Akure Prison Break, 170 Inmates Set Free

By SaharaReporters, New York

Over 170 inmates were set free today during a brazen attack on the Olokuta medium security prison in Akure by armed gunmen who set off explosives and broke in shooting sporadically into the air.

The incident happened in the early hours of today.  At least four persons were injured in the gun battle, but nobody was reported to have been killed
Sources at the prison revealed that the bandits were very clear about their mission.   

"They came and were calling the names of people they want to set free,” one of them said.  “There is this particular name from Edo state that they were calling simultaneously. I think he is a prominent criminal in the prison. The name is from the Benin area".

Speaking to reporters shortly after the incident, the Comptroller of Prisons in the state, Tunde Olayiwola, said some of the inmates who escaped during the jail break have been re-arrested.  He confirmed that one officer was seriously injured, and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.  He did not disclose the officer’s name.

Olayiwola said some of his men were on the trail of the escapees, saying that those who were caught were lured through a mobile-talking device as signals were sent out immediately to the police.

Eyitayo Jegede, the Ondo State Attorney General  and Commissioner for Justice after his visit to the scene described it  as pathetic and said the state government would summon the top officials of the prison.

“With what we are seeing here, the state government will look into the incidence and if need be, we will summon all the security chiefs and top prison officers’’.

Also speaking after his visit, the commissioner for police, Patrick Dukumor, described the incident as ‘unfortunate’ and promised that the perpetrator will be brought to book.

“I can assure you that the perpetrator of this incidence will be brought to book and any culprit found behind this will be dealt with severally,” he said.

The Commissioner has already deployed a large detachment of men and two armored personnel carriers to the prison to ensure maximum security in the area.

The police have also dispelled rumours that the attack on the prison was carried out by Boko Haram insurgents. 

Police spokesperson, Wole Ogodo, said that although the information at his disposal was sketchy at press time, the situation has been brought under control, and that the heads of security agencies in the state would soon meet and brainstorm on how to apprehend the sponsors as well as arrest all those who escaped.

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Borrow A Leaf From Osun Defender!

SR, why dont you borrow a leaf fron Osun Defender who publishes my write-up no matter how much I criticize Alhaji Aregbesola? Each time I make a critical comment (especially about APC and Buhari) SR shamefully refuses to publish it.

Just like Sorowe broke off from Elendureports.com to form SR, watch, someone will break off from SR and publish ALL write-ups as they are without bias.

deployment of APC

Why was the Apc not deployed before the jailbreak, knowing fully well that the prison is in an isolated place.



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In Nigeria, things are always under controll after the fact and that is supposed to calm fried nerves down. How about being preemtive.


If it were in the north that this took place the impression would have been Boko Haram but the fact that it happened in the south they concluded is arm bandits. Not all can conclude that there are similar such crimes in the north that claims are made on Boko Haram. Should Boko Haram claim responsibility to this act could they have been believed?

Shoddy Structure Prison.

Very shoddy structure prison and the government expect prisoners to continue to be kept in this type of prison.

The prison building must belong to Bayelsa State

It is Bayelsa State that either owns the Prison building or the building were the attackers slept before & after the operation. Nonsense.

Even the house which the Emir slept before invading Ilorin in 1779 belongs to Bayelsa State. Nonsense.

if you doubt my comments, then ask the Obas of Yoruba land what they think about the attack.

Clearly, Nigeria is not a country but a continent. Break up NOW!!!

Poor Structures Called Nigerian Prisons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the above picture, the damaged building looks like an average regular house in Nigeria.
How do the authority house criminals in this type of poorly constructed/fortified structure.

Our stupid/foolish leaders allows expect magic or God's interventions when they fail woefully to do what's right for the people. Our leaders do watch foreign movies and sees how their prison structures were built and fortified, yet they turn blind eyes to copying the good things they see on movies.

With the lack of proper security/intelligence gathering for the people, how do you now guarantee the safety of lives/properties from these escapees??????????

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