Another Pension Fund Thief, Uzoma Attang, Desperately Moves To Avert Justice

Mrs. Uzoma Cyril Attang-Director of Finance and Accounts. Ministry of Interior

A serving Director of Finance and Accounts at Nigeria's Ministry of the Interior, Mrs. Uzoma Cyril Attang, has landed her in court amongst her peers who allegedly looted over N39 billion from the Police Pension Office, Abuja.

The unprecedented development followed consistent pressure on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB).

But there seems to be no certainty justice will ever be done.  

Mrs. Attang was an Assistant Director at the Police Pension Office between 2005 and 2008 but was removed from that office in late 2008 while Esai Dangabar and Atiku Abubakar Kigo were posted to that office.

In March 2012, the first 16-count charge was filed by the EFCC against officials of the Police Pension Office in which the commission alleged that the officials looted about N39 billion from the pension fund, but Mrs. Attang was conspicuously missing from the line-up of persons accused of the rime.

Before that March 2012 charge was filed, Mrs. Attang had been having a running battle with a whistleblower, Mr. Chukwuemeka Aniagor, with whom she was reported to have enjoyed a previous business relationship.  He, however, blew the whistle on her numerous properties acquired while in Police Pensions.  Both parties then resorted to the courts where they traded blames and claims.

Soon after the bubble burst at Police Pensions, Mr. Aniagor approached investigators with records of properties owned by Mrs. Attang in Abuja and Lekki, a high brow area in Lagos state.

Mr. Aniagor's efforts towards getting Mr.. Attang to give account of her service while in Police Pensions suffered a series of setbacks as he was subsequently arrested and dragged before an Abuja Area Court on the strength of a petition authored by Mrs.. Attang.  In it, she claimed that Mr. Aniagor duped her of some money which she had given him to set up for her a company called Royal Diadem Business Logistics Limited.

The move was to keep the whistle blower out of circulation and stem the myriads of information he was divulging to investigators of the pension fraud.

That move however failed when Mr. Aniagor and his lawyer, Mr. Alex Oketa, took the case to an Abuja High Court which offered Mr. Aniagor a breather in his quest to bring Mrs. Attang to justice.

As the investigators of the pension fraud at the EFCC kept putting off the arrest of Mrs. Attang, the whistleblower filed a complaint the CCB.  He led officials of the Code of Conduct Bureau to Lagos to identify the properties owned by Mrs. Attang in Lagos and Abuja, as well as some bank accounts being maintained by the director in some commercial banks.

On the strength of those discoveries, the CCB invited Mrs. Attang and slammed her with a five-count charge.

On July 3, 2012, the Bureau, through its Legal Adviser and Prosecutor, Mr. Simon Egede, filed an application to commence the trial of Mrs. Attang before the Code of Conduct Tribunal pursuant to section 24 of the Bureau's Act.

The top civil servant was accused of engaging and participating in the management and running of private companies engaged in business and trade, in contravention of section 6 (b) of the Code of Conduct and Bureau Act.

The charge, alongside the Application to Commence Trial filed by Mr. Simon Egede, alleged that Mrs. Attang, in 2007, registered and participated as Director in the running of a private business concern known as Royal Diadem Business Logistics Limited, while in full time employment as a public officer in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation.

Other companies linked to the Director of Accounts are Status Symbol Rentals Limited and Amazing Grace Property Development Company Limited.  The companies operate and maintain accounts in many commercial banks with amounts running into hundreds of millions of Naira in their credits.

Count 5 of the charge specifically accused Mrs. Attang of owning some 48,500,000 shares worth over a 100 million Naira in these companies, which income is not fairly attributable to her salaries and allowances as a public officer in the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, a crime, according to the charge, that is contrary to section 15 (3) of the Act.

At that time, the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar, upon the receipt of the Application to commence trial of Mrs. Attang, fixed her trial to commence on September 13, 2012.

Curiously, on that date, the trial failed to commence, and investigations revealed that the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau, Mr. Sam Saba, had personally withdrawn the case file from the Tribunal without any explanation to Justice Umar.

In response to an email inquiry, Mr. Egede stated that the charge he filed had not been withdrawn by him and that as far as he was concerned, the matter was still pending before the Tribunal.

Repeated inquiries at the Tribunal to ascertain the fresh trial date slated for the top civil servant's trial were futile as the Assistant Chief Registrar of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Mr. Abdulmalik Shaibu, confirmed his earlier stance that the case file was no longer with the Tribunal, as they had been withdrawn by the Bureau.

Further investigations revealed that indeed, the Bureau's chairman, Mr. Sam Saba, had authored and signed a letter to the Tribunal for the withdrawal of Mrs. Attang's case file to thwart her scheduled trial at the Tribunal.

Mr. Aniagor thereafter dragged the CCB and the EFCC before Justice A. R Mohammed of the Federal High Court in Abuja asking the court to compel the anti-corruption agencies to do their job by prosecuting Mrs. Attang alongside her colleagues who were standing trial for embezzling funds from Police Pensions.

With the court minded to grant the orders sought by Mr. Aniagor through his lawyer, Mr. Oketa, the EFCC finally succumbed and amended the pension looters charge to accommodate Mrs. Attang and her former assistant while at the pension office, Mr. Christian Madubuike, a Grade Level 5 officer who also bought properties in Maitama district of Abuja, a place where his entire salary as well gratuity cannot pay for even one property.

Despite her inclusion in the charge, the powerful and influential director did not show up for her arraignment alongside those colleagues, including Mr. John Yahaya Yusufu, who pleaded guilty and got last week’s slap on the wrist which enraged the entire nation.  In that trial, Justice Talba Mohammed sentenced Mr. Yusufu, who was standing trial on charges of stealing N32.8billion in the Police Pension scam, to two years on each of three charges, and then gave him the option of paying $1,500 and going home.

In a manner supportive of ongoing insinuations that the serving director has powerful backers quartered within Nigeria's seat of power, the EFCC's lawyer, Mr. Rotimi Jacob, made an application for the name of the director to be temporary suspended from the charge to enable the others, Esai Dangabar, Atiku Abubakar Kigo, Ahmed Inuwa Wada, Mrs.. Veronica Ulonma Onyegbula, Sani Habila Zira, Christian Madubuike and John Yahaya Yusufu, to make their pleas.

It becomes obvious that the inclusion of this director in the charge and not having her show up for her arraignment is a calculated attempt by the EFCC to subvert the case instituted by the whistle blower to compel the agency to arraign Mrs. Attang.  No information was also given by the agency as to when Mrs. Attang will, if ever, be arraigned for her own plea.

In count one of the amended charge, Mrs.. Uzoma Cyril Attang is alleged to have, alongside others, committed a criminal breach of trust in respect of N20.155 billion belonging to the Police Pension Office.

In count 3 of the charge, she is also alleged to have conspired, with Esai Dangabar and Mrs. Veronica Ulonma Onyegbula, to embezzle another N14.197 billion, while count 6 accused her of conspiring with her aide, Mr. Christian Madubuike and Mrs. Veronica Ulonma Onyegbula, to embezzle N1.141 billion.

Count 16 also accused the threesome of conspiring and stealing another N1.140 billion from the pension office.

Another ominous point in the matter is that despite these counts which affect Mrs.. Attang directly, she has not been arrested by the EFCC and she still goes to work as if nothing is amiss.  

Mrs. Attang, who is also the founder of Royal Harvest Assembly Ministry in Lagos, was initially arrested by the (EFCC), but was allowed her back at her duty post before her latest inclusion in the pension looters case.

Documents submitted to the CCB by Mr. Anagor include copies of Mrs. Attang's application for purchase of shops at the Area 11 Modern Shopping Mall dated 15th August, 2008, in which she listed her occupation as "Business"and giving her office as Royal Diadem Business Logistics Limited.

Receipts issued to her for the payment of shops number 16, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 42 (6 units) at the total sum of N45 million were also attached.

He pointed out that the Chairman of the Bureau, Mr. Sam Saba, detailed his Personal Assistant to go to Lagos with him during the investigation of Mrs. Attang where investigators saw the buildings purchased by Mrs. Attang in highbrow areas of the state.

The resounding question is why, in the face of glaring evidence, the anti-graft agencies are hesitant to bring Mrs. Attang to book in a country where people are routinely sent to jail for minor financial offences and where the current administration brags that it is combating corruption.

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Uzoma Attang not another pension thief

I feel sorry for our country as truth cannot be hidden for life. I read the story of this woman and wept if going by the print integrity . Criminal elements within our fold can go this length to blackmail and destroy. Pls I urge all well meaning Nigerians to read the Thisday of Feb. 19, 2013 page 36F and Leadership Newspaper of Feb. 18 , 2013 page 24. Maybe this will give you food for thought that is deeper .From the write up if it is true the
poor woman did not work with the gang . Through insider abuse the "whistler blower" got the process messed up and the case was amended to include only Mrs Attang out of six signatories in the cause of official duties. Pls before we condem like the Alluh 4 in the garden city do not be part of the killer without proof? If any of you are worth the person you claim read the articles and re send your comment. God bless Nigeria and safe the innocent from determined thieves and killers


Who named you Daniel? They should have called you Lucifer or Balzabbub instead. Freak! Your rantings are far fetched, and that's why we continue to have these problems. The real is that the country desperately yearns for Buhari. If we can't see this, then we are destined for gloomier times ahead.


Hon J. Faleke, it bleeds my heart to read you here. I simply quipped : Is this not another "Mr Integrity"? We simply lost faith in all of you in that House the day FAROUK LAWAN's news broke out. Oh Nigeria itself lost the saving anchor in the sea of corruption watching those FAROUK LAWAN's footages. It is saddening that every one of you becomes an accomplice because of his continued stay in the House especially with the missing bribe. How much got to each hands and why this graven silence from the House of Corruption? Pray what are you clearing with FAROUK LAWAN in the House? You are looking for bad eggs, nay rotten ones? Begin the war with FAROUK LAWAN and that NOW! We collectively point you in the direction of the bad egg at your doorstep: THE DISHONORABLE THIEF, FAROUK LAWAN. We can handle Mrs Attang the mother of all thieves, our own contemporary SAPPHIRA!


I mean Cyril Attang of STANDARD FLOUR MILLS CREEK ROAD, APAPA. LAGOS? May God save Nigeria! He too left STANDARD FLOUR MILLS under very questionable circumstance just like the wife. Thats the ATTANG'S HOUSE OF CORRUPTION.


Hon J. Faleke, it bleeds my heart to read you here. I simply quipped : Is this not another "Mr Integrity"? We simply lost faith in all of you in that House the day FAROUK LAWAN's news broke out. Oh Nigeria itself lost the saving anchor in the sea of corruption watching those FAROUK LAWAN's footages. It is saddening that every one of you becomes an accomplice because of his continued stay in the House especially with the missing bribe. How much got to each hands and why this graven silence from the House of Corruption? Pray what are you clearing with FAROUK LAWAN in the House? You are looking for bad eggs, nay rotten ones? Begin the war with FAROUK LAWAN and that NOW! We collectively point you in the direction of the bad egg at your doorstep: THE DISHONORABLE THIEF, FAROUK LAWAN. We can handle Mrs Attang the mother of all thieves, our own contemporary SAPPHIRA!

For Mrs. Attang they were ROYAL HARVESTS!

You wrote: "Mrs. Attang who is also the founder of ROYAL HARVEST ASSEMBLY MINISTRY (emphasis mine) in Lagos..." So, she is a "Pastor" as well as a suspected monumental fraudster, Chineke! For Mrs. Attang the fraudulent acquisitions were HARVESTS and ROYAL too! Indeed ROYAL HARVESTS! What a country!

Police pension fraud and others

I hereby request any verified information on any fraudulent acts by bay civil servant in any federal agencies supported with documents to be submitted to my office in room 013 of the House of Reps in Abuja.
As at today I chair the committee on Anti corruption, national Ethics and Values of the House of Reps.
Thanks for helping to the clean the country of bad eggs.

N30m For Mr Sam Saba

Mr Sam Saba has collected his N30m settlement from Mrs Attang, matter closed.

abdullahi:the verocity in his words

Guys,i think abdullahi is right when he said corruption can be curbed and curtailed with sharia law.
China is a quintessence of what am trying to prove.they are growing to be the number 1 best economy,yet they checkmate corruption with capital punishment.i think the greatest reason nigeria still bends to corruption it's because of non-stringent laws.just imagine giving a bail off from two years term for someone that stoles billions of naira.and believe you me,when i say the judge was justified because that was the provision stipulated in the constitution.oh i wish this was to be during buhari/idiagbon regime of 1983-85.them 4 smell pepper!!!.my prognostication is thus:stringent laws,less corrupt practices.
Kristen tochukwu onuora is a student from enugu.


Hmmm, by killing or maiming more people, right? Yea, at least, that will make evryone to be living in fear!

@ibrahim abdullahi, where is

@ibrahim abdullahi, where is Yerima from, why has sharia not changed him when he stole Zamfara blind, what has sharia done to those who steal the North blind and create poverty?

Do you how many pensioners

Do you how many pensioners would have died by then??

@ Deri

She is from SS, and married to a SS man. For your information she is not from SE, SW or the North. She should be put in jail immediately. May be you can crawl to her in jail and collect your crumbles before other crumbies beats you to that.


If she does not go to jail becos she is not from the south south, whom do you blame? Who is the president, mumu? Are you not the proverbial chicken that bent its neck to the pot rather than doing it to the knife that killed it. Pray that if you re-incarnate (which I think you will do in the animal world), you will not be in south south again. Your comments are always ethnically colourated with nothing to learn. God have mercy on you.

judge soon

I have said it that the judiciary in this country have no answer to crime committed in this country by those in authority and public offices,so we have resorted to prayers that God will bring swift judgement upon the wicked and the thieves in Nigeria:
untimely death
Motor accident
incurable decease
terminal deceases
All types of fever
imbecile for the children
calamity in the house and offices
sudden death
is what will befall them.
those that stole monies for health terminal decease will not depart from their family,
those that stole monies for electricity - electrocution, blindness. those that stole monies for road- accident will follow and take them to the grave.

Is she a civil servant or business mongul?.

In a strange way, Mrs Attang case is not an isolated case. Would Mrs Attang and her fellow thieves have stolen all these Pension funds if she met any of the recipients in person?
The court must confiscate all her assets and send her to minimum of 5 Years in jail with no option of fine. That will deter all future rogues like her.
BTW ... Can anyone explain to me how she had time to buy all these properties?

Please gentle men and ladies

Please gentle men and ladies let us try and be objective in this forum, before drawing conclusion.


Deri u are a real monkey and illiterate. As if u didn't even read dis lengthy article at all, u only want to comment on wat u didn't understand wat d article is sayin.

Deri the tribalistic bigot

This Deri buffoon has really become a nuisance on this platform with his manifestly disgusting tribalistic views. It is obvious that he is one of those poorly bred ofsprings of riverine prostitutes fathered by unidentifiable roaming sailors. The gallons of ogogoro consumed by his mother during pregnancy has made this scoundrel eternally intoxicated. For your information, son-of-a-prostitute Deri


Mr DERI you are in fact very stupid useless tribalist.Are you sure all these lies that are flowing from your smelly mouth are from the bottom of your heart? You are particularly critical of the South West and the North.There has never being a thing that comes from these Regions that you commend and praise.Think over this Mr DERI? Nigeria should be seen to be mooving at this stage.

why so greedy?

Never underestimate human greed.
In some people it has no limit.

People like DERI are the

People like DERI are the problem Nigeria has, with people like this, we may never rise above ethnic prejudice and may never record any significant development

What about the Haliburton Thief?

Mr Sowore or Mammon Sowore, what about the Haliburton Thief from Otta? Won't you write about him? The US government decided to settle out of court to avert disgrace but have convicted the givers of the bribe in US & France but the principal recipient - Demon Obasanjo is still on the loose seeking who to infect with his incurable blight of corruption, deceit, thievery, cowardice, fraud & bad luck.

So why will Sowore's Sahara reporters refer to OBJ as Chief but the Pension guys as Thief? Why?

Recall that OBJ has been stealing Billions even before the Pension guys were born. Do u need investigations to know he stole the Otta Farm land? Do u need investgation to know he didnt pay tax for over 15yrs before 1999? Haba Sowore!!! Na how much ACN&CPC promise u?


Really do we expect any good from d EFCC with slow poke jonathan in d seat of power .................. and as usual deri dog is barking up d wrong tree...........

follow Islamic law

Try to test Islamic and see how our economy will change. Corruption will find its way and life pp will change.


U ll be a fool for saying all dis, Did ur people not steal? ♓☺w will ds country be Good if u keep toking like a fool like this.. That is y d whole south with all the money they receive are still suffering... The only thing we need from ANY president is Restoration of LAW, ORDER and JUSTICE, If trueli she is found Guilty of the offence after investigation den why not Justice.


deri i dont know what to compare u to than a monkey, just imagine the lenghty nature of the write-up but u have nothing to comment on except ethnicity. I wish i know u phisically, babooon.

Hogwash, what does it matter

Hogwash, what does it matter where she's from? a thief is just a thief, no more no less. I wonder why you'd be running in tight circles trying to justify a crime. You should wait until she serves prison time before you have the right to crown her a righteous queen in your deluded south-south criminal mind.


What will this woman going to do with such amount of money? Is she going to build a church or beer pallor in her village? Or is she going to buy honour in the Vatican to be a pastor?


If she is from the south south, then she will definitely go to jail-but if born into the families of the maharajas in nigeria-bros forget it-did buhari not reveal to us that abacha did not steal a kobo of our money from us-Its only the iboris, Alams, sylvas, ebis and Ibrus that go to jail in 9ja-if in doubt go ask jubril aminu and rilwanu lukman or orji kalu

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