Amaechi Tenure Ends May 2011, Court Rules

Rotimi Amaechi
By SaharaReporters, New York

A federal high court judge in Abuja, Justice Ibrahim Auta, has ruled that the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, must leave the position of governor next May.

Amaechi was installed by the Supreme Court in October 2007 in a bizarre judgement in which the court stated that he was eligible to be governor having won the party primaries. He was asked to take over from Celestine Omehia as a party candidate.

In explaining the ruling, the Supreme Court stated that it is the party that contests elections and that the PDP won the gubernatorial elections, and that, consequently, Amaechi, being the rightful candidate, should assume power as governor.

That argument used by the Supreme Court was at play today in Justice Auta's court where he ruled that since Amaechi was occupying the PDP slot, he should note that the party's tenure ends on May 29 2011.

Lawyers to Amaechi told Saharareporters that they plan to appeal against the judgement.

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Ignorancy is a sickness.

Ignorancy is a sickness. Kindly re-read your article and see the stuff and argument you are trying to potray. Rivers or anyother state is an element in a nation state called Nigeria. So any contract done by a Nigerian or the best contractor is what praising. Julius Berger is not a Nigerian but he is doing the best of work in Nigeria. Try not to be sectionalist in your thinking and think of Nigeria as a nation state.

per incuriam...

this decision is contrary to sec 180 (2) of the constitution which was used in the case of Peter obi v. INEC & ors. the party seeks for vote but they do not rule a state neither are they sworn into office. once an ellection is concluded, the party constitutionally should be off the pix...

tenure of office

well the supreme court judgement decision can be true when my amiable governor Rt chibuike Ameachi Rotimi has not been sworn-in,so the party issue that wrongly sworn celestine, who wrongly occupie the sit that is mearnt for sound people like chibuike, should be arrested and jailed for.


the same ibrahim auta who sentenced Kne Saro-Wiwa to death on trumped up charges. hmmmmmmmmmmm. Rivers people shine your eyes. they will do anything to keep us quarelling among ourselves

re deri or whatever u call urselfish self

Rivers for Rivers pple shows ur level of rural archaism
u seem to live in pre colonial era when isolated communal existence was envogue. this global village of the new world does not befit you. You penchant for non performing local contractors in the cover of indigenuos ones is sign of ur intimidation by modern standards employed by world class companies executing Amaechi contracts. by the dawn of the mega city GPHC
pple like you should relocate to your village as u go by ur village name for ur village pple only.



Time for the clown called Amaechi to quit the stage.

99.9 percent of the contracts awarded by Okilo, went to the indigenes of the state when he was governor. And they performed wonders. They worked fine. Nserim the goat, who has been working for outside interest, benefitted from it. From road construction to dredging. Awuse among other leading Rivers indigenes, have toiled hard for the state. How do u create a middle class without empowering the indigenes of the state? Rivers people are very hard working. The lazy tag was bestowed onto them by the settlers in 1914.Its time for the vote riggers hired along aba road, stay away from the state. Travel to Bonny, Opobo, Ogoni, and all the Kalabari towns and villages. Go to Ikwerre villages and u will be shocked at what they can produce for the state. Rivers for Rivers indigenes period. That is the problem of the state. They dont elect governors for other states of the federation-why must outsiders dictate the pace of development in that state and the type of governors that should exploit them wealth? While they recruit cultist to create horrifying image of the state for the outside world. There is a world of difference between Shell contract and what the government can do to enrich the financial base of the masses.In Shell they dont have the financial power to execute contracts. So these jobs are re-sold to non indigenes. Same as government sponsored contracts in the Niger Delta. That was why Crystal bank, was chased out. The same goes for All States bank and the plight of the Ibrus in the South South. Happily the case is different in Cross Rivers and Akwa Ibom. They use local sources for their jobs and not outsiders. Hence the progress in that zone.To understand politics in River state or the South South, is to comprehend what Dr. Obi Wali, Dappa Biriye and KenSarowiwa died for in Nigeria. Unto yr tent ooh yee contractors from yonder zone. Amaechi is a clown. He has not the interest of the state at heart. He is a product of the imported Odili cum sekibo dynasty. Cheers and Cheers again until Amaechi is able to transform the trans-amadi he sold to the settlers between now and May, he should quit the stage for the good of the state and her people.

Amaechi Tenure Ends May 2011, Court Rules

Let an election b conducted by morrow, Amaechi will still win but wht exactly are we looking at here! Amaechi has achived within the short period he is inoffice wht many culd not achieve since the creation of the State. The choice is left for the people of the State to decide - is it development and squandermanie of the past that we need? Of course we need development and if that is the cae then we must have to get Aamechi back! That is all.

Amaechi Tenure Ends May 2011, Court Rules

Let an election b conducted by morrow, Amaechi will still win but wht exactly are we looking at here! Amaechi has achived within the short period he is inoffice wht many culd not achieve since the creation of the State. The choice is left for the people of the State to decide - is it development and squandermanie of the past that we need? Of course we need development and if that is the cae then we must have to get Aamechi back! That is all.


May be he(Amaechi) should open is eyes wide open to see that the contracts are not working. He is just hiding in the umbrella of developing the state to loot funds. The projects he has embarked are largely sub-standard or how do you explain a scenario whereby a road project that is ongoing cannot be completed cos previous stages of the construction are already going bad. Are there no supervisors? You need to see things for yourself! Do not be deceived; nothing is working; we cannot be fooled any longer-"a stitch in time saves nine"

may God grant justice Auta

may God grant justice Auta more wisdom and clean mind to keep on making the right judgement. Yes it seems as a simple case but not with corrupt jugdes who's been barsterdized with billion of naira or dollars. Long life with good health and Almighty's protection to you justice Auta.

Who is Amaechi decieving?

When Amaechi first came to power, we all thought that the Messiah of Rivers state had finally come. However we never knew he dines and wines with the number one cultist-Wike who is the chief of staff known to be a heavy duty Ogboni man.
Look at the road contracts. Doesn't he see Igwuruta-Rumukrushi road that he awarded 9 billion naira? How about East-west/ Airport road that they are already patching with concrete? How about Environmaental sanitation? I have lived in phc for years and i can say the city is dirtiest in his regime even with millions wasted on this sector. The painful aspect is that he made us to understand that he took his commissioners to calabar for a retreat because he wanted rivers development to beat that of cross rivers. Calabar has good drainages on all roads because the contracts were awarded to competent contractors.


Rt amaechi is the man, he touch even the smallest community in rivers state i am a withness....good road, stedy light, good schools, good health centers..oh may God bless u my gov..u r the best...


Rt amaechi is the best gov in the country, he is the only r/s gov that has touch even the smallest comunity in the state, im a withness,so if he wants to run for scound and third tenur i am at his back 247...


Please readers lets put this judgement in its right perspective. There are some salient issues that must first be treated now before we are consumed by illogical reasoning.
First, the supreme court judgement that brought Amaechi said in the eyes of the law, it was PDP that contested the election with Amaechi as her candidate having won the primaries.Deducing from this judgement, the Federal high court ruled that Amaechi's tenure should end by May, 2011.The anomalies here are so many if we have to compare with other judgements of court of the land.Gov Ohakim of Imo state contested and won on the platform of PPA but decamped to PDP and still maintained his position. If it was the party that contests election, Ohakim should have been made to vacate the seat since it was the PPA that won the election and not PDP. Same thing applies to Abia, Kebbi and other states.
In the case of Gov.Obi, the Supreme court ruled that the tenure of a sitting Gov starts from the day he was sworn in.Amaechi was sworn in in Oct, 2007 and should vacate his position same time 2011.
Asking Amaechi to vacate his position by May,2011 is giving credence to the supreme court judgement that it is the party that conducts election.Then why deny PPA and ANPP their property which some governors are still holding having decamped to another party.
This whole mess is originating from that supreme court 'landmark' judgement that made Amaechi governor instead of asking for a fresh election.
However, if it was Amaechi that stage managed this whole judgement to ensure he enjoys the 'carry go" President Jonathan has offered all PDP Governors as to gain support for his presidential election as he(Amaechi) is not sure of the president's support come Oct 2011, the court should at least be spared of this embarrassment. We are waiting for Amaechi's appeal if it will ever come.

The Judge Erred

Is this the same Justice Auta who has delivered several controversial judgements including that of the Ogoni 9?
Anyway, even if a party contests election, it is an individual within the party that carries the flag. The emergence of a party flag bearer has a process. If a substitution occurs after the fact of the process then it becomes contentious. This was the case of Amaechi vs Omehia. Whereas a party contests an election, tenure belongs to an individual. Where an election outcome is contested, and the incumbent removed, it is elementary that the tenure of the victor begins from when he takes the oath of office. Since Omehia is not the same person as Amaechi, and Amaechi did not take oath twice, and Auta did not rule that all the official actions of Omehia as governor were null and void, then it is clear Amaechi tenure cannnot include that of Omehia.

Who is afraid of Amaechi's Government

Golden fihes do not hide. The ray of the Sun cannot be hindered. So the works and policies of Governor Ameachi cannot hide itself. Those who are desparate in seeing Rivers State Money shared to a few individuals, those who enjoy seeing criminals destroy innocent lives and properties, those who believe in :Carry go", those who do not wnat the prosperity and progress of Rivers State, those who are afraid to appreciate and acknowledge the developmental stride of Governor Amaechi should know that no man, no matter how highly and lowly placed can fight the finger of God. Governor Amaechi is a product of Justice and the rule of law. Above all, is a product of divine mandate. I am not a politician. i call a spade, a spade not a working implement. All efforts to kill him, all efforts to remove him through any lawful and unlawful means failed. What does that potray to any reasonable person with a sound mind? Anyone who does not recognize the strenght of a moving train, stands the risk of being crushed by that same train. So also, any man who does not recognize the move of God stands the risk of being crushed by God. Ask Samballat and Tobia, ask Dothan, Abiram and their cohorts. Ask King Saul. Also ask Ananais and Saphira. He who has an ear to hear, let him/her hear.

RE: Tedosky

I don't need to take a trip to Rivers State as I reside in Rivers State already.Please could you let Nigerians know the achievements so far of Gov. Rotimi pls.


I agree with you in some point. Afterall, he who wears the shoe knows where it itches. Nevertheless, if awarding project contract to indigenes of Rivers State is what will make him a good administrator, then I object with you. It is pathetic that some Rivers People now see contract as a means of benefiting from Rivers State cake and when this offer is granted to them, they do shabby job and use the money for buildings and jeeps. Have you been to Nkpo Daya community along Aker Road? The road project was giving to their community leader' son by an oil servicing company operating within the community. What was the result? He graded the road quite well, bought some latest jeeps and built some fine houses at the detriment of his people.

What about Ada George road, Ikwerre Road Flyover?

Be objective pls!


Excuse me Calabar Boy, could you please list some of these achievements of Rotimi Amaechi for Nigerians to see? Oh, maybe be stopped Okada and made you a mass transit bus driver (Skye Bank bus). Do you have roads in Port Harcourt? Port Harcourt residents applauded Amaechi during his demolition exercise area thinking he has the mind of giving them road which never materialised. If you know Ikwerre Road very well, come to Wimpey Junction and tell see for yourself if Rivers State Chief of Staff' fathers house fence didn't fall within demolition line. Other structures in thesame distance to the main road with this C of S structure were demolished but....

I await your response... convince us pls.


Hello Briggs, I was once an ardent admirer of Gov. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi but any longer. I earlier believed Amaechi will achieve due to the fact that he didn't come into power through god - fatherism (my own assertion)but that has not been the case. Rivers State people are not as well helping matters. The only good roads in Rivers State are within the seat of leadership area... How long will it take a sane company to complete the Ikwerre Rd/Agip Roundabout Fly over? How long can it take a serious governor to complete Ada George Road?

Am not from Rivers State but I advice you visit Lagos State and see what governance is supposed to be like.


The people are all thieves!!

It's really shocking but not a bid of surprising to see people exalting Governor Amaechi for job well done in Rivers state, but then you have this feeling that most of the people are either the same set of people praising their own or blind and deaf from the world around them. Most of us are in a way lsot touch with government at work for its people.
The fact that majority of the people had lost touch with what development really mean, the fact that they've witness not once and not twice the worst than what they are seeing so they must be contend with anything different and consider it improvment when actually there's no improvement whatsoever but the same set of people riding the people blind.
This is what i would ask these praisers to do before they start praising to at least show we're having conversation with informed people. That they use few minutes to find out how much are coming into the state coffer from either allocation or from any other source at the end of every period and how much are been dispense on seeable projects that are authentic and not those ones circulates on papers because this thievery is too much before God.
The amount of money coming into these states when compared with the level of development these people are bragging about can make God shed tears. These thieves are actually doing nothing but busy inventing new ways to deceive the people and no doubt these our people are very good to decieve because of unbearable conditions that we have to face. They can can choose to do things differently because of their experience but the true remains that they are all the same and within themselves they know it.

Double Speak eh?

Am I missing something here? If the Supreme Court's pronouncement that it is the party that contested and won the election is at play here, how come the same Supreme Court allowed some governors to defect to pdp and continue to perform without relinquishing the mandate to the party that contested and won the election. Is this not a case of double speak? Someone please help me before I lose my marbles.

What a shame to Justice

What a shame to Justice Ibrahim Auta. How much did Amaechi give to him to grant this arrangee judgment over night. Is the court saying that Amaechi has taken oath twice ie in may 2007 and in october 2007. If he has taken oath twice, then what it means is that constitutionally, he cannot be qualified to contest election into the office of governor because he cannot take oath three times. What is Amaechi afraid of by refusing to allow his election come in june 2011. He is afraid of free and fair elections. he wants to rig the elections of April, 2011


A sound judgement! Kudos to this judge.

This judgement is very much

This judgement is very much in agreement with both the supreme court ruling and that of Peter Obi. The relevant issue is that a party contests an election and their representative in this case the governor is the person sworn in to actualise the electoral victory. As such, both the winning and swearing in are as as good as properties of the party. So a tenure starts from whenever the party wins which is when its candidate is first sworn in. Where another candidate of the same party is brought in to finish the same mandate, the swearing in only ratifies the name/person change and not the mandate. So Amechi's swearing in does not mean the start of PDP's mandate whereas in the case of Peter Obi, his swearing in was actually the start of APGA's mandate. QED!
Thank you judge and all for a very quick and straight forward dispensation of justice. More of such is needed.

Kangaroo trial masterminded

Kangaroo trial masterminded by Amaechi to secure an advantage against possible Jonathan attack on him. Why did the case go to Abuja when the person who went to court is the Rivers State Legal Adviser of PDP and he is based in Port Harcourt where there is a federal high Court. Who gave him (a poor lawyer in PH)the money to hire a SAN Mr Rikky Tarfa? So it means that PDP is fighting against itself? Its not possible Justice Auta has taken money from Amaechi and allowed the judiciary to kiss the ground again. let the NJC investigate the role of Justice Auta in this case. Rigging of elections will not stand in Nigeria again if Jonathan is to be serious with INEC. This is what Amaechi wants to do. he wants to use the name of Jonathan to rig elections in Rivers State that is why he wants his own election to run concurrently with others. He is panicking.

wait and c

Wether Amaechi planned the judgement or not, the fact remains that he has done what no Governor has ever done in Rivers state.
Autin Opara- Haram
ABIYE Sekibo--Haram
Come to Rivers state let us c u. dont stay in Abuja and talk. Come and let your body carcas be given to the vultures to eat

Readers please don't be

Readers please don't be deceived. I sympathise with you. Sahara reporters is even part of this charade and fraud. Rotimi Amaechi arranged for this case, he got and paid the Plaintiff, he paid for the lawyers who stood for all the parties, he paid even INEC and PDP lawyers and also bribed the judge. The reason why he did it is because he does not trust Jonathan to give him ticket after Jonathan had become President in 2011. Therefore Rotimi prefers that his own election should come at the same time that other governors' elections are coming up. That way, he will also reap from the general endorsement of the governors by Jonathan as a condition for them to support Jonathan in the PDP presidential primaries. Next is that if Rotimi Amaechi runs the election alone in June, 2011 he will not be able to rig his way back into office as the attention of the whole nation and the police as well as election observers will focus in the state.

This is the reason why a case that was filed only a week ago is being heard and ruling concluded today. This speed is remarkable in the history of the judiciary in Nigeria. Finally, if Rotimi did not originate and bankroll the case, why did Rotimi Amaechi not challenge the powers of the court to hear a case against a governor who has immunity against all proceedings? Knowing how he behaves, does Rotimi Amaechi look like some one who will just allow a judgment to be given against him so cheaply?

Rotimi is afraid of the swelling rank of the opposition against him in the state and wants to reap from the usual "carry-go" election by running his own race at the same time that the President's election will be coming up. The talk about free and fair election in Rivers State will never work with the likes of Rotimi Amaechi in power. Please mark these my words which are solemn.

Amaechi and Odili are a curse to the rivers people.

Its good riddance to bad rubbish to the latest (ghana must go bag) in Rivers State, by extension the Niger Delta in May 2011. A great lesson to all those who are oportuned to come to power through the grace of the Holy Spirit. Only for them to abuse, humilate and drown the spirt of the masses, they are supposed to rule into the pool of their evil masters blood. Rather than empower the masses, by creating a sound middle class through the award of contracts to indigenes, he sold his soul to the satanic forces that assassinated Dr. OBI WALI.If and only if, Amaechi had allowed the spirit of Senator Obi Wali, Chief Dappa Biriye and Ken SaroWiwa control his actions, he would have been honored as the saviour of the peoples power.. Amaechi has stolen enough money. It may last him for the next 50yrs. No sweat. Let him get the hell out of the Rivers State government house, which he like Odili, turned into an Okija shrine. Where his thieving cronies initiate ideas on how to torment citizens of the most peaceful states in Nigeria few some years ago. Odili and Amaechi, are the vagabonds who transformed the state into a living hell for Rivers people. He will go, the same way he came through the courts.But the waterside homes and people he wanted demolished and destroyed from the surface of the earth, will remain to baptize his children with his evil deeds. He will import voters from yonder states no doubt about that, to rig elections for him-but he will fail. Time for him go join IBB and Atiku in their abrakadabra presidential race in Abuja.What a great udgement!

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