Bankole A No-Show At EFCC

Speaker Dimeji Bankole
By SaharaReporters, New York

The embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole, was a no-show today at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) where he was expected to face investigators over allegations that he diverted funds meant for the National Assembly into his personal use.

Bankole's aides had confirmed that he received a letter last Friday asking him to appear today at 11: 00 AM. He has not issued any statements explaining his failure to honour today's invitation, and it is not clear what the EFCC will now do.

SaharaReporters revealed last week that the Speaker had been to see Goodluck Jonathan to seek his intervention to stop the EFCC from interrogating him regarding the various scams dogging his regime as Speaker of the House.

Today is the second time in one week that Bankole would shun the invitation of the EFCC to appear before the agency over the allegations against him which have riveted the attention of the entire country.

Last week Mr. Bankole pleaded with the EFCC to fix a new date for his  interrogation. He  claimed that he was tied down with "Inauguration activities".

Mr. Bankole did not respond to phone calls placed by SaharaReporters to him today.

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bankole, is trying to seek immunity and help from mr president goodluck jonathan,but we need a fair trial of the law, if found guilty he should be fucked like a pussy, the CFCC directors are too slow but who ever that is incharge there should take his job serious, even mr president is not above the law,

RE: Not Bankole alone

Very soon it will be that the real people that get punished are not the sinners.

So we still crucify people in

So we still crucify people in our comments because they are not of our tribe. Ok, God help this nation.

Are you judging him already

Are you judging him already because he is not an Igbo man. I was actually thinking that his case has some touch of tribalism.

It is somehow funny that we

It is somehow funny that we dont seem to realize that the whole Bankole show is merely meant to say that "If you are not in our good book, we will bring you down" shameful, Nigerian should start focusing on serious problems like power, health, roads and unemployment.

RE:TIme for the SW to Stand up or Shutup

What do you mean by Southwest bringing him up? Was the southwest paid to bring or arrest people. If you cannot petition the EFCC which is legally and constitutionally there to fight corruption, you should as well shut up.

Bankole must be probed

This is a test case for the president. He should stay clear and allow EFCC to probe this wicked thief, who has eaten the future of all Nigerian Youths. Any attempt by the president to prevent the EFCC from performing their duty on probing Bankole is going to be a red allert to all Nigerians.

TIme for the SW to Stand up or Shutup

All you people from Southwest need to bring him forth to the commission to prove you are not condoning the activity. If Bankole is an Igbo now, I can already see a 1000 write-ups at SR insulting the Igbos.

He is living in peace

You made your trival/religious choise, not on pls you should stop giving example with buhari when talking of displine and zero tolerance on coruption.give example with obasanjo or good luck.

Not Bankole alone

David Mark,Abacha,Abdusalami,Babangia,-All from the north are all involved in mass stealing.But only southerners are beign punish-Bankole,Alams,Balogun,Ibori,Erastos ,Bode George are all same thieves.Now EFCC/ICPC go and catch all of them and return our money.

bankole and EFCC

how President Jonathan deals with Bankole's case will show the true direction of his anti-corruption stance. After all he made a promise during his inauguration speech.Mr President your reputation is at stake!

change my foot

 May we rip what we have sown, majority of the people who voted GEJ on trivial sentiment Knowing fully well that Buhari can and can never be compartible to GEJ in delivering the much needed resucitation of our country should take the credit for these continueing misfortune that is befalling us. Nigeria de fall. sorry for usssssssss.

anyone who steals our money

anyone who steals our money should be hang... no mercy for Bankole and co's


Again it is not a surprise that this guy did not show, of course he learnt that from his predecessors where there is no respect for the judiciary. What the country really needs is the appointment of an independent counselor appointed by the minister of justice and ratified by the senate and can only be fired by the senate with 2/3rd majority. By these, he can investigate anybody in the country including the president, after all he will be funded by the congress.


MR BANKOLE,i think nobody is above the law, as former speaker of the house doest mean,he has to comply with the EFCC rules, or subject bankole to additional charges and jail term,

Who will be Nigeria hero?

this is not a surprise at all. Bankole won't be the first and the last. What is surprising is what ha
s our various leader do all these people at the end? They let them work free and none of them can come out bold to say that the stolen money we recover has been spent on improving the conditions of the masses. who will turn this country over? Nobody not even GEJ

Fix the so call EFCC

Bankole may not go to EFCC, becuase he knows that they are not efficient.Personally, I don,t blame the EFCC for their inefficacy. It is only in Nigerian that you could be punished for been efficient-Ribadu was removed from the agency because he was performing relatively good as the EFCC head.You don,t expect Wasiri to do the same thing. And Bankole knows the weakness and the limitation of the EFCC.
On paper, the government would tell the public that EFCC is independent, but the agency does not have all the legislative power and resources that could make it independent.
Mr. president, congressmen and women-it is about time you empower EFCC if you are serious about fighting corruption in Nigeria, otherwise it would be like impotent Oputa Panel who could not summon Babangida for interrogation.

it,s not much about EFCC but a lot about seriousness to fight co

l think all this noise about EFCC not doing enough to fight corruption is bunkum talk,our problem lies on the inability of the leadership to fight corruption with every government might.l recall the days of idiagbon/buhari,s government when every nigerian became a policeman unto him/herself because you never knew what you could do that may land you in jail and believe me if you are a law-abiding citizen you really don,t have any cause to be scared and thing began to work again,but babangida came and played on the gullibility of nigerians and behold!!!!! the good stuff in the work was gradually demolished by babangida.l am saying that goodluck is the one to whip everyone into line if corruption is to be reduce to the barest minimum,again me and you must give our co-operation to achieve this.WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER NIGERIANS AND PUT THIS GOVERNMENT ON THE SPOT TO FIGHT THIS CANKERWORM THAT HAS EATEN INTO THE FABRICS OF OUR FLESH.

EFCC Playing to The Gallery (it's PDP affair - usual way)

EFCC is just playing to the gallery. Why make noise instead of seeing them carrying out interrogation & prosecution. EFCC is only fighting corruption on the pages of newspapers. This woman called Farida Waziri is not serious. How many conviction has she recorded and how many high risk political thieves has she sent to the prison?

Now to the President that promised all Nigerians that he would fight corruption. This is a test case. We are watching how the President is purportedly blocking EFCC from investigating the rotten pig called Dimeji Bankole. President Jonathan should not allow this glutton to go without him vomitting all the money he has stolen. Where did Bankole get $1 Billion in one single account with UBA. Bankole was not a rich young man when he became the Speaker!!!!!


kayode,what has the EFCC got to do with the fact that members of the house did not recieve thier allowances and salaries?did the EFCCnegotiate loans for Bankole,did the EFCC inflate the cost of cars bought for the house of rep?did the EFCC buy NECOM HOUSE for Bankole,did they recommend the insane salaries and allowances consumed by the house which he led .

please stop insulting our intelligence ,we are not morons,he will cough out every kobo if he is found guilty ,why has he not addressed the issue before the tax payers of this country ,who does he think he is ?

ole 6ce. Bankole, farida and

ole 6ce. Bankole, farida and Ijaw Head of state are OBJ subject so do not espect anything to happen at the end. If GEJ and his cohort in d nigerdelta could lie to us that they are training militant in SA on pilot course and 3 months after we learnt they started lifting aircraft my big question ARE THEY TRUE MILITANT?, WERE THEY AMONG THE BOYS FROM THE CREEK?. Anything can happen soon to LUGARD'S NATION as there is no single thing we have in common why not let us go on our different ways. Watch out for seperation of niger-area this is what we want either now or later it will happen

If the EFCC has a genuine

If the EFCC has a genuine case against Speaker Bankole, I am sure the Commission knows that the right thing to do is to charge him to court. This trial by media portrays the EFCC as an unserious body. Assembling so many press cameras in anticipation of someone who has not even been properly accused smacks of mischief and a hidden agenda. I sincerely hope all the hoopla and hype about the Speaker's alleged misdemeanours is not a subterfuge by the EFCC leadership to ingratiate itself with the powers that be and a dress rehearsal to recommending Madam Farida for re-appointment.

An Act of Shame

This is an act of shame. The funny thing is Bankole and his many generations cannot finished the amount stolen.
For an Harvard trained person, I am at a loss to find a simple rationale to explain this senseless act.

Its very shamful to the whole

Its very shamful to the whole PDP. God must punish them.


See how ugly the guy looks. Bastard
OLE. May bankole rot in hell like Abacha and the rest

This theif call Bantule

why is it a problem for efcc to go and arrest this army robber call bantule not bankole. And mr president should stay out of clear his good name.

Nigeria we hail thee! They

Nigeria we hail thee! They insist on being called Distinguished Senators and Honorable representatives
only to rape the system financially leaving ordinary Nigerians gasping for air. Egregious I tell ya.


it's worrisome that the former speaker have had his name mentioned in connection of frauds twiceand in each occassions EFCC have claimed the presidency has stalled their action

This is not a good report about our president.


Bamkole, you said Etteh was corrupt and took her position what have you done now? Are you righteous or corrupt? I thought you are righteous. Whatever seed you sow you will surely reap
Thank you ooooooooooooo

bankole is a like a fishing hook on johnatan,s neck

l have alway,s said it that politician,s who stole/steals public funds in nigeria don,t normally act solo,especially when the take is as huge as what bankole stole,tell me has patricia etteh returned the almost eight hundred millions she stole?hell no!!! all she got was removal from the seat as speaker,not even losing her seat as a member.This is so ,because these thieves acts in consonant with more powerful politician/elements in the corridor of power and what do you get?soft landing like we are about to withness in bankole,s case.His father must also be probed because his name featured prominently in the nitel sale scam.l can go on and on about this thieving nigerians and goodluck is no exception either,let him cast the first stone.

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