Anti-Corruption Network Tells AGF Mohammed Adoke to Resign, Says He Is Using Police To Frame Melaye

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Anti-Corruption Network, which last month petitioned President Goodluck Jonathan to fire the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohammed Adoke, today asked the Minister to resign his office if he truly wants to allow the allegations against him to be investigated.

In a letter to the Inspector-General of Police, the Network dismissed as “totally uncalled for and unwarranted,” his decision to investigate a petition which was addressed to the President.

Last week, the police invited Mr. Dino Melaye, the Executive Secretary of the group, to appear on May 8 to help the police with their investigations of the allegations.

The Network cited the absurdity that the report of an investigation conducted by the police would be referred to the Director of Public Prosecution of the Federation in the Federal Ministry of Justice headed by the Minister.

“This will totally negate the fundamental principle that a man cannot be a judge in his own case,” it said. “The mere fact that the Attorney General has an interest in the outcome of the investigation is sufficient to cause his automatic resignation or removal from office to avoid any undue influence or bias.”

The Network drew attention to a statement in Vanguard Newspaper of May 11 where one Ahmed Raji, speaking on behalf of the Minister, stated that the letter of invitation sent to Mr. Melaye by the police was at the instance of his client, the Attorney General of the Federation, and not at the discretion of President Jonathan.

It quoted Mr. Raji as saying, “Following the tendentious allegations made by one Mr. Dino Melaye against the person of our Client, we wrote a letter dated the 23rd of April, 2013 to the Inspector General, wherein we requested the Inspector General to cause an investigation to be carried out in respect of all allegations made by the said Mr. Dino Melaye. The current exercise being embarked upon by the Police is therefore at the instance of our Client and not the President as being insinuated”.

Mr. Raji said he specifically wanted to dispute the headline in the publication contained in SaharaReporters of May 10 in that respect, referring to the allegations by the Anti-Corruption Network as “nothing but criminal libel.”

The Anti-Corruption Network reminded Mr. Adoke of elementary law, that where a person feels aggrieved by apublication he considers defamatory, his redress is in the court of law.

“As a public officer, if the Attorney General of the Federation feels injured by the petition of the Anti–Corruption Network, he should have instructed his lawyer to file a libel suit in a High Court instead of using the police to frame our client for criminal libel as alluded to in the press statement issued by the said Mr. Ahmed Raji SAN.”

In that regard, it cited the case of Arthur Nwankwo v the State (1985) 6 NCLR 288 wherein the Court of Appeal held, “Those in public office should not be intolerant of criticism. Where a writer exceeds the bounds there should be a resort to the law of libel where the plaintiff must of necessity put his character and reputation in issue”.

The Network therefore called on Mr. Adoke, if he is convinced he has been defamed without any justification to file a libel suit in an appropriate court where it will have the opportunity to prove the allegations of corruption, incompetence and abuse of office leveled against him.

Today’s letter by the Anti-Corruption Network did not say, but seemed to suggest that Mr. Melaye and the Network simply ignored the invitation to Police Headquarters on May 8.

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Sincerely speaking, Nigerian

Sincerely speaking, Nigerian are excellent in running down their leaders particularly if they are one way or the other not favoured.I wondered what estopped Bello Adoke SAN from inviting the IG to investigate the allegation of corruption levied against him by Dino Melaye.Yoruba adage says "Agba ti olowo lowo omo ita lo nya", this is how to describe unhealthy criticism of Melaye in Nigeria today.Please let us respect our leaders, pray for them and offer them constructive advice.The Police invited Melaye to assist them in the course of their investigation against the Hon. A-G Fed, he should respect himself and comply.


Dino carry on with the crusade we shall overcome one day. Adoke AGF is more corrupt than corruption itself. He has no good pedigree , check out his fraudulent activities with Lebannese in Kano. He has on quality of AGF at all. The US and UK Govts have no respect for him(Adoke) because of the corrupt practices in Halliburton and Seimen and Julious Berger cases what a shame Nigeria .


How can the AGF probe himself. Only in Nigeria that this shambling,fawning,thieving and corrupt lawyer can be appointed to this exalted office. Only in Nigeria.


THIEF Adoke should go to court for defamation of character if he is sure that he is not stealing from our commonwealth.

Then he will tell us how much was his worth before he became the AGF / MINISTER OF JUSTICE.


politic of regional education have resurface again

politic of regional education. ndi igbo should wake up and watch. the recent jamb release was targeted to the eastern part of the country. this is open ploy to frustrate the easterners from going to their heritage school will not succeed . we understand that it was a deliberate plans from APC [youruba and hausa} to mark easterners down with low result and frustrate our future generation of igbo extraction. we are not going to take this lightly knowing fully well the long term resultant effect. we the igbo extraction is not a threat in field of education. let every tribe have the same fair share in the interest of the nation . tribalism in education will kill all aspect of our economy in future. UNN family should take note and put on their lion and lioness thinking cap fast


THIEF Adoke should go to court for defamation of character if he is sure that he is not stealing from our commonwealth.

Then he will tell us how much was his worth before he became the AGF / MINISTER OF JUSTICE.


I support you Dino, do mind d naysayers and detractors

I support you Dino, do mind d naysayers and detractors.

Live ur life and fight for the masses

Well Said

That is the normal cause of action but we have very corrupt Minister who feels that he is above the law and who have twisted and corrupt way of looking at things. Let him go to court of competent jurisdiction.


That's Nigearia's No 1 Law Officer. An SAN who does not know that he cannot continue to stay in office if he wants the allegation of corruption levelled against to be genuinely and truly investigated. And when have a president who, also, does not (or, may be, doesn't give a damn that his AGF ought to be releaved of his seat to allow a truthful investigation.
And that"s a government claiming to be operating under a rule of Law" What a shame.


I think the best thing for the Attorney General to do is for him to resign to enable the police do their job without any bias, this is what obtains in other climes where the fight against corruption is fought with all seriousness.

The Presidency should also consider the likes of Femi Falana for the post of Attorney General of the Country.

What Dino must now do!

By submitting himself to be investigated, it means the AGF has removed his AGF cloak, and has submitted himself to the rule of Law, like an ordinary person. He should be commended for not using his office to block the rule of Law or prevent Justice from following or taking its course!


I expect Dino will be MAN ENOUGH and PROVE to us that the AGF is what he has painted him to be! Dino, over to you!

Freedom of speech must be exercised not to cause offence!

It is not up to Dino to decide whether to criminalise a breach or an offence. Where a breach is both a Tort and a Crime, the offender or misfeasor cannot dictate whether to do him for a crime or a civil breach. Just as we have civil trespass, there is also criminal trespass. Or like we have a civil tort of conversion (ie. withholding someone's goods or property), there is, as well, a criminal conversion.

Dino should be encouraged to put his mouth where his FACTS are, and should stop hiding! You ACCUSE, you PROVE, or face the CONSEQUENCES of running your mouth IRRESPONSIBLY. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, but it must be exercised RESPONSIBLY, and not to cause offence!

This Dino, again! Why is he still on the loose and not leashed?

Who taught the prankster the 'little Law' talk, even though unintelligent, and pranking an 'assassination attempt'. By his logic, if 10 different pranksters like him, were to concoct TALES about the AGF, he must resign 10 different times! Absolute crap!

The IGP is responsible to the President, and not the AGF. There is, therefore, nothing wrong with him or the Police investigating Dino's pranks. In civilised climes, it is the Police that INVESTIGATES complaints of wrongdoing, not Presidents. After all, his concern should be to have his 'complaint' investigated! He must honour the Police invitation or face CRIMINAL LIBEL charges! But why was he not prosecuted for previous pranks?

lawyer aturu and google

i totally disagree with aturu. he sounds like some one who came from america or any other place. i think he belong to the group that google nigeria on the internet and draw conclusion on assumption. GEJ is a human being with one head. nigeria is our mother land. blameing GEJ is insignicatant and amount to bonko! we all pretend that buhari ,obj and ors are not instrumental to the insecurity in our mother land. GEJ must be commended for his effort so far. telling us that he is not incharge is unfair atleast coming from u [aturu] . lets keep the train moving in the interest of the up coming generation that will pay us our pension. buhari dealt with chief gani SAN mind u. and he is heating up democratic system b4 our very eyes.olo ma je ! pple dat fought for democracy. where are u?

I don't hold brief for Adoke,

I don't hold brief for Adoke, infact I have never held brief for any aboki, but I think we have had enough of Dino Melaye lately. Why is he so much seeking attention everywhere? Permit to ask what exactly did Dino perform for his constituency whilst he was a law maker. What are Dino's antecedent? I hate it when someone start posing as a saint as soon as they relinguish power. The likes of Dino and El-rufai should cover their faces in shame. Can Melaye beat his chest and say to naijas he never had his own share of the national cake?. How did he acquire his wealth. What's the source of his income that could afford him a bentley and his flamboyant lifestyle, going about impregnating nollywood actress, Bisi. Imagine El-rufai who allocated choice lands and properties in abuja to his relatives and girlfriends is now also preaching to us on SR. Pure madness. We're so tired of you turncoats. Enough is enough. Lets have some peace please!

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