Anti-Corruption Coalition Wants Wale Babalakin Removed As Pro-Chancellor Of University Of Maiduguri

Wale Babalakin
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC), has urged the Federal Government to immediately remove Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN), from the post of Pro-Chancellor of the Federal University of Maiduguri, as he is currently facing trial for fraud and money laundering-related cases.

In a statement signed by its chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju, CSNAC reminded the government that it has been the practice of the ruling party that a public officer alleged to be involved in corruption or who is standing trial in a criminal offence is interdicted.

In that regard, the group cited the removal from office of late Chief Sunday Afolabi; former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun; former Minister of Education, Prof. Fabian Osuji; former Minister of Health, Prof. Nike Grange; and Chief Vincent Ogbulafor, a  former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, all of whom were alleged to have involved themselves in corrupt practices.

“In light of the foregoing, we at the Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC) urge the Federal Government to remove Dr. Wale Babalakin (SAN), without further delay, from the post of Pro-Chancellor, Federal University of Maiduguri, since he is currently facing trial for fraud and money laundering-related cases,” the statement said.

CSNAC is a coalition of over 150 anti-corruption organizations whose primary aim is to vigorously combat corruption, constructively and effectively monitor and support Anti-Corruption Agencies in their fight against corruption in order to rid Nigeria of the grievous consequences of corruption and evolve a culture of transparency, accountability as well as financial and moral probity.


Screenshot of the University of Maiduguri website today


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This writer is one of those prolonging CORRUPTION in this country. Babalakin does not need anyone to tell him to protect his integrity by resigning his position as Pro-Chancellor if he is a gentleman and a "SAN" with integrity. Resigning the post is a gentleman's act. He is under investigation for fraud and nothing is better than a RESIGNATION

Innocent until proven Guilty

Dr Wale Babalakin is standing trial for corruption, money laundering etc. etc. I think we should step back from being judge and Jury; allow him have his day in court. The burden of proof is what the rule of law should be about.

It appears we are witnessing trial media. I believe, in the spirit of fair play and justice, he should be suspended from his position as Pro Chancellor of the university, as no doubt, he is a role model for the undergraduates and young Lawyers up and down the country. This will enable him, especially as a SAN, focus on redeeming his name and not bring down the learned profession to a new low (we're talking pond life or cesspool level).

We must not for get, regardless of the suspected offences, in the eyes of the Law, 'A Man is Innocent until proven guilty!

Let the Court Decide

Leave the Court alone to do its job. Enough of this media persecution. It is not the duty of civil societies to pronounce judgment on any individual or fight on behalf of a manifestly corrupt government and, or any of its agencies. Except, of course such civil society group is benefitting from the government. Over to you!

There is more to this

I have no doubt there is more to this Wale Babalakin saga than meeting the eye. The more people that write about the matter, the clearer it becomes that the man is simply being persecuted. Some people are bent on giving a dog a bad name in order to hang it. Shikena!

Leave the man alone

Leave the man alone. Hasn’t enough been said about this matter already? I really wonder what is special about this Babalakin person that has attracted so much public and media interest. After all, he is not the first person to be accused of corruption in Nigeria. He must really be quite a guy. The resource that has been deployed by his enemies to demonize him is quite enormous. I am waiting to see what exactly they are hoping to achieve, because if his just justice then the matter should be left for the court to decide.

Wale Babalakin is not a

Wale Babalakin is not a criminal. He is a citizen of Nigeria like the rest of us, whose right must be respected. There is no law that has criminalized doing business with state governments like Babalakin did with Ibori during the Latter’s tenure as Delta state governor. It is simply the duty of EFCC to prove its allegation that Babalakin committed an economic crime and not engage in media persecution, which the commission obviously engages the likes of CSNAC to carry out on its behalf.

How I wish you could be

How I wish you could be educated about the fact that the man in question was only alleged to have committed an offence and not yet convicted of money laundering. Mind you, anybody can be accused of whatever ill-act but it would be unfair and barbaric to place your judgment on mere allegation that has not been proven in the law court.


Noooo!!! Please don't do that!!! Stealing and Fraudulence have always been part of the job requirements.

Castrate him....or give him 121yrs with hard labour

...for stealing my oil&gas wealth and using d money to shampo his hair & mustache, he deserves to hav his 'broukous' chopped off. This will ultimately serve as a deterrent to others but ... this is how MKO, Adenuga etc made their money & turn round to become MON,OON etc. Thieves! Just look at Thief Atiku...from DG customs to a billionaire. How? Only in a continent like Nigeria.

What of OBJ&IBB - The grand Thieves. But Sahara Reporters will not show us the pictures of their property around the world. They will not dare bcos it is nt their agenda. SR only managed to show us the pix of OBJ's house frm a distance bcos all news media reported it when it was on fire. But if its a SS&SE, SR wil show us up to their bedrooms & toilets. Balanced Journalism? Nonsense!
Long live the United Rep of the SS&SE


The likes of Babalakin are all over the place,men whose corruption cases are still pending can be found from Aso-rock to the local government level.
Morality has been basically thrown to the dogs in Nigeria,the more one demonstrates the ability to loot and plunder,the more chances one will get for juicier appointments in the future,THE MENTALITY OF"MAN WEY NO FAST,NA HIM BOD LAST".
Babalakin the suspected looter and plunderer will probably keep his post at unimaid in order to serve as a role model to future money launderers.

Stance on Corruption matter

We are in agreement with you, but you seem to close your eyes in the National Assembly where many people standing trials are still participating in the process of law making.

Olanrewaju Suraju - you're a Yoruba bastard

Don't you see persecution in what is going on? Go and find how much Governor Tompolo, a mere tout, is paid monthly by this government.

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