Atiku Condemns Post-Election Violence

By Atiku Media Office

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has condemned the incidents of post election violence in some parts of the country, saying it is not healthy for the sustenance of our democracy.

In a statement by the Atiku Media Office in Abuja yesterday, the former Vice President said that the resort to violence such as the burning down of houses and setting prisoners free is not acceptable in any democracy where people have the freedom of choice.

He said with existing legal avenues to handle post-election complaints, there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to take to violence under any guise.

According to him, any form of political violence that involves attacks on public institutions, including places of worship, is dangerous to the stability, unity and peaceful co-existence of Nigeria.

The former Vice President while noting that the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable, urged political leaders to call their supporters to order to refrain from the destruction to lives and property.

“Our peaceful co-existence as a people is not negotiable and anything that may infringe on the promotion of our collective good, unity and stability must not only be frowned on but avoided at all cost,” he said.

Atiku advised political leaders whose supporters are involved in violence to instantly dissociate themselves from these criminal conduct, which threatens the unity, stability and public peace of the nation.

He charged security services to act swiftly to get on top of the unfolding situation.



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Nigeria is like UdSSR, ...We need a Gorbachuv now

NIgeria is like UdSSR, Jonathan must be our Gorbachov.
Killing of youth Corpers,burning of churches and destroying Igbo properties in the northern states, without provocation have nothing to do with politics. President Goodluck Jonathan has been elected to solve Nigerian's political problems.The frequent muslim riots and violence in the North have reached a point that no Southerner can tolerate it any-more, any-longer. President Jonathan should, as a matter of urgency, for peace and security, call a Sovereign National Conference to discuss how to live together or simply,call for a Referendum on Oodua Republic; on Biafra Rep ; on Niger Delta Rep; on Middle Belt Rep; and on the Republic of Arewa Emirate. Nigeria is like UdSSR,then,Jonathan must be our Gorbachov now.
Umu Oke, Germany.

Who u b sef?

I kn u should b part of d idiots we ve in our nation plus aw could u b so stupid to say such words?am sure u are a northerner n i ve just one question for ur stupid cow head u idiot.wwat do u ve in dat north?if Nig. Shold split as a result of ur cowish behaviour aw will u survive u cow?thr will b no vehicles bt cows all over d cow?start usin ur head b4 u get urself n ur cow mate in d dersert whr thr i no water.Atiku u ve said well even for d fact u did nt win d primaries u made so much sence


D southerners didnt form pdp! Dnt spit rubbish and unverified info on public forums

u r d useless 1

You are the useless one!, u, ur fuull life, ur fuull lineage, ur papa,your mama, your whole village-useless! The people u call useless, you are 10million times more useless than they are, do u have an ambition? Even in ur dreams can u vy 4 presidency? U are more dan useless 4 calling them useless! U r a useless hopeless imbecile! An animal!


we want to move forward violence is not dood for our nation let us support who ever God give.


we want to move forward violence is not dood for our nation let us support who ever God give.


we want to move forward violence is not dood for our nation let us support who ever God give.

iI support u

I support you Jaare! U tooo muuuchh! Malo Republic! Whooosh bummer! I am personally in support of 9ja breaking! Dese Malos are bad 4 our international image! They do things that bring international frowns on our nation e.g Abdulmutallab! Foolish boy! Dey shld be on deir own! We can do without suya!! I suspect they'll even soon start poisoning suya! Evil people!

They are Bastardizing our Image in the international community

Iam forced to resign my hope in one Nigeria! These extremists are destroying our image! Look at the fool Abdulmutallab who had it most than millions of Nigerians, still thought it was better to desstroy lives! He wanted the Christian community to mourn at such a joyous time! These extremists do not want the rest of Nigeria, it is clear, we must let them be! Let Nigeria break with as little bloodshed as possible, that is my prayer!

lets face the real thing

we are sick and tired of all the senseless and selfish behavior of our northen brother for how all most we continue like this. are you people not tire with poverty, or what, NIGERIA must change even if you people like it or not. and the time is now! God bless my dear country NIGERIA and my dear president GOODLUCK.



You are one of the most

You are one of the most charismatic of all those that have contributed to this chain. Who do you think is afraid of this divorce? Let the country be divided according to whatever divide; religion, section, ethnic grouping etc. No ordinary muslim or hausa/fulani extract is afraid of this disengagement. The only few people who desire the continued existence of this country as one single entity are the likes of Atiku and his associates, of course they own the oil rigs. It is time we fight them together with you, they are not nationalists, but only self-seeking individuals ready to sell the collective interests of the people they claim to lead.

dem u idiot beta go educate

dem u idiot beta go educate ur fucking mama. To hell wt u n ur fucking region



Atiku condemns Post-election violence...

There are many good guys in the north. But the naffs amongst them spoils the broth. How about making it comporsery for the governors to at lest spend 70% of their fed subvention on Education. Not religious education,but some proper academic or creative education. These guys will forever pull us back and that is not good for our collective good.

Time to negociate for Unity, 'One Nigeria or More Ngeria"

Nigeria is not united, time is ripe for Unity. Ethnic nationalities must come together now to negociate terms for a unity. Jonathan has the political power now to convene a sovereign national conference of all the different ethnic nationalities to negociate conditions of "One Nigeria" or "More Nigeria".South-South,South-East and South West have lost enough lives and property in the North. Must we continue loosing lives and property, rebuilding our homes and Churches every now and then, all too often, like this and for how long? This price is to much to pay by people in captivity, in Nigeria. Umu Oke-Germany

Probe our leaders

Why can't we learn how to probe our past and present leaders so that our problems will reduce.l submit that all our past and present leaders should be surmon for probe,from councillors to President.

I'm Impressed

I never thought the day would come when I will say this: Well said Atiku.
Buhari, Ribadu and all their cohorts should bury their heads in shame.

Prof Jega shld better

Prof Jega shld better relocate all his family members to the south cos these zombies in the north are so dumb they can do the unthinkable. I had a glimpse of how senseless they can be when i served in Bauchi!!!!! Na baba God save me

Crocodile Tears???

Surprisingly Atiku is now appearing selfless and more patriotic than the weeping general. His silent is now telling the true story, he is nothing but a self-centered islamist. Thank God I wasnt in Nigeria last week as I wld have voted for him and I regret ever trusting him.

Crocodile Tears???

Surprisingly Atiku is now appearing selfless and more patriotic than the weeping general. His silent is now telling the true story, he is nothing but a self-centered islamist. Thank God I wasnt in Nigeria last week as I wld have voted for him and I regret ever trusting him.

Let our Leaders be Sensitive to the Cry of the Masses

We should agree that riots may not augur well for our dear country. However, let the leaders be extra sensitive to the economic plights of the people. Some of these riots may not be unconnected with past failure of governance. How can one person remain as a senator or minister for fifteen years to corner the wealth of the nation while other Nigerians are treated as second-class or non-citizens? Why should be judiciary encourage enlogation of tenure for governors even when it is clear that most of the affected governors have not served the interest of their people? Jonathan must provide the leadership that will encourage inclusive participation. Any Minister or adviser who had served up to five years should be excused from his executive while other Nigerians with integrity are considered. The youth and the poor must not be neglected. Please reach out to other political leaders fast.

Who gives a hoot what Atiku

Who gives a hoot what Atiku says. But as a northern Nigerian i certainly condemn what as going one. My brother just informed me that few people lost there lives in Kano. It saddens me deeply. My only prayer is that we as Nigerians realize that victory to as lies not in who is president but the ability to collectively reason as one. Such bigotry has been perpetuated by unemployment and poverty... I want us all to realize that no the enemy is the elite. The Dangotes, Otedolas ... and so forth get along why cant we? God knows we need it more than they do.In conclusion id like to sincerely wish Mr. President the best of luck, quite honestly I dont care if we have a stone as a president! Create Jobs, Fix Power, Security, Education and i swear i will fly a GEJ flag, until then .....?

If the promise of one man one

If the promise of one man one vote is fulfilled and Jonathan wins, we would have avoided this mess.

Every political leader in the country including GEJ is responsible and shold be held accountable


It is my pleasure to remind Alh. Atiku of his very words to his supporters when Goodluck refused to back down on his amition; 'those who make peaceful change impossible, make violent change inevitable'. There were several of such from Buhari, who vowed not to go to court, but handle his election defeat differently. Many other prominent, one time national leaders have spat fire at one time or the other. But most shockingly are the reporters and other staff of VOA and BBC hausa service. All these engineered these violence!


Atiku has spoken - fake or genuine. Buhari too, should speak up!

If the other presidential

If the other presidential candidates do NOT come out and call for their supporters to be calm, then they are not REAL MEN. They are like GBAGBO and what happened to him will happen to then. Shekina

shamful violence in the north

Can somebody educate these people that Nigerians voted for Dr.Jonathan because he is the best candidate at this time.This is to thank him for keeping the country in peace since we lost the former President.It has nothing to do with his area of origin or party.He came strong in the NORTH


According to him, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when the ACN asked Buhari’s running mate, Pastor Tunde Bakare, to step down but he refused.
“Their vice-presidential candidate refused to resign for us to nominate our man. They were not ready for’ give and take’ and that was why the whole thing collapsed.” Is this not madness? How can they ask Pastor Bakare to step down for Ribadu? This is how they would have traded off our oil wells.

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