Akpabio Forces Ibeno Community To Accept Mobil’s “Insulting Relief Material”

By SaharaReporters, New York

Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom this week summoned the paramount traditional ruler of Ibeno community, Effiong Archianga, and the area’s local government chairman, Henry Nko, and ordered them to reverse the community’s decision to reject relief material provided by ExxonMobil.

SaharaReporters gathered that an infuriated Akpabio, who has acquired significant business interests in Mobil’s oil fields in exchange for ‘protecting’ the oil firm, forced the community to accept and distribute the relief material or face his wrath.
The Ibeno community hosts Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN), a subsidiary of ExxonMobil. The community had turned down relief material from the oil firm meant to cushion the effects of the recent oil spill that ravaged the area.
Members of the community were irked by a clause in the firm’s letter accompanying the material. The clause stated that the items did not mean that the oil firm was liable for the spill.
Following Mr. Akpabio’s stern directive, the traditional ruler of Ibeno as well as the area’s council boss immediately complied. They gave directives to their aides to distribute the items to the 26 villages in the Ibeno community.
John Etim, a community leader in the Iwuokpom fishing settlement, said many members of the community were dismayed by the order to accept and distribute items against their wish.
“We returned these things on many grounds, but we learnt that our leaders were forced to accept them by the state government,” said Mr. Etim. He added: “That is our handicap as minorities that provide wealth to the state and country.” The community leader disclosed that his village “received two bags of rice, one quarter bag of rice, six packets of biscuits, 10 pieces of wax cloth, and 48 tins of milk.” He asked, “Given the size of this community where do you start from?”

ExxonMobil provided the relief items following an oil spill on November 9 that devastated the community. One source told SaharaReporters that several thousand barrels of crude oil were discharged into the Atlantic, but that the extent of the spill was grossly under-reported to Nigeria’s oil industry regulators who depend on the operators for data.
The oil firm’s cover-up caused a stir at the National Assembly when an ExxonMobil executive, Mark Ward, appeared last week before the House of Representatives committee on the environment. An embattled Mr. Ward was confronted with testimonies from the host communities contradicting his report of minimal spillage. He had to apologize on live television for the firm’s shortcomings in handling the spill and misinforming the legislature.
Sam Ayadi, chairman of the Akwa Ibom chapter of the Artisan Fishermen Association, told SaharaReporters that the fishermen had nothing to do with the so-called relief material.
“The so-called relief materials sent to the communities had no room to accommodate non-indigenes of the communities who were also affected by the spill. We have indigenes and non-indigenes of Ibeno in our midst. So what happens to non-indigenes when the materials were to be shared amongst the villages?
“Moreover the materials they sent did not include fishing implements and accessories to offer relief for our losses not to talk of the deprivation we have suffered for the past one month since the spill occurred,” said Mr. Ayadi.
Several traditional rulers in the area had mandated the paramount ruler to call Paul Arinze, ExxonMobil’s General Manager in charge of Public and Government Affairs, and express the community’s reservations about the firm’s so-called relief offer. Several of those traditional rulers told SaharaReporters that they were dismayed about the state governor’s pressure on them to accept the firm’s insulting and inadequate provisions.

One angry village leader said that the governor’s use of crude threat and intimidation on the community “has pushed us to the wall.”
“It has become abundantly clear that Akwa Ibom government led by Akpabio has taken sides with the oil company against the oil-bearing communities. Otherwise what is the point of using force and threat to force us to accept a so-called gift?” he said.
“The conspiracy between the government and the management of Mobil against us will not stand and we shall one day take our destinies in our hands. With God on our side, it shall not be long from now,” said the village head. He added: “If they are claiming that they are not liable for the spill, why then are they doing this?”

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Mr.johnson made some realistic statements there! If I we're their community leader, I wld still sue exxonmobil, in addition to accepting their relieve materials, bt it would be soo stupid to sign off the right to sue them. And even if that's the case, individuals should also be encouraged to take up legal actions, as much as posible. We africans should just stop acting like the ignoramous they think we are for god's sake.


I don.t see anything wrong with the letter sent by Mobil. No sane company is going to accept liability in writing without going thru the court system first or getting a commitment from their accusers that they weren't going to be sued later after admitting it. As a company you owe that much to your shareholders. You always want to negotiate from a position of strenght. The good news for Ibeno, accepting the charitable donations from Mobil dosen't mean they can't sue the oil company later on. It is just a charitable donation, nothing more, as long as their so called traaditional rulers didn't sign away their right to sue the oil company. As for Akpabio, he is doing what he thinks is best for his state or is he???? Time will tell.

Akpabio will never...

Godswill Akpabio will NEVER be on the died of his people. NEVER!!

Those of us that knew him in Lagos during his 419 days know what he can do.


Akpabio wants to be President in 2015. He wants to complete Jonathan's second term. He is boasting of building roads. Most of those roads were built by Ogbeha, Nkanga, Akpan Isemin and Obong Attah who did most of what we are seeing today in the state despite the fact that the revenue wasn't much at the time.

He is using the cinema and e-library which he is using in laundering more that N129 Billion as at today through Ben Bruce and Sylvester Okonkwo. He has not told the world how much has accrued to the state since he became governor.
Few months ago he invited our greedy Sultan to Uyo with some Emirs and bribed them so that they make him president.

My Northern brothers and my Yuroba friend are falling over themselves to get to Uyo Government House to get cheap and blood money from this known trickster. . What a shame!

Godswill WILL NEVER say NO to whoever is cheating Akwa Ibom people because of his selfishness. QED!

There is hope.

This folks should meticulously document every state of the spill and the company' response for further action. The Ogoni case in the US supreme court if determined approprietely will be an avenue to hold ExxonMobile to accountable. What is wrong with the Governor that he will accept such meagre items as gift to a community devastated by oil spill. This is wickedness. The masses of the community must stay strong and reject this insult. Its time to drive this company from the community and show the govt. who owns the oil. It must be collective decision and struggle.

The first and last Annang man to rule Akwa ibom

Godswill Akpabio is the worst thing to have happened to the peace-loving people of Akwa Ibom state. He had pronounced that he is the only Annang man that would ever rule Akwa Ibom state. Akpabio, a blood-hound and cultist, believes in raw power. If you argue with him, he would not mind closing the state treasury to finance his band of assasins. After Akpabio, an average Annang man will find Akwa Ibom a discomfort when it comes to governance issues. We are waiting!

ExxonMobil oil spill

Governor Akpabio obviously has a conflict of interest on this issue and should have let the affected community do as it wanted to do. ExxonMobil should pay to cleanup its mess.
After more than 50 years in the oil business, the shame is on Nigeria for not having enough people trained to take over oil fields when these kinds of things happen. Whenever an oil spill happen and the company is does not want to cleanup or is slow to cleanup, then Nigeria should have enough competent people to nationalize the company in the interest of Nigeria.

Hmmmm, the so called Digital

Hmmmm, the so called Digital and all doing Governor..Lets pray he dosent even sell the community out! mschteew..

He Has His Hands In Everything

Godswill Akpabio was born greedy. He will do anything to favour any multi-national company that will agree to pay his price and allow his people to be cheated. The man doesn't know that he will leave this world without all the things he is busy stealing.

He is the last man that will ever think of protecting the interest of the people. He, his wife Unoma and other members of Akpabio's family are deep in the art of stealing the commonwealth of AkwaIbomites.

Godswill Akpabio the Emperor should even be congratulated as he he did not order for the Paramount Ruler and the Chairman of council to be flogged.

Akwa Ibom people have seen hell under Godswill Akpabio's misrule. Our faith is in God that has said in His Holy Book that no evil act will go unpunished!


Godswill Akpabio will do anything to get money. He is very poor in spirit. The sweat and blood of the people of Ibeno will be on his head and that of his family members.

Obasanjo imposed a 419/ Cultis in the person of Godswill (Okeke) Akpabio to be governor of Akwa Ibom State. It is no more news that Godswill's father is an Ibo man from Anambra state. Godswill's mother had four children including himself. And all the four have different fathers.

Godswill is on assignment to AKS. We're thankful to God that every situation has an expiry date.

When his report card will be written and read out, Nigerians will see James Onanife Ibori as a ' saint' compared to Godswill Akpabio.




Should not be forced

Should not be forced.
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I urge MEND to blow up ALL oil installations of ExxonMobil

When we talk tough people say we have started again. Now see Akpabio has sold his soul to the Devil Nigerian country & their agents - exxonmobil.

...What happened to the chiefs in Ogoni land is what will happen to Akpabio. We have said it before that we do not want any American firm in the country of the SS&SE. They are Devils & agents of imperialism.

...for Exxon mobil, the die is cast...after polluting our waters, you send bags of rice & biscuits. May incurable afflictions & death be the lot of every Exxon mobil management staff & Governor Akpabio & family. May their planes & helicopter crash overhead the lion's den. Amen.

I urge MEND to blow up ALL oil installations of ExxonMobil as well as their offices.

How long will my pple continue to feed the North & West at the expense of our environment?

Long live the United States of the SS&SE

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