Bayelsa Speaker’s Mother Kidnapped-CHANNELSTV


The mother of the Speaker of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Kombowei Benson has been kidnapped.

She was kidnapped on Monday morning from her country home at Korokorosei community in Southern Ijaw council area of the state by unknown gunmen.

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dont touch the woman pls

please mr kidnappers don't touch the woman,you people should keep the woman in a safe place.and also go ahead and kidnaps all the members of national assembly relation and demands for 40 billion naira which they are stealing everyday.dont kidnap people who are not in government.if possible meet bh people and tell them not to kill again.they should just hand to kidnaps all the people that are stealing gov money and leave the youth in permanent poverty.up kidnappers.

Breaking News!!! Otile & Oleku are Hausa Fulanis... NORTHERNERS!

Otile, Otile, Otile. You head is buried in pigs' salanga/shalanga/shadda/Laterin. Unfortunately, u are from the north (u & oleku)... Hausa Fulani for that matter. Buhari dem brother!!! U & Oleku are hypocrites oh! U two & ur likes should be submitted to BH for them to skin u alive!!!

Abubakar Ibrahim, don't say

Abubakar Ibrahim, don't say "Armed Robbers in the south and 419 people in the East". You know very well that armed robbery and 419 started in the North. Gowon, Danjuman, Usman Hassan Katsina, and a whole host of the robbers robbed the East of their oil with British made arms. Hausa Foolani pilgrims defrauded their hosts, Arabians in Mecca and Medina. Nobody knew of 419 until the Hausa Foolani dictators encoded it into Nigerian law. You know all these thing well, too.


This is a very good development but i urge the Kidnappers not harm the old lady but demand N50 Million from the speaker, i also urge Boko Haram in the North, Armed Robbers in the south and 419 people in the East to please focus on attacking Ministers, Legislators, Jugges, Police, Governors, Commissioners, Oil Subsidy thieves etc who cornered over 85% of the countrys wealth instead of terrorising the masses who neither have money nor influence government finances or policies

Dont Blame Jonathan

I now see sense in the reason why Jonathan kept his mother in Aso Rock!!! Who says evil is not striving in the country? Its sad that our country has been reduced to a visionless society where looting, kidnapping and rigging are the order of the day! I am sure it was Buhari and Pastor Bakare that did this again! Where are their critics? Until the masses can reason right we will continue to be fooled by those who have turned the country into a ludo game. Next victim please!!!

By the grace of God Ma Benson

By the grace of God Ma Benson will come out unharmed. We in the South live to suffer the fallout of Hausa Fulani brigandage in our area. Who ever heard of kidnapping before the Hausa Fulani set their dirty feet on our soil? Leave the oil for the owners, they will use the proceeds to develop their area and everybody will be happy.

Ado, You know very well that

You know very well that the Hausa Fulani introduced kidnapping in the amalgamated Republic. Remember when Alhji Buhari caged Umaru Dikko in a diplomatic luggage. Yet you want to hear it from me. You know that this kind of citizen kidnapping started in the Delta when the Hausa Fulani colluded with foreigners to steal our oil. Then helpless citizens of the Niger Delta had no alternative than to do something to hold the thieves responsible. You know all these too.


Odili and Osita my brodas you have spoken, you hit the nail at the head let them extend it to those idiot that called themselves leaders.

The State Speaker has a lot

The State Speaker has a lot of money. He recently got a cheque of N78,000,000 from the state so he and other Assembly members could travel and attend "Parliamentary Session" in South Africa. They couldn't attend because they were late and they NEVER returned the money either. He was very angry Bayelsa people complained. Anyway, he should just pay up. But I would have prefered he is the one kidnapped.

@ Ado

I agree with you, Ado. There is no question that the hands of Hausa/fool-ani are behind the abduction and kidnapping of the Bayelsa Speaker's mother, for nothing good can ever come out of the Hausa/fool-anis.

What a Pity!

What a pity that kidnapping has become one of the most lucrative, productive & thriving economic activities of our jobless youth. While the politicians indulge in corruption, the youth has embraced this unfortunate line of activity. We will soon ask economics to compute the contribution of this ugly activity to our GDP!

u are a fool

Instead of focusing on the matter at hand u are busy calling d ijaw wawa ,u are obvioursly d biggest wawa withot a sense of reasoning.

Good business?

Is kidnapping the most lucrative business in Nigeria? It seems so. When leaders are corrupt and unemployment is high, kidnap to get money is the answer. Thank God JTf in Borno and Yobe states have almost won the war. BH are almost unseen, unheard and those coming from Mali and Somalia are daily arrested. We are now enjoying sound sleep.

This is not a story; this ought to happen everyday by now

This is not a story; this ought to happen everyday by now. Kidnap every corrupt government official and their crumbies !

Over to Otile

. . . Let's hear what "Shallow thinking pig-head" Otile will say about this. I'm sure, a notherner, Hausa/Fulani did or at least, responsible for this! Wawa from wawa state!


Our youth have been impoverished through mindless looting and pillaging of resources by these myopic politicians,kidnapping may have come to stay because the last official statistic has it that 25% of all kidnappings on planet earth take place on Nigerian territory.
The said politician has to share some of the loot he starched away with these kidnappers in order to save his mother,that is the sad reality of Nigeria.What goes around comes around.

GEJ's work

GEJ has started kidnapping again? That's how he sponsored militants to kidnap and kill people- yes, the same militants he is paying millions to now!

Please make sure this woman

Please make sure this woman is safe and well treated, it is not a bad job but go a bit further to Jonathan, Ibb, Obj, Governors, senators and all those thietains and Ministers. If this kidnappers could do this I think they may have started cleaning the country of evil men and corruption which the idiots in government could not do with all the instruments of government at their disposal

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