Bama Police Unleash Terror On Maiduguri Hospital Over Lack Of Space For Dead Officers

Gunshots fired at the radiology department
A doctor injured in the fracas
By SaharaReporters, New York

Sources at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) told SaharaReporters that a contingent of police officers from the violence-ridden town of Bama created mayhem and terror in an armed attack of the hospital. “The police men launched an attack on the hospital because our doctors said there was no space to accept the dead bodies of police officers they brought,” one UMTH doctor told our correspondent.

In the last few days, the police in Bama, a nearby town to the Borno State capital of Maiduguri, lost close to 100 officers in gun battles with members of a militant Islamist sect. Our sources said trouble started when medical officials at UMTH told police officers who accompanied the remains of their slain colleagues that the hospital’s morgue was full and could take no more corpses.

Our sources said the police became irate and fired shots at the hospital, causing some damage to the Radiology Department and injuring at least one doctor.

A spokesman of the Joint Military Task Force, which has been engaged in a series of gruesome encounters with Boko Haram militants, confirmed the incident to SaharaReporters. He said the task force had intervened to bring the situation at the besieged hospital under control.

Eyewitnesses provided photos showing the damage caused by the police in the attack on the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri on Thursday, May 9, 2013.

“[The police] arrived with bodies of their men killed by Boko Haram hoping to deposit them at the hospital mortuary. But our doctors on duty refused to accept the bodies because we do not have space anymore,” a hospital source stated. He and others then disclosed that the police then took aim at the hospital’s Radiology Department, damaging doors and injuring a doctor.

Another source indicated that the police were frustrated because the biggest hospital in the blood-soaked town of Bama had also run out of space to take in more corpses. The town of Bama has been the scene of a series of bloody battles between members of the dreaded extremist group, Boko Haram, and police officers as well as members of the Joint Task Force. A few sources put the casualty figures at several hundred, many of them innocent civilians as well as police officers ambushed by Boko Haram militants.

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Easy ooo

Police only got power for innocent civilians.. They met their match but couldn't do shit.. I get bournvita container just incase..


It is a shame and gross indiscipline that the police assaulted staff at the motuary and threatened to shoot them. It is a crime against humanity for them to damage part of the hospital and rob patients of their telephones and money while on a que in the hospital.The police involved should be court marshalled. This calls for FG to consider building armed forces hospital in each state with the huge security budget they have as well as other things like life insurance policies.

@Anonymous Observer(not verified) on May 11, 2013 - 14:55.

Well, your observation number 1 appears to be the observation to end all observations. If you say that the President is to blame, why did you even bother with observations 2 & 3? As for your observation 2, since the President is QUITE on it, what is your problem? Your observation 3 is just a space filler since you have already blamed him for everything including I presume your incoherence and lack of basic analytical ethics.


Observation 1: The whole blame goes to Jonathan. He is incompetent, indisciplined and in ept and this follows down to the ranks.

Observation 2: In the North, the security forces are eager to slaughter innocent people when they are frustarted by the fanatics.Examples include slaughter of innocent people by Nigerian army in Baga, Yobe and other places. The Police were killed twice in Bayelsa the home state of Jonathan but the security forces are quite on it.

Observation 3: Jonathan ignores killings in the North for e.g ethnic cleansing of Hausa Fulani by Jang in Plateau state which is one of the factors that emboldened Boko haram fanatics. Morethan 40 students mainly Northerners were killed in cold blood in Mubi by Igbos, Jonathan ignored it but when 4 students were killed in Port harcourt, Jonathan acted.

The shootings in Maidugur Hospital by the Police is a serious case of indiscipline. It is a shame that the police in Nigeria doesn't have hospitals as in other countries!

Yes, Create Space II

This said, I am not in support of their reaction. They could simply have reported the matter to a senior officer, who would then liaise with the hospital authorities to come up with a suitable solution.

Did our President reject or abandon you as a son from infancy? He must have,to merit the tone with which you speak of him? Even when you are taking issue with me, you still found time to take a side swipe. Na waoo!

Yes, Create Space I

It is interesting to know that my comment has generated such a huge amount of negative response. Some are even suggesting that I need an injection on my head of all places. Frankly I doubt if any Doctor would inject anyone on the head. Anyway, it is gratifying to note that some commentators offered sensible suggestions.

I know that the Nigerian Police are no saints and some are not well trained. But if a man dies fighting for the country, he should be accorded some dignity in death. In any other country he is a hero. The fact this simple maxim is lost on the majority, is regrettable. The police officers are drawn from the Nigerian population; they are neither a special breed nor foreigners. So their attitude to the power that the uniform bestows on them is probably a reflection of what that of most Nigerians of comparable circumstances would be.

The action the police took

The action the police took was unacceptable, but if only you can imagine the trauma they pass through, we should be a bit lenient with the way we treat them.

I have said it so many times,

I have said it so many times, there is no "Police Force" in Nigeria. These people are Agberos and nothing else.


The incompetent Inspector General of Police should have arranged mobile refrigerated container for his fallen comrades. In this type of situation where mass death has occurred refrigerated containers can be used as mortuary.

Police should take their dead bodies to Aso State House Clinic


moron .... how about you donating your houseto be used as mortuary if you have got one or keep shut? You indeed need an injection in the head !

No wonder Boko Haram terrorists, MEND terrorists, oil bunkerers, kidnappers, assassins have the way in Nigeria with this kind of ill-trained thugs as policemen. Same idiotic policemen who could not face Boko Haram turned their gus against hospital staff. How about the police taking their dead to Aso State House Clinic afterall the dead body of the drunken brother of Dumbo Jo was deposited there. How many hospitals has Dumbo Jo built in Yenogoa talkless of anywhere else in Nigeria ?


totally agree with on planet earth will policemen in such huge numbers be killed in a highly voilatile place like maiduguri.does it mean that they (police) dnt know or they forgot they are fighting a serious delima in borno state?police please wakeup to reality.

@amos- u must be dumber than a goat

after reading amos comments i came to the conclusion that amos is nothing but a pseudo-goat.
how can a human reason in such a goat-like manner?


1.Vice President =North.
2. Senate President = North.
3. Speaker House of Reps = North.
4. PDP National Chairman= North.
5. Head of Service = North.

6. INEC Chairman = North.
7. Inspector General of Police = North.
8. CBN Governor = North.
9. Chief Justice of federation = North.
10. President Court of Appeal = North.

11. EFCC Chairman = North.
12. President Federal high court = North.
13. National Security Adviser = North.
14. Chief of Defense Staff = North.
15. Controller, Customs Service = North.

16. Controller Prison Services = North.
17. Richest man in Africa= North.
18. 85% of Petroleum Marketers in Nigeria = Northerners.
19. 80% of Oil Block Owners in Nigeria = Northerners.
20. ­ 99% of beggars in Nigeria = Northerners

21. Boko Haram = North.
22. Alnamajiri = North.

24. 8 former heads of state(TafawaBal­ ewa, Yakubu Gowon, Murtala Muhammad, Shehu Shagari, Buhari, IBB, SaniAbacha, Abdulsalam Abubakar) = North.

@ Amos

I see your point. Nigerian don't value or respect any position of authority.

They only worship someone they perceive can shower them with gifts.

Not About Space

It is about the glaring incompetence of the Nigerian police force. Their poor training or the lack thereof is what we should be talking about. Their training is honed at collecting money, harassing and killing of unarmed Nigerians. How in the world could there be so many casualties? Probably they were playing cards or sleeping on the job in a state of insecurity. As soon as they got to the "bloody civilians" they got emboldened. Drill deep into this and you might exhume corruption on the part of their fellow officers that compromised security. SAD!

Are you serious?

Amos, (or should I call you Anus? You seem to be talking out of your asshole).

In a civilized society, there will not be the willful underfunding of medical facilities that we have in Nigeria.

In a civilized society, Boko Haram would not exist.

In a civilized society, we would not have the ruffians, goons and uncultured fools we have in our police force.

What did you expect the hospital staff to do? Take out the bodies in the morgue to make space? And put them where? On the floor? Could not the police, with their resources of State, move their fallen to another town? Or are they too busy using the planes and helicopters to go to parties across the country?

If you have nothing sensible to say, you should shut up.

Is UMTH also habouring Boko Haram suspects?

@ Amos:
You need injection in the head. Create space out of what ...didn't you read that every inch was occupied? Your insinuation is to remove the bodies of "bloody civilians" so the fallen cowardly NPF bodies could be contained abi? My friend, nothing like Oga in mortuary, those police clowns are as dead as the victims of Boko Haram. Since there's no such thing as Civilian Ghosts, it's safe to assume all ghosts are also equal ..i.e. nothing like "officer" for cemetery.

Trigger-happy NPF. Where are the fools who defended their annihilation of Baga a few days ago bcos one thug was ambushed? Come and proffer your senseless argument that innocent civilians (burnt to death in their sleep) were harbouring BH insurgents. Are UMTH doctors also habouring thugs? Only NPF animals would shoot up a hospital, cowards!

Create Space for bullets in the hospital?

Haba the doctors were trying to create space when the uncivilised police went berserk. In any case there is no excuse under the sun for what the police did. The police and the military know exactly where the Boko Haram terrorists are camping in large Kerenowa and Sambisa. They should be courageous to take the fight to the terrorists including air strikes now that they are away from the civilian population. Our security forces are instead lazily waiting for BH to strike again. It has been the same pattern since 2009. I

what do you mean by logically

what do you mean by logically creating space? is it loyalty and patriotism to create a space by replacing civilians corpes in the mortuary with that of the police.....first come first serve, thats what makes a society to be civillized.Okay where is the military and police hospitals in Maiduguri.the police hospital along Muna road is big enough but corruption renders it useless...........let the rehabilitate their hospitals to avoid such incidence to occur in the future.IN A CIVILLIZED SOCIETY HOSPITAL IS NOT IS PLACE TO BE RAMPAGED NO MATTER WHAT

the incompetence of our police force is a disgrace

If you cannot withstand Boko Haram, flex your muscles with unarmed civilians. If Boko Haram successfully attacks and then kills scores of your fellow officers, what you do is to attack the very doctors that you go to for treatment for wounds suffered in the hands of the untrained militant group. If you are incompetent at doing your work, then what you do is to blame other people for your failures and woes. What Nigerians expect from their police force is a show of superior performance, atleast, in defending the police stations. It is a disgrace for the Nigerian Police to attack medical doctors because they are unarmed. This "I can't fight Boko Haram but I can attack unarmed civilians" mentality by our police must stop. At this point, the security forces should have their own mobile hospitals if they are serious about handling this insurgency. But not in Nigeria, because of the thieves and incompetent mediocres that dominate our government. I am very ashamed to be a Nigerian.

You obviously have no inkling

You obviously have no inkling on how a hospital functions, go check the meaning of 'mass casualty'. Dead bodies are not pieces of furniture you will go create a room for overnight, do u know wat it entails to preserve a dead body? Those facilities will not surface over night, rejection at that point was a reasonable option, will u like to receive a decomposed body for burial later on, there is a long term need to expand facilities in the hospitals, no be by' knee jerk response'

create space?

It seems you don't understand what happens in the morgues in Nigeria...On a normal day,the morgue is overloaded(beyond manufacturers' specifications) And perhaps you think dead bodies are like pieces of furniture that just take space! For your information corpses stink! I wonder where you want spaces to be created...Wards? Theatre? SMH!

create space? how? Amos

They are not denying them SPACE, they can lay the dead on the floor. But space in the cold room, the Nigerian Govnt had made only few provision of drawers for just a number of corps. Unless if they'll remove the corps in the cold room drop them on the floor and put the dead officers, which will not be enough again to accomadate all. If you ask me, the HERO officers are supposed to be flown to & received with dignity in Abuja.

Are they god.see U̶̲̥̅̊r

Are they god.see U̶̲̥̅̊r mouth lyk create space.govt hosp usually put 3-4 corpse in ά̲̣̥ space meant 4 only one n U̶̲̥̅̊ say they should "create space".pls fink b4 U̶̲̥̅̊ post


I think you are grossly ignorant. Will the Doctor's create space from the blues because they are police men? You need to be educated more on issues and not to open your filthy mouth against the doctor's/hospital.

Don't Rush Into Conclusion

Anything might have happened. The way you communicate facts to a person matters; most especially someone under emotional stress! Weare all humans.
Security men need to win the sympathy of the opulace; even though I know what this means in this part of the world. The populace feel they are doing the will of Allah by being on the side of the Boko Harams with the exception of very few.

And that is enough reasons

And that is enough reasons for the police to on rampage abi.... beclouded reasoing.

C reate Space

In a civilised society, fallen Police officers would never be turned away by an hospital. If there is no space, the logical thing to do i to create space. This is one of the problems of Nigeria as a country. there is no loyalty to th state and no patriotism.

the contingy

What is the important of the current nigerian security?