Armed Soldiers And SSS Officers Arrest Kaduna-Based Editor And Reporter Of Hausa Language Newspaper In Early Morning Raid-PREMIUM TIMES

An SSS operative during an operation in Niger state
By Sani Tukur

The Nigerian SSS men wore quasi-military uniforms when they stormed the homes of the journalists.

In what appears a military-era Gestapo tactics, the State Security Service, SSS, stormed the house of two journalists who write for Al-Mizan, a Hausa language newspaper, and arrested them.

Witnesses said the security operatives came in about 10 cars and first stormed the house of Aliyu Saleh, a reporter who resides in Rigasa, Kaduna.

After rough-handling Mr. Saleh and his wife, the couple were arrested at about 4:00 a.m. from where they were conveyed to the next destination of the security agents.

The next stop for the gun wielding men was the house of the editor of the paper, Musa Mohammed Awwal, who was also manhandled alongside his wife. When the police were through with harassing the couples, they left the two women and arrested the two journalists.

The journalists were then taken to an unknown destination.

Reasons for Gestapo attack

PREMIUM TIMES gathered that the reason for the actions of the security agencies is the latest story written by Al-Mizan.

The story, with the headline, “Atrocities of JTF in Potiskum,” narrated how the Joint Task Force in Yobe State have been engaging in extra-judicial arrests and murder of innocent citizens.

The story narrated how 84 young men were arrested some weeks ago in Yobe by the JTF in Potiskum, and how the whereabouts of the men were unknown as at the time of publication of the story.

The story is said to have angered security agencies who felt the story would incite the local Hausa populace against security forces.

When PREMIUM TIMES tried to confirm the reasons for journalists’ arrest, SSS’ spokesperson, Marilyn Ogar, could not be reached on her telephone.

The Kaduna State Police Command also said claimed ignorance of the arrest. Spokesperson Aminu Lawal told PREMIUM TIMES in a telephone interview his command was not responsible for the arrest.


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God have Mercy...

Holly Spirit... have mercy on ur children... cos we knw nt wat we re doing...

let's there be sincerity

I think we should join ur family for the sacrifice so that we will not get crime anymore. Tell me where they said if some 1 commit a crime his family should be included in the crime committed? Ɣ☺Ʋ people should remove sentiment and contribte to the development of this country not just ur section bcus 1day it may be ur own town or may even be affected in directly. Please be generous when making comment.


How can there be law when law makers/enforcers and leader are the law breakers. There will be no lawful followership with lawless leadership. Every single being shall be judged by the Supreme being, One who is over and above any and every law... THAT FINAL DAY. Hhm akwai labari, sai dai kowa takansa yake. Indeed, Almighty is patient with we sensless humans who forget so easily. We forget that He has the power to melt & turn the world upside down with in half a twinkle of an eye for the atrocities & ungratefulness of mankind. God have mercy on all of us, both the leaders & followers. Guide us on to the straight path!!!

leave sss alone

the security is supposed to protect us, devoid of religion or section, imagine yourself as a relation to that person, just imagine and you will feel how they feel. many people have been arrested by security operatives, especially the jtf in the name of bh, they are being kept for rainy days, God help such persons, if there is to be any crisis, the security boys will kill them all and tell the world that they are the bh boys, now just try and remove all sentiments in you and put yourself as one of such innocent persons. in the developed world you have to know where a suspect is being taken to and follow the case to the court, if he is found guilty, beyond all reasonable doubts, he goes to jail and no one complains, why should we be different, please, as nigerians, lets be our brothers' keepers and fight the enemy together.

who are Boko Harram?

In Nigeria today we have no existing of Boko Harram but strugle of Creating social unrest by the Federal Government as Eastern Whitemen Slaves who are now in level of top Governmental office. Hoping to bring Niger Delta activitiest to the extrame North and kill Hausaman is the solution to revenge Biafara civil war.

Wrong tactics!

We can do better than what our security operatives do now on arrests and official responses or non responses to allegations of brutality of Nigerian and disappearnce of Nigerians at the hand of security officials.

The government can arrest any individual in the society if there is need for it. Roughhandling people after arrests is totally wrong and illegal. The government should be able to arraign in court all arrrested people within 24 hours after their arrest. The capability to obey the law by the government must be established, maintained and funded. Disappearance of people after their arrest shows that the government is irresponsible and every government official that is charged with the arrest and detention of people that disappeared should be charged with murder.

Hmm, yes I agree with you

Hmm, yes I agree with you Sultanofsokoto. They should have simulated a gun battle and delete the bokos summarily.

JTF, that's the fact.

Joint task force, wot a way 2 use our task n kill innocent citizens, we all nw how they operate, they actualy kill innocent people more than the boko boys, even in the niger delta the activities of the JTF, is simply inhuman. I realy think d JTF shuld b scraped. And there past activities b investigated. As 2 these journalist I pray they don't hurt them 4 saying the truth.

Muslims are in trouble under Jonathan

Muslims are seriously and deliberately persecuted under Jonathan Government. Jonathan is busy visiting Christian redemption Camps while Muslims are being killed under his watch

instant justice.

It is on occasions like this, one wishes the police accidentally discharge some bullets. They should have liquidated the bokos on the spot for inciting violence and the women thrown in jail for belonging to a terrorist org.

Era of despotic rule is gone.

This is amazing!Ofcourse,it is;as the era of despotic and barbaric rule is gone,possibly gone forever.The central government should step in to one,cause for the immediate release of the journalists.Two,investigate the whereabout of the arrested young men as alleged and take judicial action where necessary.Should the news report on the matter of discourse happen to be false,judicial action should also be taken against the paper.What goes around comes around!

Boko haram journalist

How do those journalist know that the men arrested were innocent. The newspaper is the mouth piece of Boko haram.

Unprofessional security!!!

Unprofessional security!!!

Can there be any way to

Can there be any way to confirm that 84 young men where actually arrested ? If yes then the journalist should please be released, they are doing their jobs for crying out loud, but if No they should be locked away and their paper shut down, for trying to incite the community against the agency. But I do believe the story of the journalist may be false because arresting 84 young men unlawfully in a community and No form of protest by the community leaders, Men 84 is a large number to just disappear,only these journalist to noticed. May the number was over exaggerated knowing very well that police often involve themselves in extra judicial activities .

Leave SSS alone

In journalism all over the world, sedition, defamation of character and inciting the public against constituted authorities are never permissible. Please Sahara Reporters, do not jeopardize the intelligence works of the SSS and JTF. We in this region know the lives we have lost to BH menace. No family has been spared in either Borno or YOBE States. These BH guys and their sponsors are loosing the war through SSS and JTF's intelligence gathering and normalcy is fast coming our communities. Why write inciting reports without any verifiable evidences? Is this what the ethics and principles of credible Jourmalism taught them? Lets all join hands and partner with these security operatives who sacrifice their lives and those of their families to restore peace to our war torn communities. We are ever ready to partner and support them and let them equally respect their Rules of Engagement by ensuring peace and justice. God Bless Nigeria.

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