Abducted US Nationals Released By Kidnappers

By SaharaReporters, New York

Two American citizens abducted off the Nigerian coast last month from a vessel working for Chevron have been released, according to the U.S. embassy in Abuja on Friday.

A Nigerian security source reveled that a Mexican citizen abducted at the same time was also released. The embassy gave no further details about how they were freed but the sources said the kidnappers demanded for ransom to release the expats.

Eight Niger Delta pirates boarded the oil supply vessel contracted to the U.S. energy giant on Nov. 17 taking three workers hostage.

Attacks on ships off the Nigerian coast have assumed alarming proportions threatening the delicate peace brokered by late President Musa Yar’ Adua.

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cursd b anyman n genratn of any person who whil ocupyin any public ofice in Naija 4 any public gud converts 2 his own personal benefit or appropriates 2 his private use or misappropriates any funds property goods privileges meant 4 d public or 4 some oda group or segment of d public. May cursd b any hands which steal frm public purs May cursd b any family which converts public benefits for personal use May cursd b any land or prprty acquird thru fraud or corruption May cursd b any hom which has stolen frm public offics n neglectd public woes May cursd b all corrupt leaders n their supporters May cursd b accessories 2 corruption May cursd b all instigators of violence in Naija May evil b d pillows upon which they sleep at nite May anguish rock their bossoms May disgrace sleep at their gates May murning grace their mornings May tears fill their thirsts May they grind their teeth to feel their bellies May Nigeria live long May the righteous cherish peace all their lives

Agbero Collection at Omagwa Int'l Airport, PH

It's been on for some months now and no one care to explain to us. Anytime you are flying out of Port Harcourt International Airport (Omagwa) you are forced to pay N1000 (One thousand naira) cash. The questions are:
1.where does the money go.
2.why are passengers not paying when flying from other airports.
3. why cash collection as if we are at ojota park.
4. If it is a genuine collection why not include it in the ticket fare.

Please investigate because no special service is rendered and some capitalists are just making millions daily for doing nothing.

Expats embarasses us that this can only happen in Nigeria and it is not good for NIgeria image.

God bless Nigeria, God bless SR

President save us from our ambassadors

Please Mr President and Mr Foreign Affairs Minister,Please also find out why our ambassadors in europe and america are slashing the salaries of their local workers? That the order was given by the president. The y may deny it like in Malaysia but its the truth. Since the staff have been sworn to an oath of secrecy. The PS ministry of foreign affairs is hand in gloves with these criminals posted as ambassadors --he collects returns from them-so cannot talk--remove him and his minister and all will be well in malaysia and europe

Resource Control or u let my people go period-

The war in the Niger Delta, is about oil-sweet crude oil! That is what the struggle in the south south is about-and what led the americans, french and the brits to invade Libya and Iraq, to murder Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Boko Haram is fighting a religious war-an Islamic battle-based on the teachings in the holy Koran. Ours is economic struggle-the total control of our oil resources! So hostages must be taken not murdered in cold blood to drive home our point and for parasites like boko haram, to look inwards and not depend on the resources of the niger delta for their unkeep every month-Happily we dont rely on mobile phones to lure ppl into our shrines-on behalf of boko haram-ours is neat and to the point-resource control



dem get choice??

well, na so e be for here. dem no get choice now. since the govment no fit arrange them well enough to help dem replenish the damage weh oil spilage de do their place. how dem for do? Kidnap oyibo our govment go pay

Evil act at Nigeria Embassy in Malaysia by its Deputy High Commi

Please Mr President and Mr Foreign Affairs Minister,Please come to the Aid of your citizen here in Malaysia immediately before the Deputy High Commissioner Nurudeen Babatunde Ayinla(Mr.)kill all of them,can you imagine that this man is working together with Malaysian Police to jail innocent Nigerians that didn't commit any crime, is this why this man is sent here? Please we resident of Malaysia have given this man 14days to make sure those he jailed together with Malaysian Police are release.
Please who shall fight for us is it Mr President,Mr Foreign Affairs or Our Lovely Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Please let the enitre Leaders put hands together and ask Deputy High Commissioner Nurudeen Babatunde Ayinla(Mr.) why is he doing this to our innocent Nigerians and the Ambassador didn't do anything up till now .

what a wonderful way english

what a wonderful way english language can be used to spoil person name. na wa O.if the oppressed are named pirates,wetin make we come call de OGA POLI TRICKIANS DEM ? Dem wey don chop pass greedy goat wey see plstic bag.
never you underestimate the extent of human greed
Dats why rich man head dey big and round like puff puff,damm greedy fools.
i beg people make man go ,i need to go and see one S.S.S. he promise me say he go help me seize one goat for some change.
man must whack too

NIMASA and Piracy

........and that Agency called NIMASA and the incompetent CEO claims that he is fighting piracy and armed robbery in Nigeria with 50 million naira monthyly ! Fraud, fraud, fraud and more fraud !!!!!

America, pls invade and occupy the Niger Delta

So, will the Americans also invade the Niger Delta because of the kidnapping by Niger-Delta criminals as they have reportedly done in the North of Nigeria because of Boko Haram? The USA's kneejerk and unintelligent reaction to every security-related difficulty has meant that their easy resort to crude and forceful tactics only worsens the situation they set out to solve. This is what happens when a nation foresakes its primary responsibility to its people - the offering of a decent living to all and sundry and not just to a few - by engaging in war-mongering and the theft of the wealth of foreign lands as the Americans, the Brits and the recist French are doing today in Africa and the Arab world.

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