Archbishop Of Canterbury Visits Emir Of Kano In London-NAN

Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby and Nigeria's ambassador to the Uk, Dalhatu Tafida
By News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)

London – The Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Welby on Sunday in London condemned the attack on the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, describing it as “disgraceful” and “atrocious”.

Welby said this when he paid a sympathy visit to the royal father, who was flown to London following the attack in Kano by unknown gunmen.

The gunmen attacked the emir’s convoy along Zoo road, near Sahad Stores, last month, killing his driver, his orderly and a traditional guard who tried to protect him.

The emir’s two sons who were also in his convoy, were injured.

“I am here to bring my condolences on the disgraceful and atrocious attack on His Royal Highness.

And on the loss of some of his staff, which is something that is a great shame and I rejoice that His Royal Highness himself was unharmed in the attack.

” I pray for you and all those in Nigeria who carry out the work of peace, reconciliation and seek to bring Nigeria to the place where it is supposed to be in strength and prosperity against the terrorists,” Welby said.

Responding, Bayero expressed has appreciation for the visit and congratulated Welby on his appointment.

The emir, who spoke in Hausa through the Chiroman Kano, Alhaji Sanusi Bayero, commended the role of the Anglican Communion in promoting peace and unity in Nigeria.

The Archbishop was received by the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingom, Dr Dalhatu Tafida, and the Turakin Kano, Alhaji Nasir Bayero. (NAN)


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An eyesore

Hope Ado Bayero left his charms and juju in his palace. Also all the young virgins, concubines and chameleons that he feeds on to make him young. this man is no muslim - he is an idol worshipper with juju from head to toe. Useless people, keep their people ignorant and rear al majiris whilst their kids run around in horses, dring their benylin with codeine and shag their backsides - DISGUSTING.


Hahaha... It is the British people VS Nigerian christians. Let's wait and watch. Let me sincerely confirm to you that the Emir of Kano has more honour in the UK than your Ayo Oritsejafor.

You mugus

You mugus. Every one of your leaders flies abroad, to treat even the common cold. Have you ever considered how much money has gone out of Nigeria to pay for the medical bills of members of government and their cohorts? Yet, Nigeria has one of the worst healthcare programmes in the world. When Nelson Mandela was sick recently, he was treated in South Africa. Even poor Cuba, Castro has never left there to get treatment elsewhere. Yet you will see stupid Nigerians spraying money at funerals. Celebrating the death of people who should never have died. A nation of fools!!!!!

Being Proud Of Your Mother Tongue Isn't Illiteracy

It is not illiteracy to speak in your mother tongue. It is rather a sense of pride for a person's identity and heritage since they (traditional leaders) are the ones who represent the traditional institutions.

Many of the non-English speaking world leaders know how to speak English, yet they reserve it in order to show their pride for their culture and identity. The French president- F. Holland, German Chancellor- A. Merkel, Russian President- V. Putin, Israeli president- S. Pirez, the Arab kings etc... All these people speak English but not when they are representing their people for the soul purpose of cultural pride. Are all illiterates. I beg of you to look up the biography of Ado Bayero, you will know who he is more than you thought you knew... The people who had a degree before many of us were even conceived

Poor Brits

The British still don't get it. This is 2013, not 1953. The Hausa-Foolanis will not rule Nigeria again for a looooong time, regardless of what their godfathers, the Brits want.
Has it occurred to anyone how fragile Nigeria is right now? It is so fragile that the death of one man i.e. Jonathan, either natural or contrived, will set off events which WILL ultimately culminate in the reorganization of Nigeria. That is the extent of fragility of a giant of Africa with clay feet.
Mr. Archbishop, be wise...

Re: Why Hausa

For your information, it is foolish to ask whether Emir of Kano can or cannot speak English. Ask the elite in your tribe, they know him better than you do. There is no traditional ruler in Nigeria that is more respected in the Western world than him. There are times especially when he is at his palace or in his traditional attire that he would not speak in any language than Hausa. What your elders fail to understand is that there is no creature on earth that respects culture like the white people. Looking down at your culture and imitating the whites make you look stupid in their eyes. That is why your elders, even though they are christians look foolish before the whites people.See how the man is addressing the Emir.

Honestly i don't see anything

Honestly i don't see anything wrong with the visit. Someone somewhere must show a good example. Thanks!


Somebody tell me - Is this a

Somebody tell me - Is this a diplomatic or pastorial visit?

What is wrong with the British? Why do they continue with their divide and rule tactics


This is a bonkom visit. Mr Archbishop I hope you are not melancholic? Since the senseless killings of christians in the north you never deemed it fit to make a statement or even arrange a visit to condole with the christian community. Now you decided to fraternize with the emir. Big shame on you. They are no more in control of our oil. So no way for you.


@ IRONY OF WAST LIFE ,pls islam doest need you is you that need islam becouse you are kafuri dost not means that you will fool people with your religiours bias and bigot and i pray to almigthy ALLAH that if you are type of person that will repent pls do it in time before its too late for you to decide. and lastly let me assure you that GOD didnt create you to come drink beer ,eat dog meat ,eat horse meat ,eat donkey meat,fuck your ibos ladies etc rather he created you to waship him only.but you are always in a beer fallow claiming that you are enjoying freedom as western world day you will answer them.

@solidarity to Omoaholor

Biafra FAILED ten times before now and it FOREVER fail. The so-called oil is not biafran and shall remain so. It's nature gift and very soon you have ur greates nigtmare, OIL in where you'll not want it to be! SHOCKER for you soon.

Nigerian Christians are worst in the world

I remember years ago when a British man said Nigerian christians are the worst in the world.

Judging by their comments here, the man was right.

They have so much hatred for Muslims perhaps out of jealousy.

All their rants cannot help them because the world knows that the most honest people are Muslims even when you take in human greed.

So starting from the fake men of god to the brainwashed followers, get a life and read more about Islam.

You will find a beautiful and just religion, not the propaganda from the scared CIA.

u lack understandin

I tink d guy dat is opening his dirty mouth 2 insult a man of God is a capital fool,hw can u reason lik dat,pls stp advertising ur foolishness here oky.


The Christians are killed daily in the north like chickens, the Church of England under the leadership of the Archbishop has not taken any open position to condemn those killings. The open solidarity with the Emir by the Bishop is ill advised. The Emir is only a traditional ruler for christ sake and not even a spiritual leader. It shows that the British still do not get it in Nigeria and that is that the dynamics have changed forever in Nigeria. Sucking up to the north is no longer fashionable in Nigeria. The Emir was attacked and only suffered cuts and bruises, he is flown to London for treatment, not a single common man who has suffered injury at the hands of boko haram has been flown abroad. This injustice is enough

solidarity to omoaholor statement above

most Nigerians have no further comment to add or subract from the truth above.
The babylon-Britain nation known for her purpose of stealing and destruction, will not stop romancing the Cain children of destitute and progrome, though their existence and dependent on Nigerdelta oil is come to an end. what is babangida head of boko haram and bayero doing in london-the babylon house of exile?
maybe they are on obasanjo message to fuel boko boys against good & badluck intention to free the Biafrans from Arewa long overdue bondage and anhiliation. 2013 is the year of Nigeria repackage into its original blocks the babylon lugard put together against the law of nature.


You are the biggest bastard and retard. May you rot in hell fire, forgot that's where you belong. Idiot!

Thank You

We wish to Thank the ArchBishop for the respect on our great leader, Sense of coexistence, and being a great example.
Unlike our dear president goodluck (or should i say Badluck) he was in London for must of last week but could not arrange a visit.
If He has any respect for the people of Kano and the North he could have done so.
God deliver us from this Times


Kai, look at this mumu Archbishop looking for oil well. Got news for you oyinbo pepe, the mallams are not in control anymore, their crown is slipping by the hour.....Resources Control, meritocracy and SNC are what is game these days.

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for that ooooooo. You have spoken the truth.

@Omoaholo Imogirie, you sound

@Omoaholo Imogirie, you sound very bitter, dont waste your time here spewing rubbish, go and make the effort to become a productive member of society. it would go a long way in making you a better person. have a lovely day.


I thought he would be flown to Pakistan or Afghanistan for treatment. The remaning two countries together with Nigetia that still has the highest polio disease in the world. This is how they collect alcoholics VATS from the South. Haram has no place with such money.
Bunch of hypocrites. I will rather worship the ocean, moon , sun or star than been a Muslim. Satanic, blood sucking, paedophile and lunatic religion. Bunch of idiots!


I thought he would be flown to Pakistan or Afghanistan for treatment. The remaning two countries together with Nigetia that still has the highest polio disease in the world. This is how they collect alcoholics VATS from the South. Haram has no place with such money.
Bunch of hypocrites. I will rather worship the ocean, moon , sun or star than been a Muslim. Satanic, blood sucking, paedophile and lunatic religion. Bunch of idiots!


Light and darkness never come to terms.The Bishop is darkness while the Emir is gross darkness This visit is not for any good to the Nigerian populace, it is strategic planing of how to siphon the oil block money allocated to the Emirs &co to the UK FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR ECONOMY. POSTERITY WILL JUDGE

Lets wait and see the day the

Lets wait and see the day the Emir will visit the Queen in Abuja Hospital in Nigeria. SHAMELESS PEOPLE


If people don't have facts they better keep quiet. This is not the time for blame games. If you can offer any solutions, just keep to yourself your preposterous comments and adulterated facts.


I think ignorance is indeed a poison... especially when combined with anger, hatred and envious grudge.
The prayer of the Emir of Kano has been that of seeking peace and discouraging violent acts since his coronation in 1963. I feel slightly embarrassed and ashamed for the commentator that posted the above comments. These comments are utterly disgusting and preposterous which are aimed at provoking the northerners to cause further mischief than what has already been. If that person had genuine and unadulterated facts about the Emir, they wouldn't have made such anger-driven comments filled with ignorance. I don't think he/she lives in Nigeria and probably had never interacted with regular northerners. These blame game has got to stop if we really want Nigeria to progress. I don't have the intellect to put things straight, but I would advice people to check their facts and avoid being overpowered by their ethnic differences/grudges.

shame on u bro

Over 50 yrs ago the British left u n u re still blaming them. Wake up n fix ur problem.

What compelled u nt to go ur own way wen they told u in 56 that they were nt ready? The British abi?

Zik had Awolowo to form a govt wit, in stead he went in wit Tafa', who caused it? The British abi?

Who asked Nzeogu n his co-travellers to do d coup? The British abi? Etc.

Make una de leave Hausa/Fulani alone bcos even d last 13 yrs of ds country don show say dem better pass us!


The bishop is a coward

The bishop is also Boko Haram, what an insult? Basterd british; gay bishops............ who sent you there?

It is better to keep quiet

It is better to keep quiet than to get cursed from God by calling a man of God a gay. For ur information, the archbishop was appointed newly and is not a gay. Watch ur tongue and be properly guided

Archbishop of Canterbury, have nothing to offer

Its really a shame reading this I agree totally with Omohalolo. The British govt. and their colonia mentality will never change. They used divide and rule tactics to destroy
Nigeria. But their plans will never work.As a Gay Archbishop what else do you expect from him ,he could be one of the manifestation of the Antichrist that will arise in the last days we are in.