Alleged Linkage Between PDP And African Peoples Congress: CNPP Wants Police Investigation

President Goodluck Jonathan and "APC" promoter and PDP youth activist Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has called on the Inspector General of Police to investigate urgently the alleged linkage between the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the African Peoples Congress, describing it as a matter of urgent national importance.

In a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr Osita Okechukwu, CNPP said such an investigation will save the internal cohesion of the electoral commission, Nigeria’s fledgling democracy and Nigeria itself.

“The division in the country at the moment has created enough fault lines for us to contain, therefore all hands must be on the deck to avert the looming danger inherent in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC’s) dilemma in registration of either All Progressives Congress {APC} or African Peoples Congress that goes with the same acronym,” it said.  
It stressed that the internal cohesion of INEC should be guided jealously for the efficient and effective conduct of transparent, free and fair 2015 general elections as two major political parties—the PDP and APC--will contest for the soul of the country for the first time since the 1999 general elections.

Noting that promoters of the All Progressives Congress have severally pointed accusing fingers in the direction of the PDP as the promoters of African Peoples Congress, CNPP said the police investigation should be conducted right away, as the electoral commission has yet to register either of them, but also to assist the commission to avoid the illegal registration of a political party which is being promoted by another.

Further noting that the PDP has dissociated itself from the African Peoples Congress, CNPP drew attention to the allegation of the All Progressives Congress that the sponsor of the registration exercise, Mr Ikenga Ugochinyere, the acting chairman of African Peoples Congress, Chief Michael O. Ikeagwuonu and a host of others involved in the matter are bona fide members of the PDP.

“In sum, as we approach 2015 general elections, the accusation and counter accusation by the All Progressives Congress {APC} and the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} are not healthy to the internal cohesion of INEC; accordingly the police and indeed other security agencies should step-in and save INEC and our democracy,” CNPP urged.

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@Due - Grow a pair! THE ACT IS NOT A CRIME!

Allow me to also correct your wrong impression and say that I don't stink. I don't do Parties either, but desire a CREDIBLE opposition. The APC (like PDP) has many 'OGA AT THE TOP' people and YESTERDAY men with EXCESS BAGGAGE!

A rider (offered free of charge) to those involved in the merger, they should secure their website or domain name quickly, before they are beaten to that too. This APC imbroglio or debacle reminds me of occurrences in the early days of the internet, when individuals were buying off or registering domain names of big multinational companies in Europe and America, and resold them for fortunes to these companies. NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED! The individuals were simply smart businessmen. It is NOT a CRIME to play a spoiler role or buy a player that Arsenal is interested in!

@Due - Wrong conclussions! Another 'OGA AT THE TOP' talk!

First of all (even though many Nigerians think this is bad grammar), let me correct you there, and say that I don't play ethnicity or the ethnic card or bigotry. Secondly (or second of all), I am not Igbo, but simply a proud Nigerian ( who comes from every part of Nigeria, just as a Brit is from any part of GB).

And thirdly, to correct another wrong conclusion, I don't remember you and I having any discussion about Nzeribe and ABN or the YEAA guy or protagonist (as by that time I had long left Nigeria). I don't remember writing that I support them. You must have dreamt about this or, perhaps, you've been watching too many Nollywood movies!

The only point I made, is about the ILLITERATE call for the POLICE TO INVESTIGATE WHY SOMEONE NAMED THEIR SON, APC, OR REGISTERED HIS BIRTH, BEFORE I DID! OR BEFORE I COULD GET MY ACT TOGETHER! How CRASS and SILLY is that? Please grow a second brain if you can't appraise this!


You are one of the Nigerian's headache. You have just published yourself to be known as an of destruction in Nigeria. Down to PDP demonic agents and its allies like you

Unorganised People

Thats why Igbo will never rule this country.. they are very self-centered and unorganized. PDP paid them just to scuttle other people's effort to sensitize the polluted democracy in Nigeria.

My fear is that this

My fear is that this political crisis caused by PDP and INEC so that PDP will remain power after almost 16 yrs of leadership failure may lead to the collapse of Domocracy in NIgeria. Failure of the first, second and third Republics were caused by acts of desparation and fear of the unknown by the ruling parties then as we are witnessing today. Let somebody tell PDP leadership today that this shenanigan could backfire may lead to unpleasant consequences in NIgeria. History is my witness!

APC dual existence

Investigate what I don't get it,does it mean the IGP has no other job to do in this criminal country? What , let them change their name and register, now they will start wasting time until the period of registration is over.

Ihere Emegbuele Anyi Maka Ndi Ocho Passenger a Like Ikenga

It is a big shame that Ndigbo have been allowing themselves to be used as pot cleaners by a rouge PDP. This latest shame has put so much dent on our integrity. Ihere emegbuele anyi. Kedu udi akpiri ego di otua? Tufiakwa! I am ashamed at the position of some so called Igbos on this forum which seems to support such demaening racketeering as if our people are not capable of more honourable things. This Ikenga fool is like Daniel Kanu of the Abacha years of infamy and will end the way that idiot ended. ndi Igbo, ihea obu ogwu emere eme ka obu aru na ekweghi ngwota. Tufia, tufia, tufiakwa!!!

Fact and reality

Let us face facts with reality.
Is is lawful to campaign as a gubernatorial candidate when party has not conducted primaries?
I think INEC is merciful for not arresting officials of all progressive congress.
They flounted a group that is not known by INEC as a political party.
Nobody questions lawlessness in Nigeria.
Those bomboclap deserves prosecution by INEC.
They should have approached INEC before going public with the name.

@Oleku and OC

Your comments clearly shows that both of you are decendants of those crooked Igbos who sold the birthright of Ndigbo. You did not see anything wrong with Arthur Nzeribe's ABN in 1993, Daniel Kanu's YEAA in 1998, or Ugochinyere Ikenga's APC last week? Then you go about writing trash on this forum calling Osita Okechukwu all sorts of name. Are all of them not Igbos? In your shallow minds, it only good to sabotage democratic and electoral processes because someone is getting paid. And you open your dirty and stinky mouths insulting an honest man who does not buy into the greed of your ancestors. You should be ashamed of yourselves about these crooked Igbo people throwing monkey wrenches into any political arrangement geared towards transforming Nigeria.

Osita and his errand boys dance band of buhari

OSITA--we use to have one kalu who organized the one million man match for late abacha while buhari was with him in aso rock-hope u are not the one-Again- are u telling me buhari was not there when abacha brought musicians from Mali to play for him!? Then came ABN also from the East-now Osita for buhari-tinubu was busy dancing like a man who won mega lottery ticket-instead of registering his party he was busy parting with 10 governors and donating 200m to victims of boko haram crime in the fulani north-and-fighting over logo which he borrowed from mama Awo-now he has been thrown into the lagos lagoon--so had to sponsor articles against Alams-the only governor that ribadu anoda 419ner illegally impeached to pave way for his imprisonment-yet cannot answer a simple question where d remainig 33 governors are-out of which only ibori and alams went to jail-what a shame

THe Indigbo

To all the Indigbos,
They ibos have again started their propaganda campaign again by their children some of whom were not born or were born during and after the civil war, which one can deciffer by their puerile claims. They have started their exageration again! The internet social media is good and it also serves as a powerful medium of misinformation.
What Senator Chukwumerije (Senator) did during the revolution against Babangida's June 12 annulment of the popular mandate given to Abiola and the events that followed, is still very fresh in our memory. I hope the Indigbos are hearing. Many of these propagandists do know what is called war and cannot feel the pains of war, and yet they started the war drums. Beware you young boys of the Ibo extraction.

Osita Okechukwu and 'OGA AT THE TOP' mentality!

All these band of ILLITERATES that make up the CPC and CNPP do not know when to stop. And this Osita Okechukwu just cannot stop being clownish.


Imagine how that sounds. It's a shame that Nigeria has too many of 'OGA AT THE TOP' in positions of leadership and, perhaps, influence. At least, Osita inspires some people, who believe in him, and see him as another 'OGA AT THE TOP'!

Osita Okechukwu and 'OGA AT THE TOP' mentality!

All these band of ILLITERATES that make up the CPC and CNPP do not know when to stop. And this Osita Okechukwu just cannot stop being clownish.


Imagine how that sounds. It's a shame that Nigeria has too many of 'OGA AT THE TOP' in positions of leadership and, perhaps, influence. At least, Osita influences some people, who believe in him, and see him as another 'OGA AT THE TOP'!

PDP and African Peoples Party (APC)

Guys,please stopped using the word alleged in this matter. It has been proven. Moreover, IGP, INEC Chairman, EFCC, AGF are all PDP members. This is why they will not act on the investigation requested by Nigerians. I dare them to challenge me here, or let them go ahead and investigate PDP, and how its officials tried to truncake the political process in Nigeria through manipulating INEC. INEC leadership should be dislodged and tried, alongside PDP leadership, and even the president himself, despite his immunity.

Ndigbo must be careful part 3...

I know Yorubas will always be in denial of collaborating with Hausa-fulanis to massacre Igbos, after the war you seize their money and gave each person that has account 20 Pounds. Today again, Hausa-fulanis have started killing Igbo's in the north and all their businesses destroyed, Yoruba response is to connive with north again through Buhari-Tinubu merger, Fashola responded by closing down Ladipo market to let the Igbos know that they can do it. The warning shot has been fired already, but it left for my fellow Igbos to know that. Igb’s are not threat but Yorubas who has never honoured any of our previous agreement with them. For now, GEJ is our own man that can give us security, and we'll still vote him come 2015. Shikena!

Ndigbo must becareful and not be deceived by SW/north part 2...

What a horrifying comment from Major Benjamin Adekunle; “I don't want see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no pope, no missionary, and no United Nations Delegation. I want to prevent even one Igbo from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Igbo territory, we shoot at everything even a things that don't move.”

Ndigbo should be careful not to repeat the mistake of the 60's..

When Ojukwu released Awolowo from prison, Hausa-fulanis used him to starve and kill over 3 million Ndigbo innocent children and women and later dump him. Abiola is used against Awolowo and successive northern coup; they later annulled his mandate, jailed him and killed him with green tea. Again; Hausa used Idiagbo to hand over power to Buhari who in turn gave it to IBB in a palace coup. During the June 12 crisis, Yorubas Oba's exchanged Abiola mandate with huge sacks of money and sanctioned his perpetual detention.

Igbo's should be careful because this is how it started in the 60's, all our properties was seized and looted, millions where killed in North, Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan, when they see that the Igbo's are fighting back to defend their land, Awo device the idea of using hunger as the best strategy.

Not going to happen!!!

Nigeria Police? To investigate PDP? Dream on! Heaven will fall before this will happen. It's like comparing Jonathan to Pope!! Fish will live on land before this will happen

Good Photo...where is that of Tom Ikimi & Jonathan?

You guys are not serious with this line of reasoning...are you? As you have published photo showing the chairman of African Peoples Congress (APC)- Chief Onyinye Ikeagwuonu with Johnathan as prove of PDP being behind the submission of application for registration of that party; will you balance your report by publishing photos of Chief Tom Ikimi, Rochas Okorocha as well as other former PDP chieftains who are romancing presently with the so called All Progressive Congress! That will prove (based on your papers reasoning)also that PDP is behind the formation of Tom Ikimi's All Progressive Congress? So all these clueless poli(looters) in Nigeria can not deliver any positive thing in that country Nigeria without APC as name of their party? Functioning education of the is not cheap! PDP, APC etc are all the same to me.

But Sahara Reporters, I

But Sahara Reporters, I hardly see any positive news on your site about Nigeria. The very thing we are trying to stop the western media from.
Any westerner who takes your network serious about Nigeria we think we are all barbarians.
Open corruption, I have no problem but say something positive about your land.
Being in the media without objectivity in your report is bad even when I have realised you may get some sponsors from Nigerian opposition. That in it self is not a problem, I know you need sponsors but something positive will make the people you proclaim to fight for survive.....

African Peop. Congress is a Sham!

The mere fact that the party is African Peoples Congress and not Nigerian peoples Congress shows that it is a sham!No serious minded group of people will chose that kind of a name.

Osita I bu kwa ezigbo nwa afo Igbo?! Ndi ofe mmanu ka rapu ta gi

Osita okechukwu the APC stooge is back again from sniffing Tinubu's ass. The prodigal son who has forgotten where he hailed from and now dancing the tunes of the Yorubas. They betrayed your fore-fathers and they will betray you too, no doubts. Same way Awolowo betrayed Ojukwu is same way Tinubu and his tribesmen will betray you. Leopards never changes it's spots.

Rather than Osita calling for the nailing and disowning of Ikenga Ugochinyere, the guy should be congratulated and given a special national portfolio to manage (such as anti-corruption) for being able to expose the research inadequacies of "men of timber and calibre" in APC who failed to follow due process that registration of the party should precede loud speaker broadcasts. The so called messaihs of naija didn't know that you are supposed to register a party before making noise about it. Is this how they want to rule naija. I dey laugh ohh!


IGP must investigate how a political thug used fake INEC form to register his 419 venture in order to cause political disharmony in Nigeria. If it is not investigated then we have to support all the crimes being committed in the country. All useless shouts those paid vagabonds are doing when churches or christians or Moslems or gamblers,etc,are attacked must be overlooked. A situation where government becomes criminal itself must be challenged by citizens. If the government is a cabal of rascals and hoodlums, Nigerians are not. Ever vagabond should go back to his village to exhibit his rascality but not in government. We shall track them down.

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