2015: Ochei’s Endorsement At Ubeku’s Lagos Residence Tears Isoko Leaders Apart

Victor Ochei
By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters has learned of a cold war among political figures of Isoko ethnicity in Delta State over a purported endorsement of Victor Ochei, speaker of the Delta State House of Assembly, for the post of governor come 2015.

Our correspondent reported that the formal introduction and purported endorsement of the speaker took place at the Lagos residence of Abel Ubeku, a prominent Isoko leader and former chief executive of Guinness Nigeria Plc. Mr. Ochei, who is from the northern section of the state, was reportedly presented shortly after a thanksgiving church service by Mr. Ubeku.

Several sources confided in our correspondent that those behind the speaker’s endorsement included the Secretary to Delta State Government (SSG), Samuel Ovuozorie Macaulay, a state lawmaker, Johnson Erijo, and the state commissioner of lands and survey, Patrick Ferife.

SaharaReporters gathered that the endorsement has infuriated other political forces opposed to Mr. Ochei. Among those fighting the speaker’s governorship aspirations are the Delta State representative in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Solomon Ogba, who doubles as the PDP’s state secretary, and a former House of Assembly member, Ross Uredi.

A source who opposes Mr. Ochei said he and others were not given prior warning about the political endorsement of the speaker. “We were ambushed at Chief Ubeku’s house,” said the source, adding that the development was an insult to Isoko people. “Our people have not made their position known on who they plan to support come 2015,” he stated.

“I was there live when the speaker was brought to Chief Abel Ubeku’s residence in Lagos. As I talk to you now there is serious division among the Isoko political leaders following that introduction and endorsement of the speaker, Victor Ochei at Chief Abel Ubeku’s house just this past Sunday. Ubeku had gone to church to thank God for saving his life when he was struck by stroke. After the church service, everybody now trooped to his residence where the speaker was introduced and presented to Ubeku and followed by endorsement. This didn’t go down well with some leaders present at the event because they were not told about the whole thing,” the source disclosed.

The surprise political event at Mr. Ubeku’s residence has reportedly triggered a feud between Mr. Ochei’s supporters and many Isoko indigenes who oppose him. Even so, one of Mr. Ochei’s backers boasted that the speaker’s governorship ambition was unstoppable.

The so-called endorsement might put a wrinkle in the plan by a group called the ‘Anioma Agenda’ to champion a governor from the Anioma area of the state. Alex Onwudiamu, a lawyer and leader of a group pushing for a governor of Anioma extraction, has often stated that his area was capable of coming up with a consensus candidate for the 2015 gubernatorial race.


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I was expecting to read something good coming from a Northernan regarding ethnic rascal devide, but what I saw was a tipical Northern ethnic believe. Each time I go against those that practice ethnicity, I now agree that almost every Northerner dose not believe in one Nigeria as you have shown. Jonathn and his team of animals as you may know inclued the vice-president, speaker of house of rep. senate president and some pdp governors and ministers, pdp chairman all of them are northern animals like you, so crucify them first before Jonathan.

you, victor loser

I am not surprised for your shallow mind. You just said Delta is not developed...and Ochei, Uduaghan and the likes have been the ones ruling. What difference will the Ochei make? None...when Ibori left for Uduaghan..what did we get//////wickedness and evil and stealing and foolish paper and tv propangada.Those that have out-lived their lives should stay away from politics.


First, I'm amazed that our politicians, instead of concentrating in delivering their so called dividends of democrazy sorry democracy to the helpless masses, are already busy campaigning for elective offices in 2013. If I may ask, do they know if they will live to see 2013? Secondly, is it true that there are no Governorship materials in Isoko land? For how long shall we be playing "boy boy" to other ethnic groups who use us as toilet papers and dump us with a few crumbs from their tables? What happened to Prof. Saliba Mukuro's, Navy Capt. John Kpokpogri's, Akporero and others' governorship ambition? Those who want to endorse Ochei can go ahead. They are not representing Isoko nation but themselves. We shall see how their votes will win Isoko for Ochei in 2013 unless they will resort to their usual rigging machine and later go to offer "thanksgiving" to Satan and not the Almighty Creator.

wicked men in delta govt house

the ochei i know is as wicked and greedy as uduagha. they are all birds of a feather, i pity delta state if this man is elected governor come 2015 cos his heart is full of evil, hatred and corruption.

Better than Orubebe

This man is better than Orubebe who wants to come be Governor of Delta State without even doing anything as Minister of Niger Delta.


The Speaker of Delta house will no doubt make a good governor . His simplicity and charisma will bring Deltans home and abroad together for accelerated development of Delta State which is long over due . The Delta State cannot be and Elephant and yet crawls like an ant. Victor Ochei will be transparent and down to earth as he has always being .
Ethnicity is the problem in Nigeria among others which helped put the wrong people at the wrong places and put the right people at the wrong places.


The ethnic rascal and his ethnic gulag must go by 2015. The Dokubo Asara and OPC chief of thugs Federal Republic of vagabonds Fasiki Fredrick will be dealt with before court of law to answer the charges of thuggery and hooliganism. We are waiting for Jonathan and his team of animals to come for campaign. 2015 is their crucifixion year.

RE: See how e be like Thief

See how e be like Thief, this Ochei or whatever they call him. Why is it that PDP only produces crooks to rule Delta? A beg where my bros, A beg give the thing back to Ogboru, after all Ibori and Uduagham don cheat am tire!

Which is the next story from the SS states? Nonsense!

Which is the next story from the SS states? Nonsense!

Pure NONSENSE! ...another case of "junkurukuru" journalism

...If I may ask again, is Sahara Reporters set up to report solely and exclusively on Delta state & the oil producing states? Why is SH interested in who is or who is not nominated for Governor in Delta, PH, Bayelsa etc? Why? The other day it was Bayelsa & the talk about Oruebebe, then the story of Clark's assertion & statement regarding who will be the next Governor of Bayelsa. Shortly after that, it was news on Akwa Ibom - Godswill Akpabio's purported Senatorial seat pursuit. Haba! Sahara Reporters, una no get shame at all? Wont you tell us about Lagos, Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina, Oyo & Zamfara? Or are they NOT important in your equation? Why MUST all your cooked up news be from the United SS&SE republic? Is this why SR was set up? Nonsense!
Sahara Reporters, reporting Delta State & the SS&SE Governors. Spiuuussssshhhhh.....This is pure "junkurukuru" journalism. Long live United oily SS&SE


Naija politics!

Anyway, you are after what comes into your pockets att he end of the day. Stomach politics!

Isoko people should put their

Isoko people should put their weight behind one of their own instead of dissipating energy in controversies. They should stand behind one man against the self interest of the Ijaws who are using all they have to promote Orubebe.


Is this new in Nigeria ? What of immature politicians who assemble politicians in Aso Rock for fear of rejection? Unpopular and God cursed politicians who worship idol and gimmicks who worship money. Corrupt and rascal politicians from the dark corner of evil empire.

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