“There Is A Huge Integrity Deficiency In El-Rufai’s Book,” Nuhu Ribadu Says

By SaharaReporters, New York

The pioneer chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Malam Nuhu Ribadu, has told a Nigerian daily newspaper that there is a “huge integrity deficiency” in Nasir El-Rufais book, “The Accidental Public Servant.”

In an interview with Blueprint, Ribadu explained that El-Rufai was wrong to have written about the EFCC because he was never a member of staff of the commission and knew nothing about its operations.

Ribadu, who said he has yet to read the book, also stated that the former Minister did not tell him he was writing a book and never interviewed him for it.  “So, I am quite surprised on how you can quote a person that you have not interviewed. I think the ethics of writing is that you quote somebody with authority and that you can stand by that.”

He denied that he ever wanted El-Rufai as president.  “He is entitled to his own opinions and views, and I respect that and you could sit down and write your own book the way you want it,” he told the reporter.  “You can also decide to sit down tomorrow and write your book to say I had wanted to make you president.”

Below is an excerpt of the interview, which was published today in Abuja.

“I have not fully read the book but I have seen a couple of things coming out of it including the extracts from the media. The most important thing I will say about it is that Nasiru did not tell me he was writing the book, not to talk of showing me the script. Nasiru never interviewed me for his book. So, I am quite surprised on how you can quote a person that you have not interviewed. I think the ethics of writing is that you quote somebody with authority and that you can stand by that. There is a huge integrity deficiency bordering on ethics if you can quote somebody without first having to record him and you have proof of that. He didn’t consult me, he didn’t give me anything to look at and therefore just like you and all Nigerians, I was quite surprised to see him quoting me directly in the book.

“Nasiru was not a staff of the EFCC. I wonder how he could report about the work of the EFCC when he was never part of it, just as I will not talk of the FCT when he was minister. He didn’t know of the works of the EFCC and he couldn’t have known. He was not privy to all the things that we were doing there. He did not also show me what he was writing because, as I say earlier, even if you discussed something with someone before, when you are putting it into a book, it is only proper for you to validate it and crosscheck with him. Even if he agrees or disagrees, at least it makes sense. This is especially when the person is close to you because that would be an opportunity for the person to correct you.”

On El-Rufai’s account of some arrests EFCC made in Katsina State then, Ribadu said “That is not true. He was not in the EFCC. How could he know who was arrested or not? The business of the EFCC was to investigate cases and they did it and are still doing it on daily basis. It would be surprising that somebody would come from outside and just assume this happened or that did not happen. A local government chairman has nothing to do with a governor. These are some of the things that if he had bothered to ask, somebody would have been able to explain to him. Absolutely, if you are investigating a governor, there is money that goes to the governor. Governors take over 30 percent of the money from the federation account. If you want to investigate a governor and you want to get him, this is where you go to first and not the local government.”

On other areas of the book, Ribadu also argued about the statement that he wanted El-Rufai as president, “He is entitled to his own opinions and views, and I respect that and you could sit down and write your own book the way you want it. You can also decide to sit down tomorrow and write your book to say I had wanted to make you president. You can also go ahead and publish and people will read it. You see, what I am saying is if he had consulted with me on this book probably it would have been a different story, but he didn’t. For me, he is entitled to his own view or opinion and interpretation of things in any way that he likes. He is perfect in saying whatever he wants to say. Maybe if I come to write my own book, it will be probably different. I will not join issues with him on his own opinions and views. He is entitled to it and can go with it but it is his own truth. My own truth is that I was not in the business of recommending anybody as the chairman of EFCC.”

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I think this person is very

I think this person is very dumb. No wonder you use the name 'Anonymous'. Someone said he read excerpts from the book and yet you are still writing bunkum. Do you know the meaning of 'excerpts' from a book at all? If you do, you'd know that it highlights the key and explosive parts of a book so that even the person who is yet to read the book already has an idea what it contains. Please use a bit more commonsense when writing....and do please stop being cowardly by remaining anonymous. Reveal who you are. Any idiot can write under the name 'Anonymous'...

Ribadu have not denied

Ribadu have not denied whether he wanted Nasir 2 become President or not. so there is a question mark there.El Rufai maybe saying the truth on that count.Guys it appears these fellers may just have been taking us for a ride with their anti curruption fight and reforms and yet they are the saints while others are the currupt perhaps Jonathan is privy to some info about these guys that is why he will not listen to any one of them.
PLS somebody in NNPC should write about the affairs there.I bet it be a thriller that is if the truth is told.Mbok we need to know how the subsidy deals are struck.


Please stop all these posting and comments and let face reality.
Nigerians know better.

@Danboyi Gomsuk - Sadly, I'll pick El-Rufai over Atiku!

Although they are both opportunists, but I'll trust El-Rufai more, and choose him over Atiku any day. Atiku is still wanted by the US Government, from where he escaped and relocated his wife to Dubai.

As for El-Rufai's book, I'll certainly not waste my time reading it, as I'm convinced that it is part of a ploy, coupled with his incessant write ups, towards a political ambition. I cannot forgive him (a supposed democrat) hobnobbing with a former MAXIMUM DICTATOR and TYRANT that truncated our democracy in 1983, and SEIZED GOVERNMENT BY FORCE, AND WITH THE USE OF ARMS (like an ARMED ROBBER). Therein lies his credibility problem, coupled with his NEPOTISM (another form of CORRUPTION) at the FCT OVER ALLOCATION OF PLOTS TO HIS FAMILY MEMBERS AND GIRLFRIENDS.

Ribadu, on his part, had no business in Asiwaju's party. Where are the credible opposition?


Ribadu is obviously a liar.He said he has not read the book and was able to talk about many different chapters.Before d 2011 elections,he said efcc does not have a case against Dame Jonathan in a money laundering scandal while evidence proved d contrary.For sure,I know that he was very close to El Rufai during their tenure bcos Rufai was a constant visitor to his office which was close to mine!Ribadu is just an opportunist.

With all the knocks trailing

With all the knocks trailing the book, i think El-Rufai has written a -good -for -nothing book. How come everyone mentioned in the book is not associating him/herself with the ideas he disjointedly put together.

Nuhu & Co should go to court!

It's quite obvious from the reactions we have witnessed from people mentioned in the book and their aides that El-rufai might be telling the truth afterall. To prove rhat a stick is crooked, one only needs to place it beside a straight stick. Rather than anyone coming out to tell us that El-rufai lied, all they need do is to sue him for defarmation of character by challenging what he had written in court. Up till this moment, none of them has signified any intention to do so but rather name calling.

Re: El Rufai!

I have no evidence to support or discredit Ribadu's statements. However, I 'd want to say that the man El-Rufai, is a very dangerous man! From the way he had revealed to the world a supposedly confidential discussions he had had with Atiku and other people he had been hobnobbing with, I would say El-Rufai is not clean and straight as he had been trying to portray. I can see this book is a hatchet job for some other person who wants to rubbish Atiku and probably other people in order to make way for El-Rufai whenever the presidency of the nation is up for grabs. Rufai must not be trusted with the nation's presidency. Jonathan should be the last of such untrustworthy individuals in power.




I agree with Ribadu completely. El RUFAI is a power drunk man who presided over FCT in comrado manner and like a dictator. He is desperate for power now and he can even sell his mother to persuade people he is the best candidate for the president of Nigeria. He is a good student who is now smarter than his teacher. He learnt how to bulldoze his way through any road and betray benefactors and friends in the process. Who was RUFAI before OBJ made him ' a celebrity'. The new party will be committing suicide by fielding this ingrate as their presidential candidate.


In a bid to make records strait Nuhu Rebadu tells more perplexed tales. Has Nuhu forgotten how he went to El- Rufai while he was in BPE to "borrow" money to flag off the operations of EFCC when the commission was not allocated funds to start operations? Has he equally forgotten how El- Rufai singlehandedly gave him his personal staff to start work with in the EFCC when president Obasanjo was not too interested in EFCC at the beginning? Nasir El rufai do not have to be at EFCC to know what is going there.
I doubt if NUHU RIBADU’s credibility status is anymore different from that of El rufai especially after what transpired in the presidential election of 2011.

He did not read the book!

Ribadu did not read the book and he is complaining! Nawa. Please read the book. I am half way through the book and i can say only Atiku should feel aggrieved as El Rufai painted him as corrupt. But who does not know that?

Nigerians Holding Office of Authority should learn from El-rufai

Our passed leaders should learn how to publish books, tell Nigerians exactly how the government is been run and the challenges they faced while in office. We have the likes of Gowon, OBJ etc who were Nigerian civil war veteran but could not tell Nigeriian exactly what happen during the war. EL-Rufai Nigerians needs more books from you


yuo have nothing to prove, leave RIBADU alone, el-rufai book is full of assumptions nothing more nothing less, you can follow el-rufai talk more lies anyway some nigerians are there to read and listen to your rubish if elrufai is that important why did ACN not pick as its presidential candidate? he ie probably sufering from the new infection called 'YESTERDAY'S MEN'


Somehow all the mindless parrots of ElRufai's dubious genius are out from their cyber holes to defend the indefensible. You are entitled to your unthinking praise of your dissembling mentor/paymaster.Once upon a time, there was one Ebeano-To God Be The Glory Nnamani who filled every inch of newsprint with the filth from his ghost-writers. Whither Ebeano now,and his dumb acolytes? History's waste bin.It's the turn of Abuja's tiny fabulist,with his titanic ego that's about to sink,irretrievably...


there is such a thing as common knowledge. that said, el rufai does not have to consult nuhu personally to know what happens at EFCC. he (nuhu) is not the agency. nuhu still lives in the bottle neck past of bureaucracy that trickles down information when it wants to. we don't have to hear from the horse's mouth...but keep it credible. you cannot add salt and pepper to sweeten just to sell books when writing a book of some historical record.


Neither Gowon in 1966, Obasanjo in 1976 and 1999 , or Abdusalam Abubakar in 1998 were ever ready to be president . Many pundits in the GOP wrote Obama off in 2008 .
El Rufai writing Nuhu Ribadu off and going ahead to support Buhari in 2011 shows his arrogance and disdain for someone he regards as "a small boy" in Nigeria's "big men" brains. Compare Ribadu as president with the owambe going on at Abuja under Jonathan. El Rufai is working his way to the psyche of Nigerians , he was there under OBJ and Atiku Abubakar for 8 years when Nigeria recorded no single achievement both economically and infrastructural . Instead Nigerians witnesssed the unending plundering of our national wealth which subsists under the present administration . NUHU RIBADU as Nigeria's president time alone shall tell.


Mallam Ribadu you talk at times as if you think your audience are some kindergarten or total strangers to the system we are not alliance for God sake when you were at the helm of EFCC Nasiru was part of the inner workings of your system major decitions were taken in El rufais house or office you two are like one and two remember what you and Nasiru did to peter Odili ? Two of you used EFCC and now shamelessly you are saying Nasiru knows no EFCC remember you are young and need that credibility dont let some moi moi arrangement destroy your aspiration if you make this kaind of statements next time we will open up and support it with documents a word is enuf for the wise

Some questions on this

Some questions on this comments column are irrelevant. Nuhu Ribadu was the first person to go publicly and state that Nasir El Rufai advanced N100m from Federal Capital Authority account to facilitate the setting up of EFCC. He made this statement in denial of Atiku's claim that he gave Nuhu Ribadu the job of EFCC Chair. Ribadu also stated in the same interview which took place 4/5 years ago that N200m was actually what was needed to set up EFCC but that Atiku again blocked it. This interview is in public domain so, turning it into some sort of allegation to be denied or confirmed is silly.

@ Ribadu : You can always sue ...if you're sure!

The rush to denial by everyone mentioned in the book (mostly before actually reading the book) means but one thing, that El-Rufai may be telling the Truth! Are they not on speaking terms, why didn't Ribadu tell us he called el-Rufai to protest this Gross Ethical violation of his human rights? Who's the ex-Police man here? Make dem go siddon O'jare! El-Rufai is certainly entitled to add more than "salt-n-pepper" to his book and make it more marketable, he's now reaping the dividends of that clever calculation. Smart indeed. Secondly, Ribadu should answer the question of N100milla swaping banks accounts and stop this distractions. "Itegrity deficiency" na grammer, not logic. Next story, o'jare!

BTW, @ El-Rufai : Kudos for wrestling with Aligators. I've got your back on this one ...RESPECT !!!


The "omniscient" El-Rufai lives in a make-belief delusional world that's sustained by blackmail,bravado and endless fibs and fabrications.All in a bid to be on the seat of power to serve his exaggerated sense of his ego, not for the upliftment of the dispossessed and the disenfranchised in our blighted land.That he's never been a team player is obvious in the rhetoric of his ill-conceived memoir.That he has zero tolerance for ethics is no news,as Ribadu has confirmed.Like Fela would sing, let's move on to more substantial issues-"Second base, o jare..."!!!

are these ppl not 4 APC-washing their dirty sokoto in public

El Rufai bribed Ribadu with 100m when he took office as chair of efcc-both should be in jail-they are thieves!

Why are we like this?

Most times, we always have a predetermined opinion before reading someone's view and even after reading, whether it is same as our opinion or not, we still go ahead with what we already had in mind. Whether we like him or not, Ribadu said what he knew about the book. You can't quote someone you didnt interview or askany question. This was how we condemn this man that he was high handed when he was pursing the thieves ravaging Nigeria, now they are all having a free party everywhere. No problems, the house is crashing already and the end may be too soon than expected. We cant continue to deceive ourself thinking we are deceiving God and expect the country to continue. Nigeria is going, going. going .....go...

Haba! Haba! Haba!

Mallam Nuhu ! this interview you gave just goes to buttress Mallam Nasiru El Rufais point about you. I dont know how ACN actually put you up as a candidate for Nigerian Presidency. Thought you were an upright person ( but then nnpc probe, power show against innocent civilans and the list goes on). We outside the EFCC do know that Nasiru started you off in the EFCC with funds and personnel. Your grudge with him lies in Mallam Nasir telling you , that you were not ready for Presidency , which only a true friend would look you in the face and say. You should really giving props to him , not trying to pull him down

Talk intelligently Nuhu

what are you saying must he tell you he is writing a book? you talk too much you must have discussed with him in one way or another. I wonder how Nasr even considers you a friend. I always remember your oputa panel poor outings, I was surprised when they name you chairman, considering who appointed you, then one wonders less.

Ribadu you are not qualified to be president!

It is known that governors appropriate funds meant for Local governments:


So your reasons do not hold water.

Secondly, you abused your power by trying to influence the presidential aspirant of the PDP by harassing Odili and attempting to harass Yar'Adua!

You also started to use your position to conspire against OBJ's third term project which was never part of your brief as EFCC head!

Only a fool will believe that

Only a fool will believe that opportunist call El-Rufia or whatever his name is called. The guy is ready to tell any kind of lie to gain cheap popularity.

Nuhu Kilode?

Did El-Rufai give you 100m when EFCC started or not? Did he give you office space or not? Answer these questions first, and then we can continue talking. Silly Politicians...no permanent friend or enemy.

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