Boko Haram Attacks Bama, Kill DPO

By SaharaReporters, New York


Suspected members of the Boko Haram sect this afternoon in Bama, Borno State, killed a Divisional Police Officer and scores of police officers.

Our source said the militants attacked the Divisional Police Headquarters and the Police base, burning them down.  

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Chiwamkpam Ayamkpam, first of

Chiwamkpam Ayamkpam, first of all change your name. If you go to Europe to seek a good job nobody will listen to you. To put it bluntly, they will not like your name.

Chiwamkpam Ayamkpam, who are these patriotic Nigerians you are talking about? Would you lose a leg or your right hand to defend Nigeria? Everybody wants out of this corrupt union & you are praying that a policeman who has a family to feed loses his life to keep Nigeria one. You don't wish these people well at all. How many more years do you think Nigeria will be kept one in agony? When your master jack gowon & his murderous group pass away there will be nobody to oppose freedom, oil exploitation, born to rule, and feudalistic backward rule anymore. Then true patriots from different countries within the continent of Nigeria will emerge, then and only then will there be peace.

Abubakar tundemash, just tell

Abubakar tundemash, just tell me what the Nigerian police is still doing in the core North. Don't they understand that the true Mohammedans don't want them there? The Mohammedans got their own hisba, what do they need a secular police force for. Can the secular police force do good amputation? I don't even believe that the Nigerian Police has amputation machines to talk of.

Abubakar, leave these people alone. Freedom is not free. It is worth fighting for.

The Clowns In The North

These northern clowns do not realise that encouraging violence breeds more violence. They forget that a mother who encourages her children to rebel against their father is creating more trouble for herself. Time will tell who will suffer more on this Boko Haram menace!

Where is ACn or ACP Lai

Where is ACn or ACP Lai Mohamed? they were all shouting about Baga, lets hear what they will say now.

How may of the Nothern

How may of the Nothern leaders has been able to call this GENOCIDE as they did last week? They will all go domb on this. I think by this, the troop that struck last week at and GEJ are now vindicated. NORTHERN LEADERS, NO AMNESTY FOR THESE VAMPIRES. YOU BETTER STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING REASONABLE.

Investigate the Killers

Now it is only fair for JEG to set up a comettee to investigate those who killed this officers. i say JEG should not send our officers to war with one hand tied behind them. This animals called Boko- Haram will stop at nothing, they are out to kill any one in their sights, regardless. May I remind Nigerians that Police men are humans too, Sons, Brothers, husbands and fathers who just left home to go to work like any other Nigerians. They do not deserve this onslaught,members of BH who have been arrested should be tried and if found guilty executed ASAP. This madness needs to end, Nigeria after all is a country not a zoo.

So the police men have become

So the police men have become chickens to be slaughtered at anytime? It is now a crime to be a policeman in Nigeria? National assembly, please can you set a committee of inquiry into the killing of policemen. One day nemesis will catch up with some of you. God is watching and wiil make your children orphans just like those of the policemen.

Many of you'd never encountered Nigeria law enforcement agent b4

You fools how would Nigeria army would have killed Boko Haram members within a community without killing civilian? Who trained them? As much as I know them, once they say that one of them was knilled and went back to re-arm, they will come back to kill people like they are on a war front. This scinerio we have heard and seen before. They've done this several time with impunity because Nigeria is a jamboree state where you do whatever you like and get away with it. In as much you've got money or power. So stop saying what you don't know.

Many of you'd never encountered Nigeria law enforcement agent b4

Most of you that is making comment here are idiot or either did not grow up in Nigeria to know how the army and police operate. Nigeria army and police are too comfortable, ignorant, senseless and behave like idiotic machine most of time. They are both lazy and got no idea what their profession is all about. Or how many time have we heard of how they kill innocent civilian at will without being prosecuted? They are know to unleash terror on unnoticed and armless civilian. They don't know that their job is to protect people of Nigeria and not terrorising them with the gun bought with tax payers money.

shame on all of you that want nigeria 2 seperate

Pls how will you feel if your village is burnt down and your parent all of your family are killed by the JTF because of some group of people that are unknown 2 you, all you can think of seperating nigeria, if not 4 ₳ man called yar'adua will their be anytin like amnesty, he saved you guys from the wrath of JTF and you have the guts 2 abuse north. I dont balme you though i blame our selfish leaders that have enslaved us in this country

I really pity Mr President,

I really pity Mr President, nothing he does is good enough for Nigerians, When JTF defends themselves and incur casualties as a result, they blame Mr President, Boko Haram kills innocent people, they blame him, he proposes amnesty, they want to kill him for that. Mr President, i really pray for you, for God's grace. Many of your critics cannot even rule their own homes, yet they throw stones at you.



Araba now!

Yet another massacre committed by BH and it's supporters club. Seem the JTF spared lots of them in baga. Again JTF take no prisoners and should the stupid Governor turn up next time, make suya out his smelling black arse!


It's War!

boko Haram killed those 200 civilians, not the military

if 200 civilians were indeed killed in Bama over the weekend, this is a clear evidence that it was boko haram that did it. the MJTF only killed 25 members of Boko Haram. the rest were killed by boko haram. after these continuous attacks on Bama, can any sane Nigerians argue that it is boko haram that is causing carnage in bama and other parts of the north? then are we blaming the military when infact they are sent there to help stop them. is jonathan going to setup a committee to investigate why boko haram attacked the police station? patriotic nigerians should support the police in the north stop boko haram by killing them and those who harbour and provide safe-heavens for them.

Time 4 SS&SE 2 breakaway is NOW!..control our resources is NOW

D solution 2d kiling of "Innocent" Policemen is becoming 'unbecoming'! But why do we deceive ourselves? D North is clear what they want. D South South is loud & clear what it wants. Great Isaac Adaka Boro from SS, initiated the first secession in Feb 1966. D East has been very clear even before 1914. But d Yoruba West is d problem. They are "undecided". Sorry, they hav decided 2eternal slaves to d North. Since Ilorin became a colony of d North, d lives of d Yoruba hav never been d same again. This eternal subjugation has become an incurable blight on the scale of AIDS. Only a fool shud expect peace when Jona leaves Aso rock. In fact a very big fool. Until d constitution is amended 2state d following, there wil be no peace:
1. That those who want to breakaway shud go
2. Change from federalism to confederation
3. Resource control shud in d hands of those who own d wealth. Period!
Long live United Rep of the SS&SE

shame on Jonathan for blaming the military - 1

This is what our law enforcement and peace officers in the North have to deal with on a daily basis. They are attacked and killed on a daily continuous basis. Their posts are bombed and they are shot at at every turn they make in the North. Then when they defend themselves from criminals, idiotic politicians, religious, and ethnic jingoists in the North start shouting and making baseless noise. When these jingoists in the North open up their mouths, Jonathan and other incompetent mediocres in government and the National Assembly setup incompetent and highly corrupt committees to cookup some obscure report that is based on baseless and agenda-driven conclusions.

shame on Jonathan for blaming the military - 2

It is time we support our military and police officers. It is time patriotic Nigerians thank our security officers and encourage them to do more to keep the country safe, instead of setting up stupid and corrupt committees whose sole aim is to tell Nigerians lies about their very fine military and police force. Such committees should be disbanded and instead, more resources should be made available for law enforcement to do their jobs well and to protect themselves from murderous criminals.

How come no body is reacting

How come no body is reacting to this? These guys will not listen to voice of reason.

Each death resulting from the

Each death resulting from the massive thefts of public funds fuelling the anger and fights in Nigeria MUST be accounted for, and thereafter avenged by dishing out severe punishment to all creepy thieves in government offices at state and federal levels for whom these policemen lost their lives.

Can Dumbo Jo not take a few lessons from Obama ?

And Dumbo Jo is busy raising one committee after another to give these terrorists amnesty. Can Dumbo Jo not take a few lessons from Obama ?

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