Afenifere Blasts Ahmadu Ali For Denigrating Yorubas, Say He Will Not Choose Hero For Them

Ahmadu Ali
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Afenifere group has blasted a former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ahmadu Ali, for denigrating Yorubas.

In a statement signed by its publicity secretary, Yinka Odumakin, the group drew attention to a newspaper report in which Ali said, “…The Yoruba people who are totally ungrateful kind of people in this country… the Yoruba are another character.”

It said that a remark of that nature against a whole people is totally unbecoming of a man who is expected to be cultured, coming as he does from Igala kingdom, which has centuries of civilization behind it.

Afenifere said it would ordinarily have ignored Ali’s vituperations but for the facts that given his profile as a former chairman of the ruling party and a failed aspirant to the chairmanship of its Board of Trustees, the unwary may be tempted to assume that the words he spoke came from a wise man who is highly informed; and that he has touched on a deep cultural value of the Yoruba people on the subject of appreciation.

“The Yoruba people value an appreciative spirit to the point of criminalizing an ungrateful person in the saying “eni ti a se lore ti ko dupe, bi olosa ko ni leru lo ni” (an ingrate person is not different from a thief),” the statement said. “They also link continuous blessings to appreciation of past ones “bi omode ba dupe ore ana, a ri mi gba” (someone who appreciates past blessings would attract new ones).”

On this basis, Afenifere asserted, it is crystal clear that Ali lacks lessons to teach the Yoruba in the art of gratitude and his uncouth remark only portrays him as ill-mannered and foul-mouthed.

"For Ali and those who think like him, Yoruba don’t venerate mere positions but rather leadership through service to the community. This explains why the Yoruba adore Awolowo who contested the highest office in the land three times and lost and resent Ali’s hero who occupied the same office three times!”
"The difference is that as Premier of Western Region, Awo used the resources of the region to banish ignorance through free education, eliminated diseases through free health, introduced television culture to the Yoruba even before France, made Yoruba to aim for the sky by building the 25-storey Cocoa House in Ibadan, among other imperishable.”

The statement noted that in contrast, the years Obasanjo spent as leader of Nigeria institutionalized corruption which deepened poverty for all Nigerians including the Yoruba.

“The poverty index in Nigeria was 45% in 1999 and jumped to 67% in 2007 in spite of unprecedented oil earnings in the same period,” the statement said.  “The culture of begging that was alien in Yorubaland became pronounced under the leadership of the man Ali wants Yoruba to worship.
“In all the 11 years Ali’s god spent as Nigerian’s President, Yoruba can point to nothing in their region that rivals the least of Awo’s achievements. That is why they have no gratitude for such a man positioned to give quality leadership to his country but left it worse that he met it because of personal failings.”

Afenifere called on Ali to feel free to build a shrine for his god in his Igala kingdom but that he would never be the one to choose a hero for the Yoruba.
“And talking of gratitude is there anything the Yoruba owe Ahmadu Ali himself? They remain “grateful” to him in memory of Akintunde Ojo and other promising students who were murdered in cold blood during “Ali Must Go” crisis of 1978, when Ali was Obasanjo’s Education Minister,” the group said.

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Alli, an irridant

Such gutter comment, from a foull-mounthed, washed with water from gutter, shouldn't have been taken seriously. Ali is unknown in his igalla kingdom. Just as his brothers are my labourers in my farms scattered all over yoruba land so is he, Alli, the servant of his yoruba master, OBJ

That someone went to school

That someone went to school in America and married an American wife does not mean he has no mind of his own. On the contrary, a smart, kind, honest person would tell America bad things about America so that America can change. It is only an evil person who will urge America on to do evil deeds. Now switch Ali and Yoruba with America. You are a fool with no brains.

Who is the Ingrate?

Ironically, Ahmadu Ali’s comment is a metaphor for his own behaviour. Here is a man who: received his medical education at the University of Ibadan, cut his professional teeth in Yoruba land and to crown it all married, at least his first Wife, a Yoruba woman. So, who is the ingrate now?

@ tundemash

Hope u've spoken to ur oga @ d top like ur brother on channels tv shows how educated yoruba's are. Ps...this was why it went viral on d web because u yoruba's are loud mouthed ungratefull self decieved most educated

Yoruba = The Evil killing Nigeria

I am yoruba, and I can report here that my people are the evil killing the nation. Ali says one thing; yoruba say the opposite. Obasanjo is at the middle because he is like any typical yoruba - vindictive and without brains

@ tundemash

Yoruba's truely are ungratefull bastards, sorry tundemash i have to agree with Ali here, after feeding ur foolish people all these years with our oil this is d thank u we get that said,come 2015 u and the rest of ur loud mouthed tribe will know how stupid it is to bite d hand that feeds u, it is a shame since Awo ur people don't even seem to know ur left from ur right...most educated people indeed and a militant carpenter like my humble self is more enlightened than worry ur madness go last

Is that the Ali Must Go?

Is that the man called Ali of Ali Must Go?  How foolish can a man be to abuse the people that make the cloth you wear.  Look at the picture, he is decked in Yoruba agbada and cap, yet he abuses Yoruba. Alli has other things that should be of concern to him: His "country" north is under siege and on the road to somalia.  Somebody wiser than him should tell him to deal with that and leave Yoruba alone.


Point of correction, Jonathan has rejected the Yoruba and thrown the Yoruba support for him in their face. What you should realise is that Tinubu never had the clout to influence the Yoruba vote in the Presidential election. Yorubas voted for Jonathan enmasse. Tinubu's blushes were saved by the insinuation that he some how colluded to influence that vote! He did not.

Jonathan's reaction was to marginalize the Yoruba in a manner not seen since Abacha! There will be no more blind support for that man!

In respect of Gani, a formidable social critic does not a viable presidential candidate make. Gani has only been a court room lawyer and a critic. That in and of itself does not equip anybody for the decisions one has to make as head of state. Horses for courses.

@Saspus 2

How you jumped to the conclusion that the Yoruba are the trouble with Nigeria beats me. The Yoruba never embarked on a coup that killed people of all other tribes but their own! The Yoruba don't hold power and place only Yoruba in all positions of power to the exclusion of all other component parts. The Yoruba did not lead a rebellion against its father land or invade the mid west and carry all manner of war crimes.

The igbos were the first terrorists (bombing lagos in the 60's), first ethnic cleansers (coup of 1966), first violent coup executors (coup of 1966)and first rebellious region (secession of 1967), producers of fake drugs (leading to the death of innocent people and the decimation of companies and jobs). These are things that affect the body fabric of the Nigeria nation. Failing to idolise OBJ does not shake the foundation of the Nigerian nation to its core!

@Saspus 1

First off, may be you should read the interview of Ali for context

Secondly, Ali's comments were geared towards the lack of respect given by the Yoruba to OBJ. I see no reason why OBJ will assassinate his pliable AG and leave his over ambitious Vice President scot free!

Ali is 100% correct that the

Ali is 100% correct that the Yoruba man is always an ungrateful buffoon. Look at Obasanjo and how God gave him a second chance in life. What did he do with the second chance? He went about abusing God and killing people. Look at Awolowo. Ojukwu gave him the chance to redeem his people. What did he do? H went about scheming for the blood of the igbos. Look at Adedibu, Oni, Fayose, Saraki, go down the list. They are all ungrateful buffoons who sold their own people for a pot of soup.

Mere reading through Ɣφυr

Mere reading through Ɣφυr response shows that you are that rare specie of human being that are generally tediously dull and unbelievably retarded in reasoning.I can only pity Ɣφυr offspring.they wouldn't be proud of you!think about it fag!

It is disheartened for

It is disheartened for someone of Ahmadu Ali to take a swipe at Yoruba as a whole. Yoruba were not expecting anything special from Obasanjo but for him to be a true nationalist. He may have be lucky to rule Nigeria thrice that does not translate into good governance for the citizens of Nigeria. It is better to know that Yoruba do not expect any thing from Federal government other than fairness, tranparent and justice for all. It is in light of these qualify of service that most Yoruba put there life on the line. Ahmadu Ali has been a sycophant to Obasanjo since his days in the military, no wonder he is running his mouth.

@Seye John

Ali says you are ungrateful. Afenifere says Ali and Obasanjo are murderers. You are here fighting igbos with words.

Even the hausa man knows that you are the problem of Nigeria:

Any time you are ready to fight the igbos, just declare your war against them. I am sure they will handle you in less than two weeks.

Where is Oba of Illorin? Is that not denigration?

When an alien becomes king in Yoruba Illorin since 1779 & the Oba of Illorin abdicated his throne to take cover in the forest, why them blame Ahmadu Ali?
When they killed Thief MKO (He stole my oil money from ITT) & beautiful wife Kudirat, what did the Yoruba do? Shonekan & Segun betrayed the cause.

Is it not from Lagos that the North governed for 39yrs? D yoruba no fit plan half coup not to talk of one full coup. We know hw Diya begged Mustapha while on his knees just bcos he was acused of plotting a coup....Anyway, we know Afenifere will send emmissaries at night to go and beg & prostrate very well. This shout by Afenifere is just ephemeral & it is simply 'shakara'. Mvke una leave blood d thin dey.


The contribution of this nonentity called Inde Aliyu is dripping with stupidity.

Can Inde Aliyu whose stupidity is both hereditary and genetic provide proof of Okorocha prostrating on the floor to have the Lagos State govt. reopen Ladipo market? He has no such proof and is imbecilic enough as not to be able tell the difference between fiction arising from the incoherent mind of the lunatic that he is and fact!

Does the fool, Aliyu Inde remember the Moshood Abiola saga when the Igbos left Lagos enmasse and were begged to come back by the Yorubas? The economic blockade of Aliyu Inde's dream cannot happen because it would hurt the Yorubas more than the Igbos!

On a final note, I know that Aliyu Inde is a ghost and a phantom; a cowardly Yoruba man who is too scared to own up to his views and is hiding behind an adopted and fake Hausa name.


To us the Yorubas OBJ has no place in our hearts and will never be remembered past the minute he lived out his sad life. This man is an evil man who claimed Bola Ige was killed by Drug Barons in his last days at the office amazing facts from your hero Ali. This man is competing with the state building his own schools while destroying state schools. Our hero Awo did not build a single one From primary to Universities,but are named after him. furthermore he build us a solid foundation which there is no comparison with other tribes in Nigeria. For Ibos claim that they are educated is lie they are just errand boys and bow cats for the English in the north, get it, coupled with inservice training monkey fashion.We are just other tribes nightmare.

Emeka's reckless statement.

Your response to the issue at hand should not surprise any right thinking Nigerian. Your people are "Boot Lickers"', political and economic prostitutes who worship anything for the sake of monetary and political gains.

Igala = Yoruba

The last time I heard an Igala man talk, I thought he was Yoruba. Though he was speaking his language, there was no difference with the Yoruba language.


Ali has fainted 200 times since 1978 when he ruthlessly shot protesting students. Away from U.I, I watched as one of the policemen ran hotly after a protesting female student. The woman had to jump down a structure almost 6-feet deep to escape the club-wielding murderous policeman, and disappeared into an office building.
ALI, you have outlived your usefulness! And at your age, you are also full of regrets. You slaughtered your productive time. The potent drugs you injected with the public money were too strong for you then. You brought these on yourself. Do you ever remember Josy Ajiboye's cartoon: No condition is permanent? ALI, you are drowning.....

Another yoruba proverb for alli

nkan ti o fe gba je o le lai lai je ko gbon........and if you make these actions and statements due to canniness and not ignorance...May you never change your ways so that your faith will be sealed in HELL!!!!!!!!

Ahmadu Ali is a big fool and a beast of no gender

Ahmadu Ali is an imbecile and uncultured individual. He is stupid and foolish. He has no gumption. He is just old for nothing. What exactly someone like him has contributed to Nigeria if not corruption. It is only in a country like Nigeria that someone like him could be made Federal Commissioner/Minister of Education three times. What does he know about education? An educated illiterate like him. He can only be around bigger fools like him.

@blackpanther: You deserve pity !


It's typical just like Dumbo Jo PhD (Port harcourt Degree), Oil pollution has caused brain damage at the creeks hence you lack mental capacity to cope with the discourse here.

I will advise you concentrate on the carpentry training of the amnesty programme atleast you have something to fallback upon after 2015 when your animal king will be returned to the Otuoke zoo !

How can common animal called insult the Yorubas

How can common animal called igala (deer) go dey insult the Yorubas? Yoruba una too gentle self. If say na my people this yeye man don insult like this, we for sent some of our youths make dem teach am lesson and make dem close that im yeye mouth for few days.

Na money wey he don thief for dat turuku mouth wey dey ota farm, na im dey make him run im mouth. Small time, im mouth go put am for trouble. Me I don talk my own be dat.

Call urself to order.

What has ths caption got to do with Ibo.Address the issue at stake or u keep ur filthy leprosy hand off the key board.Afenifere responding to Ali accussation n not Ibo fool.If Ladipo is closed, how does it matter to u.If u hav a car u wil belive with me tht u will feel the impact but since u dont hav,do urself a favour n shut d f**K-up.Tribal bigot.

Ali you be correct man. You

Ali you be correct man. You said it all. No more no less. Thank you very very much. Though you forgot to add cowards and not just ungrateful. Daalu rinne!

@Dele Awogbeoba

why are you dragging Ohaneze into your wahala? Please stay on the topic and on the issues raised by Ali and Afenifere. Ali claims that Yoruba people are ungrateful people. Afenifere claims that Ali is a murderer. Afenifere also claimed in the past that Obasanjo is a murderer responsible for the death of Bola Ige and many other Yoruba murdered between 1999 and 2005. You, mr Dele Awogbeoba, claim that Obasanjo neglected Yoruba and did something for all Nigerians, and then you add that Afenifere should learn to secure the interest of Yoruba alone (like the North does). Do you see why Nigeria is dead under Yoruba Obasanjo? Do you see why Ali is right that you are ungrateful? Do you see why you people are confused and ingrate? Do you see why are you are the problem of Nigeria? If Obasanjo helped all Nigerians, then Ali is correct and Afenifere is incorrect. If Ali and Obasanjo are both murderers, do you see why Nigeria was destroyed by both men, Yoruba all?

Who is now the fool? I know

Who is now the fool? I know it is that yanminrin named emeka

Did u not know we had a

Did u not know we had a republic of ogogoro drinkers in Ondo state b4 u voted for obj-soon u will tell us u never did-But what happened to late chief Ganis ambition to rule us? According to Falana Gani died out of frustration over disappiontment he got from Yorubas during the 2003 elections-u know yr leaders but Gani could not win a single seat from his own LGA-that is a MAN who went to jail 31 times yet u people rejected him-it only reminds me of Akintola VRS Awo-debacle-Jonathan will never fail to be grateful to the yorubas though-who rather than come out and back him again, want to throw the baby and the bath water away by emnbracing despots like buhari--I laugh-buhari is anti UPN-remember Pa Ajasin and Tai Solarin--go 4 Jonathan a hard core awoist-if there is any-cheers

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