Asari-Dokubo Arrested in Benin Republic

Asari Dokubo
By SaharaReporters, New York

The leader of the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, was today arrested in Cotonou, Benin Republic. 

A statement by his lawyer, Festus Keyamo, said Dokubo was picked up by the police between 1:00pm and 2:00pm around the Lubeleyi roundabout, and taken to an unknown destination.

The wealthy former militant reportedly opened a private university in the Benin Republic, the King Amachree African University that is preparing to start degree-awarding programmes in 2014.

“We want to emphasise that Alhaji Dokubo-Asari carries on legitimate business and has been living partly in Benin Republic for many years now,” Keyamo said in his statement.  “In fact, he owns houses, schools and an academy in that country. All these places have been searched as at this evening and nothing incriminating was found.”

He suggested that Dokubo’s arrest and detention may be a ploy by “certain forces in Nigeria in unholy alliance with the Beninoise government” to keep his client away as 2015 approaches.

“We call on the Nigerian government to immediately intervene and ensure that no harm befalls Alhaji Dokubo-Asari and to use all diplomatic means to secure his immediate release and safe return to Nigeria,” he said.

Dokubo has in recent times vowed that unless Mr. President Jonathan retains the presidency in 2015, Nigeria would break up.


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Carted off to the police station

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We should learn how to respect our leaders but we kept on punished or coursing them and its always fails on the coursers let us prayer for our nation now reporters provide free will comment how do focus our imagination we all committed and offence before the almighty GOD were a we going in our homes we sure of our personality in writing provoking word or creating verbs, adverbs it will no help a common man now our children are following copy all what we are doing why are we abuse our self /we should lean how to forgive, respect elders.

Asari and his wealth

While it is within is right to establish school any where, my question is, since he claimed to be fighting for the "people of the Niger Delta", why did he not invest all the money he got from Nigeria, Goodluck etc in the Niger Delta for the Ijaws? Yet, many are still so foolish to believe in many who are all just busy fighting for themselves, to make more money to make themselves king in the name of the "people". I hope he will take all these money to wherever he goes when he is 200 years old, because the time will always come, yes, that's the fact, no one WILL EVER RUN AWAY FROM THAT. ABACHA COULD NOT!

show of foolishness

I thought asari deserves my respect.he only make useless noise when Odili did not settlle him as his thug, and we thougth he is fighing for the people not knowing that as an old criminal he was looking for his own ways to loot and then carried the people means of living to
Niger. Are the ijaws livig there.

word of a fool

U must be fool as a minor clan to seek a split with the primary body that definately symbolize u as a great coward or extra ordinary ignorAnt!

Nigerian wil interven.

U people shall stop disturbing ur self, they wil surely release him and nothing will haven to him.

Why should a section of the country think it is their sole right

to rule Nigeria perpetually? Why have people like IBB made Nigeria ungovernable by sponsoring the training of terrorists in Libya and Yemen? Why must Nigeria be ruled by northerners? If the rights of the minority in Nigeria can't be respected let us break up now and let us all go in peace. Goodluck, breakup Nigeria now or are you afraid you will be assassinated?

who was Asari before now

Aasri claims he is fighting for the ijaw kingdom, yet he left his very poor kingdom that has no drinking water, no good hospitals, not even a good school but he took their wealth (MONEY) to COTONU to establish structures for himself and his family. Only GOD in heaven will punish him. look at all the IJAW boys and girls that died in the course of following him to fight or did he fight alone to get to where he is today. He should rot in jail for all we care. GOD PUNISH HIM. IDIOT.


if you want to quote, quote him right. he said he is first IJAW before Nigerian and rightly so because the state has not treated his people with the respect and dignity that should be afforded them been that they feed the whole nation. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. HE IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
I you can not quote him right, how can you have the right senses to vote for the right candidate, except moved by ethnicism. stop all your hating. he has a right to express his feelings and a right to spend his money anywhere he pleases. stop hating...


The only reason why Nigerians are afraid to divide is because they know that without the $Billions accrued from our oil, most of them will go hungry.

Especially false economies like Lagos where they have abandoned agriculture all together in the name of development. They will feel the brunt of what is coming for Nigeria Post oil.

Nigeria needs to get back to Agriculture on an unprecedented scale, because that is the "oil" of the next economy.

In 10-15 years, the world will stop buying our oil and when that happens you will have to beg people to become President and Governor, because there wont be anymore money in politics for them to share.

So, there's really no need to go to war with anybody, soon they will pack up their loads and leave our land for good. No oil= No Nigeria.

Let Him Learn To Be A Nigerian

If he is doing the same thing like the politicians we condemn so why is he different from them?Now i have no regard for him
Again he said he don't feel like a Nigerian so maybe after his detention in Benin Republic he will rethink his stand that no matter what no place is like home and that the government of Benin republic can wake up one morning and cancel whatever status he has and ban him from entering their country.

re prophet muhammed promise

U don't need to bring the noble prophet muhammed to the issue of terrorism @ all.ur comment shows u are a real fanatics knowingfully well that true freedom fighters could not be so much reach as Asari so guide ur tounge and learn how to use words good day

For your information

@ Teacher. He is given stolen money from Nigeria to invest so that when they loose, they can create chaos in the country and run to Benin to take refuge and me and you will be killing ourselves. where do you think Asari Dokubo wil suddenly become a multi-billionaire to buy private jet, open private university, private schools and other businesses.

hmmm..... yes north

hmmm..... yes north

U obviously lack education

U obviously lack education and I regret wasting time responding. But had to. You fool!

All this cheap talk. I hope

All this cheap talk. I hope you are ready to die in the event of a breakup because no matter hw peaceful the process is, LIVES WILL BE LOST! So shut up already. Minister my ass!

Jesus loves Asari Dokubo

A letter to Asari-Dokubo pls give ur life to Jesus He loves you and He is the only saviour that can rescure from that place before it too late. God want you make heaven pls come to Jesus so that your future can be secure. Jesus loves you.

this man must be idiot,

all what is happening with Asari,is a God punishment,if he is not a nigerian,why he is alway's making bad comment on what did'ent concern him,so Asari make this country asive we dont know anything,upon's all help that nigeria help him get militant leader,God will punish evil's.


Abubakar,it is nt in any islamic book or history dat any man is promise any reward for takin human sole unjustly.if u an elight seek for more knowledge so dat u wil be inform bco ignorance is a disease.

leave GEJ alone

U guys at the north ruled this country decades now,and just bcos some one else is at the saddle u punk ass fools are now agitating for power shift as if its our problem.Let us learn how to trust and believe in our fellow compatriot,then throw their names to the mud.Pls Is the Abachas,IBBs,Adulsalamis,apart 4rm Buhari,better than GEJ?let's allow him to finish and then we can now put him on the scale. Whether ur Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo or any other tribe,if ur good we will support u,this is not the time for tribalism anymore.

I don't trust him

I don't trust him. Nobody knows what's up his sleeves says Nigerian whistle blower

He said he does not feel like Nigerian

Frankly speaking I really admire this guy for his courage to confront the un-confrontable in Nigeria and his out spoken but since I learnt that he is investing in foreign countries like the Nigerian political thieves instead of investing in Nigeria to benefit his kinsmen who were marginalized for so long .
If he is doing the same thing like the politicians we condemn so why is he different from them?Now i have no regard for him
Again he said he don't feel like a Nigerian so maybe after his detention in Benin Republic he will rethink his stand that no matter what no place is like home and that the government of Benin republic can wake up one morning and cancel whatever status he has and ban him from entering their country.
This is what these fools who steal our money and invest in other countries fail to realize

Asari Is Not Nigerian!

asari dokubo has said manytimes that he's NOT a Nigerian, but an Ijaw man. So let him and his lawyer call the President of Ijaw to help release him.

Filloh, don't tell me that

Filloh, don't tell me that breakup is never peaceful. As powerful as Russia is they saw the futility to keeping incongruous people together and wisely decided to breakup the Soviet Union peacefully. Don't you see that peace and progress have broken out in Eastern Europe since the peaceful breakup? Don't you think that you can even become a minister in your native Oduduwa Republic if Nigeria breaks up? There is nothing to be afraid of in the breakup. All the countries of the world who have broken up have advanced and moved up. Look at India, Southern Sudan, Ukraine, Moldavia. Don't let fear keep you down forever. We east of the Niger are ready to go our way and move on.

Abubakar tundemash, you see.

Abubakar tundemash, you see. See what I am talking about. You keep calling freedom fighters from the Niger Delta terrorists, but exonerated the real terrorists like Mutallab and co. The freedom fighters are fighting in self-deference, trying to protect their land and sea polluted by thieves and foreigners, trying to ward off extermination of their people from those eying their God-given crude oil. What are the real terrorists fighting for, for toto promised them in Aljinat by Prophet Mohammed? Is this worth killing people for?


he is only trying to help your low down dirty, fecal matter-eating, rabid yellow belly lizard, yoruba kinsmen of yours - WITH THEIR SCARRED FACES AND FLESH EATING SHARPENED CARNIVOROUS TEETH.
brace will all be shell-shocked when this whole thing is over. brain-dead simpleton...go take your fetal position, tug on your nuts, suck your middle finger and wait for the biggest surprise since 1914. DAMNED ABORTION SURVIVORS suffering from ASS(abortion survivor syndrome)


HOW CONVENIENT, ON THE DAY HE IS PICKED UP, THEY DECLARE UNHOLY MARRIAGE. doesn't stop anything. the plans must go on. who the hell is bene republic? the whole damn country is managed by nigerians. when he is released, the truth shall come out.
atiku that built schools in the ss/se and dangote doing business in the ss/se must all be mumus right? the millions that northerners have stolen, where are the investments in the country? a strickly business decision to invest in that God-forsaken country. they need more education than anyone else.

Asari should be transferred to Gitmo sofort !!!

Terrorism urchin, Asari Dokubo must be transferred to Gitmo so he can see what real thugs look like ...and measure his bier-bier against theirs. Every thug in Gitmo was captured on the Battle Field, obese Asari would be the only urchin plucked off the top of a hooker if he gains "Admission" into the prestigious facility for hardened terrorists. Terrorism is not just about cutting videos, those Tallies will teach him who the real enemy of the World is: Yankees! By the time Asari earns his "Hood" and is pushed about in leg-chains, he would have known that American Push-me, I Push-you is stronger than Sapele Water ...our local brew! And, Festus Keyamo would immortalize his name if Asari is accepted for "Water Boarding" at Gitmo... LoL !!!

Weighing over one ton of wild-pig flesh, Asari is nothing but a tout loudmouth for CAN Thug, Oritsejafor and Dumbo. They better secure his release make we see the latest video the fool will spring. Drunken cowards!

@Chijioke, Dokubo, an Islamic ND terrorist is GEJ's mouth piece

@Chijioke, between Nigeria and USA which one is more powerful?

BH is declared Islamic terrorist organisation. Some of these loud-mouthed thuggish politicians and beneficiaries of GEJ's placation money for "oil-pipeline-coast-line-protection-racket", that bleeds Nigeria dry, clamp up when Big Brother USA sneezes.

Dokubo is a THUG. He is an Islamic Niger Delta terrorist, turned GEJ's political mouth piece! A terrorist is a Terrorist whether in the desert or in the creeks. Benin will rather listen to Big brother US than wimpy Nigerian government that cannot protect Oduah from a sniper's bullet. I personally have my doubt anyone is seriously out to get her. Scraping her limousine with 'shakabula' dane gun is unprofessional. If they really want her, she has no chance.

This is another stupid and laughable PDP plan to justify the attempt at spending $1.6 million dollars to buy 2 BMW cars! If I am wrong I apologise.

Fed Min of Edu. workers protest unpaid salary in Abuja

Education Ministry, FCT Among Several Public Offices Lavishly Funding Funeral of Patience Jonathan’s Mother
7BN, $42M Used To Bury President’s Wife’s Foster Mother: Atonement for Her Dying On Bad Road?
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