APC Rejects ‘Supplementary’ Election In Anambra State

Attahiru Jega

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday rejected the announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of its decision to hold a supplementary election in Anambra State on November 30. 

"We will not be a party to what is obviously a travesty of election by a self-discredited and conniving electoral umpire," the party said in a statement issued in Lagos by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. 

It expressed “absolute shock and incredulity” that INEC could even contemplate such an election despite the weight of credible evidence presented by the party as well as election monitors/observers that what transpired on Nov. 16 was a sham. 

"This announcement has confirmed our worst fears that INEC is working in cahoots with the PDP and the presidency to ensure that no election ever counts in Nigeria,” the statement said, noting that the INEC Chairman himself was the first to admit that a senior official of the commission compromised the election in one local government in the state. 

"We on our own part were able to establish that materials meant for several LGs that were the strongholds of our candidate were diverted; that out of the about 1.7 million registered voters in Anambra, only a little over 400,000 were accredited to vote; and that the voters' register was apparently tampered with to remove many names and disenfranchise thousands of voters. 

''Yet, the same electoral body that admitted that the election was compromised has turned around to validate it by its decision to organize supplementary election instead of cancelling the parody of election and holding a fresh one. This is a sad day indeed,'' APC said. 

The party said it has become obvious that Nigerians cannot count on INEC to organize a free, fair and credible election anywhere in the country.

“Nigerians must now take their fate in their own hands to ensure that the principle of one man, one vote is sacrosanct,” APC warned. 

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The problem with Jega is his hands are tied...

...to the criminal award of the Biometric Machine deal to himself via the old "father-in-law" modus. He has no choice but to do the bidding of Dumbo and the PDP ...they're holding him by his arid broukus and squeezing him with the threat of prison with hard labour. The corrupt aboki will not even dare mention the name of his conniving subordinate at INEC who tampered with the database of voter registry at the behest of boi-boi Gov. Peter Obi ...much less prosecute the rogue official, that's how soft they've squeezed his stinking balls. Gen. Buhari called Jega an acolyte of the PDP and now it's glaring.

Sha, the World knows the truth, the World is also aware that Nigeria is a crooked land where nothing goes as it should. The APC should just boycott the Supplementary Election and head to court... Anambra way, Always the Weakest link in Ibo mythology!

APC will never accept defeat as always

APC will never accept defeat, no matter what as always. How do you think it is that easy to win Anambra State despite the power of incumbency, the yoruba-igbo age long cold war and so on.

Be mindful that 98% of elections in Nigeria are rigged based on confessions of former winners. This is not to praise riggers.

Please respect Anambrarians. What on earth was El Rufai doing in Awka and what the heck were the so called election monitors from Osun State doing in Owerri en-route to Awka. Look at it this way: Any Igbo man who goes to Katsina or Osun during election to monitor election would be dead on arrival. In fact an indigene of Osun or Katsina should not even contest election under any Igbo Party except if you want to die before the election. Igbos are very tolerable and are being taken for granted.

Conduct fresh elections ten times, APC will protest unless they rig better.

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