Arewa Youths Accuse Northern Elite Of Under-developing North

Northern Elders
By SaharaReporters, New York

The umbrella association of northern youths, Arewa Youths Forum (AYF), today accused the elite from the region, both Muslim and Christian, of undermining the north in political power and economic development.

The indictment came in a communiqué issued by the youth group at the end of an emergency meeting held in Kaduna, capital of Kaduna State. The AYF’s communiqué, which was sent to local and international media, argued that the north had completely collapsed and needed purposeful leadership in order to rise again.

Led by Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, the group x-rayed the political and economic performance of the northern part of Nigeria and found the situation deplorable. “The leadership of Arewa Youths Forum (AYF) met today in Kaduna and critically reviewed the state of the nation and, most importantly, the predicament bedeviling Northern Nigeria. Sadly, [as] we stated in March 2012, the North is still at the bottom of every index ranging from health, education, social amenities, infrastructure, socio-cultural integration and peaceful coexistence,” the communiqué stated.

The AYF added: “The worst of our woes is the insecurity ravaging the North that has gradually balkanized Northern Christians and Muslims…through a deliberate elitist mischief.” In addition, the group argued: “On good governance, judicial utilization of public funds and quality leadership, from our review of the 19 Northern States, except in [a] few states, the order of the day is outright embezzlement of public funds with impunity. The leadership being showcased at all levels of governments [is] nothing but a monumental sharing of public funds…while poverty and illiteracy [sweep] through the…region thereby posing a big threat to our existence and progress. In plain terms, the North is not only at the verge of extinction but has finally collapsed and just standing on its shadows and a cosmetic unity that is far from the reality.” In an ominous tone, the communiqué added that “reality has finally caught up with us.”

In a statement that spared neither Muslims nor Christians, the group insisted that “the major problems of the North [are] the result of the accumulated machinations of both Christian and Muslim elite, who in the course of pursuing their political and economic interests kept sowing discord along religious and ethnic lines to a gullible illiterate majority. Even if for nothing, the intense struggle of Christian and Muslim elite for inclusion into several juicy boards and parastatals confirms that all the noise about religion and ethnic divides are pure manipulations meant to aid individuals’ access to economic and political proceeds.” They challenged the northern elite to show evidence that they contributed to “development, unity and progress” in “their native Christian or Muslim dominated areas of the North.”

The AYF accused the elite, “who got life on a platter of gold,” of squandered opportunities to make a difference in the region. They stated that “insincerity and double standards” existed on the part of “traditional and religious institutions, governments, civil society, media, security agencies, and opinion leaders in addressing the mess that has enveloped the North.”

The group suggested that the remedy to the region’s “institutionalized mess” lies in “sincere and purposeful leadership at all levels of government in [the] Northern region,” adding that there was a need for “judicious management of resources to check poverty, lack of infrastructure, collapsed education and health sectors and as well unemployment.”

The youth group called for an end to “all tools of manipulation and mischievous propaganda using religion and ethnicity.” They advocated a strengthening of the rule of law “to deal with all those responsible for inciting killings as well those perpetrating the killings.” The group added: “These will aid in bringing about cohesion and stability, while the Federal Government and security agencies assiduously tackle terrorism in the north.”

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Those airing rubish with their mouth,well they own it .
I say good job to Tђε president and all members of AREWA YOUTH FOROUM (AYF).
One of Tђε factor killing and bringing backward in this country is CORRUPTION and now Our youth are now out to fight for us,Fine.
May be those altering counterproductive with their mouth should go back through Tђε topic again.
This is not about SE or SS ,this is all about Tђε North and Tђε Leaders.♍♈ Dear, with Tђε present production Agricultural from Tђε North and Tђε oil sector from SE/SS,
Under-development is every were in Nigeria.

Good gracious, the Arewa

Good gracious, the Arewa youths are waking up from a long slumber!If they walk the new talk,hope will finally return to the North and Nigeria. We should stop fooling ourselves: the South needs the North as much as the North needs the South. We all need Nigeria, it is the only platform we can play as big fish in the global pond. That is settled, then what? The North's "institutionalised mess" as AYF puts it, is a metaphor for feudalism. Dismantle the feudalist state, and Nigerians, nay, the world, will witness the immense but dormant power of the northern giant, since laid prostrate by the wilful choice of a few to forever keep the majority in peonage.

And your eyes will be open

Here comes the fulfillment of the prophesy. "And your eyes will be open" here we come nothern nigeria!!!!

underdevelopment of the north

Well done for saying it as it is. Who do you think will spearhead the crusade of addressing these ills? Is it the innocent illiterate almajiris or the impoverished educated few from the north? The judgement day will come and truth will prevail


You're dead wrong! Every evidence except Nigeria's cooked up census lies points to the fact the Igbo make up about 60 percent of Nigeria's population. Check it out: 1. They are the most populous tribe in their home states of Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Rivers (Ebocha) and Delta (Anioma) States. 2. They are about the most populous tribe in Lagos. 3. They are the next most populous tribe in every other state outside the SE, after the indigenous population. 4. They vote effectively during elections. Why do you thing Jonathan won in almost every state? It was the IGBO NUMBER! Believe it!

So the SE is NOT a tree, but the forest. Remember that in voting, people do so according to their choice, and in Nigerian politics, tribal proclivities still play a great role. Don't be deceived by false political permutation that the SE and SS have low voting population.

Dont Blame Them Cut Off Their Heads Too

Its not enough to blame them, do something by surrounding at 100 of them cut off their heads and return their assets to the state which is far sufficient the ruins of the North, and develop agriculture and mining.


The Arewa youths has got the loosed nut in their head tightened. Is now they know who to hold responsible for the economic annihilation of the region. I could have taken them more serious if they have clamp down on BokoHari, the major sponsor of the BokoRams slitting both Christians and moslims all in the name of politics. For BokoHari to make the nation ungovernable, who lost and which region is destroyed? For the development of the north, is hey time the youths take their destinies in their hands and call these men to order. They are not fighting for the good of the region, but for their selfish interest. If it is for the good of the region, why is the north not develope or civilise than the south after ruling the nation for over three decades?

Well done

My guy, u finish work. Reality has caught up with them. The north is sinking with the BokoHari (terrorist Buhari), terrorist kaita, Lai mohammed, sultan n co. The BokoRams of BokoHari will slaughter you all and your fake prophet mohammed will drink your blood.



Arewa Youths Accuse Northern Elite Of Under-developing North

The only thing all the military presidents in this country who happened to be northerners achieved was to create local government and states here and there and then get some of their friends to take up the names of these local and state governments. Kontangoro,Gaji,and so on and so forth.It is only a man that has no father,a bastard that will live his fathers name and then begin to answer the name of his community,local government or state. Shame to you all. My good brothers and sisters(Youths) of the north,put on your thinking caps and pray to God,it shall be well again in your region when you vote for GOODLUCK JONATHAN.He will rule and than hand over to a good man in the north who will take you out of your wilderness. God bless Nigeria

Arewa Youths Accuse Northern Elite Of Under-developing North

The only thing all the military presidents in this country who happened to be northerners achieved was to create local government and states here and there and then get some of their friends to take up the names of these local and state governments. Kontangoro,Gaji,and so on and so forth.It is only a man that has no father,a bastard that will live his fathers name and then begin to answer the name of his community,local government or state. Shame to you all. My good brothers and sisters(Youths) of the north,put on your thinking caps and pray to God,it shall be well again in your region when you vote for GOODLUCK JONATHAN.He will rule and than hand over to a good man in the north who will take you out of your wilderness. God bless Nigeria

you are a complete goeathead.

Your ignorance knows no limit. So you think Ibos would want to go with the south-south this time because of oil? This is why we want you to go to school and not expect cut-off mark of 2 while Anambra requires 139. The East is rich in oil and hydrocarbon gas. We are not relying on oil. We rely on our capacity to survive in very harsh and unfriendly environments. We don't want to be held down waiting for dumb heads like you. Since 1970 we have been waiting for you to catch up, rather you chose boko haram to regress further into stone age. Your concern is oil as if South Korea and Japan have oil. ***hole. South Africa has no oil.

Arewa Youths Accuse Northern Elite Of Under-developing North

You are talking nonsense. Why should they exclude Buhari? What did your Buhari do for the north right from when he was a commissioner or Minister and so on before he became the president,what? He is worse than the rest of them. The only thing all of them so called leaders in the north did was to form cabals and groups in other to share whatever they lay their hands on in Nigeria,upon all the wuruwuru and magomago they did. They think they would be able to swallow other part of Nigeria by creating all the unnecessary local government and northern states that they do not need,now they have seen it,it has backfired. What a man sowed,that he shall rip.

AYF are myopic

AYF are myopic youths and backward people,how old is your AYF that you are noticing today that you people are backwards,just bcos power is not with you people again,for almost 40 yrs you people were in power you people didnt know that there is no development in the north,u didnt know that your religion is taking you people back,where a governor will marry an underage child and that is your culture,u people practice sharia and kill people,why didnt u people fight it before,what you know is to blame GEJ,wait for him to solve your problems.


1960-1966-Tafawa Balewa -North
1966-1966-Aguiyi Ironsi(6mths)
1966-1975-Gowon Yakubu -North
1975-1976-Murtala Mohammed -North
1976-1979-Thief Obasanjo -West
1979-1983-Shehu Shagari -North
1983-1985-Terroris Buhari -North
1985-1999-Thief Babangida -North
1999-2008-Thif Obasnjo-Ole -West
2008-2011-Yar Adua Musa -North
2012-2013-Great Jona (1.5mth)

West =12yrs
SE =6months
SS =1.5 yr

NA WA 4 U 000000


Nigerians must first admit/realize for themselves that Lord Lugard is not God otherwise everything else is a waste of energy.

North Development

The Northern Christians leaders became willing tools of the caliphate against their southern brothers. It is way too late to acknowledge the truth. This for me remains part of the agenda just a change of tactic.


I have allways belive that Nigeria will rise again when the youth understand how our destiny has been mortugaged by the so called elders/political elites who has nothing but selfish interes. I salute the courage of the AYF for recognising and speaking out against their selfish leaders, it seems to me that they are begining to emancipate themselves from mental slavery they have been sujected for a long time. good way to go

Foolish, one tree can not

Foolish, one tree can not make a forest, SS&SE cumulative are less than 25% of 9ja population.

Na lie, but ofcourse north

Na lie, but ofcourse north has 19 states, while none of the northern states earn 13% of the on shore monthly allocation, all of benefiaries are not part of north.


I can't remember ever agreeing with Arewa youth on anything, but on this one I found myself doing so, in most parts. And the key word is 'most parts'. Northern problem is the profound ethnic and religious bigotry that are pervasive in the region. Granted these issues are found across Nigeria as a whole, but are much more glaring for all to see in the north. Just look at the carnages that are going on in the so called middle belt region and the core north. How sad. Northern leadership has been a dismal failure for the people in that region.They have blamed everything wrong in the north on everyone else but themselves. For all these clamoring for power to shift back the North, they have never been for the people. And Arewa forgot boko haram, and there we part ways.

Na lie Buhari is an

Na lie Buhari is an exceptional, thus, you must exclude him among bad leaders.

When will the Southern Youths make their own Shout?

We are all applauding the AYF for shouting at their elders as if we, southerners are from the same under-development.

When will there be some South Shout? especially from south south?

The United North is far ahead of us in the struggle to reclaiming what they think is theirs, while the South is so FRAGMENTED beyond belief.

"I too know" (ITK)or it is "I Know Too Much" is what is killing southerners.

The North can dwarf the oil income of the nation by massively investing in agriculture. North got the landmass. Nigeria is blessed beyond oil... The time for Nigerians to think outside the Box is now.

AYF, See, all of us are now

AYF, See, all of us are now speaking the same language. What ails the North is also ailing the South too. The problem is that for ethnic, religious, or oil reasons people subvert the truth. Our corrupt leaders both from the North and South have ruined our lives. The truth shall set all of us free. Let all of us liberate ourselves from corrupt leaders, comrades.

Arewa Youth Accuse Northan Elite Of Under-developed NORTH

The chickens have come home to roost ....When in the west were struggling to maintain free health and Education for all their people THE NORTHAN Elits were busy Hugging power for 35 Years ,Recruting HAUSA-FULANI in to the Armed-forces, busy at night having sex with their wives to have more children 10-15 per a single woman ....THE war for domination was a 24 hour ,366 days a year during the day intimidating every body and killing christians and southaners create 19 states out of less than 1/3 of the total Nigerian population and have looted 80% of the Nigerian oil wealth ...$2.3TRILLION was stolen by Abacha alone .


@ akpos 1

Your comments sometimes makes sence,but the way you present it is what I don't like. U gave an excelent facttual facts. I am from SS for ur information. You made a great point on this article by providing some facts.

i pity u 3

Meanwhile, i appreciate this medium provided by sahara reporters. my dear concern nigerians, let us use this medium for good, instead of wasting our precious time accusing/abusing ourselves base on religious, tribal, sectional, political dif, we shld come together n see how we can handle the problems bedevilling our country so as to move ahead.
Sahara reporters help us in so doing, come up with something that will facilitate our development.
Thank you.

i pity u 2

North the great!!! they say we are illiterates, they say we are fool-anis, they say we are almajiris, they say we are abokis etc, yet we rule them for 39yrs. kai!!! These almajiris are too smarts.......

Plain dumb comment from

Plain dumb comment from obviously a dim witted individual

This is the bane of what ails this nation when people like "YOU" jump on the bandwagon with your incoherent utterances


i pity u

I pity u akpos1, if u are from the se, know that ss will never accept u in forming a new country. do u know y? U guys are as poor as the north if @ all north is poor which i dont believe bcos we have a vast land we can cultivate all sort of things. To ss u r just parasites.
So find ur bearing b4 its too late.
But as for my ss cousins, they are just bunch of lazy guys, all they know is to sit under trees and drink kaikai while their wives feed the family, so if the oil should b left for them i doubt if they can extract it.

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