Armed Robbers On The Prowl Kill 5 At Equatorial Trust Bank In Uyo

By SaharaReporters, New York

For the second time within four days, armed robbers on Tuesday attacked a branch of Equatorial Trust Bank on Abak road in Uyo metropolis leaving 5 people including two policemen dead after the operation.

Akwa Ibom state capital as men of the underworld continue to lay siege on the helpless residents while Governor Akpabio who recently took an oath of office  to provide security to lives and property has totally abdicated the responsibility.

Akpabio was visiting the United States of America until a few days ago with an unwieldy delegation of over 100  people  in search awards and recognition.
SaharaReporters recalls that a similar incident took place last Friday a gang of dare devil robbers attacked a bullion van they chased to the doorsteps of the State House of Assembly, two mobile police officers were killed in the process.
Today’s incident according to eye witnesses followed a similar pattern which heightened the belief that the operation may have been carried out by the same group of robbers.
It was gathered that the armed robbery gang waylaid a 504 Peugeot car conveying  money to a branch office of the commercial bank in the city  killing all the occupants in the vehicle including two policemen, a banker, driver and a passerby.
Police Authorities had outlawed the practice of using smaller vehicles to convey cash and urged banks to provide and use specialized armoured bullion vans but the practice has continued with the connivance of corrupt police officers who assign policemen to escort such cars.
The robbery incident in the metropolis occurred on Tuesday afternoon along Ukana Offot junction by Olu-Obansanjo way,near the premises of the commercial bank involved.
Undisclosed amount of money in about seven Ghana-must-go bags were said to have been carted away from the bank’s vehicle by the hoodlums who escaped with ease as there was no form of resistance.
The firepower of the robbers reportedly hit the unsuspecting passer by and heightened anxiety of people in the neighbourhood.
SaharaReporters got a confirmation of the incident from the Police authorities who kept sealed lips on the details of the incident and casualty.
In a dramatic twist, the Akwa Ibom house of Assembly passed a resolution seeking the redeployment of the Commissioner of Police Mr Felix Uyanna within 48 hours.

All the members of the PDP dominated Assembly benefitted from the “services” of Uyanna during the elections.
Uyanna was reportedly retained in Akwa Ibom at a great cost to Akpabio to ensure his re-election as he was insulated from the last minute redeployment of states commissioners by Inspector General of Police Haffiz Ringim two days to the April polls.

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What do you expect in a state where the governor is a base bandit?

This is a stupid write

This is a stupid write up...arm robbery is not alien to any Nigerian state and every governor of Nigerian had been travelling on trips outside the country. Kidnapping is now taking place in the North...killing also in Borno, Jos etc. So SR stop being stupid and write intelligent stuffs. You can do better than this


When I heard that the US Congress gave award to Akpabio for industrial revolution, blood almost dried in my body for a US Congress to get involved in this corrupt practice of laundering Akwa Ibom fund. ut when I was told that the body that demonstrated that show of shame comprises Annang people who happened to see themselves in the US and conniving with Akpabio to steal our state blind. The US should investigate this body and prosecute it for being a conduit for money laundering. See what is happening to our beloved state. God is the Judge.

101 all for award in usa

Has this governor assessed the security status of his state? What will Akwa-Ibom benefit from this visit? Our leaders will never cease making a laughing stock of this country.

Blatant Disregard and Disrespect of The Masses

What is going on in this country called Nigeria???!!!!! Why is there blatant disregard and disrespect for the masses?? The President is 100% to blame for supporting and encouraging all his corruption. Is he now forgetting that Akpabio was on of the Governors that didn't want to see Badluck Jonathan sworn into power after the death of Yar Adua??? How stupid and short-sighted can a man possible be??? The same Akpabio will soon put a dagger in Jonathans back again. Jonathan should do what is right with the people of the state and allow their chosen leaders to rule and not be dictated by a blood hungry, self-righteous scoundrel like God Forbid Ebot Akpabio!!

Let us address issues

I think we should leave sentiments alone and let us address issue. I am of the view that if SR has any personal score to settle with Akpabio, we should not join them rather we should condemn their unprofessional act. I am not a politician but I am almost 100% certain that most of the commentators here are Udoeghene's supporters. It is only in Nigeria that we play politics of bitterness. Instead of condemning the armed robbers we are all busy attacking personalities. I am not from your state but I think you guys better have a rethink and support whoever is there and move your state forward. Or are you people waiting until a member of your family is killed by armed robbers before you condemn their activities?

Use and Dump

Akpabio keeps using and dumping them after every dirty job,poor CP i wish u asked Prince Ikim.

The day of judgement is yet

The day of judgement is yet to come, the one who laughs last laughs best. It is only The Almighty God that will see us through in Akwa Ibom state. So many innocent lives have been cut short, but still, God is not asleep. He will save His people from Akpabios tyranny Akpabio can try to bribe Everyone but he cannot bribe God!

IGP see Ur Work.

The house of Assembly should summon the IGP for sending the criminal to head security in the state,if truelly they are not acting out a script,why reject the man after Election?

Akpabio:the Akwa Ibom Gaddafi.

This heading would excite Akpabio,i knw,as this is Governor's greatest ambittion,DOING IT JUST LIKE THE BAD GUYS,time would tell Sir.


Is it that u can not read with comprehension?or u r so blinded to the truth n natural reasoning,is moving the entire machinery of a state abroad to celebrate a purchased award a priority over the lives of the very citizen's he claimed voted him to protect their lives?cant u hear he requested the IGP sends this very Commissioner of Police becos of the agenda of that time "THE ELECTIONS" now the DOGS can no longer be tamed,if u dont ve wat to say next time "KEEP SHUT".

In pursuit of shadows

The Governors trip has got everything to do with the incident, if the commander in chief is off gallivanting, what do u expect?. His absence from the state with a reckless entourage of 100 people is a waste of state resources which should be used to secure and safeguard the lives and property of people. I live in the Uk, and the British prime minister cut shot his holiday in Italy to attend to the problem of criminality on the streets of London. Akpabio or what ever you call him is irresponsible.

@Noah: Everyday Akwa Ibom Na wa o!

Noah, what has happened to Akwa Ibom state is what happens when the governor and the state executive are known secret cult members. There is a list of kidnap victims and victims assassinated somewhere on the site that is directly linked to the governor and some of his commissioners.

Criminality took over Akwa Ibom since Akpabio moved into the state house, and surrounded himself with university dropouts who couldn't finish school due to campus cult activities. Until the crop of people in Akwa Ibom state government are flushed, Akwa Ibom will remain the most violent and crime infested state.

Point of Correction for this Article: Akpabio traveled to the U.S with over 250 personal friends all funded with the state's money - money that is meant for developing akwa ibom state. Akpabio came with all those akwa ibom girls in Nollywood that he sleeps with including Ini Edo, and the rest of those Nollywood prostitutes with several forms of STDs.

What has this got to do with the Robbery Incident?

"Akpabio was visiting the United States of America until a few days ago with an unwieldy delegation of over 100 people in search awards and recognition."
Did Governor Akpabio travel with the State Commissioner of Police and all DPOs/police officers and men in Uyo? Come on guys, lay off this unnecessary banters. What has the Governor's trip got to do with the robbery incident?

Everyday Akwa Ibom Na wa o!

Everyday it's one bad news from Akwa Ibom State,wetin de really happen for ther sef?more pple have died violently as a result of insecurity than in Maidugri with all the bombings,dont they have leaders to call the government to sit up?

Shop for Awards Sir-Congrats!

Your Excellenccy is busy buying up awards while the state he's saddled with the responsibility to protect is ripped by his gang of electoral thieves,what else would they do with the arms that was distributed?more awards! more awards!!congrat-Very big shame to all of you.

Sleepin Lions wake up and chase this DOGS

A vibrant society like Akwa Ibom would suddenly be beaten by a few criminals to a state of stupor and slumber,while they desecrate and batter both the unity and common wealth of the pple,Let's wake up enough is enough.


Akwa Ibom House una good morning o!day don break?abi una wan help una Governor discharge d CP as una don use am finish?if him get sense him for just sing implicate everybody one time.


Is it a coincidence that Akwa Ibom State was set ablaze 2hrs after IGP RINGIM sent CP FELIX UYANNA to Akwa Ibom on SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT?i dey laugh!

Can anything good come from AKPABIO?

Can anything good come from Akpabio?is this God's will for Akwa Ibom?He paid IGP heavily to bring a criminal as CP in Aks,just for elections to be rigged for him and his cohorts.

It's not over until it's over

When Gov went and purchased the redeployment of Uyanna a notorious police cheif to clamp down ACN's raising profile and followership,PDP and the present house members as beneficiaries of his criminal tacts were celebrating,now Senator Udoedeghe and Ime Umanah are no longer there to chase and target for elimination,the boys he brought in to help must eat now,why una de scream,we'll see who they'll come after now,na una hold Aks money CP and the boys knw,too late to cry Honourables.

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