Anti-Jonathan Camp Says PDP Meeting Was Futile

President Goodluck Jonathan at the PDP National Executive Meeting last week
By SaharaReporters, New York

Several top members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have described last week’s meeting of the party’s National Executive Committee as a futile exercise aimed at shoring up President Goodluck Jonathan’s political ambitions and papering over deep divisions within Nigeria’s ruling party. The party’s NEC met on Thursday, June 20 amid signs that various feuding camps within the PDP are digging in, each group determined to seize control of the soul of the party.

“The meeting was supposed to be an opportunity for the party to redeem its long lost glory,” said a deputy governor from one of the north eastern states.

“But it ended up as an exercise designed to give a desperate lifeline to President Jonathan in his bid to run again in 2015.”

Another source, from the southwest, called the meeting “a disorganized comedy which did not provoke laughter but showed the world that our party has fallen into the hands of degenerate managers.”
The sources who spoke to us, including some who attended the meeting, were of the consensus that the meeting was convened for one purpose: to give Mr. Jonathan the psychological relief of “endorsement” of his desire to seek a second term. One Abuja-based party member categorized those gathered together to boost the president’s reelection hopes as “a ragtag group of fortune hunters and a cross section of those in urgent need of rehabilitation.”
Two members said they expected the party to discuss the debacle of the recent Nigerian Governors Forum election which ended with the reelection of Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, but with Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau posing as a rival chairman. The Presidency had backed Mr. Jang, but the Rivers governor eked out a victory with votes from a coalition of ACN, PDP, CPC and APGA governors.
“Since the frontline gladiators were in attendance, I expected the party to have a robust debate on the issue and to discuss the increasing state of disunity in the party,” said one member. He added, “It is unfortunate that we avoided the hot issues facing our great party.”
Critics said they were dismayed that those handpicked to speak at the meeting spent time showering praises on Mr. Jonathan and applauding achievements that are a mere mirage.
A party member, who is close to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, accused Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom of “blazing the trail in crediting President Goodluck Jonathan with phantom achievements.” Despite the bad blood between some of the party’s governors, with some of them breaking ranks with the party to vote for Governor Amaechi of Rivers in the Governors Forum election, Mr. Akpabio repeatedly claimed that all the 23 PDP governors were “solidly behind the President.” As he made the assertion, the governors of Sokoto, Niger, Kebbi, Kwara, Kano as well as the deputy governor of Jigawa sat glumly. Those state administrators are seen as hostile to Mr. Jonathan’s certain reelection campaign.
A few critics told SaharaReporters that they found it bizarre that the party’s national chairman, Bamanga Tukur, asked Olisa Metuh, the party’s former National Publicity Secretary, to move a motion calling for the resignation of party functionaries whose membership of the party’s National Working Committee was deemed irregular. “Normally, a person resigning from a position merely submits a letter for other members to either ratify or reject. But our party has introduced a different way of doing things whereby those resigning moved a motion for their own resignation,” one source said.
Another source accused Mr. Tukur of incompetence in conducting a meeting. “Alhaji Tukur does not even know how to put the question to the floor for approval. He said, ‘Those who approve say aye. Those against are absent’. How can you say you’re the national chairman of a democratic party and you’re deciding on issues all by yourself?” the party member said.
Our sources said it was clear that Mr. Tukur was not in control of running the NEC meeting. According to one, “The meeting was hijacked by a group from the Presidency led by [Secretary to the Government of the Federation] Anyim Pius Anyim and supported by [political adviser to the President], Ali Gulak, and [Chief of Staff] Mike Oghiadomhe.” He added that the activities of the group from the Presidency were coordinated by Tony Anenih, the octogenarian politician known in Nigeria as Mr. Fix it. “The message was clear – that none of the real or perceived opponents of the president should be allowed to speak.”
A northern governor told SaharaReporters that it was disgraceful that the PDP avoided confronting the major issue facing the party. “Our party is on the path to self-destruction because of Dr. Bamanga Tukur's erratic and imperial manner of administration.” He disclosed that the Anyim Committee had recommended that Mr. Tukur step down in order to “create a conducive atmosphere for genuine reconciliation.” He accused “sympathizers of President Jonathan” of scuttling Mr. Tukur’s removal because they believed “it would be another psychological victory for the group that disgraced the Party at the Nigerian Governors Forum election. Hence, the same Tukur, whom most stakeholders deem as the problem of the party, survived while the resignation of other members of the NWC was only carried out in order to get rid of those whose loyalty to President Jonathan’s agenda cannot be vouched for.”
Two members of the party who attended the NEC meeting said the high point of the political drama was when Mr. Tukur handed a script to Bode George, a convicted felon who spent a prison term, to read what was to be a vote of confidence in President Goodluck Jonathan. “While the media were excluded from other discussions, a few cameramen were invited to cover this particular item,” said one of the two sources. He added that the president’s team made a last-minute substitution on realizing “the implication of allowing a convicted criminal to move a vote of confidence in the President.” He stated, “They quickly Senator Ibrahim Mantu to read [the vote of confidence].” Mr. Mantu, whose era in the Senate was marked by colossal corruption, “reeled out a tissue of lies which he termed as achievements of President Jonathan. [Mantu] even included that he was on a train ride from Lagos to Kano only last week! The claim was greeted with sarcastic applause.”
Our numerous sources agreed that the NEC meeting ended as an anti-climax. “Some of us who are becoming fed up with the antics of our party expected that the party was going to reinvigorate itself,” said one member. He added: “With Alhaji Tukur still firmly in charge, the party has merely wrapped a bandage on a big sore.”

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oil money

What happen if the oil finishes and where is d oil producing state b4 the oil was discovered ?


Nobody will vote Jonathan in the North. Reasons:What has he done to the north apart from destroying it by inciting the christian minority against the Moslems. Excessive show of hatred and blatant segregation in whatever dealing. Lies,allegations,deceptions and tyrannical tendencies in order to destroy and extinct the north and its people. For those saying it's a term for South-South they must check their memory because zoning does not exist. Jonathan has killed zoning since 2011,therefore it is sheer ignorance to talk of regional term in any elections. Votes counting is only what can determine the winner not to seek people support for any ethnic animal.


Am very sure ur parents must be regreting why they sent u to school in the first place. I'll be suprised if u abuse ur parents and by extention ur husband that's if u're not devoced already or suitors running away cos u have poison in ur mouth. Let's see if u'll burry ur self alive if GEJ is returned come 2015.

Bad Reportage

Sahara Reporters is been unfair to Goodluck, no matter what good job Mr. President does Sahara Reporters would not report it, I am beginning to think of given up reading Sahara Reporters unless they change and report unbiasedly.

And what if The President contests in 2015?

Pls what is wrong with an aspiration that is generally receiving wide endorsement across Nigeria.President Goodluck Jonathan is the man and P.D.P ,the party.Chiotu Nnamdi,Abuja.

President Goodluck is qualified for 2015 and P.D.P is the party.

Professionalism in journalism demands objectivity and balance reportage.pls your medium has not fair to the administration of president Goodluck jonathan.The president is a democrat.We have a president who believes in live and lets live. He never fails to acknowledge the importance of consultations in governance.On 2015,the president can contest and there is nothing wrong with the aspiration.what is paramount is Good governance and ability to provide for the people ,policies to better thier lives.The transformation agenda is driven by this philosophy and P.D.P remains the vehicle.Chiotu Nnamdi,Abuja.

I am not GEJ Apologist but just what if...

the imcumbent president gets re-elected in 2015? does that mean the country will disintergrate? or an army take over? or more carnage by boko haram?


The country is more divided along ethnic and religious lines... our differences have been magnified beyond all other uniting factors. We can no blame the present crops of leader because from the history of nigeria, governance and administrative decisions had always been built on Ethnic Pillars.

I so much look to 2016, when the smoke and dust clears out.

Why are we blaming SR? It is news worthy

Selective or not, this is news worthy. Blame the gossips and not SR

Look at d parasites whose

Look at d parasites whose military leaders used guns to force their way to power 4 39yrs, talking without shame-They had no traitors like Tambuwal and Amaechi at aliyu to contend then. Yet could not transform 9ja-yapping when Jonah is in charge!? Just take time to examine the greed being displayed by Aliyu, Wamakko, Lamido all fulanis-backed by Imam Alpha Tinubu from the south west with his all Moslem government in Yoruba land. Are these not d same fake jihadist who deceived Abiola and sold his mandate to Abacha ati Buhari, a leading figure in Abaza demonic govt? An Arewa group that was created over 18 yrs ago which cannot even settle disputes dat they cooked againt d borroms and the Fulanis from Mali in Plateau? Every ethnic group in the north wants its own share of aso rock--no sane middle belter would ever vote for Buhari ati tinubu-never! Is APC not struggling with worst troubles of her own than what Tambuwal and Amaechi is planting in PDP? I begi!

This is the most assinine

This is the most assinine article SR has published so far. It sounds so Yoruba. Why do Yorubas hate GEJ so much? Of late any comments against Buhari is never published, yet any stupid opinion against the President fills SR. No SW or Northern candidate can defeat Jonathan come 2015. The dye is cast. If the North and SW can't stand Jonathan let them break away.

Jonathan should ask himself

Jonathan should ask himself why he thinks the north will support his presidential ambition. It seems these guys are taking him for a ride!

we have had d Fulani North rule us 4 39yrs-yet we cry 4 light

Government is spending over 1 trillion on boko haram and u say their satanic activities are not affecting the economy of 9ja? What led to the collapse of the US economy? Is it not the wars she has been fighting? Look at the entire story, it was cooked by the Fulani North to destabilize the country and the government of Gej-would the socalled deputy governor have had the guts to open his boko harmaic mouth, if a Fulani man was in power? Was it not the Fulani North that called for late Azazi to be replaced by one of their own Dasuki? What has changed since his appointment? Look at the Fulnis sponsoring stories as if they are from Mali instead of 9ja. The meeting by PDP did achieve its objectives-one to retain Tukur as chairman and 2 weed out the evil souls in d party-9ja is 53 yrs old-name one president withing this period who was able to provide us with good roads, light, hospitals and water- just one or u shut up!

Dame Patience is mad

Just take a look at some of the nasty characters acting as Jonathan's henchmen, spokespersons or thugs today and you'll see why the desperation of the Otuoke tin god concerning 2015 will lead to naught. The thuggish Akpabio, the hellish Anenih, the senile errand boy called Tukur, the scary motor mouth of a knave known as Doyin Okupe, the drab turncoat, Abati,the crude and illiterate Gulak, the fraudster known as Gabriel Suswam, the dull and sleazy Yuguda of Bauchi,the drunken Jang (Plateau), the 'ancient' prostitute with mafia airs called Edwin Clark, gangsters like Dokubo, the old pimp of Okija Shrine(or is it CAN?), Oritsejafor, and, of course, the uncultured, boorish agbero known as Patience Jonathan. No hope for such a deadly gang, their mafia boss himself (i.e. Jonathan)and especially the anti-people worldview they represent.

Party to redeem its long lost glory?

“The meeting was supposed to be an opportunity for the party to redeem its long lost glory"

“The meeting was supposed to be an opportunity for the party to redeem its long lost glory"

“The meeting was supposed to be an opportunity for the party to redeem its long lost glory"

Which Party?
What Glory?
Where is the redemption?

What plans have they for the people instead of dwelling on their INGLORIUS subjugation of the people to permanent servitude and penury?

Genesis 6:5 'The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth, and that every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time.'

PDP your eventual judgement shall come not by way of God's treatment of Sodom and Gomorrah, but by the people themselves in 2014, NOT 2015.

The word has been spoken.

@Anonymous. If SR is biased,

@Anonymous. If SR is biased, I ask that you take a train ride from Lagos to Kano yourself and come up with your own view!

lol !!!!!!

These cowards gossiping all these were in the meeting and yet they kept quiet only to come out to gossip with Sowore.
The 9 governors that are against Jonathan could not muster the courage to move for the sack of Turku. Since the revelation of Kwankwaso on how he betrayed Jang, who is sure that that these men kwakwaso and co are not deceiving Amaechi? They were in the meeting how come they did not raise the issue of Amaechi? The truth is that they have lost in PDP and APC won't accept them. Aliyu Babangida declared in Niger state that allah won't forgive him if he failed to be loyal to Jonathan, he went ahead to decalre that Jonathan should not be it was not only Akpabio that have said that. As it stands now Aliyu is a toxic waste nobody knows where he belongs even Amaechi

@ SR, your site has become jaundiced

This report is so one-sided that one wonders whether any good person exists in the PDP. I mean, there is no organization that is 100% bad. The report is not balanced and other sources are not reporting anything near the level of negativity that exists in SR nowadays. Comments are delayed for days yet they accuse others of incompetence. But when the news is about the ruling party, comments are release quickly and selectively against the PDP. If you notice, old regulars are no longer commenting. Saharareporters will end up doing more harm to the APC and Nigerians and return the PDP which everybody is tired of. SR should worry about making their site more efficient than all this negative nonsense they are printing. Publish comments and not useless lies. Na waooooh. Mtcheeeew.

Hypocrise of Savana

Can Sahara give us a break from this constant jaundiced tainted news. The days for the saboteurs in PDP are numbered, they should better on time join the yet to be registered apc, but let it be clear that on GEJ we stand

What do you expect?

What do you expect from ANTI-JONATHAN camp? I would have been surprised if they said something different

Don’t impose your daughter on market women –PDP tells Tinubu

I am not here to advance GEJ's agenda nor am i, a PDP admirer but I want u to get a test of this overbearing powder nose, Tinubu.

He had imposed his wife as a senator on the ppls of Lasgidi. he plans to replace fashy by his son in d next govship election and will certainly make his daughter take over from where his mother stopped and

Nigerians, I present to you APC style of governance come 2015. Welcome the governance of imposition by the Amala People Congress. PDP and APC is the same coin different sides.

Until a more credible party is FORMED, there is no HOPE for Nigeria

@ Iyke

NOTHING, he has done nothing for all these years..... No light, no water, no roads, no security, hospitals etc. Or do have all that that I have mentioned? How can you have the national treasure, military, navy, police and customs at your disposal and yet blame your failure at a person(s) who supposedly said ' I'll make this govnt on governable'. Remember boko haram started during late Yar'adua and even when they killed psyco BH leader. It's very obvious that it was not targeted at GEJ. But no, GEJ is conveniently using the BH matter as if it was design for his down fall. The first ever bomb blast was on Oct, 1st were the bomber was arrested and confessed but GEJ said no he knows those behind it but he has not named them till date.

Only Jesus Can Save

There is no other name,under heaven,given among men by which we can be save.


Mumu, SR couldn't fined anything out of the ordinary with ACN or APC in respect your clueless PDP. Unless you want them to create lies............ Or have they committed political blunders in same measure with PDP?

Clowns Masquerading as Leaders

As long as this stock of leaders from the PDP remain in office,Nigeria can only best be described as a comedy theatre,parading the worst set of witless clowns,amusing no one than themselves,imagine " those that approve say,Aye! Those against are not present" that is the father of a renowned subsidy thief speaking,failed leaders who do not deserve and would never get respect from Nigerians.

Oil Money

Those thinking they would push Goodluck out of Aso Rock because he is from the minority should know that what is found in a land belongs to the owners of that land, if you succeed in chasing him out, also be ready to chase his oil money out of Abuja also, or are missing that aspect? Think rightly.

SR is so biased. That is not

SR is so biased. That is not how to practice journalism pls. U carry only news that is against PDP, GEL or his government. Is very bad of you. Let yr news be balanced pls.


All this manipulations are for 2015 abi? One advise I have for the gladiators is to always think of peace in our land, lets forget 2015 and maybe talk about 2019, the South South should be allowed their two terms.

Sahara Report,yr paper is ACN

Sahara Report,yr paper is ACN or APC paper. Yr news is always anti PDP. Your report is always one sided. Yr news is not always balance. Many have stopped reading Sahara report. Yr paper hardly carry news that are anti- ACN or APC.

Give this man a break

What has this man done to you people ? How can you interview a man's sworn enemies and claim to be reporting a balanced view of the party members ? Did you interview PDP members from the South South, South East and North Central ? Why didn't you ? Why do you hate this man Jonathan this much? What crime did he commit that you team up with etnicist rogues to repeatedly insult this man.Please be objective in your reporting.It seems you people are yet to understand the seriousness of what is going on. May I remind you people at SR that Aljazeera news is at the top today because of its objective reporting while CNN Fox news and its biased likes continue to decline.


If your party is on the path of self destruction, then leave and join your preferred part APC. Stop condemning while you are inside. In the next few weeks , we shall expel a few of you whose names we ve compiled


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