Boko Haram Begins Manhunt For Members That ‘Betrayed’ Abul Qaqa

By SaharaReporters, New York

Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati Wal-Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, has started a manhunt for their sect members whom they accuse of conspiring in last week’s arrest of Abul Qaqa.  The punishment is beheading.

As fear has spread within the group, many of its members have fled from such places as Kaduna, Kano and Maiduguri.

SaharaReporters sources say the manhunt began with discreet investigations in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Kano and Kaduna, where Qaqa was captured.

It is focusing particularly on those members who have pitched tent with the splinter group, ‘Ansaru,’ which has empathetically expressed disgust with the manner of operations of Boko Haram, especially the multiple bomb explosions and killings in Kano.

Boko Haram leadership, a source said in Kano, is indeed convinced that Qaqa’s movement to Kaduna was leaked there and subsequently concluded there on account of several disagreements Qaqa encountered in that city from the fall out of the multiple blasts that killed almost 200 people.

Qaqa, it was learnt, was in Kaduna for several reasons, chief of which was to receive reports from Boko Haram’s Kaduna cells, as well as re-strategize and coordinate in response to the fissures within the group.

The three women who were arrested with Qaqa are still being held and interrogated.

Qaqa was born and bred in the North-East by Egbira Muslim parents from Kogi State.

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Im for the boko haram they

Im for the boko haram they shall kill the sin full



stop this incumberance

my nigerian citizens brothers and sisters,muslims and christians.please we should stop abusing each other and anybody that is praying for religious crisis in nigeria will never see that and inshaallah he will see doom in his life.beware!!!!!!!!!!

stop this incumberance

my nigerian citizens brothers and sisters,muslims and christians.please we should stop abusing each other and anybody that is praying for religious crisis in nigeria will never see that and inshaallah he will see doom in his life.beware!!!!!!!!!!

Live them to keep embarassing

Live them to keep embarassing themself to hell fire in the end. The westerners who pioneered xristianity for them is not for God sake. The same Bible Pioneers wipeout two japanese cities with cuclear Bomb. In Africa expecially Nigeria,christians were WIPEOUT with the Bibe. A contradictory unsemitic concoted book by the Fools.


so bokos are human oh i thought they are spirit that one can not see but finely we saw who they have mercy for their wicked soul's


Hmmmmmmmm 9jaaaaaajagajaga


Hi,I like ur response,infact dats xactly wat we nid,bless U.

Nigeria to break up soon

I foresee the next general election will cause so much chaos in the country whereby the north will declare open war against the south,I suspect jonathan will use money again to buy PDP over evn in the north and the south even with is non performance will for the sake of the wanton killing by the sponsored boko haram of the southerners in the north will make them feel aggrieved and blindly vote for Jonathan,at this the likes of taiko,and buhari will lose patience and declare open war on the south and the riots in the north will be directed to the few southerners there but this time the southerners will no more fold hands but to launch a reprisal attack on the northerners and the war will break up,just watch out.PDP will be the source of the war that money,greed,distrust,betrayal


Rule the world as u said, bt the end justifies the means... i hope u understand my point coz i knw u're too dump to understand.

Those people you mentioned

Those people you mentioned were traitors, they lived a secular lives and died humiliated. Btw, non of em was ever tried in a foreign state..i.e Saddam was tried by Iraqis and Gadhafi received a jungle justice...btw, westerners don't believe in christ anymore, they separated church and state, and made state law above bibles long time ago...pls next time read history and news also before you embarrass yourself...


To think all you people attacking each other here are all Nigerians and Adults.....SHAME ON EVERONE OF YOU.
Instead of attcking a common enemy you fools are here raining insults and abuse on each other.
EVERYONE of you should bury his/her head in shame.......I dont give a flying F*****K if where Nigerian President comes from, I JUST NEED HIM TO GROW A PAIR OF BALLS AND A SPINE.

re: The real boko haram leaders

u forgot to mention your DAD as one of the board of trustee of BOKO HARAM.
You this imbecile.... If you cannot make meaningful contribution to political discourse, must you make some idiotic comments.


Dear O.O,

I feel sorry for your life and yo family for accusing us the muslims.check your bible before making such commends ok you FOOL.

Even your fellow Nigeria christains that knows the teaching of your bible very well will not write what you wrote fool.



The real BOKOM HARAM leaders

The real BOKOM HARAM leaders are IBB,ATIKU,BUHARI,BAKARE,TINUBU,DANGOTE,ORJI UZOR KALU,ODILLI,UDUAGHAN,TAM DAVID WEST,IBORI,NLC/ASUU/TUC officials,ALL CULT LEADERS If SSS can put them on 24/7 close watch for 365 days Nigeria will have peace.For Police to be effective the following age limits should be enforced:Constable:26yrs, Cpl-30yrs, Sgt-35yrs, Insp-42yrs, ASP-48, DCP/CP-52/58yrs. Higher officers-60yrs.Min salary for non commissioned police should be N30,000=/mth and for commissioned officer:N100,000=/mth.AIG/DIG/IGP should earn N:500,000=/600,000=/1,000,000=/mth
Prison bed spaces should be increased to 5,000 per LGA and 50,000 per state. LAGOS, KANO,KADUNA, OYO,BAUCHI, RIVERS, DELTA,BAYELSA, ANAMBRA,IMO, ENUGU, EDO, ABUJA, BORNEO,KOGI, NIGER states should have 100,000 prison bed spaces each especially to accommodate criminals like politicians, kidnappers, youth cultists,bankers,etc

Re: Arrest of Abu Qaka

Unto the Lord Jesus Christ be the glory for answering the prayers of His people - Christians over the demon called 'Boko Haram'. The Bible says, 'Say unto the wicked, "It shall not be well with him"'. Therefore, as the Lord lives, unless members of the demonic sect repent of their crime against humanity, we say, 'It shall not be well with them'. May God grant Mr. President the grace to be a 'man' enough to remember that he is not PDP President but NIGERIA's. May God bless Nigeria and all who seek her good.

re: christian cannibalism live

I have warned severally that my brothers in christ should desist from brandishing muslims as killers. We are so short of memory cos killings are also associated with some bad eggs in christdom. Now if we call muslims killers because of BH madness which is in a way totally against the teaching of Qur'an and Prophet Muhammed, what do we expect them to say of chriatians now with the animalistic behaviour of our christian brothers in jos?


No matter how they fool themselves around,one thing is clear and will never ever change-THE CHRISTIANS STILL CALL THE SHOTS WORLD OVER AND ANYTHING THEY DECREE IS WHAT BINDS THE MUSLIMS.The global banking sector,entertainment,education,technology,the laws,UNO,just name it.At the end of the day,when any muslim's time is up,the CHRISTIANS WILL PULL THE PLUG ON HIM AND HE WILL END LIKE HIS MUSLIM PREDECESSORS(SADDAM HUSSEIN,GADDAFFI ETC)
MUSLIMS all over the world have a common problem of one-sided view of life and they are never intelligent in the way they do things-after all said and done,a christian judge will eventually judge them and pass a death by hanging sentence on them-LOOSERS.

@ Deri : Where's the Foto?

@ Deri:
During the claims and counter claims, what I called for is a pictorial of the said spokeman so Nigerians can decide if he's the face in the video footage used by the BH. And, for the BH to prove the authorities wrong by showing us their clown once again. Re-visit my comment (Joe Igbokwe's rubbish) where I said he carefully avoided mentioning the progress the security agents have made with the arrest of BH spokeman. I'm consistent with my calls for an end to their violence, only ignorant illitrates like you and your minions Stanley Igwe, fraudulent immigration lawyer OC and tombo touts like Ify-dumbo-4ever would twist and stand truth on its head for selfish ends. Dumbo is a major failure and disgrace only failed/shemeless sycophants like you clowns can admire. Animals! (cr.@Deri)

Re: Qaka's Arrest

Glory be to God who answers prayers of His children who jabs not stopped to cry unto Him for the elimination of the menace called 'Boko Haram'. This is the beginning of a new dawn for Nigeria the beloved.

Re: Qaka's Arrest

Glory be to God who answers prayers of His children who jabs not stopped to cry unto Him for the elimination of the menace called 'Boko Haram'. This is the beginning of a new dawn for Nigeria the beloved.

boko haram begins manhunt

God is beiginig to ans our prayer over dem may the center no longer hold for dem again. The blood letting is just too much and has to stop.

Serios, i jst got back frm

Serios, i jst got back frm thr abt 2hrs ago

christian ladies bewarned.....

for those of u that read the original and comprehensive confession of the boko haram lord let it be made known to the christian women and ladies in the south and east especially those marrying these uncircumcised philistines and those dating daem that wen this brewed war comes alive they and their house holds wouldnot be spared.
as the christians are killed so shall they also along side their house hold would certainly be slaughtred.
traitors are wat they are.

thank God

We shall see his Glory this month in Jesus name. And the this year weather the Devil likes it or Yes we shall soar in the WAVES of GLORY . (Amen)

Bomb Blast In Delta State

Tension in Osubi Delta State as Niger Delta Militants bomb Lawfab Hotel near Warri some moments ago .But no casualties .

Tension in Osubi Delta State

Tension in Osubi Delta State as Niger Delta Militants bomb Lawfab Hotel near Warri some moments ago .But no casualties .

tundemess and wahala exposed as agents of BH saad ibrahim

@tundemesaka wahala, a critical examination of the Press Release, by Boko haram, will reveal that the trio of Tundmess, Wahala and Saad Ibrahim are the brain behind most of the press statements smuggled into SR for us to read. Are these not the same people who were aided by Wahala, Tundemess and Saad Ibrahim to deny that, the man arrested by security agents was not their spokesperson just days ago? Government should never waste time negotiating with these aninmals in human skin close to the zoo in yankari game reserve.Not to talk of flying to Iran or Saudi Arabia to discuss with tuaregs in the toga of our national flag like tundemess aka alhaji bakare for anything. Nigeria is not at war with Mali, Niger Republic and chad . Not even with Buhari and IBB leading the team for boko haram to the socalled peace table.

the now i know of a gorilla General !

I am convinced that obasanjo may be truly repentant in his Christ acceptance after his jailing by boko kingpin Abacha but insist on paying the organizers and saviour ibb of his imprisonment saga. though no grudge with most competent Buhari yet belong to the same boko linage that see themselves as the sole legitimate born to rule syndrome custodian of the muhammadan/Qoranic ideological interpretations that permit them to reap where and what they never sowed, the very beginning of their evil intent. they are quick to kill the Ibos as usual but they now turn around on obasanjo region for wising up in the very time of their Fulani needs as nothing remains the same except nature- God/Alah. This's where obasanjo/babangida game brought in Boko by Boko = Haram casualty figure. But trust the genocidal gorilla of Otta-abeokuta who decides to cover his corrupt & murderous track by installing weaklings as stage rulers like late Umar-yard & joe-kainkain.

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