Bishop Oyedepo Accused Of Exploiting British Worshippers-DailyMail

Bishop David Oyedepo

A church run by a controversial multi-millionaire African preacher has been accused of ‘cynical exploitation’ after its British branch received £16.7 million in donations from followers who were told that God would give them riches in return.

Followers are ferried in double-decker shuttle buses to the church, handed slips inviting them to make debit card payments, and are even told obeying the ministry’s teachings will make them immune from illness.

Today’s Mail on Sunday revelations about the Winners’ Chapel movement have prompted the Charity Commission to review the charitable status  of the church – one of the fastest-growing in the UK.

Winners’ Chapel is part of a worldwide empire of evangelical ministries run by Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher David Oyedepo, who has an estimated £93 million fortune, a fleet of private jets and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.
Plenty to smile about; Preacher David Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel movement aboard one of his private jets. He also owns a Rolls Royce Phantom
Dubbed ‘The Pastorpreneur’, he was accused earlier this year of slapping the face of a young woman he said was a witch. The assault case was struck out but is being appealed.

Branches of the church have sprung up in major UK cities in a huge recruitment drive centred on Mr Oyedepo’s ‘prosperity gospel’. This claims that congregants who make regular donations and pay tithes – a ten per cent levy on their income – will be rewarded financially by God.

Followers are urged to target vulnerable people such as the lonely, the sick, the homeless and the suicidal as potential candidates for conversion.
Last night, Labour MP Paul Flynn said Winners’ Chapel was cynically exploiting supporters. ‘They [Winners’ Chapel] are making clearly spurious claims and it seems to be a cynical exploitation of the gullible,’ he said.

Referring to the slapping incident, Mr Flynn added: ‘What is also alarming is the reported violence and the lack of respect for the status of women. It’s taking us back to a previous age of ignorance and prejudice that we all thought the church had escaped.’
Caught on camera: Video of Mr Oyedepo striking a young 'witch' across the face in front of a congregation
This newspaper’s investigation can further disclose:

•    Congregants are handed a payment slip requesting payments using cheque, cash or debit card when they enter London’s Winners’ Chapel.
•    Donations to the ministry in England almost doubled from £2.21 million to £4.37 million between 2006 and 2010.
•    Mr Oyedepo’s superchurch in Nigeria received £794,000 or 73 per cent of the charitable donations paid out by the British Winners’ Chapel between 2007 and 2010. This was despite claims in Africa that he is enriching himself at the expense of his devotees.
•    The registered charity has spent £6.81 million on evangelism and ‘praise, worship and fellowship’.
•    The church’s ‘Joseph Squad’ preaches in British prisons and has a weekly broadcast named ‘Liberation Hour’ on satellite and cable TV here.

In the past three years, Winners’ Chapel churches have been established in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds and Bradford, adding to those in London, Manchester, Dublin and Glasgow.

An undercover Mail on Sunday reporter attended Sunday services  at Winners’ Chapel’s ‘London HQ’  in Dartford, Kent, which attracts 1,000 congregants – chiefly African and Caribbean immigrants. It is run like ‘a business conference’ by Mr Oyedepo’s son, David Oyedepo Jnr. Packed buses deliver singing worshippers from South-East London, Essex and Kent to the huge auditorium.

The reporter saw a payment slip being given to every person entering the church encouraging them to donate money by cheque or cash or to fill in a form with their debit card details. The slip said tithes should be paid separately using a ‘Kingdom Investment Booklet’ and the reporter was informed that payments could also be made by phone. A pastor told the worshippers: ‘You shall be financially promoted after this service in Jesus’s name if you are ready to honour the Lord therefore with all your givings, your tithes, your offerings, your Kingdom investment, your sacrifices.’
Congregants were told to fill in their slips and hold them above their heads while the donations were blessed.

One of the fleet: A jet belonging to Mr Oyedepo - he has at least two that he bought with his huge fortune

The service was interspersed with testimonies. ‘I received a bill from  the bank that I didn’t understand, so I prayed,’ said one congregant. ‘A few days later, the bank wrote to apologise for their mistake – Hallelujah!’ ‘Hallelujah,’ the audience shouted back.

Congregants were told they could gain favour by persuading others to follow Mr Oyedepo’s teachings. His son said: ‘Look around you. Someone is sick and already wishing he or she were dead, that is a fruit ripe to harvest. Someone is confounded and considering suicide as an option, that is another fruit that is ripe to harvest.

‘Someone else is lonely and wondering if there is any future for him, that is another fruit ripe to harvest.

‘Also there are many men and women, young and old that are homeless, these are fruits ripe to harvest.’

The reporter was taken, with 20 other new recruits, to a room where preachers gave sermons claiming acceptance of the Lord would prevent them ever being ill or suffering misfortune.

The Mail on Sunday has seen video footage of Mr Oyedepo striking a woman across the face and condemning her to hell after she said she was a ‘witch for Jesus’. He attacked her in a Winners’ Chapel superchurch, believed to be in Nigeria, in front of worshippers. A separate video shows him saying: ‘I slapped a witch here last year!’

In May, he was sued for £800,000 over the alleged assault. The case was struck out – a decision which is now reported to have been appealed.
The Winners’ Chapel movement, also known as the Living Faith Church, has hundreds of churches in Nigeria and across Africa, the Middle East, the UK and the US.

Mr Oyedepo has received fierce criticism in Africa. One Nigerian journalist accused him of ‘leading a growing list of pastorpreneurs – church founders exploiting the passion and emotion that Christianity commands to feather their nests’.
Marriage: Seen here with his wife Faith, Mr Oyedepo has a son who runs services at the chapel's London headquarters
Catholic Cardinal Anthony Okogie criticised such preachers for placing materialism above Jesus’s message. He reportedly said: ‘They have been skinning the flock, taking out of the milk of the flock.’

Among Mr Oyedepo’s fleet of aircraft are said to be a Gulfstream 1 and Gulfstream 4 private jets. It is also claimed he and his wife, Faith, travel in expensive Jeeps flanked by convoys of siren-blaring vehicles. He is the senior pastor of Faith Tabernacle, a 50,000-seat auditorium in Lagos reputed to be the largest church in the world, and runs a publishing company that distributes books carrying his message across the world.
His other business interests span manufacturing, petrol stations,  bakeries, water purification factories, recruitment, a university, restaurants, supermarkets and real estate. The latest addition is a commercial airline named Dominion Airlines.
A Charity Commission spokesman said: ‘The Charity Commission is  currently assessing what, if any,  regulatory role there is to play with regard to the complaints made against the World Mission Agency. It is important to clarify that this does not constitute an investigation at this stage.’
Winners’ Chapel administrator Tunde Disu declined to comment.

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You are so jelous, and you

You are so jelous, and you allow that, to blind your eyes to see the truth in the bible. Ask for more of God, praise God, pay your tithe and see if He will leave you thesame. Hmm, it is ignorance of the truth in the word, that brings about jelousy. Grow up spiritualy.

You should rather grow up and

You should rather grow up and see tha jesus became poor for us to be rich. And we can only be rich by faith and devine wisdom. Thats why papa, is succesful. He got devine wisdom embacked with faith. A poor man or christian, is not yet free. He is under the captive of pooverty, mean while christ came to set us free.

Hai, grow up and learn that to be poor is a thing of the devil and to be rich, is a thing of God. When i say rich, i mean wealth gained by devine wisdom in righteousness. Dont allow the fact he is this wealthy make you feel you cant be as wealthy as he is, for i have notice that those who criticis, are those who feel they cant be like those they critisis. PROSPERITY IS THE EVEDENC OF HAVING A WALK WITH GOD, Not poorverty.


Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren't loading correctly. I'm not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I've tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.%7

oh ye fools

God bless you my brother they're all foolish moron let them go and open their own church and start collating their own money

tee mac's comment


Preachers Wealth

Its a pity that anything associated with church, manages to frighten Nigerians stupor. There is a saying that it is more difficult for a rich man to make heaven than for for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Now tell me, why do human beings ignore the words of the bible and (christians manual) listen to ordinary men. Oyedepo is an ordinary man who has managed to enrich himself. The bible asks us to give to the men of God as the have no live stock nor land (no investments) so they can cater for the less priviledged especially the widows and so there can be food in his store house not for the pastors to live like Gods. Now they have investments and they are a very strong empire. Its a shame. These preachers are extorting people. They are common criminals.

Note we are more social

Note we are more social problems than UK with our claim being Godly. Remember that their system are working and cannot compare.

You must be a wonderful fool

You must be a wonderful fool

your comments deserve an

your comments deserve an award

judges and justice

I am amazed at the level of godlessness that is being exhibited here by the so called experts! The church was once synonymous with penury and people derided her, today the tide has turned and it has become the object of envy. The power that broke the yoke of sin over our lives also breaks the yoke of poverty over our lives.why quarrel with that? Are we speaking for God when we use derogatory words on people who claim that they are called of God? Can we fight for God. Has He become so weak that you have to defend Him.Please stay away from what you don't fully understand lest you find yourself inadvertently fighting God Himself!!!



stupid followers?

You must be an utter idiot to call any of the church members stupid? And as regard's the Bishop's wealth, has he stolen any money from your father or from your wretched self? They are 'stupid' yet you can't even stand in the presence of the members to clean their shoes.

What's the stress all about...

@ oleku or whatever you called yourself. You have just invoked the curse of perdition upon your own head for lying against the church of God as none of those you mentioned is a member of the church.

Grace was given to live above

Grace was given to live above sin not to continue in iniquity please folks go on YouTube and search for JUSTIN PETERS

What really is the problem here?

Granted he is not a perfect man, but defaming a mans character without any understanding of why he does what he does is not surprising,though mind blowing. for starters Jesus was ridiculed and criticized but the religious and learned bigots of the time and to most people around they sounded sensible. How come you have not noticed politicians who plunder their country and spend the money in UK? with or without uk winners chapel the man is wealthy, for your education check out Abraham of whose heritage we are as Christians he was blessed in ALL things ......... enough said.

God's wrath is coming on blasphemers as HELL

I do not blame you people blasphemy against the man of God for no reason!
If you do not have anything doing, why don't you take a walk into the forest and get lost.
If he is making money out of people, go and make your own and stop saying what you do not know.
Like what his assistant always says: backbiter are always at the back, that is why they are biting.
Better wake up and see what the future hold for you and ask God for divine direction.
A word is enough for the wise....!

'When coming from a far eg.

'When coming from a far eg. Benin to Otta to pay tithe, convert your tithe offering into money if the substance for the tithe is heavy for you to carry. Once at Otta, use the money to buy what your heart pleases'.

I was going to discuss it o, but for the 1000-character limit.
But it is just as good, for you have said it all jare. Anybody that STILL wants to stuff wool in their ears and over their eyes in the face of the BIBLICAL TRUTH in Deut 14:22-29 make dem carry go!!!(Abi, na me put am there? Okay... shebi una 'Papa' no teach una dat one? Shebi e cover the page???)

thank you sir, you have

thank you sir, you have finished it all.God bless you.

What's the stress all about...

I don't see the need for all these rantings. Oyedepo is not the richest in winners chapel. People like OBJ, Dimeji Bankole, Bode George, Vincent Ogbulafor, Andy and Chris Uba, Jimoh Ibrahim, Otedola all worship at winners chapel and are even more wealthy than Oyedepo. So no need for the stress guys.

Yet the Apostle cursed to

Yet the Apostle cursed to death husband & wife for lying for their own land they sold. Thank God for God's grace today.


It is unfortunate that Some Nigerian are so blind & deaf, to the extent that they can't understand what is truth or lies again, is it bcos of illetrate or poverty? iam suprise to read this mail this person called DEFAMING, IS IT DEFAMING?, I STILL DEY LAUGH. As our leader in politics are doing their own , our PASTORs are doing their own. To me Muslim Clerics can never exploits his followers financially or otherwise. Me ruwa can be Imam in the mosque, so far he is knowledgeable and issue of ten percent or tithe does not arise.

One of cow that is being milked.

You are one of those cow being milked by these so called pastors.
So carry go.GOD is Watching all, All day is for thief but one day is for the owner.

I support you Crystal!

The Bible says the prince of this world had blinded them, lest they see. The stupid followers of Oyedepo are so blinded that they thought the Bible was referring to the devil as the prince of this world. Many of this so called men of God are the devil. How can you build 2 universities with peoples donation and the same people can not affoed to attend? For any economy to grow, people have to trade economically in goods and services in exchange for money. What does Oyedepo produce economically to worth all those wealth? Some people will say information? What information?? Christianity in Nigeria is foolishness. Since the failure of the government, everyone started looking for miracles. Smart pastors, foolish people.

Oyedepo 419

One of the real test for these fake pastors is,where in the bible was it ever revealed that Jesus lived the kind of useless flamboyant lifestyles oyedepo,oyakhilomen,adeboye and others live?This is hallmark of godlessness and majority of their followers aspire to be like them hence they will not notice the evil.Godliness and excessive wealth do not meet.Shine your eyes Nigerians.


I see nothing new in the preaching.
It is the same message that most of the churches preach except catholic church and a few old generation churches.

So there is no cause for alarm. Everything is under control.

A winner taking another wanna be winner for a "fool".

He got them where he wanted and he will suck them till they wake up from their spiritual slumber. Winners, keep winning your never ending battle! And let Oyedepo keep " raping" your purses. Halleluyah somefool!

Be mindful of what comes out

Be mindful of what comes out of your mouth as a christian.Pray for God's conviction of those who are against His men wrongly. God's grace for all of us as we run the eternal race of salvation IJN.

all of you talking against

so you want to fight for your Bishop abi, how will they die, and you call yourself a Christian?
Imagine what Jesus would have done and follow HIS PERFCT example

Man of God My A$$

The "men of God" should be in jail for defrauding the gullible in the society. Oyedepo is nothing but a criminal, a scammer who has brainwashed hundreds of thousands. But Nigerians are foolish men.

Re: Oyedepo.

Let all those that are critical about the man of God repent. Let them accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and check if their life will not be better for it. Britain as a country is going down economically because they never remembered God who gave them territories like Nigeria, India,Sudan etc just to mention a few from where they made the wealth that drove thir economy till date. Nigeria will soon overtake them especially with people like Oyedepo praying for Nigeria. A labourer is worthy of his wages. Let Oyedepo enjoy the fruit of his Labour.

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