2015 Presidency: IBB, Abdulsalami, Atiku, Ciroma, Govs Lamido, Aliyu Make Underground Moves  

By SaharaReporters, New York

SaharaReporters can authoritatively report that the jostling for the 2015 presidential election is gathering momentum among numerous Northern politicians.

Our investigations revealed that several political groups have emerged in the North. One is anchored by former military leaders, Generals Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and Abdulsalami Abubakar, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, Adamu Ciroma and a retired university professor and administrator, Ango Abdullahi, the other by Christian elements in the North who are backing a second term for President Goodluck Jonathan.

Both groups have gone underground in order to strategize for the next presidential election.

Members of a political bloc led by the retired generals and Mr. Atiku have held several late-night meetings in Kaduna, Abuja and outside the country.

A competing group, whose top leaders are mostly Christian politicians, is anchored by Jerry Gana, Solomon Lar, andLabaran Maku. The group supports a second term for Mr. Jonathan. 

Apart from the Babangida, Abdulsalami and Atiku axis, another major group sponsored by Governors Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu of Niger State and Sule Lamido of Jigawa State is also working for the realization of a Northern president 2015. Even though this group wants a president of Northern extraction, they have significant differences with the Babangida-Atiku group. 

SaharaReporters learned that both groups have been going around different parts of the North in search of “common ground” to heal frayed relations between Northern Muslims and Christians. 

A prominent Christian leader in the North confirmed to SaharaReporters that moves are being made by the IBB/Abdulsalami/Atiku group “to arrive at a common ground.”

“Yes, IBB has been sending emissaries and they met us and we told them our grievances. He and his group have realized that without the North being united, it will lose relevance in the larger politics of Nigeria. And it is better they try now to forge unity first or else they will lose bearing as it is with the North now.”

The source added that prominent Muslim politicians in the North have been trying to woe the Christian leaders to work for a united front.

He disclosed, however, that many Christian political figures are skeptical because of the spate of attacks against Christians and churches in the North.

“Many of us [Christians] feel it will be difficult to convince Christian voters in the North to follow their [Northern Muslim] line ahead of 2015.”

The source added: “They saw how division of the North along Christian-Muslim line helped President Jonathan to win in 2011. If the trend with the Boko Haram continues, the same thing will happen in 2015. It is very clear that the Christian North will notjust trust reconciliation on the political altar. Only time will tell.”

An informed Northern political analyst told SaharaReporters that Governors Aliyu and Lamido’s group is made up mainly of elements from the Northern Governors Forum.

“They are seeking, within the ambit of the forum, to extend their political mileage and influence. Some of the elements in the group are suspicious of the Babangida-led group."

“Many Northern governors view Babangida, Atiku and the rest of them as people who scuttled opportunities for economic development, political unity and democracy in the North,” said the analyst.

“That’s why the governors and other younger politicians want to stay ahead of the IBB group’s game,” he added. 

Our source said members of the IBB group also view the Aliyu/Lamido group as mainly mercenaries of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

“Babangida believes somebody like Lamido and a lot of Northern governors are stooges who act out the whims and caprices of Chief Obasanjo,” adding that Mr. Obasanjo “is perceived to be tailoring President Jonathan’s second term bid.”

The source disclosed that the biggest setback for the IBB group was the Boko Haram insurgency which many Christians, “both within the North and outside, view erroneously as a militant group formed to target Christians generally and the Jonathan administration in particular.”

He added, “Many people forget that Boko Haram launched its first major attacks when the late Yar’Adua was in power.”  

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Its jost an hr ago.i reffer to father Mathew Kuka.again.what do we want,as a nation?leadership?or rullership?The two nations that make nigeria,Tow destiny,is working round the clook.on the ,and who,from?SAD,ceacers dead,did not in any way perdoned symber at all.lets toi the Reality by testing our level of committments on our regions,and the natoin.BY Traying the National confrence,in addressing our national issue onece and for all,Why are we runining from the rearlit?Cowards die many times before there death.and The fear of daath is wost than the death it self.for how long would we be waiting?The function of social structuer is to meet the needs of its ppl,anything short of that,charnge,what is now is PRI-DIGMEsheeft.solution.

What of Northern Christians.

What of Northern Christians. When will Moslim North back them to be President.

Watch your tongue

Naija can't be separate like this. The holy God is ALLAH who create u & I, and HE is the lord of Jesus and that of MUHAMMAD peace be upon them.

Oga GEJ use the power of

Oga GEJ use the power of incumbency in provide devidents of democracy to those who voted you into power in order to silence your oponents whoever they are.DO NOT GET DISTRACTED PLS.

Re: Time will tell

@Ben: "...if they must know religion as said will surely play." so thank you for reminding the Northern States that helped GEJ to secure the 25% (allocated) votes he needed to avoid a re-run election in 2011, I mean states like Katsina et.al
In 2015 we will see who will repeat the suicidal mission of agreeing to facilitate fresh air or is it polluted air?
The insult on our leaders is as a result of the part or role they played in short-changing their people...they can see the effect of greed.

RE: North and Presidency 2

... I will implore you to make aright by using your influence among your group. You have done it before but now it is going to be for our collective good, please. I am tired of being a laughing stock, even though, we are seeing the effects of the promised fresh air {MEND/BOKO HARAM-MAIN/BOKO HARAM-GOVERNMENT/BOKO HARAM-CRIMINALS/BOKO HARAM-CHRISTIANS(COCIN CHURCH BOMBERS)ETC}.

RE: North and Presidency 1

"...shall vote for a President with private sector background."Yes you will vote for people like Ibori et.al or you continue with your Fresh Air come 2015
If Nigerians have confidence in this democratic dispensation how can 22million (allocated)votes give one presidency of over 150million Nigerians? The votes drops drastically when state governors are selected with less than a million (300,000 to 500,000 allocated) votes?
A greater part of Nigerians have lost hope in this system of wasting peoples' time...lately, I am one of them.
IBB and Co you have seen what you brought upon us (Obasanjo/Jonathan) for your hidden gain...

please for no reason what so

please for no reason what so ever should gej come back to power, the guy is a failure now and he will always be a failure. my opinon shikena!!!


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you just spoke my mind. good write up.

Good leaders Bad leaders

Goodluck Jonathan's second term would be determined by his first term performance.
I am very disappointed with the way politicians are politicising the peace, unity and progress of Nigeria. What is in the Presidency that Nigerians want to kill themselves for? If Nigeria is truly a fair country, after Jonathan's Presidency it is the turn of Ohan'neze Ndi Igbo.
The North has had more than enough share of the presidency. 33 years out of 51 years of Nigeria existence is not a fair politic. If anyone must rule Nigeria from the North, he or she must be the candidate that all Nigerians must accept. Past leaders with bad records should not stain would be candidates with their bad records.
Nigeria deserves better leaders than what she has got so far. We are not fools and we do not intended to be ruled by fools again. God save Nigeria.

2015 Presidecial race

As if we dont know. This so called leaders only beleve in them selves. if not, what will IBB and his likes offer Nigerians? Havent they done enough darmage to thi country?ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

Bigger Picture

Boko Haram sponsors's convention. What we really need to Nigeria today is a national sovereignty conference or separation, IBB, Atiku and co. can continue to fool their people, steal their money and destroy their economy. For starter, any people that believe in different God's believe in different punishments. These power hungry illiterates can not continue to chart the course of the country, or the next 50 years will just be like the past. Atiku is the most corrupt man ever in Nigeria, closely followed by Obasanjo and IBB. We should not allow the future of the next generation of Nigerians to be stolen again by these usual suspects with hungry numbered bank accounts.

Northern Politics.

The North has been pushed aside since and it is difficult for us ( the north) to come togrther as a political group to depend the interest of the north, unless we agree to rotate power between the muslim and christian northerners to run reginal party to abundant PDP.

Are these old cargo still relevant?

After failing in their northern consensus candidate misadventure last time, one would think these expired OLD men will have learnt their lesson nd left the stage for the younger generation. But no, the lure of Lucre is too tempting....yet they have already amassed enuf loot for their burial expenses even up till their 50th memorials to be celebrated by their great grandchildren.
When will these old men grow up and be responsible and honorable, even close to the grave, still no change?


Am very happy that those who thought they were born to rule are beginning to realize that it is not true ! If it is the turn of the North to produce the President in 2015, we will choose that Northerner. No religious bigot will rule this country again. It will also be time for the Northern Mohammedans to prove to the Northern Christians that they too are northerners as well. We shall vote for a President with private sector background. All the Northern governors and the Abia State governor are failures because they were all civil servants ! They cannot manage money. Imagine wasting money on endless pilgrimages to Mecca when you have numerous challenges facing you. Too bad.


The real problem we are facing in Nigeria presently is corruption and anybody or group of people that has solution to this problems should come out and such will get the support of people like me irrespective of religion or tribe. Boko Harams are not true muslims. I am a christian mind you.


Ur father is the most pooliest person in nigeria so far, u better mind ur words.

Northern Leaders

It is very unfortunate that we don't have a true representative of the North, they use the name of the North to gain their personal benefits and forget about the North. They have all ruled and we all know what a human being they are. They are the cause of the main problems today in Nigeria.

Time will tell

This same old fools making move again...I think it is better they rectify the problems of BokoHaram,poverty,Almajiri,distroyed industry's and jobless youth in the north now before thinking of 2015.. Time will only tell if they will all leave to see 2015 and if they must know religion as said will surely play so its better they tackle BokoHaram after all when all this old fools were in power what did they do for their region...


We need a true Nigerian as the president of Nigeria.We have very good Nigerians who have the interest of Nigeria, such as Col Umar, Rev. Kukar, El-Rufai and host of others who think Nigeria and North.The Nigerian problem became complicated since the annulment of June 12 and meddling politics with religion with governance espeling with the intention to smuggle Nigeria into OIC. And any products of such persons cannot unite this country. Those who have misled Nigeria and the north cannot claim to love Nigerians and Northerners.
My prayer is that God should give us a true and selfless Nigerian that can led Nigeria and Nigerians to prosperity.

Every Thing is settled with woman.

Jesus Christ came in the Garden of Eden as the Serpent who gave the woman the desirer of her heart, because the woman wants ever lasting life for herself and her children, but her desirer turned to become death. In 21st Century Christ returned as Serpent of Last Salvation to fulfilled the will of the woman with sacrifice of the Father. Therefore all churches, Muslims and Governments must give women chance to be their head for them to see peace. Nigeria, USA, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Russia and all major countries must have women president.

You ve said it all

You ve said it all


Muslim north has nail the final coffin of a united north. BOKO haram was a wrong move. Christian north are still counting looses and are bleeding. Only Muslims will vote atiku/IBB candidate. When you choose to attack us and our churches did you consider that we were fellow northerner?


They are going to fail. Instead of them to prepare to celebrate Islamic Republic of Arewa, they are thinking about looting Nigeria dry. This time they will know the difference between living God and mohammed allah.These animal parasites have killed thousands of Christian, and they are thinking of ruling Nigeria again.If an armed rubber happens to come from the south as a president, he will still be better than them. Mohammed only gives them animal brain to operate. They cannot rule Nigeria again. It is better for them to have their own republic.

Why wld anyone be talking of 2015 when d country is upside down

Nigeria politicians are very sick thieves, all they think about is looting and looting 2015 is 3yrs away for God sake, why not worry about corruption thats killing everybody even more than boko haram daily.

@A O. You be mumu, what has gej done so far that benefit us?

The bottomline is we have no one to rule us among all this people including Tinubu they are all corrupt to the teeth.
Maybe we should start looking for credible nigerians to form a new party atleast there is time to do so, stop this nonsense about north,east,west south rubbish that got us in this mess in the first place, corruption is now free for all under our mumu president from south not only bh problem.Do not be decieved boko haram is known to pdp anyway, and stop rubbish about serving a living god you probably have done evil stuffs today as nigerian way, serving god by mouth keep it to yourself.


The north has to get rid of old rubbish if they want to be relevant in Nigerian politics.They must start thinking Col.Umar,Ribadu,or even Sanusi.
Those old cargo thieving ex-Generals should be on trial for failing thier people not representing them.

Presidency 2015

The North should as a matter of fact stop any form of campaighn for 2015 presidency but concentrate on wooing the 9hristians all over the country for national integration. As at to no right minded christian would cast his vote to any muslim. The heart of the christians all over the country are wounded and it will take time to heal. Nigerians are comfortable with GEJ atleast to stablise the polity. The niger delta militants are warming to resume operation and Nigerians knew that it would not be in the best interest of the country to move power to the north

rule ko rule ni!

These bonobos just don't get it. Again for you malos to write down 'No mallam will ever rule nigeria again'. Most southerner and middlebelters will rather dwell in their necessities than accept an aboki as ruler and if you think you're the only ones that can throw bombs, just try bring your madness over the niger then you will be taught a bitter lesson. The only place you will ever rule again will be your arewa malu republic. Stupid animals.

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