ASUU Chapter Rejects High Taxes As Bayelsa Academics Threaten Mass Exodus

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Niger Delta University (NDU) chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has demanded an urgent review of the tax rates recently introduced by Bayelsa State.

Beke Sese, ASUU chairman in the Bayelsa government-owned NDU who made the call in a press statement issued from Yenagoa over the weekend. Mr. Sese said the new tax rate had increased the suffering of the work force in the state.
In February 2013, the Bayelsa State government began implementing the new tax structure spelt out in the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA), 2011.
Mr. Sese stressed that his union was not opposed to taxation. He added, however, that the government’s rigid stance that the full implementation of the new tax law was not negotiable was inconsistent with the spirit of democracy.
He described the taxation policy as punitive to academic staff, arguing that it subjected their peculiar academic allowances to taxation.
“Of specific concern to academic staff at the Niger Delta University, is the subjection of our peculiar academic allowances to taxation. These allowances are in our monthly wages because research grants are hardly available.
“Taxing our academic allowances is tantamount to paying taxes out of our working tools, which should have been classified as tax exempt under the Personal Income Tax Act,” he said.
He noted that the revenues from the new tax rate would merely translate to a reduction in the state’s wage bill. He contended that the enhanced tax collection could not be classified as internally generated revenue as the private sector presence in Bayelsa is negligible.
The academic regretted that the high tax rate would take a toll on some departments as many of the most experienced lecturers have signified their intention to seek opportunities in universities in other states with more favorable tax policies.
The ASUU chairman disclosed that a typical professor paid one hundred and ten thousand naira (N110, 000) out of a monthly salary of about six hundred thousand naira (N600, 000). He asserted that such exorbitant tax was likely to trigger the ‘brain drain’ syndrome.
Mr. Sese advised the state government to avert the mass exodus of experienced lecturers or risk losing critical accreditation by the National University Commission for various academic programs run by the university.
Reacting to the concerns of the ASUU chapter, Timipre Seipulan, the special assistant on treasury and revenue to Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa, defended the new tax rates. Mr. Seipulan noted that the new tax law introduced last month was a federal law that was binding on all states of the federation.

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Seipulou is Talking Rubish

I wish to state that Mr S.A is talking rubish on this tax issue. It is true that the government is implementing PITA 2011 as amended. But what he as failed to realize is that govt is put in place for the welfare of its people. That means if there is a law that would negatively affect the welfare of its citizenry, no government would hold onto such laws. E.G. when the FG removed fuel subsidy which ordinarily was ok. It reversed the decision as a result of public outcry. I want to advise the contriman governor not to allow this man to mislead him in the name of generating money for govt. This S.A. claimed that he was paying up to 200k as tax in the private sector where he came from. The question then is why did he leave such a lucrative job for a lesser paid one. Some states have not implemented the new minimum wage for lack of funds. Is that not a federal law. Please S.A save us this rubish

EFCC should investiagte Seipolou

EFCC should come down to bayelsa and arrest this Special Adviser on Treasury and Accounts bcos he is d mechanism used in looting bayelsa money... He is deducting civil servants salaries evry month without pay slips since d inception of dis administration... Corrupt regime of dickson

SR - Best on-line Newspaper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SR, ethnocentric reporting unlimited.
SR, reporting the news for the SS&SE states.
SR, has no reporters in Ekiti, Idanre, Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina, Bauchi etc all their reporters are Akwa Ibom, Delta, PH & Calabar struggling for space....95% of the story of SR is news about the SS&SE especially the oily ND & the Ijaw Nation...They will not tell us how the Govs of the unproductive parasitic & vampire West&North spend the money we give to them. All eyes on SS&SE bcos they are scared of Bharam's bombings & want power to return to the North. Impossible. The SS has not completed its term & by the way, Will the Ibo not rule? You think they don't like presidency? U pple must be very sick.
So, what is the next news item frm the SS&SE states? Junkurukuru journalism!!
SR, reporting the for the sick, by the sick.Long live United SS&SE Republic

this is ridiculous. You

this is ridiculous. You accepted the new hike in tax, and then you come out to complain about its implimentation. Probably ASSU should have cried fowl, before accepting the tax hike. Pay up and shut up.

Taxation system in Nigeria

Taxation system in Nigeria has only been effective in the international Oil Companies. As anr example if you earn about 1,300,000 be sure you are coughing out between 300-360k per month. I have been working for one of the IOCs in Nigeria for circa 8years now and my average tax whether basic or allowances has been 20-25% monthly. The PITA law says 24% for my band and my only grouse is whether public office holders across the they really pay taxes on salary and allowances at all.

The new tax rate was

The new tax rate was introduced by Yorubas to Dickson who has aligned his brain to theirs for keeps. So long as he remains the governor that state will never move an inch from where it is! The germans among other build hotels not locals from oguta! Most of contracts in that state go to none indigenes-cause of the 10 percent Dickson collects from them-Bayelsa state is on paper, governed by Dickson but in reality owned by outsiders. Most of the contractors are agents of the first lady-I know cause I am an insider-its the 1st lady who recommends her friends for contracts-the same people who alleged that she gave them money to launder for her are her friends-the state is the most indebted in Nigeria-no Hospital-nothing is moving in that state-the idea started from Alams and it has not stopped-Its a pity that Ijaws have no brains-dont mind people like Deri who is not even from that state.

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