Boko Haram ‘Taking Over Northern Borno’ As Government Officials Flee-WEEKLY TRUST

By Weekly Trust

Many local governments areas in northern Borno and other parts of the state are gradually coming under the control of members of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lid Da’awati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, Weekly Trust heard yesterday.

The northern part of Borno shares international borders with Cameroon, Niger and Chad republics and comprises Marte, Magumeri, Mobbar, Gubio, Guzamala, Abadam, Kukawa, Kaga, Nganzai and Monguno Local Government Areas.

Weekly Trust reports that very few attacks take place in Damboa, Chibok, Biu and Gwoza Local Government Areas in the southern part of the state while Hawul, Bayo, Kwaya Kusar, Askira/Uba and Shani have remained relatively peaceful.

Most government officials and civil servants had fled most of these areas except Damasak. Bama and some parts of Konduga Local Government Area, both in the central part of the state, are also coming under the control of the sect members who had chased away government officials and civil servants, it was learnt.

The source alleged that the JTF, which has received over 200 new patrol hilux vans, in addition to the fuelling of its vehicles and allowances for its soldiers, have largely remained more active in central parts of the state. When contacted last night, officials of the Borno State Government referred our reporter to the Joint Military task Force (JTF). However, several attempts to speak with the spokesman of the JTF Lt Col Sagir Musa were not successful as calls placed to his mobile phone failed to go through.

Weekly Trust also learnt that in Marte Local Government, the sect members control most villages and openly organize public preaching in village market in Krenuwa, the hometown of the current Secretary to the State Government Ambassador Baba Ahmed Jidda, who is a member of the Presidential Amnesty Committee.

It was also learnt that the sect members are acquiring so many vehicles, in military colours and mounting guns on them. Three brand new hilux vans belonging to the Chad Basin were also reportedly snatched by gunmen.

Weekly Trust gathered that members of the Agricultural Transformation team set up by the Borno State Governor has been chased out of Marte by insurgents, abandoning harvest of wheat in 5,000 hectares of irrigation land, revived and funded by the state through collaboration between the Borno State Government and the Federal Government-owned Chad Basin Development Authority. The farm has over 60,000 hectares of unused irrigation land in Marte.

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Please dont be bias. Search

Please dont be bias. Search for knowledge and stop making comments on issues you dont know. Who told you that Quran support the killing of non belief?.

Who is afraid of

Who is afraid of disintegration, let's go ahead and have 'Arewa republic or whatever and the oyinbos will so deal with you just take a look at what is happening in Sudan,Eriteria and cotedivoire the south sudan still in choas, no be petrol we will live to see how u will enjoy it, with all those leaders of yours that can sell the region and collect change, check yourselves please even government allocation don't trickle down to the masses in the SS and SE (FOOLS) u think the boko haram and the Bakassi issue now on ground is just 4 fun eh? By d time dey share d country into 2, u pple will stat war with cameronians over petrol and oyinbos will come and deal with u.
Keep saying we are least developed that's being hypocritical have been to d so called 'BIG cities in d SS and SE and a wept of how underdeveloped and poverty striken they are, only the capitals have motorable roads with armed robbery,juju, rape and communal clashes yanfu yanfu let's divide the country jor
Sets of schumbags.

Unam Ikot Fred Okon, prove

Unam Ikot Fred Okon, prove it. In the first place your comment is off point. People are concerned about Boko Haram taking over key cities in the North you are here making a baseless accusation. If you were a Northerner making this type of treasonous accusation on a First Lady, say Hajia Turai or even Fati Abubakar fatwa would be placed on you the next day.

My People Die out of Lack of Knowledge

There is no way the foot soldiers of the Boko Haram Terrorist will understand the tenants of the Quaran since they are not educated and brainwashed to believe education is evil. Since they lack knowledge and are not likely to be educated they will die and be agents of death. This is a monumental failure of Northern elites who are now canvassing for amnesty. They want them as Almajiri to beg from them. They were feeling very good when thy said them come to beg and pay homage. Now they are paying the homage with IEDs and AK 47 rifles. It is just unfortunate, but it is only the sameNorthern elites that will provide the solution, not President Goodluck or granting of Amnesty. One of the way the will do that is to remove death from them that (lack of knowledge) which is tantamount to death. The choice is theirs. Long live Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom Governor’s Wife, Unoma Akpabio In A $2.7M Scam

Akwa Ibom Governor’s Wife, Unoma Akpabio In A $2.7M Scam

Boko haram taking over northern Borno

Our company ick u was snatched just last week on Gwoza road. Our sales team in the icky came upon the scene of a robbery and our driver turned the pickup around to escape from the scene, but when the Boko haram sight the Nissan pickup, they chased them in another car overtook them and snatched the pick up from them. Thank God they didn't harm our staff.
As usual the JTF will be looking the other way and patrolling only central Borno, until the BH have fully established themselves with all the equipment they need, they may even invite their brothers on the run from Mali to take refuge in Northern Borno.
After they are fully established then we will wake up to another new war. And the security agents will get a fresh long term contract.

Jude, do you know the meaning

Jude, do you know the meaning of GOWON? You believe in GOWON so much that I am compelled to tell you the meaning here and now. Read the history of Nigeria, your grand fathers, Okoi Arikpo and Wanike Briggs believed in GOWON just like you, but see where we are today.

Boy! GOWON means: Go On With One Nigeria.

Boy Jude, get real, stop preaching this heresy. One Nigeria is doom for all. Igbo can form their own country if you do not try to exterminate them, then the rest of you can form your one Nigeria. Nothing lost. Igbo people are ever ready to be on their own. It is you that need the Hausa Fulani to ally with.

Udam Ochiaghandigbo, no, we

Udam Ochiaghandigbo, no, we are not going to allow Osun State to fall into the corrupt hands of Boko Haram Mohammedans. If nothing, we are going to seize this opportunity to recapture Kwara and Kogi which the North stole from the South. By holding these two states and still eying Osun what the Mohammedans are doing to us is like sleeping with a man's wife and asking him to smell their dicks.

@ibrahim abdullahi

Mohammed ibrahim ibn abdullahi, leave me alone. You know very well that I am a good man. I did not do anything to hurt the Northern people. You also know that I believe in free market economy, not a feudalist. Why would I do anything to hurt good trade in the North? As a good man who believes in free market economy I wish the North can prosper so that our bilateral trade would flourish.

ibn Abdullahi, please try to understand me, because to know me is to love me. Huta lafia. Ka ji ko?

Musa Usman, don't ask the

Musa Usman, don't ask the Gowon people of the middle belt to prepare for their own republic. They can't. They will always be subservient to their Hausa Fulani masters from the Tuareg region. Gowon alienated them from the South when the carried our pogrom against our people. Since then they are afraid of our retaliation. Their Hausa Fulani masters will always sneak in at night and carry out massacres in their round huts. All they can do is to complain, but who listens? Janaral Malu is no longer there to help them. He is enjoying the diamond money he looted from Sierra Leone. Jackass Gawan is now playing dead.

During the genocide out people captured many of them singing "Nyamiri ya mutu ya kare, beri mu je mu sameshi, yo ho ho; yo ho ho ho, Nyamiri ya mutu yakare". Serves them right.

SW watch out, Iran is placing a pincer grip on Nigeria!

Ahmedinajad (Iranian President) visited Benin and Niger republics. He may be looking for Uranium from Niger and a port of transit from Benin for his Nuclear plants, guess which countries they border with? Which states? Is it not clear that Iran is placing a pincer grip on Nigeria? It was in the 80's that Ayatollah from the same country and his agents changed the face of Islam in Nigeria and amicable living between Nigerians forever.

Now Northern Borno is in the hands of BH (who are bent on 'Islamizing' Nigeria). Instead of GEJ's rickety Security apparatchik studying and applying the way the Boston terrorists were caught within days, he allows the blood sucking BH (who do not have regard or respect their Emirs) throws GEJ's unsolicited for Amnesty offer, indignantly on his face.

Where are we heading to as a Nation? SW and Middle Belt Nigeria, you better watch out!


Welcome the Islamic Republic of Arewa. Buhari can be your governor there, Tinubu, Bakare, Okorocha, and Oshiomole can cross over. Mumu people. IBB, Gowon, and OBJ can help JTF. Pls, you are needed at the jungle. Arewa and BH, esblablish your republic and go your way. If I may ask, who are the most beneficiary of one Nigeria? Is the middle belt. They don't know what to do. They claim to be northern, your northern brothers, but these your northern brothers massacre you all the time. You might not want to join the south, so where a thou belong? Better take a stand now and prepare for your own republic.

Arewa Republic

This Republic has to be granted either by negotiation or by sword. I think that we have chosen the later. They must take their fight to Abuja in order to wake up those sleeping on the wheels.

Those pagan cultists

Those pagan cultists commentators are so blinded by bigotry that they don't know that their sadism would catch up with them.It is because you were not properly brought up by your parents and got indoctrinated by cult and fetish worship that is why you laugh at the North because of the tragedy brought by boko haram.Boko haram is indeed a tragedy brought on the North by many factors. The same factor is operating in some parts of the south.once the lid is off it wuld go the same way. The most important thing is for all to strive to solve the ugly scenes and prevent it from spreading.

The followship of Dionysus (Otile)

Crusiders( Dionysus followers) invented the Northers people for long time. They destroyed Northern economic. Now, they are ready to finish Northern people.

We may get there before Twent-Fifteen ...Wallahi, Insha Allah !!

If truly Borno State has a District for Boko Haram (DBH), we may even get to the promised land earlier than the Amies predicted. Nigeria is a fraud long overdue for carving. However, it is rather ironic that MOSSOB leaders have been ruled eligible to stand trial for treason. That is where Dumbo will step on the Electric Third Rail. Boi-boi, Gov. Peter Obi got away with ordering the random slaying and dumping of MASSOB inmates into Ezu River, let Dumbo's goons jail peaceful agitators for a sovereign nation and see Oba. Moron. Boko Haram has been hijacked by foreign thugs and a handful of ragtag almagiris. Col. Sagir will eventually have some rejoinder to this, meanwhile, he's lying low while arid killers run amok. Clown.

The easiest solution remains the SNC where the only agenda is putting an end to Lord Lugard's dream. It will never work. Time to see who stands Tallest in the Geographical contraption called Nigeria. Time to say Goodbye!


The Northern elites have not seen anything yet; "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; He that killeth by the sword shall also be killed by the sword". The bomb they have used is coming to hunt them. The Boko Haram boys are coming after the Northern Politicians and Elites. The life of the flesh is in the blood; the blood of man has a voice and it SPEAKS. The innocent blood that has been shed so far in Nigeria is crying already. The blood of Abel cried for vengeance against Cain. God answered that cry. The blood that Boko Haram has shed in churches and various public places are crying for Vengeance and it will not stop until God answers. God will surely answer. Bomb is not knockout, it is not a cheap comodity to acquire, it means there are people sponsoring them. ALL the people sponsoring BH should never mind, the wicked tool they have breeded is coming after them. Just watch out, because the dog is turning back against its owner and will bite them.


Stop whinging! perishing together is better than going our different ways abi? Did the north ask us the rest before introducing sharia? Now that the going is rough you are here seeking sympathy. Take a second to pull your head out of your backside then you will realize that you malos are always smart by half. Yes believe me boko will stop and remain in the arewa (formally north Nigeria) but should it decide to come further down, it will be dealt with accordingly. We all have our problem child, in my own region, they are the thieving politicians and elites and they we will deal with In our time but now first things first and our priority for now is to drop of the ballast of the Islamic north! Do you now understand?! So now, bounce, go and look for someone else you can sing your love song to.

WHY Boko Haram is fighting

The main reason why boko haram is fighting is because the quran supports the killing of the non-belief. Search the quran and you will be sure about hate and killings that are allowed by allah. However, killing is against the law of Nigeria therefore making Nigeria law to contrast the quran. The way out is proper education and not killings of innocent people

IBB, OBJ fought to keep Naija together for Boko Haram

It is a shame that blood of innocent people killed in the name of keeping Nigeria together is a waste today. The same people who led the shedding of blood also led the hand over to Boko Haram. Corruption, bad leadership, ignoring the youth and mafia culture are instruments that have been used. Shame on all the presidents of Nigeria both present and past.

Take More States, Taliban Islamic Republic of Arewa!

This is good news. At last, Nigeria is slowly, but surely disintegrating! Recall that this started with Yerima of Zamfara state who instituted sharia in only Zamfara state. Now, we have sharia states in 11 more northern states plus "state of Osun" in the West.

Hopefully, boko haram will takeover ALL the 12 sharia states in the north and form the long awaited: Taliban Islamic Republic of Arewa!


President Johnathan is putting his presidency and the whole of the democratic institution on the line by his singular failure/refusal to declare state of emergency in Borno and Yobe State.

The systematic take over of the state by the Boko Haram started under his watch with active conniavance of Mudu Sheriff.

All Christians and non indegenes have been driven out of Northern Borno and the Boko Haram are effectively the Governemnt!

Let the last man switch of the light, I am out of here!

Visa Lottery - “DV-2015, SS&SE Republic Lottery”

The United Republic of the SS&SE has announced a Visa Lottery program dubbed “DV-2015, SS&SE Republic Lottery”. The program has very strict restrictions for entrants especially those from other countries of continent Nigeria & UK.
1. Your ability to pronounce the word ‘People’[peeple] wit clarity is a MUST.
2. Absence of criminal records home & abroad
3. All British citizens are ineligible no matter ur level of education/experience
4. All applicants MUST have masters degree as minimum education wit confirmed self defense & military training.
5. All applicants from Oduduwa Republic MUST present a certificate of Bravery to be eligible to apply
6. Applicants from Arewa Republic are ineligible
7. Those from Arewa Republic related by Marriage are ineligible. Their Children tentatively apply subject to State consideration. The lottery will run biannually. See website:

God bless the United Republic of the SS&SE

forget that matter. Why do

forget that matter. Why do you really believe the Binis or Ijaws and the Ibos are that close or that the SS and the SE can ever form a meaningful union ? The Ibos who'll be majority in such an arrangement will never let other tribes smell power. Nigeria should remain one.

An irresponsible comment..

An irresponsible comment coming from an ignorant and foolish man like you.
What do you know about the basics of Islam ? These people have been brainwashed. The follow facts are clear in the Holy Quran
1. There is no compulsion in religion
2. Whoever commits suicide for whatever reason is doomed for hellfire.
3. Jihad means striving in the way of Almighty Allah, this does not include killing unjustly.
These people who call themselves Boko Haram have contravene all these fundamentals which leaves me to wander which Quran they read or which type of Islam they practice.
Remember many of their members are foreigners. Suicide is alien to the Nigerian culture, north to south, east to west.
Instead of looking at where the relevant agencies have failed this nation, you are busy talking rubbish.

Islam is out of this!

See some ignorants insulting Islam! This is not the act of Islam, you stupid ignorant terrorist Christians. This is the work of a so-called Muslim, and a so-called Christian, that are Shekau and Jonathan. So the president is the leader, and the bastard Shekau, his boy.

See some ignorants insulting

See some ignorants insulting Islam! This is not the act of Islam, you stupid ignorant terrorist Christians. This is the work of a so-called Muslim, and a so-called Christian, that are Shekau and Jonathan. So the president is the leader, and the bastard Shekau, his boy.

All Hail King Shekau

Choi, see as Shekau de lounge!!! Shame on the Nigeria Security entity.
I wish this was Boston, His likes will have been 6ft below or at best nice dish for some catfish in River Yobe..
JTF should muster d courage to track this idiot and put an end to this menace wallahi.... knowing fully well that this government is an unserious one. they prefer to loot than address their mandate of true governance

Will 9ja survive for 2weeks without the SE&SS oil&gas resources?

Now Buhari has made it clear he will contest again after lying to us in 2011 that he won't contest again.
According to him the only credible elections of 2011 were those won by APC merger parties, what a childish mentality.
From his stance the SE&SS don't matter and he thinks he has the SW because King of Boudillon (Tinubu) is prostrating and dancing with him.
Rochas is ridiculing himself being in APC, he will surely loose at the end of the day

Buhari was a dictator who toppled power with the gun, he had suspended the National Assembly and had the power of life and death in his hands unlike our present President GEJ. Under PTF Buhari committed serious crimes of financial recklessness with his cronies Afri-projects and unbridled self enrichment. Money he was unable to manage, hence his current financial state.
53 suitcases, state murder of drug trafficking suspects by way of retroactive laws. I could go on and on.
GEJ is no saint, but Mr.Dog and Baboon is definitely no angel!

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