Aggrieved PDP Governors, Others Outline Grievances Against Jonathan

By SaharaReporters, New York

Seven aggrieved governors who have identified with a splinter faction of the Peoples Democratic Party today outlined their grievances against President Goodluck Jonathan.

In a statement released in Abuja Monday, the governors said they were displeased that Mr. Jonathan had shown no commitment to addressing the issues they raised at past meetings with him. The governors are Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso (Kano), Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto), Chibuike Amaechi (Rivers), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Aliyu Babangida (Niger), Abdulfatai Ahmed (Kwara), and Murtala Nyako (Adamawa).

The statement was signed by the National Publicity Secretary of the new PDP, Chukwuemeka Eze. It disclosed that members of the PDP faction met Sunday night in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and deliberated on issues brought to the president’s attention by the aggrieved governors at two separate meetings they held with Mr. Jonathan.

The statement revealed that some of the aggrieved governors’ demands included “the need to reverse the impunity in Rivers State, where a sitting Governor was suspended from the party against the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the PDP Constitution, and refusing to uphold the result of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum election that saw Governor Amaechi winning 19 to 16 votes against Governor Jang.”

According to Mr. Eze’s statement, the splinter group also demanded the removal of Bamanga Tukur as the party’s national chairman, citing the flawed nature of his election into the post. They also called for an end to what they called “the impunity in Adamawa State,” adding that their demands would put the PDP “in a strong position as a political party but for reasons not too clear to some of us failed to receive the blessing of Mr. President.”

Mr. Eze stated that the faction’s Sunday meeting noted with sadness that, instead of President Jonathan critically examining and acting on some of the issues raised, Mr. Jonathan had looked the other way as members of the new PDP in various states of Nigeria were being persecuted, humiliated through the unfair use of state power, arrested and put into prison as reportedly happened in Bayelsa and Gombe States. He suggested that the acts of intimidation demonstrated a disdain for peace and represented a plot to destroy the party.

Prominent members of the new PDP who attended Sunday’s meeting included Governors Kwankwaso, Wamakko, Nyako, Amaechi, and Lamido. Other participants included former Governors Adamu Aliero (Kebbi State), Bukola Saraki (Kwara State), Danjuma Goje (Gombe State), and Abdullahi Adamu (Nasarawa State). The meeting was also attended by the faction’s national chairman, Abubakar Kawu Baraje; deputy chairman, Sam Sam Jaja, national secretary Olagunsoye Oyinlola, and vice-chairman, North-West, Ibrahim Kazaure, among others.

The governors of Kwara and Niger States sent messages explaining their inability to attend the meeting.

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Let me inform you that the

Let me inform you that the splinter group also insisted the taking away of Bamanga Tukur since the party’s chairman, citing the defective nature of his election into the post.

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Unhelpful posts/comments on PDP crisis

O.K. Seven, or is it seven minus one, governors have an axe to grind with the President. How about Tonye Okio and other critics from the President's own Bayelsa State? How about Okey Ndibe? Are these critics too after the President's job? Why can't we, for once, step down our ethno-religious and partisan political biases and focus on what ails this nation called Nigeria? Even a toddler knows that the country is in a critical state. Yet, instead of facing the issues squarely, we have resorted to mud-slinging. We evade the questions that matter and rain curses and abuses on those who speak truth to power. Ad-hominem is the term used for this poor substitute for reasoned argument. What kind of people are we?

Loser's Klub

They are amazed GEJ has not rolled over yet. Hold your collective breath while you wait for GEJ to accept your demand. Losers!




amaechi is COMPLETELY OUT OF PLACE. he might as well be rolling in those over flowing gowns. I said it over a month ago. the guy has lost a few pounds. probably dosn't sleep at night. living out of his suit case (you can see the crease lines from the folds on his pants and jacket.) going around from one media house to another telling everyone who would listen that 'they' want to kill him. chei! those same abokis will put his skinny neck on the chopping block and slaughter him like a ram. the shelter he is seeking from them will do him in. they cannot protect him. how can you get back the ink spilled in the water? mene tekel urphasin!!! there is still forgiveness. he needs to fly down to Israel and kiss the ring while kneeling down. the die has been cast and for the sake of rightiousness, everybody will play their part until the climax and then...THEN .................


Just read d entire contents of d post & see d illogical ethnic-loaded bias. Politics is not played on d pages of newspaper. It involves serious networking & complex calculations. How did GEJ came to power? Hv these fools forgotten so soon? OBJ's calculation & strong arm tactics brought ill-fitted Yaradua as a dummy on d calculation dt he wont survive d rigors of d office & it worked to d real target which is GEJ in d first place. So if these fools tnk GEJ arrived on account of their sheer crude thuggery & militant rascality then they should be prepared for a big shock bcoz d nation has sinse wised up. Ds drunken fisher man from otueke is a curse on d nation & must b rested for d good of all.. If indeed Ameachi is not a problem to Jonathan why so much persecution just to weaken him?


I thought Amaechi said in the UK that these 7 governors are fighting for the common man on the street? In this agenda and demands where does common man falls in? LIARS

The Tortoise Story

Citizenry response to the act of the proscribed g7 is likened to the story of Tortoise when he went to his In-law house to steal. Market men and women criticized Tortoise on their way to the market in the morning seeing him being tied, and same critics turned to the In-law in the evening on their way back from the market and seeing Tortoise ``still being tied``.

What exactly do the g7 want???
Jonathan scheduled a meeting with them, they said majority has traveled for Hajj, the meeting was re-schedule, they went to NASS on a show of shame. Jonathan is yet to return from Israel, they are meeting that their request(s) has not been met.

They should go to HELL, G.E.J. should fight them to standstill with all that he has, including but not limited to biting.

It is called rofo-rofo fight by Fela Anikulapo Kuti of blessed memory.

thought these G7 fools already joined APC

THESE g7 criminals will never change, let the join  APCand commit suicide BEFORE 2015. I JUST PITY AMAECHI, THESE EWUSA/FOOLANI ILLETRATES WILL HANG HIM SOON.


All the fools in the SE who thought SS will follow them are just day dreaming. Can you all reading what Akpos1 wrote? "....LONG LIVE SS/NIGER DELTA REPUBLIC". Meanwhile some dreamers will begin to say LONG LIVE SS/SE. Ibos better shine your eyes and don't think you will reap were you did not sow.

Progressive 7

Ken,you call them Rebel7,we call them Progressive7;and to hell with you!

Amaechi looked DEHYDRATED in

Amaechi looked DEHYDRATED in this pic... Too much HEAT i guess.. Looking closely at this d pic difference is clear between Amaechi and the rest... Then, i ask, Amaechi why are u there?

The Biggest among the fools

The Biggest among the fools,These are fools among the fools,Vampire,Destroyers

they need amnesty G7

pls Goodluck should pls grant them Amnesty. Becos they domt realy knw wht they want. Governor Aliu has show it real person. Sahara u people are APC..... We can nw see that.

Court and INEC recognised

Court and INEC recognised Tukur PDP. Gov Aliyu of Niger no more in nPDP. Sahara Report, no news on that? SR are you yet to hear that?

Sahara report you are APC

Sahara report you are APC media. You are still yet to report to us on Fed High Court ruling against illegal Baraje faction and still yet to report to us on Gov Babagida Aliyu return to PDP

yeye thieves

I dey laugh ooo

bunch of criminals

bunch of criminals

'Molue Speed'...

I find it baffling that SR which usually serves us HOT gossip straight 4rm GEJ's bedroom @ SUPERSONIC SPEED, now chooses to crawl @ MOLUE PACE! Why is SR suddenly so damn slow in reporting the sudden (re)Deflection of Niger state Guvnr? 'No news is Good News' abi in SR's ojoro reporting style; 'No news is Bad News'?? Haba Jama'a!! My advice to SR to remain neutral in this fight of thieves btwn oPDP & nPDP has fallen on deaf ears.
@Rotimi-Judas-Amaechi d BLACK-SHEEP, u keep distorting the balance of d nPDP guvnrs picture! I suggest u see my tailor 'Dan-Azumi mai Gemu' to arrange a set of babanriga so u can flow with yur 'Regional' party..u r OBVIOUSLY d weakest link!

The underline issue is eluded Presidency from the North

Every Nigerian will be happy to see the PDP destroy themselves for their wrong doings since 1999. The Northern PDP gang up against Jonathan is nothing but about the Presidency that has eluded the North.

The Presidency will not even return to the North until 2039-2047. Moreover, the North is not even ready to rule country until this date. Amaechi should not have offered himself to the North as pawn, in disguise of these grievances.

Official national rotational leadership starts from 2015 and from the Greater South East (SS&SE) as follow;

Greater South East (South South and South East Zones) 2015-2023,

Middle Belt (Current North Central Zone) 2023-2031,

South West Zone, 2031-2039,

North (North West and North East) 2039-2047.

All the APC national convention delegates should note this and nominate their 2015 APC Presidential candidate from Greater South East (SS&SE) for the interest and redemption of Nigeria, as Jonathan and his PDP are not electable.

7 Confused Rams

What is wrong with these 7 rams?When GEJ fixed a meeting to thrash issues with them they all disappeared one by one saying they are going to perform lesser hajj in mecca.Have they now realised their nPDP is illegal and hence between frying pan and fire?Do they not realise that GEJ will never repay Bamangas loyalty with sack and that by jumping ship they shot themselves in the foot.Who will ask these 7 rams to pay more attention to governing their states.As long as a competent court of law has ruled nPDP illegal,any meeting under that guise should be broken up,participants flogged (immunity or no immunity)and jailed.It is time for the rule of law to be adhered to irrespective of power or position.Sahara Reporters,I hope you are not collecting money from these wild animals so as to serve as their mouthpiece because one day it will all be exposed.

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

See the apparent rebellion in their faces. You want to lead yet you don't want to submit to authority. Greed will kill the greedy. Time is running out on you,. You better rush back and reconcile or risk loosing out.. As for 2015, It is already settled, Jonathan will win. The issue is whether those of you rebelling will be able to win the senate seats?

Behold, Judas Iscariot is at the center of the Photo

Behold, Judas Iscariot is at the center of the Photo...

He is playing with fire. I am not too sure if this our present day Iscariot is aware of what happened to the Judas Iscariot of the last millennium. Let him read Revelation 255 vs 355.

Just look at them! Are these the people continent Nigerians rely on to move the continent to the next level.

If one wants to be frank, and we decide to put any of them on the spot and ask him to define democracy & governance in any language, will he pass the test? Judas Iscariot (Rotimi) was Speaker of Rivers house of assembly for 8yrs. What did he do? How much of Odilli's excesses did he spot? Now he's Mr perfect. But continent Nigerians forget too easily.

Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!! Long live the SS/Niger Delta Republic.


Lost respect for this guy. It is so clear that this is about trying to bring North and South problems.


Tell me why should all these northern governors not spend time finding ways to take out their beggars off the streets that looking for power they have misused since independence. Nyako was a millitary Gov with waec in 1977 and still remains the same without self improvement !


Frankly speaking, this Baraje group are just behaving as if they do not have jobs to do in their various states, they should forget all these childish demands and face developmental issues in their states, their plan of humiliating the President has not worked out, so, they should sheath their powerless sword and embrace dialogue.


These are attention seekers. Let's focus on other things...

One moment they are quiet, the next they are noisy, the next they are confused!!!

Please, please, please, lets get a breath of fresh air.


if the president refused to

if the president refused to listen to them it therefore mean that they are reaping what they have sawn


I am surprised they hid the major demand and which is EFCC should not probe their account books. Same way ASUU is busy asking for a better pocket, but they claim they are struggling for a better teaching environs and now again, Rebel Governors saying they are fighting for good democracy for Nigerians. What a scam!

Information is high and at fingertips, no need to be deceitful; they are all fighting to be their own pocket. So why the lies using Nigerians?

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