2 People Killed In Southern Kaduna Village

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By SaharaReporters, New York

Two persons have been shot dead some two hours ago in Zonkwa, Zangon Kataf local government area in the southern parts of Kaduna state.

The two person were killed by unidentified gunmen that opened opened fire on the village and fled. Several villager  sustained injuries and have been rushed to St. Louise Hospital, Zonkwa.

Local vigilantes have began searching for the assailants in surrounding bushes in the area as at the time of filing this report.

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This is really sad :( Kredyt

This is really sad :(
Kredyt mieszkaniowy

Response to A true muslim and fools alike...

You must be a fool for saying rubbish to me. Do you think I'm scared? Oh I'm shivering! You lots should go rot in Hell with your paedophile prophet. Dafts!!!


Let stop insulting ourselves and bring out good solutions to the peace of our country. All of u that have insulted each others in the name of religion are not true follower of GOD. Pls all of u should repent from using abusive word and ask GOD for forgiveness.

Could You worship ur God in peace?

Could all muslims in the world worship their God in peace? We are nt in a competition. No body is asking u to leave ur religion. Worship ur God they way u want and leave Christians alone to worship our God freely witout harrasmment!

prophet muhammed is mention

prophet muhammed is mention in ur bible except u dnt kwon how to read ur bible. and u aks hin 2 acept jesus? all we muslem acept jesus but not d way u acept hinm 2 be

haba !!

haba !!

God dey !!!

God dey !!!

bible is not the word of god

go and check the book of son of solomon chapter5 verses10and16 in the original scripture of old testment.bible was revealed in a hibru language the mother tonque of jesus.the name muhammad was mention.

this bible you talk about is

this bible you talk about is not authentic and does not contain the facts about god and i am challenging you to mention the name of any father for those who wrote the bile luke john matthew and so on the prophets of islam name was mentioned in the old testament read hebrew well and you will understand it

May Allah destroy d whole of Ur Family 'Oleku.'

Oleku,I want U 2 go nd ask d meaning of Allah,den u ask 4 4giveness or else u will enter into HELL.I think U must be an Illitrate,bc Ur Pastors dn't teach U anything in d Churches rather They teaches U hw 2 hate Islam,dis is bc dey 2 Dn't know anything about christianity,they ar just making their Money,and again Oleku repent U son of a PIG.


Tru muslim and Abolore are fooling themselves. If Islam mean peace according to you, can you tell Mohammed to give you the type of peace they have in Somalia, Iran, Afganistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, and Sokoto? Arabs are fooling you by calling vampire Mohamed a prophet. How can a man of God encourage his followers to kill and go to paradise? He establishes jihad, or holy war. Is war holy? If Abubakar kills your family is that holy to you? You are fooling yourselves. You better go and worship the true God not arab allah

Re 2 kill in southern kaduna

Be fair to all, when muslims are kills nothing wrong but wen christians are kill the whole world will hear it.

Re 2 kill in southern kaduna

Be fair to all, when muslims are kills nothing wrong but wen christians are kill the whole world will hear it.

oleku-u shall never know peace InshaAllah

oleku or watever your name is.It seems u're an so dumb that i wouldn't want to waste my time lecturing you on your belief(i don't even think you're a christian).For insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH),you shall never know peace inshaAllah for the rest of your miserable life.Amin

SR where do you get your news from?

SR should know the kind of things they post and should know the kind of comments they post (imagine sm1 talking shit abt the prophet) be carefull what you say or else

Re: u are an illeterate

you that is insulting someone do you know what u are saying? sorry i am a christian and i dont know if there is any body called prophet mohammed. is he God sent? if really he is? i would hv read about him in d bible. better repent and accept Jesus or u go to HELL perid. the truth may be biter but must be spoken.

show me a muslim

Well if were u I will not the innocent prophet because in every setting there is a sheep be it islam or christianity. I assume u r are well educated so don't be a party to violence too. I love jesus. As much as u do. Please deceased from insulting muhammad pbuh cos if u do is like u r insulting all the prophets jesus inclusive. One love my friend.

Oleku reasons like a mosquitoe

It's obvious dat u r neither a muslim nor a christian bcos u dnt knw God.Seek for total forgivenes from Allah otherwise, u may go astray for posting insult on islam and rosululahi(may the peace of Allah be upon him),islam means peace,boko haram are going against Allah's will muslims hate them too.But bcos you oleku has a low thinking faculty you've posted rubish.




U are an illeterate even in

U are an illeterate even in the d christian believers, go n asked who is prophet mohammed (Saw) they will tell u! Fool

Suffering from PREMATURE

Suffering from PREMATURE EJACULATION??? Then you have got to visit http://www.stopeja.wapka.mobi

d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ will sleep good.

If u tink d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ won't sleep den sit α̲̅πϑ watch.


If we retaliate it won't b funny.


Since we know the village and we know that local vigilantes are searching for the killers, did the jounalist that filed this story contact the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of that Local Government Area? Did the journalist contact the Local State Security Service (SSS) officer in charge of that Local Government Area? Was it a family dispute? Armed Robbery? Religious crime? Ethinic Crime? When you put stories on a website that can be accessed by reader's from all over the world, you owe the readers that much!!

2 killed in kaduna south.

its high time we think. armed robbry 'boko haram', kidnaping 'bk', bompping 'bk', fire 'bk', killing 'bk'. who are these boko haram? is gov't playing treks?, don't we think is political so that they can justify the huge security vote?

Re: Can Nigeria know peace under GEJ?

How is GEJ to blame for the activities of Boko Haram? A Northern setup formed to promote civil unrest and negatively draw power back to the North. Northerners have had more than enough chances to prove their mettle in governing Nigeria and they have failed woefully. If na like that them wan do am then make Nigeria kuku break up because Nigeria is always stagnant when they are in power. Give GEJ a break, he is not God. If you are looking for who to blame, then blame those Northerners e.g Atiku, NPLF, Adamu Ciroma and his gang, and all the Northern officials they openly endorsed to run for the presidency etc that made statements about forceful takeovers and are secretly sponsoring these attacks just to ridicule the government of a Southern man so they can con their way back into power. Nigeria is tired of Northern rule. Northerner Politicians are a failure to Nigeria. Period. The North should give Nigeria a break, so we can see if other regions can give us something to move us forward.

Show me a muslim, I will show you a vampire...

It's a global fact that any follower of Islam lives on blood. From afghanistan, pakistan, iraq, iran to libya it's all same story. Allah can't survive without blood, more and more of it keeps him going. In islam peace means blood. You wonder why muslims are into rearing of cattles more than any other tribe. It's simply because they are addicted to blood spillage, so when humans are out of their reach they use animals. A true muslim must split blood even if it's of his mum, friends or relatives.

Why did they kill just two in southern kaduna today?. Prophet mohammed (may he rot in Hell) must be furious, he needs more. What do they want him to do with such a small quantity of blood. Please next time use tornados and wipe out the whole of kaduna and the entire desert. That country can never do well so far as muslims are part of it. Let my people go NOW. FOOLS

Oh Biafra; I can see the rising sun!!!

Boko Haram?

I am of the conviction that those perpetrating these violence have GOTTEN NIGERIANS TO THINK AND TALK EXACTLY HOW THEY WANT THEM TO. I think it is time Nigerians come out of their mediocre and guided thinking and start asking real questions such as what is our money being used for?

God dey

dey shall b found by Godz grace n put to d ropes, not long... God has His ways of dealin wit us. no b only boko haram...even boko hagoat go hear am! RIP BRODAS!

Let Reason Lead

The victims of the April Zonkwa masacre are still in resettlement camp not settled, their burn houses are a visitors eyesore in the town of Zonkwa, yet somebody is expecting the killers of those people to sleep? Please let reason lead, and our goverment learn a little about justice, Idont believe this is the work of any Boko haram, rather the result of inaction by Kaduna state government in not reconciling, resettling and reorganising the populace............... Period

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