“Yekini Was Murdered,” Segun Odegbami Says On SaharaTV

Rashidi Yekini daughters-Photo Credit: PREMIUM TIMES
By SaharaTV

Nigerian Soccer legend, Segun Odegbami, over the weekend told SaharaTV that former Nigeria football star, Rashidi Yekini was murdered by yet to be identified people. “We were sure that he was abducted,” Odegbami told SaharaTV’s Omoyele Sowore. “No one could get in touch with him for over two weeks. Nobody told us where they took him.”

Mr. Odegbami reinforced similar comments he made to Lagos-based ChannelsTV concerning the sudden death of the two-time African footballer of the year, and Super Eagles prolific striker, Rashidi Yekini.

“Personally what I have done is to draw attention on all these things. I needed to get facts. I went on air yesterday…we need to have answers. He is an African football hero. He is our national hero."

 Yekini played professional soccer for over two decades. He spent most of his career in Europe with the Portuguese team, Vitória de Setúbal. Yekini scored over 40 goals for Nigeria. He mysteriously died on May 4, 2012.

Odegbami, a former Green Eagle’s captain told SaharaTV that contrary to the insinuation in the public regarding the cause of Yekini’s death, that the late footballer had come out of his depression before his death. He said his death was suspicious.

In dismissing the rumor of mental illness, Odegbami said, “For over one hour, Rashidi and I had a conversation 6 weeks before his death. He sounded happy. There was no madness about him. There was nothing wrong about him.”

 Odegbami, who led Nigeria to its first Africa Cup of Nations title in 1980 had been working with First Bank and Super Sport to rehabilitate Yekini. The plan involved putting him in a role where he would help to train up-and-coming football players.

The owner of The International Academy (TIA), a Senior Secondary School where boys and girls with talent in sports and arts are trained, carpeted the federal government and the National Sport Commission (NSC) for not doing much for those who brought glory to Nigeria. “This country is just frustrating because we have people in authority who are not sensitive to the needs of our athletes,” he said.

The former IICC Shooting Stars of Ibadan striker demanded accountability for the doctors who treated Yekini. “I am surprised that even with all these mysterious circumstances surrounding his death that his own family is not trying to find out what happened.”

Odegbami urged Nigerians to sustain the lives of its sports heroes beyond sports. “With this Yekini thing, we don’t want it to happen again,” he concluded.


Watch the full interview here.


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God sees clearly what is hidden from mankind.Yekinni is a heroe and has died.May God grant him eternal life.May God console his aged mother,children,siblings and our country people as a whole.Now how do we help the children and mum???.

Oya Talk!

This Odegbami guy should b taken to NPF HQ n tortured till he squeals out d names of Yekini's killers! His talking toomuch makes him seem an accomplice!

it is true

they use him as to let us know that the moslem need a time of solemnization, they use him to see if they could bring the moslems together in sorrow, and mourning

No Sir, Odegbami did not lead

No Sir, Odegbami did not lead Yhe Ragles to the 1980 Nations Cup victory. Christian Chukwu did.

Any autopsy?

The problem of religion is so rile in nigeria such that when somebody died, we take it as an act of God. Yes its an act of God but we need to ask ourself how? And the anser lies in autopsy. This way we can develop an enhanced knowledge in medicine.Since no autopsy was conducted on Yekini the rest is mere speculations.


hidden secret....

where were all those people

where were all those people who are busy making Noise when Rashidi Yekini was alive? The man is dead and gone so let's allow his Soul to Rest in Peace please. ( I don't trust you Odegbami).


TATA something must be wrong with your head. How can you say such a thing, ARE YOU MAD???


TATA something is wrong with your head. How can you say such a thing, are you MAD????

Jonathan's watch

"There are three times in a man's life when it's useless to hold him to anything: when he is madly in love, drunk or running for office."

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Late R.Y

May his soul rest in Perfect Peace.......Amen. Odegbami,Since u can't bring him back,Na God.....

the hidden thing will b reveal by God

It is quite glaring that there is some thing behind it all even when he was aclaim to b mentaly sick no body could see him a whole lagos state Government tried to get to him the farmily took him away from Nigerians,i must also state this to all Nigerians Rasheed yekini is 9ja hero d farmily has a lot to explain to the Nigeria people we want to what kill our hero who and who were involve wether they r farmily members or not the Niegerian people want to know who kill our hero d great Rasheed yekini?,i call on the Nigeria Government to set up an enquiry to look into this, we can just let it go like this ,never we must allow this happen to our hero who has brought joy to so many people and has made Nigeria proud,Rasheed yekini is our own not his farmilies property at all,pls 9ja Govt.come into this matter.

What did Odegbami do to

What did Odegbami do to better the life of Yekini when he was as usual used and dumped by the Nigerian Football agency? There's no need crying over spilt milk Odegbami, you contributed to his demise. This begs the question: is Nigeria worth dying for? Your guess is as good as mine.

the return of yekini

odegbami killed him...immediately his article 'the return of yekini' came out...yekini's fate was sealed, his relatives had to act fast to inherit the pot...


Only God knows what is hidden.