Advocates of SNC Bombing Northern Nigeria Not Boko Haram, Says Sheik Gumi

Dr. Ahmad Gumi
By SaharaReporters, New York

Dr. Ahmad Gumi, Saudi Arabia-based Nigerian Islamic scholar and son of late Sheik Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, has blamed the incessant bombings across Northern Nigeria on advocates of a Sovereign National Conference and not Boko Haram, saying “there is more than meets the eye,” according to a source who heard the speech.


The preacher was speaking in Kaduna at a mosque close to the scene where a police bomb expert, Sergeant Sunday Badang, was killed by a bomb a few months ago.


The worshipper, who prayed at the mosque, briefed SaharaReporters in a telephone conversation.


“Malam made it clear that it is not Boko Haram but those calling for Sovereign National Conference that want to justify their argument for splitting Nigeria. That is why, he said, they are gradually grounding the North and reducing it like Somalia and from there they will have their way out. Not that he is saying that there is no Jamaátu Ahlus Sunna, but all [that] these are plots because they have finished Kano, Maiduguri and now Kaduna and there is indication of them attacking Sokoto.”


The cleric, according to him, insisted that it is the people calling for Sovereign National Conference that are killing people under the name of Boko Haram for condemning their actions and other issues bothering on insecurity in Northern Nigeria.


“We believed what Malam is saying because there is no true and genuine Muslim that will be killing and attacking innocent people. Why is it that we didn’t see this in the past, until now? We are certain there is an agenda against us (Northerners) because what is happening and the sophistication suggest that.”


Gumi, it would be recalled, was held by Saudi Arabian security in relation to the Farouk Abdulmutallab’s 2009 attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American airline after, but he was later set free after it could not be proved he had any negative ties with Abdulmutallab.


The preacher, according to our source, is insisting that Nigerian security must be reviewed because there is no way there will be justice given that the National Security Adviser and Mr. Jonathan hail from the same state and ethnicity. 



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gumi is a bastard islamic bllod ltting teacher

the bastard islamic suck blood teacher is a fool. like father like son,don't forget the father was a sislamic fanatic. they hate christians with passion. a christina is ruling today contraray to what the pig said a chistian will not rule nigeria

The ruse called BH attacks

Anyone who doesn't have any iota of doubt that there is more to BH than meets the eye needs serious help.
Anyone who knows the north very well will see a pattern to the rein of terror visited upon the northern part of this country by its enemies.
A systematic attempt to bring the north to its knees is being carried out. First, Yobe and Maiduguri were taken out, two of north's islamic educational hubs. Second, kano was crippled, north's economic powerhouse. Sokoto will be third, the north's political and religous seat of power.

BH has never shied away from claiming responsibility for acts it committed. However, to this day, they have not claimed responsibility for the kano university and yobe market attacks. If it's not BH then who? That's the simple to answer question.

nice speach

God bless u Dr. Ahmad. Christians might not like this speech because of their bad ambition.

what the dr was sayin is

what the dr was sayin is right u know y my brother
if truely they are wot they call them self
they would av bomb prst jonathan home town since they av the ability to penetrate police headqter in abuja.look at their system of operatin and u believe hausa man do that succesful since
pls try 2think about it

Mind your posting....

Mind your posting....

Who is this clown?

This Gumi guy is not to be taken seriously. He is suffering from delusions and hallucinations. He himself has terrorist links so I don't blame him for supporting the book haram madness. That goatee he sports is an indication of his mental state of mind. Idiot! SR pls stop giving this type of mumu any publicity. If he has anything to say let him speak thru Abu qaqa his killer brother. Fool!

Curse are upon u who insults d sheikh

May the curse of God be upon you who insulted the sheikh, may you never live in peace untill eternity. Sheikh may Allah bless u 4 d bold truth

another mallam brainwashing

another mallam brainwashing his congregation with fallacies

Stop lying!!

This stupid islamic teacher is part of the problems of the north! When you tell lies with impunity, then you confuse the people. Anyway, I am not surprised, no good thing can come from the devil - the father of all lies! rot in hell with your lies and your blood-soaked turban!

what an insult to the south-who owns the oil wells in d SS

Late Pa Enahoro who initiated the idea for SNC, did so when OBJ was president-He is late now. The general public has been calling for SNC, none has been able to pursue the idea to its logical conclusion. There is need for a national confab of some sort. We cannot continue to have certain disgruntled elements in the North throw bombs around just because an ijaw man is in power. How many people have been killed since BH started the crisis in Yobe in 2003? Tundemess will come here to say we should vote for Buhari. Rather than have him use this unique opportunity to find solution to the BH crisis he created to scare ppl away from the North, he threatening us with a revolution with the help of bakare. This was after he had urged voters to lynch the electorates-Gumi rubbish is just part of the big lie by the fulanis in the North-the same way abacha blamed NADECO for the bombs buhari assisted him to throw around when he was in PTF

Infact, this is another

Infact, this is another useless, brainless, northern he goat again. This man is just talking rubish. How this man got Doctorate degree? another man animal talking shit. I think southerners its time to leave this alone and just have to break away from them. Too many lies from all these mallam. Now, they start to black mail south now. I blame Jonathan for not doing the right things with all these goat and cow head people.

The biggest lie of the century to sell buhari-

The Edo State PDP chairman called on the police to investigate the information that the driver and owner of the truck involved in the accident with the governor’s convoy were card-carrying members of the ACN, and that the lorry even had Oshiomhole and ACN sticker on it. Orbih said a responsible government would call for detailed investigation and wait for the outcome but that this was not the issue in the present cases, accusing Governor Oshiomhole of influencing police investigation by accusing Chief Tony Anenih and leadership of the PDP in the state. He recalled that when a former chairman of the PDP in the state, Chief Samson Ekhabafe, his son, driver and police orderly died in an auto crash, the party did not accuse anybody, as it took it purely as an accident.

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