‘Clean Nigeria Campaign’ Again Challenges Jonathan To Declare Assets

Goodluck Jonathan
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Clean Nigeria Campaign (CNC) has again called on President Goodluck Jonathan to openly and urgently declare his assets. 

In a statement issued today by its National Coordinator, Osita Okechukwu, the CNC asked Jonathan also to compel his Ministers and Special Advisers, as well as the “power mongers of the National Assembly” to do same.

“Open Declaration of Asset to us will be the sign-post for devotion to the war against corruption; for with the monumental corruption going-on under the watch of President Jonathan, the Economic Team to be headed by erstwhile managing director of World Bank, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will be dead on arrival,” it said.

The Campaign drew the attention of the Mr. Jonathan to the prompt declaration of assets undertaken within 48 hours of being sworn-in by his predecessor, Umaru Yar’Adua in 2007 and earlier in 1999 when he was a state governor, and asked him to emulate that example.

Decrying Jonathan’s “luke-warm attitude” to the war against corruption, the CNC asked: “How does Mr. President intend to transform the country, arm the Economic Team, provide electricity, keep the economy growing and tackle seriously the gross unemployment sliding our youths into violence; without demonstrating unequivocal commitment to transparency and accountability?

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I always come back to your

I always come back to your blog because you always have relevant information. I know how hard you work on it! Next to my favorite taylor swift songs your blog is the one of my favorites. -Sara

Asset declaration etc.....

This is ridicculous and heart-consuming. Everyone thinks that President Jonathan will appear, at least, to be the man to give Nigeria and Nigerians a good leadership. Why is it difficult or impossiblew for him to declare his assets? He is barely two months in the office, and problems are breqwing everywhere. Why can't Nigerians learn from past experiences ane emulate good things and standard of life?


I wonder why it must take the grace of God and alot of pressure to make a single change. Jonathan the President of our country cannot declare his assets. He is corrupt but tries to play the saint game to us. NLC are preparing for strike just because of 18,000 minimum wage, look at Jonathan and his aides and check the budget appropriated for them, what about our senators, and house members. The injustice is too much. Give people jobs and pay their wages, please. Enough of all this politics as the strike itself will collapse to money power. Jonathan must first purge himself before he can do anything good.
Peace cannot be bought by politics, it has to be polices that will make a difference. Remember if not for the cry for change by save Nigeria group, the wouldn't have been any Jonathan's presidency today.Stop this politics of the mother sucking the child's breast.
Finally, Mr.President, save Nigeria.


Please lets call for Goodluck to be impeached. E don show say Nigeria big pass am. He is a big embarrassment to the Niger-Deltans. He is not a politician so, he is confused. At least Alameseigha should be having a good laugh now.



leadership in Nigeria


Day of Reckoning

@Deri: I want to correct you that I did not vote for GEJ and many more Nigerians alike, what happened was a collossal, monumental rigging perfected by Jega (Jonathan Ebele Goodlouc Azikiwe).
So enjoy the music while it last.
The Government of the daft for the daft 2011-2015.

@Ejiroghene: on July 11, 2011

@Ejiroghene: on July 11, 2011 I am glad that you as a "niger (sic) deltans who hoped and supportet(sic)an educated seemingly humble son of the productive lands will teach the domestic colonialists the lessson that the true owners of the resources can better take care of them" Now that you have realised "Johnathan is a vacillating radar-less, vissionless rookie with the confidence of a green boy-scout" we say congratulation for this discovery.
We knew this before and said so but because of your myopic mind that blinded your reasoning you chose to follow it...you are welcome back. You need to brace yourself four four years of insecurity, ineptitude and kleptomania from your brother who is among you 'educated'. I wonder what type of education you are talking about - cash and carry?


Jonathan has never spoken passionately against corruption. Any time he mentions the issue of corruption he is just being perfunctory. He wants to beat OBJ’s record of amassing wealth and he has only 4 years to do so. I will be most surprised if he heeds the call. If he IS man enough him appoint Col. Umar of Kaduna state to head EFCC.

Johnathan at a loss

For us niger deltans who hoped and supportet an educated seemingly humble son of the productive lands will teach the domestic colonialists the lessson that the true owners of the resources can better take care of them, Johnathan is a vacillating radar-less, vissionless rookie with the confidence of a green boy-scout.

He is asking for 20 personal advisors added to his 100s ministers, ministers of state, heads of agencies, several commissions, I say give him 1000 and he still will be looking like "a deer in the headlight".

However, did we really expect much from Johnathan, an Obasanjo co-hort appointment, a student of colonialism?, NO.

The job of building our nation and uplifting our peoples and the full prospects of our lands is the duty of "we, the people".

@belloTsafe its the law, its you that needs to get a life.

If the nation can be described as being under siege  because of the  Boko Haram and our so call commander in chief and his security chiefs have no clue on how to handle them, it means nigerians are in trouble under this administration then?  because i can tell you for a fact that  a good security team would have gotten rid of  boko haram very quickly, instead of gej allowing them to grow stronger and stronger, he is the president he should be able to handle many issues at a time that's why he has a team, boko haram is no escuse for him not to declare his assets just admit that the man is a mugun that's all.

Misguided priorities

These people are miscreants, misguided and misfits. The nation is under siege by the so called Boko Haram, and these hungry people that failed to get political appointment are busy diverting the attention of the president and the Nigerian masses. Hey guys, get a life!

Patience jonathan charges N20million to see GEJ at Aso Rock.


GEJ to declare wetting?  get ready for serious corruption under this silent corrupt president. The new  attorney general of the federation  Adoke is there to water down the power of efcc and icpc haven't you heard? very soon Dimeji Bankole's corrupt case will be withdrawn from court.

Corrected Answer

As many times as he has been in office.

ye ye jonathan


Make u declare ur assets now. In less than 4years, u'll be in efcc's net making face like dog wey refuse to eat shit.U no be Obasanjo who seem to be untochable. You be real mugu and the powers that be will like to shame u when your term's over.

He who get ear, let him hear. I don say my own finish.

which way GEJ?

its totally disheartening to continually be broken hearted by a man the country gave the mantle of leadership to,this man Jonathan does not have a working plan to emancipate naija..he will continue to move in circles till the four years expires.too dumb for the 21st century he shuld have ruled with shagari..

@femmy That been said, has he

That been said, has he followed suit? What if they have confirmed prior to this article ..., would there be any reason for your argument? Shouldn't this be a basis for our discussions on this forum if this is the case?

I read your questions and my reaction is based on assuming that your concerns were addressed the way you suggested, before Sahara Reporters went public on this.

It is important to tackle issues from different angles at all times, until we find the right answer to what we quest and moreover individual comments on any issue, should not be a subject of reprimand, rather we can make constructive arguments as to why we think differently, just like I am doing now.

GEJ & Minister Can't Lead by Example

GEJ & his Ministers lacks the capacity to Lead by Example. Former Pres.Yar'Adua practically forced GEJ to make public his 2007 asset declaration. So don't expect him make public his asset declaration now that he is in charge.

Firstly change ur name, you

Firstly change ur name, you should not be associated with that name. It is very provocative and insulting to me and my people the Oba of Benin does not involve himself in partisan politics he is above it. Please use a different psuedo name and not the Oba of Benin please. Jonathan is not dull, if you insist he his then all the nigerians who voted for him are dull but FYI they are the majority. Take it from me GEJ is the first leader nigerians are putting in power all our other leaders were imposed.
And please do not insult the people of Sudan insulting them also shows your ignorance and rude manner. Sincerely i wish you are not a nigerian.

Oba gha to kpere

Mr. President & Asset Declaration.

I do not see the point CNC wishes to make neither do I appreciate all their objective(s) with its accompanying noise that SR relish in? I do not even SR to publish my comments because I'm used to their not doing when I'm critical of their publication!

If the issue was that information gotten from Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB by putting FOI bill to good use) being that of disparity with what they know, it would make a lot of sense to me. Or that CCB has denied them their right to information?

My point is simple. Every Tom, Dick and Harry feels because there is a humble gentleman as President they can come up up with all sorts of rubbish as demands that he should meet and SR is encouraging such nonsense?!!!

As much as I like reading

As much as I like reading through the stories on SR, it baffles me sometimes whether you actually balance your stories before publishing. While it will be ok for Jonathan to declare his assets, let us never begin to compare him to Umaru Yar'Adua. Although Yar'Adua had a cool posture but was never good leader. It was his time we had Michael Aondouaka who will remain the worst AGF. It was his time Ibori and Lucky Igbinedion were left of the hook. It was his time that saw the emergence of Farida Waziri...the PDP whore of our time. It was his time that Nigeria was ruled from the kitchen of Aso Rock. Who is saying Yar'Adua was a good leader because he declared his assets? Please give better example in the future.


As many times of he has been in office.

Boko Haram, sharia law, islamic banking to asset declaration

Naijas are being killed daily by Boko Haram. They are exploding bombs every second as if they are balls of akara. Families are mourning the murder of their loved ones. Pastors killed and their churches burnt down. There is fear everywhere-which is what Boko Haram wants-blood is flowing freely around us. But, all the Ositas want is to know how much oil revenue Jonathan was able to steal from central bank. While the rest of the world moves forward with progressive ideas, Nigerians unlike Ghanaians, clamour for the introduction of Sharia law, Islamic banking, pay rise for lawmakers, how to impeach GEJ and reduce d 13% oil revenue to 1 % in the SS. Revive the zoning formular which they said died with Tambuwal, through the nomination of a GIFTED MALE sango, okija shrine or boko haram prayer warrior as chairman of PDP. That is naija of the ositas and boko haram for u. D Anti corruption prayer wariors of Buhari and Dr. Hassan at night! That is why they sing like designer babes when they hear the name of GEJ being mentioned by Obama!

Buhari cannot boko haram GEJ and Sambo out of Aso Rock

Nigerians from all walks of life voted for GEJ. Its was not rats and rabbits that queued to cast their votes for him and Sambo. Forensic test is too Boko Haramic for the courts. Now they want western educated judges to decide the fate of Boko Haram aka Buhari! Having failed 3 times to make Aso Rock, dem use Boko Haram to preach the corrupt sermon of El Rufai to us! To appease the souls of those humans Buhari sent his thugs to murder may be. Happily the victims are not sleeping-they yearn for justice also. Then the chairmanship of PDP was once again zoned. And re-zoned and zoned again! Its my turn to SPEAKER u. Nay our turn to wear the shoes of Bello. That is what the struggle is about. Zoning our resources back to us! Not the regionalism that Lord Lugard left us in 1914! I laugh and laugh I will like OBJ!

You're wrong, Sir!

@Femmy, the issue goes beyond taking Jonathan on. It was GEJ that promised a transformational leadership. Nobody put a gun to his head before he promised us a new a way of doing things in this country. Corruption is destroying our country. Yar'adua needed to lead by example and he made a public declaration of his assets. If GEJ has nothing to hide, he should humour us and do what he needs to do. Anyways, for my part I don't expect anything different from GEJ. My position has not changed. The man has no clue and he's way over his head.

How can u make sense out of yr nonsense article

SERVING senators and members of the House of Representatives are said to be angry with the leadership of the two chambers of the National Assembly for allegedly orchestrating a 40 per cent reduction in the allowances of the lawmakers. Is the money not going to come from the oil resources of the Niger Delta, less fiscal federalism? They want more pay, Saharia law and Islamic banking fine. We want resource control. Not sponsored clanish articles. You take 87% of our revenue. Yet u want us to account for the 13% u reluctantly give us-that is madness! How many times wld GEJ declare his assets under the confused ethnic minds of our oppressors who only see the spirit of boko haram and Maitasine in GEJ!

@ Tunde Mash

Who voted GEJ in? Haha! Ask CSI aka INEC( the forensics experts). Lol!!!

Provision for asset

Provision for asset declaration in the Nigerias' laws DID NOT stipulate public declaration. Have the CNC confirmed from the Code of Conduct Office if GEJ has declared his assets? Why cant they test the New FOI law to obtain this? There is absolutely no basis for this article and the reactions here. If you want to take GEJ on, please do issues that make sense!

You had your chance

You guys had your chance. You saw Ribadu there, you didn't pick him. You disregarded Buhari's tears. You chose GEJ and his park of NPN wolves(they would all have been in prison by now). Well, fine - Deal with it!

@Deri I cannot make any sense

I cannot make any sense in your comments. Nigeria oil belongs to Nigerians and not Jonathan. We all know how he came to office and becoming the "1st minority ..." as you stated is shallow minded. Who cares about Jonathan's name in the history of Nigeria? If you are curious, my unborn children will be Americans, just like the ones I have now.

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