Bank Robbers Bomb Police Station In Katsina, Killing Five Policemen

Bank PhB in Kankara
By SaharaReporters, New York

Armed robbers detonated two bombs in the process of attacking a police station and a bank Monday. The daring attack was carried out in Kankara local government area in Katsina State.

Officials say that the robbers set off a bomb at a local police station, which reportedly left five officers dead. They then moved on to a local PHB  bank nearby, where they set off the second bomb.

The bank was subsequently robbed and ransacked by the armed men. SaharaReporters could confirm any deaths or casualties in the bank raid.

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@ what has yoruba done

why not offer the hausas same thing you are offing the igbos that is to join hands, think the hausas, yorubas and the igbos are not the only people in Nigeria. people you can see how the problems in this country are growing when one side is pointing a finger at the other. why not call for a united nation and let's stand shoulder to shoulder and save the country from the few people holding it hostage.

we need peace

all effort should be put for peace to rain in the country,goverment kw what to do better to settle this people

what has yoruba done

I really want to ask this question to my igbo brother what has yoruba people done to you i notice the igbo will rather abuse yoruba and quickly point out the mistakes of yoruba leaders like OBJ remenber the yorubas did not vote forOBJ the hausa put him there to do their bidding, this time around the yoruba vote thier hearts, please igbo stop this thing you have with yoruba and join hands with them, the yoruba are getting ready should incase the country splits



Re;I suppose GEJ and his

Don't call ur president such a name.despite u are the one that voted for him.who ever cannot respect promises still public funds and claim to be good,he expect such...and i can remember he admitted incompetency,dissociate MEND from october bomb blast in abuja.what a leader?

RE yoruba crminals

Lets split who is afraid of it,opc unleash mayhem in lagos and still doing,who cares,the thieves and kidnappers(militant) are said to be enjoying amnesty.the result of bad leadership is insecurity.may God help us.


you guys are here fighting among yourselves while the people who have put you in this situation are there dining and wining.Do you think they care about your opinions or even your feelings BIG NO.And for those of you calling for the nation to be divided, know one thing that will never happen. one voice,one thinking and one goal is one way to set Nigerian free of it's captivity from this criminals.

we must blaim him bcuz he

we must blaim him bcuz he destroy d bagaining dat was made b4.which is (karba karba) nd a good leader will never do so

Armed Robbers bomb Police station and bank in Katsina state

If this is another armed gang of the boko haram, then they and indeed all other militants of the sects are guilty of acquiring handling and using 'haram implements' such as bombs and the vehicle that conveyed their bomb to the national Police hqrs. They shd henceforth use matchets, bows and arrows not the product of modern or western education. Infact they should move on camels, donkeys or horse backs that have nothing to do with civil society.

A failed state dat parades DEMAGOGUES

Nigeria d supposed giant of Africa,bt its far from reality,ntion has over d years paraded rligiuos zealots and ethnic champions.Its pathetic dat d abundance of d rsources has nt resulted in d beterment of our standard of livin,we hav executiv thieves in politics wit no clear cut sense of purpose nd directn.Rcent rankin of failed nations has earned Nig.d 14 positn,nt suprise at al wit a diein infrastural sector in every sphere of d economy be it in d publc and private sector.D security out fit is so batterd with archiac security gadgets and d cancer of corruptn at its peak,d sight of a uniform police man depict a corrupt personnel,Dis nation is overripe more dan the revolution dat is swippin across d arab nation.Nigerians lay aside ur ethnic afiilation and push dis nation tru a concerted effort dat will salvage d destiny of dis nation dat has been ruined by demagogues and worst criminals of our time

that can never be

the so called dan arewa that nigeria is for the north, the oil of niger delta made north so lazy that any thing good of the north is blooding letting and the good of it remains the kingdom of devil, the devil like the wasting blood of incoent pple.if the oil is left for the northern demons, the will never be educated, dan arewa is only but cynic, he is human owl, vigilant in darkness and blind to light.that is why they forbid western education,Adamu is Adamu even if taken to the moon.Remember Abdumattalab the monster from katsina, loots from common till was used to reform that fool but he chose the part of darkness,so north may rule for century, but all are dance of piquim, no step forward but always in reverse motion.

Boko Rams action equals to Haram

Its not a joke dat Boko Rams are thorns on the flesh of Nigerians,Their purpoted grievances lied largegly on thier crop of leadrs dat hav nt empowerd them,they lured them to believing that they are protecting thier large interest,while in reality they are just puting a facade of distortio,hiding under d disguise of religion.The northen part of Nigeria,d region I proudly come from pride to have rule for over a decade,but a visit to dat region does nt justify dat claim as its worst hit with d burden of poverty and absolute hieght of illeteracy ,Guys wake up

RE Yoruba criminals

your great grand father is also it by force we must stay together?lets split this country let every region be on their own.and stop abusing yoruba if you dont want to see the wrath of God.its u hausa people that looted all the resources of this country.

Self help

A contributor Ahmed said it all. He called it self help and i can not thank him enough for that Analogy. If the ministers and president etc can all be helping them selves with our resources why should Armed robbers and others not help them selves in any way possible. Stop corruption in high places and all the anarchy in Nigeria will disappear for in my eyes, these bank robbers are better than the politicians that steal money earmarked for hospitals etc and indirectly kill millions of Nigerians and cause the rest to become armed robbers. Ahmed thats a nice term "Self help"

Stop blaming Jonathan, what

Stop blaming Jonathan, what is happening now is a precipitation of years of decadence which did not start today. Remember it is easier to destroy than to build.


Boko Haram desperately needs money to fund their activities.

Nigerian Officials Are The Armed Robbers Not Boko Haram

Nigerian officials are the real terrorist,  bunch of killers, how many nigerians do they kill everyday because of bad roads? no hospitals? no security? Hunger etc? How many many nigerians have they brutalised today? How much money have they stolen this week alone? There is not a day you don't hear of many nigerians dying either by road crash, simple health issue, even hunger while these bunch of bastards are feeding fat and don't give a damn about the citizens? Boko Haram should pls target them and destroy them for our country to move forward since the ordinary citizens are cowards, therefore somebody needs to stand up to these unpatriotic set of bastards, i call them bastards because how can people be so wicked to their own country?

absent of security

it's a shame and tragedy to a sovereign state like [Nigeria] to be attack by unknown citizens.that is, the level of our security consciousness is drastically reduce, when we have enough of security agencies in the advise for the nation,is to create a caused platform of security who are well trained both internal and international.the absence of security as caused a lot evoke and lost lives in the country.........we need ur help.

Nigeria 4 life

Let me start by thanking SR for leting all my 9ja bro to say what ever they like.The state of our security in nigeria has taken a new dimensin,this country has been in trouble in the hand of corrupt leaders since.Hence,nigeria our beloved country can only be ok with plp like fashola,lamido sunusi,Rochase and some few plp among all the ethnic we have.and religious we have.We have no any other country than Nigeria

Na Lie.

I no believe dis story how or why? because na police-armed robbers kill d police him fellow worker.

I seem to get the impression

I seem to get the impression that this is an opportunity for people that did not vote or support to bash him particularly on the state of Security in the Nation as we so speak. Well I suppose he deserves the yaps he has received so far, as he is the President. I'm sure he will come goods eventually. He should call on the Americans, British and the Israel Government for help to vanquish this mindless murderers. If it is not done we might as well say bye bye to Nigeria. I just do not foresee the Southerners and the right thinking Northerners living with Boko ram or any Islamic fundamentalist group.


The guys that visited that bank are not criminals in the strict sense of the word. All they did was help themselves.

Members of the national assembly of thieves and the other executhieves are helping themselves to our resources. It is now an all comer's affairs. The resources belong to all of us.


We have not really gotten to the real state of nature yet. But we are gradually getting there.

Robbers Ke?

They're not "robbers", they are people taking what's rightfully theirs. When Yoruba criminals steal in the billions, where do politicians keep money if not the bank. All our politicians are the robbers and this is a legitimate target if you ask me. If a useless, clueless, idiotic president sacks all the experienced crime fighters in one swoop, what is happening is to be expected. I'm waiting for the inevitable roadside bombs soon, and I hope they get GEJ first. Stupid fool

Shebi ugly monster(OBJ) just called it in geneva, that unemployment is the cause of youth idleness which breeds crime. This is what he made of Nigeria, happy sailing into oblivion!

No Comment

No thing to say about Nigerian security during this adnministration... all we can do is prayers

I weep for this country

I weep for this country,our leaders will prefer to sit and watch until situation gets out of hand. We are sitting on a time bomb and its not funny at all.

good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

Serves them right. yes, its sad that its human lives we are talking about but i personally don't feel pity for the Nigerian Police. They are the most corrupt institution in the world; a repute that can only make the Italian green with envy. Forget the Mexican drug bosses... they stand no chance with the NPF. If GEJ has refused to do anything about his security apparatus, then kudos to Boko Haram!!!

Boko haram.... My people listen

Come think of it. Boko haram means ONE NIGERIA IS TABOO. Boko haram means WESTERN EDUCATION IS CORRUPT. Boko haram means LONG NEGLECTED SUFFERINGS OF THE MASSES. Boko haram means OUR LEADERS ARE EVILS. Book haram means THE POOR HAS SUFFERED MUCH IN NIGERIA. Boko haram means NIGERIA IS A FAILED STATE. Boko haram means NIGERIA MUST DIVIDE FOR PEACE TO REIGN. Boko harams means JUMBO PAY for few is EVIL. Boko haram means EFCC is not doing enough at all. Boko haram means Kerosene are very costly, only energy for the poor. Boko haram means even the young vibrant academic like Bankole is evil and corrupt, after western education. Book haram means the youth are crying every day. Boko haram means Nigeria is control by few evil cabals. My people leaders like IBB,OGJ,Bankole,IBORI,ODILI,ORJI UZO KALU, DANJUMA, BUHARI, ATIKU,TINUBU,OHAKIM and many other evil leaders are the REAL TERRORIST of Nigeria.

Inequality breeds Criminality

The pillar of corruption and embodiment of evil (Nigeria leaders) who steal all that is good in Nigeria and pauperized the innocent ones. Islam is not just the problem, if it is, why Yerima can’t be amputated for marry a minor, why can't IBB be killed for stealing so much money from Nigeria, has Sharia been able to deal with Abdul Salami who emptied the treasury and compensated Nigeria with PDP democracy. These innocent and ignorant men and women are just been used by the same people who steal from them, they are jobless and hungry. How many of such group do you have in developed nations where Government lives up to their responsibility? Fellow Nigerian wherever there is inequality there bound to be criminality period. 

Inequality breeds Criminality

These are bigger Nigerian who are free to commit crime and cannot be punished. This confirmed that Nigerian are not equal by all standard and that is the reason crime will continue to I hear somebody say God forbid.........then remember that we cannot continue in sin and grace will abound.......Nigerian leaders are hundred times evil than militants, Boko Harram and even the slain Osama Bin Laden join together, they kill people alive and are doing it happily. So who is to blame the illiterate Northern youths who believe whatever the mai gida tells them in their language and carry out the instructions without questioning because it is only by obeying that feeding will be ensure.

I suppose GEJ and his

I suppose GEJ and his handlers will count this as armed robbery. It is not. It is still a continuation of the terrorist activities in Nigeria. This man has no clue about international affairs and history. These terrorists need money to operate and so they rub financial institutions. This foolish president is still in La-La land. He will soon be caught in his incompetence. I am so sick of this fool. Baider Meinhoff used the same style in the 1970s in Germany, Hezbollah uses the same thing. Why can't this illiterate dumb man see what is approaching Nigeria.

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