Alleged Independence Day Bombers, Charles Okah And Nwabueze, Complain Of Inhuman Treatment In Kuje Prison

Charles Okah
By SaharaReporters, New York

Charles Okah and Obi Nwabueze, who were arraigned in October 2010 for alleged involvement in last year’s the Independence Day bombing in Abuja, have warned the Comptroller-General of Prisons over the harsh and inhuman treatment they are enduring in Kuje Prisons.

In a petition filed today by Ogbenovo Otemu and Matthew Omonade on behalf of Festus Keyamo Chambers, the lawyers alerted the Comptroller-General of impending legal consequences if he fails or neglects to redress the injustice to their clients in his custody.

The complaint said that that unlike other suspects awaiting trial, Okah and Nwabueze are being kept in solitary confinement. “They are deprived from worshiping God like other inmates in the worship center, they are not allowed to participate in sporting activities and when their wives and relatives visit them, they are not allowed to see them,” the complaint states. 
It also said that Mr. Okah’s wife has on several occasions been humiliated at the prison and prevented from seeing her husband, contrary to the orders of the court that she and other relatives be allowed access to see him.  

Furthermore, when the prison was fumigated last week, specifically on December 8 because a scorpion was found in Okah’s cell, he was made to remain in the cell during the process and fumigated over, while others were allowed out. 

They noted that each time they have complaint about the situation, the officers of Kuje Prisons have always said they are acting on instructions from above.

“We state that our clients are merely accused persons and not convicts, which means, their presumption of innocence guaranteed by the Constitution should be respected,” the petition stated.  “Therefore treating our clients in a manner that suggest that they have been condemned is illegal and unconstitutional.”

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Independence Day Bombers

According to our elder - you are pursuing a thief and the thief complains that a stone hit his head. Is it not the head that is being sought?
Charles okah should appreciate democracy for been allow to talk.

to hell withem

to hell fire with them , what short of treatements the so expect in return to the crime they commited? cut off heads of the those bastards right now

Charles Okah and Nwabueze

Point of correction to the statement '... treating our clients in a manner that suggest that they have been condemned....'. For the benefit of the public and non-legal minds, there is no law that allows for maltreatment of a convict (even with the burden of 'hard labour'), as the submissions of the counsel to the accused would suggest. We expect our prison authorities to act within the bounds of law and the orders of the court and not subject anyone in their custody to extra-judicial suffering.

Charles Okah & Obi Nwabueze are well represented in Malaysia

Gaskiya! Ezeogkwu/Chinenke!! Oloun!!!

Charles Okah and Obi Nwabueze. Una wel don. Una Ndi Igbos' bros & sis dem, wey dey tanda 4 Malaysia dey help una do komit di crime 4 abroad.

6 Ndi Igbos were arrested few days ago for robberry in Malaysia. Good Nigerians in foreign land for criminalities, instead of them to stay in Nija and be operating. All are GEJ's brothers/sisters, a.k.a Biafran fiful, abi okoros, Nna.

I wish to appeal to Nigerian gov't to go and evacuate her criminal citizens, who are robbers, kidnappers, scammers, drug traffikers, overstayers, illegals, but posing as students and business exploits.

It is better, they should come home to join Niger-Deltan Militants, Oodu'a peoples' Congress, Boko Haram etc at home. This will help GEJ in justifying the 25% of 2012 Budget, which he voted for security.

Silently, they're being killed without trial.


They even have the impetus to complain, how about bombing the innocent? is that not inhuman. they should rot in jail... Stupid guys!

nawa for naija ooo

anytym things went wrong reference has always bn made to instruction from above. Is it d instruction from God or wht? It seems dt naija is closer to God or demonstration of sheer wickedness.



Alleged Independence Day Bombers, Charles Okah And Nwabueze, Com

Which Prison? Nigeria abi Ghana? Some of you Liars,sorry,lawyers has no brain,didn't he know that prison is not sweet when he was running up and down with his bombs and killing people? Please talk another thing jare.

Free Charles Okah & Obi Nwabueze NOW

They should release the duo of Charles Okah & Obi Nwabueze wit immediate effect to avoid war because nothing has been done to the senator that suponsored the bombing of the UN house for the sake of peace unity & one Nigeria they should be freed with immediate effect

In as much as I like the rule

In as much as I like the rule of law to prevail, this Henry Okah man and co should know that he and his evil cohorts did not think about humanity when innocent people were blown up into shreds and their families sent into everlasting mourning and regrets. Nah only scorpion you see for cell wey you dey shake, people wey don see youR explosives nko? You will be paid in your own coin.

Charles Okah and Obi Nwabueze can rot in hell for all I care

Imaging this killers complaining of inhuman treatment, wonders would never end.
What about the innocent lives their Independence day bombing killed? what about the shame and embarrassment their action brought on us as a country and citizens? what about the huge cost to repair damages.
Rot in hell Charles Okah and Obi Nwabueze

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