be real Omo Ibile.
See your Basket mouth! I beg go sit down. Jona for 2nd term I beg. Na as dem born slave dem born freeborn. Mr Taofiki go sit down.
@ Elendu stop spouting rubbish. i ask you where were you when OBJ, Yar Adua and Co where in power? were they any better than Goodluck Jonathan? For the 1st time Nigeria go win AFCON with a team based wholly on merit. No quota system or federal Xter. That is the only way for Nigeria. without merit the country is going nowhere

Proper YorubaMan

Jonathan should neither resign or apologise

While I appreciate your concern for this country I wish to note that we Nigerians are unnecessarily sentimental. The president has proved to be most humble and civilized compared with other Nigerian leaders. He is patient and extremely tolerant. This should not be mistaken for foolishness or weakness.Jonathan is the God's choice for the country now. Lets appreciate God please.


Very well articulated thoughts, Taopheeq; I'm sure you know that the probability of Nigerian officials resigning willingly is almost zero. There's a saying that "...if you have no shame, then do what you like." Nigerian politicians are shameless and uncapable of feeling guilt, so its a waste of time calling for them to resign. The masses have to find other means of breaking away from the shackles of oppression but with many people ready to defend their kinsmen even when clearly in the wrong, the case is hopeless for now.

President should not apologize

Henry Okah fall out of MEND cause when the bombing occur, then he was representing his new pay master : BOKO HARAM, the president did not mislead Nigerian in any way at att


taofeeq may allah grant u

@elendu abokin kura fair weather pal

@elendu have u ever thought of asking Buhari to quit the political scene as a result of the lies he told us about Abacha? Remember it was Buhari, Ciroma and IBB who said Abacha never stole a dime from our CBN? Is such a character fit to be voted for by the rogues he is assembling to disturb our peace daily in the Fulani North? Jonathan will never apologize to anybody over statement made on MEND. He was not wrong to have said MEND could not have exploded bombs at the eagle square on Oct first-cause the amnesty project was on course

Continental democracy is impossible bcos, it is all about region

“I passionately watched American congressmen and women as they also grilled Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton on the issue yesterday. It was clear that the offence of misleading the country, whether it was intentional or not, is certainly a crime of the highest order in a...”
I think that you are part of the problem. What do u think Nigeria is? You live in Netherlands abi? So, what are talking about? There is one thing that you can say with complete confidence about Nigeria only if you are an honest person. Which is that, Nigeria is not a nation and/or a country. Nigeria is a “continent” for now. Continental democracy is impossible bcos, it is all about regional interest. That is why we fix candidates, impose candidates, thereby, causing them to live in a vacuum, not among us. In the USA, the people are politicians’ employer.


This comment is not based on wot Gumi said @ the President but on the need to sanitze this greate country of mischief. On MEND/ Henry issue, the president should apologize outrightly.