Army Officer Killed By Boko Haram In Yobe Identified, Friends Says No To Amnesty

Major Samuel Jega Kanady Dalaky
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Army officer killed last weekend in Yobe State by the Boko Haram sect has been identified as Major Samuel Jega Kanady Dalaky of Gombe State.

Major Dalaky was a member of the 50th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna, as well as an alumnus of the Nigerian Military School (NMS) Zaria.

George Ibrahim, an associate of the deceased, told SaharaReporters in a telephone call from Gombe State that the major was killed during a tough gun fight with Boko Haram which ambushed military personnel of the Joint Task Force in Gaidam, Yobe State.

Ibrahim said that he will be leading a team of Dalaky’s friends who are kicking against the proposed amnesty in view of the heinous activities of Boko Haram, and that they will make their position known to the Nigerian government.

He said, “You cannot be bombing citizens and security personnel and get paid for killing them. They have killed innocent Nigerians and military personnel and now they killed Major Samuel Dalaky, [while] two other officers are in critical condition.

“We are meeting as friends and associates of all Nigerians killed by Boko Haram and will submit our protest to Nigerian government against the amnesty. It is irrational and illogical, you cannot negotiate with blood thirsty terrorists, they have left his little two children fatherless, just like they have left thousands [of people] widows and orphans.”

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They will also die by the sword

If senseless killing is what you call true religion and being a model, may it come upon you and all your family members. Indeed you will not have a problem with that. Allah ya nuna mana ranar.
Aniyar mugu ta bi shi.

I mourn my younger brother

I mourn my younger brother with a zeal.

otile has stated quite

otile has stated quite rightly the demand of the boko haram which is Islamic Republic of AREWA. We have been deluding ourselves for too long saying its not so. sultan has been cunningly silent in the hope he can benefit from the islamisation agenda of bh. he forgets that he is merely tolerated by bh and is being fattened by bh for he will be the last enemy to be devoured by bh once they achieve their goal.he pretends not to know that they have scant regard for him, high time jonah comes to terms with this islamisation agenda and tell them its not possible. in the event they remain recalcitrant war to achieve peace is inevitable.


Let's grant autonomy to the different protectorate(pre 1914 delineation) of Nigeria. May be that will solve the Boko Haram problem


The rejection of talks by Shekau which were meant to lead to boko haram being granted amnesty has vindicated the President who, all along, has been saying that members of boko haram should wear faces and come out as human beings instead of acting like ghosts. To fulfill all righteousness, the govt made moves to meet the terrorists, even though this was dreadfully annoying to some of us. This may have been a smart move by the President to silence those of you who refuse to be appalled by boko haram's determined effort to destroy as much of the country as it possibly can. With the prodding of his handlers, Shekau has now rejected the govt's initiative. What he wants is that the govt should unconditionally accede to his dictates of disbanding a democratic govt for an islamic theocracy or shekaucrazy. From all indications it is Shekau who is confronting the govt. That stance MUST be met head on to end his murderous insanity.

Sleep well

My warrior and true Nigerian soldier, sleep well until the trumpet sounds for all to rise and answer the judgement call. If you want peace, be prepared for war is the reason we have people like you. You have used your life to give us peace, rest assured we would build on it. I pray the Lord Jesus Christ touch the heart of members of this group for them to realize that they are not fighting for their faith but rather for uninformed people. You can not fight the state under the prism of religion and claim to fight a just cause. Victory would be won for our nation.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria

fine officer indeed.

This very brilliant young officer hailed from my village in Balanga Local Government Area of Gombe State. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

What was Majo Janaral Dalaky

What was Majo Janaral Dalaky doing in Yobe killing people who are struggling for their independence? Those who live by the sword must perish by the sword. May Beelzebub grant Imam Shekau and his men victory so that they will actualize their Independent Republic of Arewa. Who knows, with Shekau as a powerful leader the Islamic Republic may become a model Muslim country which all Muslims around the world may come to emulate. I am sure when the Islamic Republic of Arewa is actualized their good leaders will get rid of corrupt money grubs and blaspheming people in the republic. Utangirma Allah. Allah ya gaffata Mallam Shekau.

Please let us all rise to the

Please let us all rise to the occasion and fight all injustices in 9JA. Let us fish out ALL the bad elements in our society. GOOD is ALWAYS good AND bad will ALWAYS be BAD regardless. We the 9JA people need to CHANGE regardless of where you are from or what you believe in.

army officer killed by boko haram


grant them sharia.........

Gj pls. Grant them d sharia states nd see what will happen, let all good peoples naija leave d so call sharia reqion nd see weather than will succide

RIP Major Samuel

RIP Major Samuel Dalaky. Government should realized that our internal security situation is worse than that of Mali where they have deplored several soldiers.

GOD help Nigerian

Major Dalaky's death must not be in vain

Is it even thinkable that government is considering this amnesty? Someday, Dalaky's children will grow knowing that government is paying the guys that killed their father, the same government will be expecting them to be "patriotic citizens". I will love to see how that works. Mr President must look beyond his personal ambitions and fight for humanity's sake.

Rest in Peace Major S.J. Kanady Dalaky

May your gentle soul rest with the Lord and may the good Lord grant your entire family and friends the fortitude to bear the lost. We will mourn you until we join you to part no more.

no to a political amnesty

Is it on till we are all dead? We say NO the political amnesty. Put yourself in Maj.Dalaky's wife&children's position. And many other innocent people killed by this,this thing called Islam.

De-amalgamate the two former British Protectorates is answer.

May the soul of Major Samuel Dalaky rest in peace. But we all know it that the fight for who must control the oil resources in the Nigerdelta is at the root of this Boko Haram violence. Northerners have lived in peace all the years until OBJ and GEJ came to power. And since then hell broke lose.

Majority in the core north is strictly Muslim. They welcomed sharia code. Boko Haram wants Sharia code.
It is only oil that is still holding the 12 sharia northern states that love strict Islamic rule in one Nigeria. The earlier we stopped this game of deception of One Nigeria the better for the 160 million people in Nigeria. Imagine Pakistan and India still under one country, India would have been left a no go area as Nigeria is today. Islamic religion tend to intoxicate a lot of its extremist adherents.

In governance , when u say

In governance , when u say no, oppositions says yes , and says no when u say yes. So why not say yes when u mean no. You would have succeeded in forcing them somehow , back to ur NO . Maybe he is not a fool afterall !

@Amin. You cannot justify the

@Amin. You cannot justify the killing of this officer. Did the Army bring terrorism or is it boko haram? If there was no violence the Army would have had no cause to go there.
Why do u northern muslims always support violence? Is that what your religion is all about?
How will u feel if millions of naira is paid to someone who killed your loved one in the name of Amnesty?

A young active military

A young active military officer killed and the worst part of my day is the sight of his two little children. Yet we tend to be selective in our grief and at times like this we forgot how this started. In 2009 the police in Maiduguri ask men and children some of which are clearly cripples and cannot be a threat by any stretch, to lay on their belly and were shot in the head or the heart. Many able bodied men like Major Dalaky here were taken from their homes, probably leaving 3 or 4 kids, and taken to the police station, without a judge or jury or even the privilege of being informed of their crime, shot and killed. We cant solve this problem if we ignore how everything started. May God bless this fallen patriots family.

RE: Army Officer Killed By Boko Haram

George,you have forgotten thatSecurity forces killed many innocent fathers in Borno and other crises area. Their children are also fatherless.Confrontation cant solve the problem.

Mr. President think and act accordingly!!!

I will subscribe to the fact that the president does not understand what amnesty is all about even though he his a PHD holder, beside if he his not ready to act decisively, i suggest he vacates his seat cos am beginning to believe that time is running out on him to act as the C in C.

Pls understand that a terrorist, particularly death avowed Islamic Extremist of this nature do not understand negotiation or dialogue, the language they will understand is lethal force... Mr. president think and act accordingly!!!

Grant Them Something Better...

Islamic Republic Of Arewa in all the 12 sharia states of the north plus "state of Osun in teh SW!"

Do we have leaders at all? Do

Do we have leaders at all? Do we have a country? Are we even thinking? Do we know how much life is worth? Do we want to move forward at all?

This is a time I wish the military was still in power. What sort of leaders do we have? I wish it was their brother or son that was shot, then they'll start thinking...

Really this is so sad.

RIP Ex Boy. Gods will provide

RIP Ex Boy. Gods will provide Strenght and Sucour to your love ones

@Dalaky’s friends: GEJ does not give a damn ! it's all abt 2015

@Dalaky’s friends:

GEJ does not give a damn about your protest, he will simply ask some of you more killed and blame it on Boko Haram ! It's all about 2015 for the drunken idiot. If giving amnesty to Boko Haram is what guarantee the PDP Boko Haram sponsors rig 2015 election for GEJ, then that is what he will do !

Time for the SS to go-d Fulanis have Mali-we have d creeks

Mr weep 4 9JA, where was your soul when the Fulani north said they would make the country ungovernable for Gej? In 2011 I said our nascent democracy will will not last until we relax over sachet of pure water to discuss our future-the fake boko haramic rogues like Yerima in APC said no-and instead went about shouting that GEJ was doing all in his power to de-register APC-Unknown to many 9jas, Tinubu registered APC in 2006-with INEC-Tinubus APC has registration number 13714-according to one Bla of ANPP--so who is fooling who? SS supported d fulani north for over 45 yrs-but when it got to d turn of d SS, they said NO--BH is d fulani hegemonic tree-out with one agenda-to take total control of the entire north regardless of D aspirations of the Gwaris-Out 4 full domination of the various ethnic groups in the north period-so tinubu shld stop playing with fire just because he is Moslem does not mean a thing 2 dem--did they not kill Abiola?

How many Innocent People have they killed?

But why won't Boko Haram deserve amnesty? None of Jonathan relations has been killed, his wife's relations are all doing well so tell me how the idiot will know what others are feeling! He was shedding crocodile tears when his brother died sometime ago, imagine the agonies families of Boko Haram victims who lost their bread winners, brothers, sisters, father, mother and other relations in the senseless killing.
But do we have a government? No of course

warning to jonathan

Uhmm dis is terrible,which democracy are we runing sef...anyway I don't blame jonathan I blame the military officers that doesn't know what to do....allowing all this bastard to be killing personels....I pray they realise it before they'll captured the all nigerian,where are the military heros,we are runing a corrupt democracy and a corrupt arm forces because of money....may God deliver you people.

Read about the great role of igbos

I've said it time without

I've said it time without number, this president is a big nonentity, a fool PhD holder, who doesnt know his left from right, if this nonsence is not addressed once and for all, military will take over govt before the end of this year and kill him and his kitchen cabinet members, young and junior soldiers are not happy with you TAKE NOTE.

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